8 Most Comfortable Down Pillows – Cloud-like Softness and Impressive Support

Last updatedLast updated: January 04, 2022
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A down pillow is a world away from any other type of standard pillow on the market; and one of the more luxurious of choices! The best down pillow will be able to provide you with a sound night’s sleep each time, due to its excellent materials. Lightweight in design, these pillows offer the impression of sleeping on a cloud while providing the maximum support of the head and neck. They’re also beneficial for those suffering from allergies, as they’re claimed to alleviate and reduce problematic symptoms most people tend to experience with common pillows.

This review takes eight of the best down pillows retailing on the market and evaluates them in detail. Highlighting a selection of what we consider to be their best feature, we look at their fill power, filling material, firmness, and any notable cover features. Offering our expert rating for each product, we end with a small summary of their pros and any possible cons – stressing what you can expect if you were to purchase a down pillow.

Researching the market, we draw your attention to those down pillows which provide excellent all-around performance, yet all with a reasonable price tag attached. We’ve placed all this information into a detailed easily accessible table, including a useful short buying guide to further expand on our findings here. Giving the answers to those most commonly asked questions about these products, we’re confident that all this information combined will enable you to select the best down pillow for your individual needs.

Top 8 Down Pillows Review 2018

  • Filling material: 100% white goose down
  • Fill power: 550
  • Filling weight: 25 oz.
  • Firmness: medium
  • Cover: 100% cotton (300 thread count)
  • Sizes available: standard, king, queen

More features: comes in a set of 2, good for back and side sleepers, made in the USA

The East Coast Bedding 100% White Down Pillow comes top of the list as our Editor’s Choice. A most superior duo and made up to the standards of first-class hotel pillows, these are ideal for both back and side sleepers due to their medium firmness level. With a significant emphasis on providing users with premium luxury, East Coast Bedding believe that as soon as you lay your head upon these pillows, you’ll become instantly accustomed to their luxury – therefore never want to leave your bed again!

Perfectly constructed to aid all sleeping positions, they work exceptionally well when supporting the head and neck. Additionally, those face down sleepers can benefit from the makeup as they offer an extra fluffy and almost cloud-like softness – molding to your unique shape. With no feathers poking out and no crackling or scrunching sounds, these 550 fill power pillows ensure an extra lofty and fluffy form which automatically fluffs back up into place after every use.

With a sterilized down filling, these are ideal for those suffering from various allergies. RDS Certified, and backed by a 30-night comfort guarantee, this is a great value pillows that will ensure that most perfect night’s sleep.

Customers of the East Coast Bedding 100% White Down Pillow liken these pillows to the closest feeling of sleeping on clouds. They are also considered as fantastic at alleviating past pain and problematic sleeping issues.

What do we love it for?

  • Two pillows in a set
  • 100% real white goose down
  • Ideal for all sleep positions
  • Luxurious first class hotel feel
  • Good medium support
  • Cloud-like feeling
  • Automatically fluff back up
  • Good for allergy sufferers
  • RDS Certified
  • 30-night comfort guarantee

What were we disappointed with?

  • High cost
  • Some comfort issues mentioned
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  • Filling material: white goose down
  • Fill power: 550
  • Filling weight: not specified
  • Firmness: firm
  • Cover: 100% cotton sateen (500 thread count)
  • Sizes available: standard, queen, king

More features: 2-inch gusset, 5-year limited warranty, made in the USA

The Pacific Coast Feather Company SuperLoft White Goose Down Pillow is our pick here for the best down pillow for neck pain. This is primarily because of its loft attributes which provide users with one of the fluffiest and billowy fills on the market. It manages to achieve this through its corner pleating, which is patented. This means it expands to accommodate such high levels of fill, therefore providing the most soothing experience possible each time. This makes it ideal for those back and side sleepers but more so an excellent choice for alleviating any problematic neck pain experienced.

This is a luxurious goose down pillow choice which aims to be the softest and most natural to flatten when requested. Coming complete with a cotton cover, it also offers customers an allergy-free warranty; therefore, ensuring that you should remain allergy-free throughout your use of this pillow – or you’ll get your money back! Utilizing a 500 thread count, the fabric here is a gentle and silky selection while remaining down proof and is handpicked to ensure the softest and most durable of choices. Pacific coast is so confident of their goose down pillow that they offer a 30-night comfort guarantee as standard. They also claim that this is one of the simplest of pillows to fluff as well as maintain and care for by machine washing regularly.

Customers of The Pacific Coast Feather Company SuperLoft White Goose Down Pillow offer many positive reviews, with most exclaiming the surface and inner feel of this pillow is almost sheer perfection!

What makes it stand out?

  • Patented corner pleating
  • Great at alleviating neck pain
  • Luxurious and silky feel
  • 30-night comfort guarantee
  • Firm pillow
  • Easy to care and maintain
  • Good customer reviews

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Some find it can lay a little too flat at times
  • Filling material: 75% goose down and 25% feathers
  • Fill power: 750
  • Filling weight: 50 oz.
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Cover: 100% Egyptian cotton (1,200 thread count)
  • Sizes available: Queen, King/Cal King

More features: dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant

The Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow is our choice on the list here for the Budget Pick as, coming under the $50 mark, this is the lowest priced quality down pillow we tested. However, though it may be lower in price than the other down pillows reviewed here, it certainly doesn’t lower its standards! Offering a tremendous 750 fill power, this is a combination pillow with a ratio of 75% down and 25% feathers. Equally impressive is its filling weight of 50% and its ability to offer a firmness of medium firm, therefore making it suitable for a variety of sleeper types. The company claims this is perfect for back sleepers, side sleepers, and belly sleepers combined.

In addition to such features, the benefits of this pillow type extend to the most premium luxurious of Egyptian cotton covers – with a staggering 1,200 thread count. Offering a 20-by-28-inch overall size, this creates a beautiful combination of softness, exquisiteness, comfort, and support with high loft experience. Built to provide both a great sleeping experience and an equally beautiful visual look in the bedroom, the Egyptian cotton inclusion exudes a touch of elegance. This makes it not just a practical and good looking pillow, but one which brings a more elegant touch to every bed it’s placed upon and all for a lower price tag than usual down pillow choices.

Customers of the Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow offer some fantastic reviews for this down pillow, with the Egyptian element of the make-up rating highly with many a customer.

Why are we impressed?

  • Good low cost
  • High fill power
  • High filling weight
  • Medium to firm level
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Elegant choice
  • Good for combination sleepers
  • Soft and comfortable throughout

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Some say it sleeps firmer than expected
  • Issues with sound

Royal Hotel Medium Firm Down PillowBest Down and Feather Pillow

  • Filling material: white goose down and feathers
  • Fill power: 700
  • Filling weight: 33 oz. (medium firm), 42 oz. (firm), 25 oz. (adjustable)
  • Firmness: soft, medium, firm, adjustable
  • Cover: 100% cotton (500 thread count)
  • Sizes available: standard, queen, king

More features: 75% down and 25% small feather

The Royal Hotel Medium Firm Down Pillow gets our vote for the best down and feather pillow. This is due to its fantastic ratio of 75% of down and 25% of small feather included in every pillow. With an impressive fill power of 700 and filling weight dependent on your choice of firmness, this is a set of two pillows. A luxurious brand, the Royal hotel has designed an allergy-free combination here which not only includes a 500 thread count 100% cotton cover but is also perfected for a clean finish through its edged double silky piping. This means they really do resemble some of those most prestigious pillows you’ll find in five-star hotels!

With an emphasis on making your sleeping experience all that more comfortable and luxurious, these are superbly gentle to the touch and filled with a hand plucked down. This ensures that everyone can enjoy the experience they offer, as well as those who are usually sensitive sleepers and struggle with other types of pillow fillings. This is due to the large clusters of white down filling included which are bacteria free throughout. Royal Hotel suggests that these pillows, in particular, offer a more continued medium firm support when compared to other types of down pillows. These can also be fluffed in the dryer if you’re after a faster fluffing process.

Customers of the Royal Hotel Medium Firm Down Pillow love being able to purchase high-quality hotel pillow types for use in their own home. They are also claimed to offer just the right amount of filling.

What do we love it for?

  • High fill power
  • Excellent combination of down and small feather
  • Set of two pillows
  • High-quality hotel standards
  • Luxury cotton cover
  • Impressive finishing
  • Bacteria-free filling
  • Can be fluffed in the dryer

What were we disappointed with?

  • Claimed to be overly firm
  • Some report problems with breaking them in
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eLuxurySupply Extra Soft Down Filled PillowBest Down Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

  • Filling material: 80% down and 20% feather blend
  • Fill power: 525
  • Filling weight: 12 oz.
  • Firmness: extra soft
  • Cover: 100% cotton (230 thread count)
  • Sizes available: standard, king

More features: good for stomach sleepers, made in the USA

The eLuxurySupply Extra Soft Down-Filled Pillow is our choice for the Best Down Pillow for Stomach Sleepers. This is due to its specific design that aims this pillow towards those who find themselves sleeping more than often on their front.

As sleeping on the stomach can create a myriad of problems, the need for a pillow to support this sleeping position is crucial. Therefore, eLuxurySupply have made what they believe to be the perfect blend here for this sleeping type in the form of an 80% down and 20% feather blend pillow. This assures that softness and durability are combined to create that most perfect of sleeping surfaces, utilizing the best selection of filling materials possible. With just the right amount of fill power at 525, this is also a fantastic hypoallergenic pillow as it’s thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before being stuffed. This means that no flare-ups are encountered when it’s slept upon.

Easily washable by a washing machine, this is also machine dryable, with a recommendation here to place it in the dryer once a month for ten minutes to create those most perfect of fluffs. Designed and made in the USA, this pillow works on cradling your head and neck at an angle which alleviates any morning neck pain. The result is a feeling of resting on a cloud, such is its soft density overall. Featuring a 100% tight cotton ticking, any piercing is prevented, while adequate ventilation is encouraged.

Customers of the eLuxurySupply Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow highlight the extra smooth overall feel of this pillow. It’s also claimed to fluff back up very well after each use and wash.

What are our favorite features?

  • Ideal solution for stomach sleepers
  • Alleviates neck pain
  • Soft density
  • 100% Tight cotton ticking
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 80% down and 20% feather

What could be better?

  • Some claims of being too soft
  • Filling problems stated

Continental Bedding Superior Hungarian White Goose Down PillowBest Hungarian Goose Down Pillow

  • Filling material: 100% Hungarian white goose down
  • Fill power: 700
  • Filling weight: 25 oz.
  • Firmness: firm
  • Cover: 100% cotton (300 thread count)
  • Sizes available: standard, queen, king

More features: RDS certified, made in the USA, striped damask shell

The Continental Bedding Superior 100% Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow is our pick for the best Hungarian goose down pillow. This is a superior choice of pillows with a good fill power of 700 and 250 oz of filling weight. Better still, its make up is 100% pure Hungarian goose down which ensures unparalleled quality, maximum comfort, and a supreme softness provided throughout.

Working to make bedtime a dream come true, the outer material of this pillow consists of 100% cotton and a 300 thread count and stripped shell. Completely hypoallergic, this is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers as the RDS certification here assures customers that the down clusters included have all been obtained in the most naturalist and unharmful of ways. This means they are ultra clean and packed into a striped damask cotton fabric. The results are they do not attract dust or encourage other forms of bacteria.

Continental Bedding believes that the most desirable of fills in this pillow offers a thorough buoyancy and loft which works to elevate your head as you sleep. The effect of this is that beautiful feeling of floating on a cloud! However, it aims to do this by suspending your head without the needs of pressure or resistance. With a firm yet fluffy feel, the soft fluffy plumage gives warmth and softness which is untouched by any synthetic fiber pillow types.

Customers of the Continental Bedding Superior 100% Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow love the perfectly soft cloud feel. Many also claim that it retains its softness and bouncy feel throughout many uses.

Why are we impressed?

  • Completely Hungarian white goose filling
  • Superior bedding type
  • Good fill power
  • 100% cotton material
  • Hypoallergenic
  • RDS certified
  • Fluffy plumage
  • Ideal for all sleep positions
  • Firm yet fluffy

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Some aren’t keen on the increased fluffy feeling over time

Luxuredown White Goose Down PillowBest Hypoallergenic Down Pillow

  • Filling material: white goose down
  • Fill power: 650
  • Filling weight: 23 oz. (queen), 27 oz. (king)
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Cover: 100% cotton sateen (330 thread count)
  • Sizes available: standard, queen, king

More features: suitable for back and side sleepers

The Luxuredown White Goose Down Pillow is our pick here for the Best Hypoallergenic Down Pillow. Claimed to work with you correctly throughout every season, this all-around luxurious pillow boasts a 650 fill power and is sold as one item. With a cover that is tailored in a 100% cotton, sateen shell finish, it also features a tightly woven barrier of a 330 thread count. Therefore, it works to keep the fill from punching through the fabric. This offers a medium to firm feel which makes it ideal for a variety of sleep positions. However, it is ideally suited to those back and side sleepers because of the increased support it offers them throughout the night.

However, this pillow makes our list predominantly because of its hypoallergenic properties. Combining a mixture of down and feather fill, this makeup aims to reduce the likelihood of dust allergies. It achieves this using a purifying system which gives the highest levels of freshens, cleanliness and indeed whiteness for the goose down infused throughout the pillow. Boasting a purely sanitized area, this pillow keeps all impurities at bay, including bacteria an odor, and makes sure the clusters of down don’t become brittle and over dried. The result is this pillow retains its original buoyancy and remains this way throughout many nights of use.

Customers of the Luxuredown White Goose Down Pillow find this very well designed and constructed and fabulous at holding its medium to firm shape over long periods.

Why is it special?

  • Good for all seasons
  • Cover features tightly woven barrier
  • Medium to firm
  • Ideal for most sleep positions
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Buoyant design

What are the flaws?

  • Some suggest softer than claimed
  • Is too fluffy for some preferences
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The Original Queen Anne PillowBest Luxurious Down Pillow

  • Filling material: 100% French white goose down
  • Fill power: 650
  • Filling weight: 23 oz. (medium), 25 oz. (firm), 21 oz. (soft)
  • Firmness: firm, medium, soft
  • Cover: 100% cotton (330 thread count)
  • Sizes available: standard, queen, king

More features: made in the USA

The Original Queen Anne Pillow is our choice for the Best Luxurious Down Pillow. Complete with a hefty price tag to match, this make of pillow is used by Hilton Hotels, Marriott, New York Place, and Celebrity Cruise Lines – therefore, it receives five-star reviews all-round from those who demand luxury when they sleep.

With a staggering amount of quality and indeed detail placed on these pillows, only the luxury materials are used throughout. Therefore, this is an ethically sourced product which is 100% filled with French white goose down. With an excellent 650 fill power, the pure cotton cover is 330 thread count and all made in the USA.

With a selection of filling weights to choose from, all sleeping positions and types are catered for here. Stomach sleepers are best suited to the soft fill, side sleepers to the medium fill, and both side and back sleepers should select the firm fill for the best sleep ever. Perhaps even more impressive about the Queen Anne Pillow is its attention to detail. Double stitched, it offers a shape extended solution and is finished with vibrant purple piped edges. The pillow is hand filled for that extra personalization, and the fill itself is a triple washed and allergy free choice, making it suitable for everyone. The company even throw in their trademark door hanger for you to alert others not to disturb!

Customers of The Original Queen Anne Pillow claim it offers everything it states and works hard to provide a refreshing and luxurious night’s sleep.

What are our favorite features?

  • 100% French white goose down
  • Huge fill power
  • Variable filling weight and fill power levels available
  • Used by leading hotels
  • Ideal for many sleeping types
  • Beautiful finish

What could be better?

  • Highest priced pillow on the list!
  • Some claim it’s overpriced for what it offers
  • Questions on the 100% claim of down fill

Things to Consider

Now that you’ve had the chance to look through our detailed product reviews, why not take a couple of minutes to read through the following complete buying guide? This is a brief but informative section whereby we attempt to expand on the above features in a little more detail. Explaining the importance of the features we touched upon in our reviews, here we try to guide you towards those elements we feel are the most important when it comes to aiding you with your best decision when buying a down pillow. Here are some of the most essential elements you may want to focus on when conducting your own search for the best rated down pillow.

Advantages of a down pillow: why buy one?

8 Most Comfortable Down Pillows – Cloud-like Softness and Impressive SupportThere are many advantages to selecting a down pillow which make them one of the more popular pillow type choices for buying, including:

  • Down is a more luxurious filling type
  • They are softer than other pillow types
  • Down fillings give users the impression of floating on a cloud
  • They are more suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Their makeup is hypoallergenic
  • Down pillows encourage a fluffier feel
  • They fluff back into position immediately
  • Down pillow types perform well for many years

Down pillow features you need to consider

When it comes to selecting the best down pillow for your individual needs, there are several features you should aim to look for. These include the exact type of filling material used, the power of the fill, the weight of the fill, the firmness of the pillow, whether it has a good cover included and what sizes are available to select from. Additionally, it’s also worth taking into consideration the price of such pillow types, as they are usually priced higher than the standard pillows due to the sensitive and delicate materials used.

Filling material

8 Most Comfortable Down Pillows – Cloud-like Softness and Impressive SupportWhen you search for down pillows, you’ll probably notice some will tell you they have a 100% down filling material – while others just say down. It’s important to look at the ratio of those that can’t claim full 100% down in their filling makeup. This is because many down pillows offer a mixture of down and feather, therefore giving a ratio of both in the filling material section. The most common of ratios here are 95%, 75%, and 50%. For example, a down filled pillow claiming a 50% ratio will, therefore, have 50% down filling with 50% of a feather filling which should be equally highlighted.

Though mixed fillings are common and indeed popular choices, it’s worth remembering that they won’t be as soft as the full down pillows.

Look for those that have 100% in their title, such as the Continental Bedding and the East Coast Bedding pillows, which claim to be completely 100% down pillows.

Fill power

The fill power of a down pillow refers to its durability, as well as its overall ability to hold its shape with time. Therefore, if you look at those pillows here with a fill power of 700 and higher, you’ll ensure you aim for the better quality of down pillow because they can retain their more pronounced shape for longer lengths of time.

However, the most common fill power for a down pillow is, as a guide, around the 500 mark – as this is most common in those medium down pillows.

As you can see from our reviews, all these down pillows are over the 500 fill power level, with the Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow offering an astounding 750 total fill power.

Filling weight

The filling weight present in your down pillow will determine how soft or firm your pillow feels when you’re lying upon it. Those who prefer a more delicate pillow type should look for a low filling weight here, such as the eLuxurySupply Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow at a mere 12 ounces, while those who like a fuller pillow type would be best suited to the Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow at 50 ounces.


8 Most Comfortable Down Pillows – Cloud-like Softness and Impressive SupportThe firmness of a down pillow is similar to any other pillow type and ranges from soft, medium, medium firm, to firm. Your usual sleeping position should determine what down pillow firmness is best for you:

  • Soft – Ideal for stomach sleepers
  • Medium – Good for those combination sleepers
  • Medium Firm – Great for back sleepers
  • Firm – Ideal for side sleepers


8 Most Comfortable Down Pillows – Cloud-like Softness and Impressive SupportAll good down pillows require a quality cover that will work to ensure the filling, and any feathers present in your pillow do not poke through as you sleep over time. They also work to encourage your pillows filling room to breathe, therefore creating a healthier sleeping surface and environment. All down pillows on his list come complete with high quality and a robust cover as standard.

Sizes available

Nearly all commendable down pillows will offer a selection of sizes, and these reviewed pillows here are no different. You need to ensure that you buy a size to suit not just your preferences but also your bed and mattress type/size. It’s also an important decision here as the size of your selected pillow will guide you when choosing any extra pillowcases to fit it. Most down pillows come in a wide range of sizes including the usual King, Queen, and Standard.

Tips on how to clean and maintain a down pillow

8 Most Comfortable Down Pillows – Cloud-like Softness and Impressive SupportThere are many tips you can utilize when it comes to both cleaning and maintaining your down pillows:

  • Place you down pillows in the washer. One of the best things about down pillow types is that they can be machine washed and, what’s more, they perform really well when cleaned this way!
  • Experts suggest placing two pillows in your machine at the one-time to ensure a balanced load during the cycle.
  • Put your down pillow through the dryer. Aim to do this at least once every month, ensuring they’re encased in protective zipper covers. This once again serves as another excellent method of fluffing.
  • Look after the fluff. Fluffing up your down pillows every morning encourages them to breathe readily throughout the day. This, in turn, keeps them feeling light and feathery.
  • Air your down pillows regularly. Natural heat and light work wonders for this pillow type as it dries out any moisture present and gives them a pleasant clean and natural smell. Be sure to fluff them regularly and turn them occasionally when airing in this way for added fluff boost.


It goes without saying that if you choose to purchase a down pillow, you will expect to have to pay more than what you would for a standard pillow type. This is simply because the fillings used in a down pillow are far more exquisite and luxurious than common pillow types and therefore cost more to produce. However, if it’s a luxurious, durable, and comfortable sleeping solution you’re after, the amazing features a down pillow offers are certainly worth paying more to achieve.

We’ve made sure to include a budget pick here in the Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow, which comes in just under the $50 price mark. However, we do suggest being open to paying up to around the $200 mark for a good quality down pillow.


Medium firmness is the best choice for a combination sleeper as they offer just the right level of support throughout. This means not too soft and not too firm, but rather a perfect balance between the two.

A down pillow with a 100% down filling will feel similar to floating on a cloud and is the most natural filling material you can get. Yet, many down pillows also offer a ratio whereby they have a percentage of down filling and a portion of other feather types. These will not provide the exact comfort of a 100% pillow type and won’t, therefore, be as soft. Yet, many people still find the ratio pillow types comfortable and fluffy. It may very well depend on your personal preference here. Sometimes, the only visible difference is the price between these two types!

Machine washing a down pillow is recommended as one of the better ways to keep your pillow clean and indeed fluffed up. Though, we thoroughly recommend you read the exact instructions that come with your particular down pillow when you purchase it. This will identify any specific information for your pillow type and guide you as to how to wash it and what to use during the wash.

Learn some recommendations on how to wash a down pillow from this video.

Many down pillows, like any new pillows, will have a particular smell that lingers on them for a few hours after you’ve opened up their packaging. This is easily remedied by airing them for at least 24 hours and thereby releasing any odors. However, they should not, just like other pillow types smell after this time frame. If your down pillow does have an odor, it may be due to moisture present in the filling. This is simple to rectify and requires you to dry out your pillow, either naturally in the sun or via a drying cycle.

Some customers claim that down pillows sleep hot, and they may not be too far from the truth. In fact, the inclusion of down filling, more so that with a ratio of feathers, makes the sleeping environment a little warmer than those pillow types without such fillings. Many believe that feathers encourage the heat to circulate around them and therefore this heat is increased as you lay upon your pillow. This may be more of a personal note, but it’s also a good idea to opt for pure down instead of one with a ratio of feathers if you tend to sleep hot in general.

White down merely refers to the type of down that is present in your pillows filling. Down will be selected and sorted by color. What the manufacturers refer to as white down in a pillow is actually the less expensive of down choices in pillows and is a grey or brown color in appearance.

Our Verdict

In concluding, we hope to have armed you with as much useful information as possible about these fantastic down pillows. We’re now confident that you’ll be able to select that best type for your specific needs and preference, with ease.

The best rated down pillow on our list, and the one gaining our Editor’s choice award, is the East Coast Bedding 100% White Down Pillow. This is due to its high customer ratings throughout, alongside its more superior quality and features. Second place on the list goes to the Pacific Coast Feather Company SuperLoft White Goose Down Pillow, as we feel this works hard to eliminate neck pain with its soothing properties throughout. Our third down pillow on the list is our budget pick, the Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow. We believe that this pillow is the perfect example of a high-quality down pillow with exceptional features, but at just a fraction of the cost and consequently the best cheap down pillow.

Whatever your final choice, we guarantee these are all the best down pillows on the current market and will all offer that most luxurious night’s sleep, whatever your sleeping needs require.

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