5 Handy Drill Press Tables for All Your Workshop Projects

Last updatedLast updated: July 27, 2021
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Are you sure you’re ready for your next DIY project? Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to enhance your own workmanship in a professional capacity? Getting more space to work on can go a long way in helping you enhance your work quality. That’s only one of the reasons that investing in one of the best drill press table models is a wise idea. Despite misconceptions, purchasing one is usually less expensive than making your own. And why spend the time and energy, when the perfect option is out there waiting?

We did some of the work for you already by researching a few models on the current market. We realize the value of knowing the dimensions and weight, so we carried out in-depth studies on each of the tables. You may also have preferences about the material used, so we made sure to provide you with all the info you need.

This information—garnered by experts—is compiled in informative reviews below. We asked pros involved in both DIY and professional roles, so you can get a holistic view of their value. Our comparison table will help you see if there’s a specific one for your application and if you’re still unsure, use our buying guide. You’ll find it at the end of this article, where you can read up about the various features of these tables. After that you’ll be able to discern which is best for you. Ready to upgrade your work area?

Top 5 Drill Press Tables Review 2021


MLCS 9765Editor’s Choice

  • Dimensions: 12 x 24 inches
  • Material: MDF/Melamine
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years

Extra features: adjustable fence, fence-mounted stop block

This is a very impressive table and it comes at an affordable price. That makes it a great option if you’re a beginner that’s still figuring out which options work best for you. Don’t worry though, the low price tag doesn’t mean there are compromises on quality or functionality. This is made from durable MDF Melamine,  and at 7/8” thick it will give you all the support you need. You can press down hard and this will hold.

It has a very sleek look thanks to the white surface, so it even gives a workshop’s look an upgrade. That’s a great feature if you have to impress visiting clients.

In terms of functionality, luckily, this works with almost any drill, mostly being compatible with presses containing parallel slots 9-5/7” on center bolts. You can clamp this to a table as long as it’s not more than 9-3/8” wide. Only in some very unique cases will you have to make modifications.

The table comes with a handy fence with adjustable features and there are two T-tracks built in. That’s most of what you need to get started, so it’s a great package.

Installation is also important: you’d want to start working on it straight away, right? This one is reasonably user-friendly to install on your press, and you can be ready to work within 15 minutes.

This is one of the brand’s upgraded units and we can see why it’s popular: versatile for pros, yet user-friendly for beginners.

Some users want it even bigger and the drill lowering handles sometimes interfere with the fence. However, the latter is a common challenge with these setups, so not something that should prevent you from picking this fantastic table.

What makes it stand out?

  • Easy to install
  • Fence works well
  • Improved design

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Bigger may be even better

Woodstock D4033Best Universal Fit

  • Dimensions: 23.7 x 11 inches
  • Material: MDF/Melamine
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year

Extra features: 2 universal table clamps included

If you want to get right to work after purchasing your drill press table, you’ll love how quickly and easily this one mounts to your table. The two universal table clamps empower you to use this almost anywhere. In addition,  this is one of the lighter models on our list. That makes it easy to carry around: if you have more than one tool you want to use this for, this table can easily be carried between rooms or machines.

The work area isn’t the largest, but is certainly sufficient for most users.

The set contains handy components, such as a stop block. This is a prime method of increasing accuracy in your work and enhancing overall quality.

All the features are designed to help you work accurately, but also enjoy quick setup for each new project. Setting up the table itself takes only a few minutes.

Both the fence and your stop block glides along the T slots. Movement is smooth, so your workflow will never suffer when you switch to this table. There are ruler guides on this model which you don’t always find—a very practical extra.

The table itself is made of simple wood, but it’s covered in melamine which protects it well. Here’s a tip though: to make your fence last longer, you can seal exposed wood to prevent moisture or other types of damage.

What makes it stand out?

  • Affordable
  • Ruler guides provided
  • Light weight
  • Quick installation

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Some wooden parts are exposed

Woodpeckers WPDPPACK2Best for Woodworking

  • Dimensions: 16 x 23 inches
  • Material: microdot laminate
  • Weight: 17.1 lbs
  • Warranty: not specified

Extra features:  comes with 2 flip stops, 2 knuckle clamps and 1 filler

This is a slightly larger table so if you’re in need of space, consider this. Just remember it will also affect the floor space you’re left with to comfortably move around in.

This kit includes a few impressive components, such as the laser engraving on the fence. The zero is in the center and this feature makes it very easy to work accurately. The fence isn’t very high. This may bother some, but it keeps it out of the way of the drill handle, which is a plus.

The layout has everything you need to get started, with double wide T-tracks embedded in the laminated surface. These are bolted in place, but it’s noteworthy that this is done from the bottom—there’s less chance of any loose components affecting your work space or hurting you while working.

The brand has even put some thought into the surface itself: they used microdot laminate. While you want your wood pieces and tools to slide along effortlessly, you don’t want them to slip out of control. This unique surface keeps a gentle grip when you apply pressure, allowing you stay in control at all times.

Although aesthetics don’t matter that much in this niche, the striking white and red will definitely impress. You can almost upgrade your workshop with just one purchase.

Note that this one has limited compatibility: only 12” and larger drill presses will work.

The brand delivers quality workmanship and the kit even includes two knuckle clamps. It’s an asset to any DIYer and especially a professional!

Why is it special?

  • Striking look
  • Laser engravings are helpful
  • Microdot laminated surface

What are the flaws?

  • Won’t work on smaller drill presses

WEN DPA2412Budget Pick

  • Dimensions: 23.9 x 11.9 inches
  • Material: MDF/Melamine
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years

Extra features: onboard rulers

Here’s the proof that you can upgrade your workshop without spending a lot of money. This is our budget pick, but our experts were quite impressed with how this measures up against other, similar units. For starters it has rulers embedded in the design. This is such a handy feature that will undoubtedly enhance your accuracy – it definitely isn’t something you find on all work areas these days.

It also comes with the impressive features our higher end models have, such as a stop block and a fence. These components all glide smoothly, so no problems with the overall workmanship on this product. It even has a long warranty period so you know you’re getting quality at an excellent price.

One of the reasons it landed on our list is because it’s so light, and it’s incredibly easy to install lightweight units. It still feels quite sturdy, even though heavier units often add some stability to your workstation.

This work area is specially designed for WEN’s other products. Therefore the brand’s drill presses will all be compatible. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of all equipment. This only works on drill press tables of 5” to 16” in width.

The surface itself won’t warp thanks to the 1” thick MDF used.

What makes it special?

  • 2 year warranty
  • Affordable price range
  • Onboard rulers
  • Works with the entire WEN series

What cons did we find?

  • Somewhat limited compatibility with drill presses

MLCS 9778 Jumbo Size Drill Press TableBest Fence on a Drill Press Table

  • Dimensions: 20 x 30 inches
  • Material: MDF/Melamine
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years

Extra features: adjustable fence, fence mounted-stop block

If space is what you’re looking for, then you should consider this one from MLCS, as it’s one of the largest units on our lists. Those few extra inches can make a huge difference if you’re used to working with large pieces of wood, such as doors. Just note that a large surface can actually work against you if you have limited floorspace, so consider all aspects before taking your pick.

In this design the brand solved a common problem of the fence interfering with the drill handle. If this is a common problem you find bothersome, look at the cutout on the one side of the fence; you know you’ve found your solution. Now you can adjust the drill’s handle without having to pull the fence away first.

The fence design also includes a stop block, so repeating the same cut is super easy and you don’t have to create this component yourself.

It’s made of durable melamine which will keep its form even in most humid environments. The T-tracks are included, but note that the hold downs are purchased separately. This is quite a heavy table compared to others, but this adds stability to the design.

It’s a simple design without many additional frills, but for some users, that’s all they need. It also keeps the price affordable, so almost any DIYer can now own a quality table.

What are our favorite features?

  • Quality design
  • Unique fence design works well with drill handle
  • Stop block included

What could be better?

  • Hold downs not included
  • Too large for small work areas

Things to Consider

Below we share insightful details about this topic. Whether you’re only starting with your first DIY project or you’re working on one of these for your day job, we have a few tips for you. Read through and make sure you know the essentials of how this one tool will transform your workmanship from now on.

Advantages of having a top-quality drill press table

Is this a worthwhile investment for your workshop or DIY projects? Our experts say: absolutely.

Yes, you can continue working on a random table or your current drill press table. However, a top of the range model comes with features that give these benefits:

  • You’ll work faster thanks to aspects such as having more space to work
  • Safety will improve
  • When you feel more comfortable, your quality of work will improve, which makes this an essential part of any professional’s equipment
  • There will be more accuracy in your work, especially if your drill press table has embedded rulers to guide you

Preferably you don’t want to be replacing your work surface every now and then. A top quality drill press table is made of durable materials that will last long without being damaged by moisture or wear and tear. It’s more of an investment than an expense. They’re a great addition to your workshop, whether you have a floor drill press or a drill press for woodworking (often a tabletop model).

Features to consider when choosing a drill press table

Below we will list the important features that will give your table its value. Some of them are determined by personal preference, but make sure you consider each aspect. If you don’t you may realize its shortcomings during your first project, and not all of these can then be solved by customization.

Dimensions and working area

The motivation behind the best drill press table is usually all about enlarging your work space. Some drills do come with tables, but they’re often too compact to enable comfortable working. You need space!

The average acceptable size is a table that gives you at least a 20” x 10” work area. However, if you know the type of work you usually do requires even more space, do the smart thing and invest in a larger unit.

Material and build quality

Material Drill Press Table

It’s extremely important to purchase high quality gear, otherwise you’ll be replacing it in no time. You can opt for wood, laminated or metal tables, but invest in one that won’t warp quickly.

Therefore, if you do settle for wood, make sure it’s laminated on top as well as on the bottom.
It must be sturdy so you feel supported while you’re working.

Make sure the edges have durable finishes. The top shouldn’t wear out too quickly from general woodworking. The edges and the top should also be able to withstand hard handling and, of course, the rigors of woodworking. If you’re working with a drill press for metal and your projects involve tough materials, then you’ll want to invest in an extra durable drill press table.

If you move your table a lot from storage to the machine, it’s bound to bump into a wall or other equipment. This often happens when you don’t have enough space to leave everything set up all the time.


Weight isn’t the most important factor, although a heavier model may feel more sturdy. Just remember you have to lift and attach this yourself, so it must be a manageable weight for you. If you’ll often move your work surface, then it would be best to pick a lighter model.

Drill press compatibility

If you’ve already purchased your drill press, make sure you’ll be able to use it with your table. Many of our examples above, such as the MLCS 9765 work with almost any type you have. Occasionally you may need some modifications. But don’t assume this is the case and contact the manufacturer if you’re unsure.


Your fence helps with precision and also makes it safer to work. You can have a metal one, but a simple wood version also works well. Make sure it’s easily adjustable and a semi-circular clearance—where your drill bit will come down—makes for easier working. In the MLCS 9778 above you also see a unique shape that prevents the drill handle from striking the fence.

MLCS 9778

Many pros enjoy using a minimalistic fence which leaves more room for working on.


Your drill press table has to be fixed to your existing drill press setup. Most of them use clamps and it’s essential to research this, as some of them only work on certain table widths.

It’s ideal if the clamps are universal: you’ll be able to fit your new work surface to almost any table.

T-slots and T-tracks

You can have T-slots or T-tracks with the latter being more popular with most pros. T-tracks run across the length of your table and other components glide in these. These components are also what you’ll use to attach certain items to your table, such as a clamp. Whether you have slots or tracks, make sure all components slide smoothly so you enjoy a good workflow with no frustrations or obstructions hampering your workflow and speed.

High end models will include extras such as rulers, which make it easier to work and add precision to every step of your project.

Throat Plate

This component is a replaceable unit: after working on your table for a while, your drill would have damaged this area. Luckily it’s designed to be taken out and replaced with a new one. Still, make sure yours is durable so you don’t have to buy a new one too often.

Its second purpose is to absorb some of the pressure from your drill so your table won’t warp.

Not all drill press tables have these, but they could prevent the expense of replacing the entire top. That makes it a wise addition.


You’ll put your drill press table under a lot of pressure and there will be some hard handling. You need good quality products, so a warranty is essential. You can get warranties for over a year and quality brands even offer them for up to three years, such as you’ll see with the MLCS 9765. Use this aspect as proof that you’re purchasing quality.


Easy installation is one of the important features you have to consider when buying your table. The ideal is that it will be a quick step of simply tightening the provided clamps. This is the best option if you don’t want to waste time and effort.

However, some brands suggest you bolt or screw the unit to your existing framework or table. This is a dynamic option as it will be much more sturdy than simply using a clamp that can become loose. Ideally you should insert bolts or screws from the bottom, in order to keep your work surface smooth.

Part of the installation process is to attach all your components such as your fence. Hopefully the brand already made all the necessary holes and provide you with the items to attach them to your table. Alternatively, just follow instructions and always make sure your fence is at an exact, square angle to prevent any inaccuracies when you work.

For sturdiness a drill press table is attached to a drill press’ existing framework. The drill component is attached to a fixed stand, creating a solid foundation for you to work on. To enhance work space a drill press table is then attached to the surface of the stand.

Brands know that compatibility is an essential part of shopping for the best drill press table for your workshop. They will state up front what it’s compatible with, so normally you only have to look at a product’s description. Alternatively, read reviews or contact the manufacturer to make sure.

Our Verdict

Which one did our experts single out? For the pros, the MLCS 9765 is the perfect mixture between quality and affordability. It’s an appropriate choice for pros and amateur DIYers. It will last you long thanks to the Melamine design and thanks to excellent workmanship that enables all components glide smoothly. It looks professional and works well, which is all you need, right?

The Woodstock model also impressed because for some, it’s all about ease of use. With those universal clamps it’s so easy to get started without first wasting time on customizing the unit during installation. It’s also wonderfully light, making it easy to move around as needed.

You also can’t go wrong with Woodpecker’s unit. The laser-engraved surfaces make work so much easier and more accurate. We also love the modern look and appreciate a brand that can add aesthetic value to their products. This list contains the best drill press table options for anyone’s taste and budget – which one is yours?

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