10 Best Gazebos for High Winds – Power to Withstand Almoste a Hurricane

Last updatedLast updated: August 27, 2021
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Not all gazebos can stand up to strong winds! Some of them might blow right down when a big breeze starts to blow, but others are designed to be strong and resistant in all conditions. If you want a gazebo that can remain upright in any weather, you’re in the right place. We’ve been working hard to put together a life of the best gazebo for high winds on the market today.

While reviewing many different gazebos, we paid close attention to several key factors. We looked at the wind rating for each model, which shows what kind of wind speeds it can withstand, as well as key features like the frame, netting, railing, and roof, which show both what the gazebo is made from and how it looks when set up in your yard. We considered other essential factors like weight and warranty too, and you can find all of our findings down below.

Top 10 Gazebos for High Winds Review 2021

  • Wind rating: up to 40 mph
  • Frame: dark brown colored rustproof aluminum frame
  • Netting: PBV-coated polyester mosquito netting, 180 gsm polyester solid sidewall
  • Railing: removable steel railing on 4 sides
  • Roof: hardtop roof with water gutter design
  • Dimensions: 10 x 12 ft
  • Weight: 258.5 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-years limited on the hardtop roof

Other features: 2500 lbs snow load capacity, strong anchoring stand with 3 pre-drilled holes, cupola with inside mosquito net

The number one entry on our list of best gazebos for high winds has to be the Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo. Rated by critics and customers alike as one of the finest gazebos on the market right now, this 10 x 12 foot model is beautiful to look at and immensely strong and sturdy once set up too. The Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo comes with a brown colored rustproof aluminum frame and a hard metal top, rather than a typical fabric canopy.

The metal roof helps to provide protection against wind, sun, and rain, while the sturdy frame remains upright and steadfast, even in the face of strong winds and stormy conditions. As the name implies, the Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo is designed to be set up permanently, able to withstand the conditions of all four seasons with ease, and it comes fitted with durable PBV coated polyester mosquito netting too, along with steel railings across all four sides.

The double track rail system on this gazebo allows the users to add an additional layer of material to the walls, and there’s even a clever guttering system along the roof to drain off rain water safely and conveniently. Overall, there’s a lot to love about this model, but some users have pointed out that setting it up can take an entire day and requires the efforts of at least two people.

What do we love it for?

  • Attractive design
  • All-season performance
  • Strong and sturdy metal roof with gutters
  • Double rail systems for dual-layer sidewalls

What were we disappointed with?

  • Lengthy installation process
  • Wind rating: up to 45 mph
  • Frame: dark brown colored aluminum and powder coated steel rust resistant frame
  • Netting: mosquito netting
  • Railing:
  • Roof: hardtop steel roof, vented
  • Dimensions: 10 x 12 ft
  • Weight: 550 lbs
  • Warranty: 30-days return policy

Other features: can be bolted down

Another one of the best gazebos you can for a high wind area has to be the Sunjoy Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo. Made by one of the best brands in the business, this excellent value gazebo is built to last for years of comfortable, enjoyable use. It offers plenty of shade beneath its extensive roof, complete with strong and sturdy corner posts and a long-lasting frame to match.

The Sunjoy Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo measures up at 10 x 12 feet and is fitted with a hardtop steel roof that can last for years without any fading or general wear and tear. It comes with a powder coated steel and aluminum frame that can resist rust, corrosion, and the elements, and the roof has been double vented to help with heat reduction and airflow. The Sunjoy Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo can also be bolted down for your convenience, making it even stronger and helping it resist winds of up to 45 mph.

It’s available in a beautiful brown color too, offering an elegant and classy appearance that feels right at home in any garden or outdoor space, no matter the size and style. On the downside, due to the heavy nature of this product and the complex assembly required, professional installation is needed, so you’ll have to add that onto the cost of purchase.

Why is it special?

  • Classy brown design
  • Strong and sturdy frame
  • Durable metal roof
  • Comes with mosquito netting
  • Can be bolted down for extra protection

What are the flaws?

  • Professional installation needed
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Grand patio Patio GazeboBudget Pick

  • Wind rating: up to 30 mph
  • Frame: rust-resistant powder-coated steel frames
  • Netting: mosquito netting, side walls
  • Railing:
  • Roof: premium polyester canopy, vented
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 ft
  • Weight: 77.2 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year limited,90-days money back guarantee, lifetime customer service

Other features: dual-tiered vented canopy, water-resistant, UV protected, fade-resistant

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they need to spend hundreds or over $1,000+ for a top quality wind resistant gazebo or heavy duty gazebo, but the truth is that you can find some terrific models at very fair and reasonable prices. The Grand patio Patio Gazebo is a perfect example of this. It’s one of the cheapest models on our list, but it still offers strong wind resistance ratings and a great design on the whole.

The first thing you notice about the Grand patio Patio Gazebo is its elegant design. It’s a really attractive 10 x 10 foot patio gazebo with decorative corner posts and a simple but classy canopy on top. It’s perfect for outdoor functions and parties, or to simply set up and enjoy with your own family and friends for relaxing backyard afternoons and BBQs.

The canopy is made from top quality, heavy duty polyester that can resist both UV rays and mild rain, and is relatively fade resistant too. Meanwhile, the frame is made from powder coated steel that can withstand rust and corrosion, lasting for years with minimal maintenance required. The Grand patio Patio Gazebo is a terrific model for the price, coming complete with mosquito netting and all the instructions you need to set it up in about an hour. On the downside, it can only withstand winds of up to 30 mph, so won’t be the best option for those living in areas with very strong winds or stormy conditions.

Why did it make our list?

  • Attractive design
  • Great price
  • Rust and corrosion resistant frame
  • UV and water resistant canopy

What is not ideal about it?

  • Not the best wind resistance

Sunjoy Regency II Patio GazeboBest Shade Coverage

  • Wind rating: up to 30 mph
  • Frame: metal frame
  • Netting: mosquito netting
  • Railing:
  • Roof: water and fire resistant 100% polyester canopy, vented
  • Dimensions: 11 x 13 ft
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Warranty: not specified

Other features: comes with plant rings, corner shelves, ground stakes and center hook for hanging fan or lights, 140 sq ft of shade

Another excellent gazebo that can withstand wind while also providing a beautiful, shaded, comfortable space for sitting, reading, eating, and enjoying precious moments with friends and family alike has to be the Sunjoy Regency II Patio Gazebo. Measuring up at 10 x 12 feet, this high quality gazebo is available at a fair price and stands out for its beautiful design, top quality roof, attractive corner posts, and strong wind resistance rating.

Thanks to the clever design of the Sunjoy Regency II Patio Gazebo, it can provide a lot of shade coverage for users underneath its roof. The vented, double roof design also helps to reduce heat and wind effects on the canopy, which can offer a total of 140 square feet of shade. Meanwhile, the decorative corner posts add elegance and class to the whole product, and the water and fire resistant polyester canopy is the perfect finishing touch on the gazebo as a whole.

The Sunjoy Regency II Patio Gazebo weighs in at under 100 lbs, making it easy to transport around and simple to set up too. Many users have left 5 star reviews for this product and most agree on its quality, durability, and advantages. Some, however, have pointed out one flaw with this model, which is that the color of the canopy will fade within the first couple of years, especially if you live in a very sunny area.

What do we love it for?

  • Large roof offers plenty of shade
  • Simple set up
  • Good wind resistance
  • Great value for money

What were we disappointed with?

  • Canopy color fades in the sun
  • Wind rating: up to 40-50 mph
  • Frame: charcoal colored rustproof aluminum frame
  • Netting: nylon mosquito netting
  • Railing:
  • Roof: 8 mm UV protected tinted polycarbonate roof panels
  • Dimensions: 10 x 14 ft
  • Weight: 248 lbs
  • Warranty: not specified

Other features: available in 4 sizes, no need to store the roof away for the winter

One of the key elements of any strong and sturdy gazebo is the roof, and if you’re looking for the best all weather gazebos with the strongest roof, you might like to consider the Sojag 500-5157864 Meridien Hardtop Gazebo. Available in a range of sizes from 10 x 10 to 12 x 16, this top quality gazebo featured an immensely strong and resistant 8mm UV protected tinted polycarbonate roof. It looks beautiful and can stand the test of time too, reliably resistant strong winds, rain, UV rays, and more.

Along with its sturdy roof, the Sojag 500-5157864 Meridien Hardtop Gazebo can also boast of a charcoal colored, rustproof aluminum frame that remains strong and sturdy in high winds of up to 40 or 50 mph, along with mosquito-proof nylon netting attached to the four corner posts. Even in winter, this gazebo can be left set up due to its super strong roof and is able to provide years of protection to its users.

The Sojag 500-5157864 Meridien Hardtop Gazebo has an attractive and impressive design as well, standing out nicely in any garden or backyard space and serving as a key focal point for your property. It’s a fine spot for gathering with friends and family, and it’s relatively easy to put together too, but it does weigh in at a very heavy 248 lbs, so several people are required for the installation process.

What are our favorite features?

  • Strong and high quality roof
  • Classy, charcoal design
  • All-season strength
  • Quality mosquito nets included

What could be better?

  • Very heavy
  • Wind rating: 30 mph
  • Frame: powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Netting: privacy curtains, zippered mesh netting
  • Railing: 
  • Roof: UV-/fade- resistant polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 12 x 13 ft
  • Weight: not specified
  • Warranty: 60-day

Other features: feet with holes and ground stakes for added stability, reinforced corners

The Erommy Outdoor Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo has a minimalist design and can be used in all types of weather. It’s roomy and has a large enough space for you and your family to have a good time outdoors. This gazebo has a double hardtop, and its 3 layer protection reduces the sun rays that pass through, keeping it cool all the time.  It’s also fade resistant and blocks up to 99% of all UV rays.

This gazebo has a sturdy frame that’s made from rust-resistant, powder-coated aluminum. It also comes with hooks that make it easy to set up and disassemble. It, however, takes about 5 hours with 2 to 3 people to assemble.

The  Erommy Outdoor Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo comes with a curtain and net to protect you from UV rays and add an element of privacy. This mesh netting is available on all 4 sides, so you can easily create a cozy setting. The peripheral cloth is waterproof, and the double rooftop has a track system for sliding each layer.

This gazebo is very stable and comes with ground stakes and holes to reinforce all four corners. It’s also available in 10’x12′ and 10’x13′, both in the double roof polycarbonate gazebo and galvanized steel gazebo.

Why did it make our list?

  • Beautiful minimalistic design and comes with mesh netting.
  • Durable and rust-resistant powder-coated frame.
  • Polyester canopy top that's UV resistant
  • Available in a wide range of sizes

What is not ideal about it?

  • The setup time is long and requires multiple people.
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Gazebo Penguin Florence SolariumBest Wind Rating

  • Wind rating: 90+ mph
  • Frame: powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Netting:
  • Railing:
  • Roof: 0.3125-in polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 ft
  • Weight: 470 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

Other features: optional door reinstallation, wind panels slide all the way down to the bottom or in any of the 5 positions of the solarium, withstands exposure to rain, snow and harsh UV rays

Some gazebos are quite simple in style, without many features or accessories, but that simply can’t be said of the Gazebo Penguin Florence Solarium. It’s one of the most deluxe, fully-featured, and sturdy models on the market right now. In fact, many users say that the Gazebo Penguin Florence Solarium feels like more than a gazebo; it’s an entire additional room for people to enjoy in their own backyards and other outdoor spaces.

The Gazebo Penguin Florence Solarium measures up at 12′ x 12′ and is made with a powder coated aluminum structure and polycarbonate roof. The roof has been reinforced for strength and weather resistance, and the overall structure of the Gazebo Penguin Florence Solarium has one of the best wind resistance ratings of any gazebo available to buy today. So if you live in a very windy area and never want to worry about your gazebo falling down or blowing away, this is a terrific model to choose.

The Gazebo Penguin Florence Solarium can easily withstand winds of 80 or even 90+ mph, and thanks to its design with doors, windows, and netting, it keeps bugs at bay too and can protect you from rain and other elements. It’s also got a really beautiful and classy design, serving as a true statement piece for any backyard, but it comes at a high price, so won’t appeal to those searching for a budget gazebo.

What makes it special?

  • Immense wind resistance
  • Attractive and impressive design
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Protects from bugs

What cons did we find?

  • High price tag

Yardistry Cedar GazeboBest Natural Materials

  • Wind rating: up to 80 mph
  • Frame: 100% FSC certified cedar lumber
  • Netting:
  • Railing:
  • Roof: aluminum
  • Dimensions: 12 x 14 ft
  • Weight: 659 lbs
  • Warranty: not specified

Other features: easy installation

A lot of the gazebos on our list and on the market are made with metal frames, but the world of gazebos extends far beyond stainless steel and aluminum. There are plenty of wooden gazebos out there too, and if you’d prefer a wooden gazebo for your outdoor space, the Yardistry Cedar Gazebo might be the right model for you. The Yardistry Cedar Gazebo is a 12′ x 14′ gazebo made with cedar beams and an aluminum roof.

All of the beams and posts of this model are made from 100% premium cedar lumber, which gives it a really classy and natural look. People who enjoy wooden furniture and the more traditional, rustic aesthetic it provides will really appreciate the design and general appearance of this model, and the wood is strong and sturdy too, even though it’s not quite as long-lasting as metal and can be prone to weather damage over time.

The lumber has all been pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained for your comfort and convenience, making the Yardistry Cedar Gazebo really easy to put together. It comes with a clear and precise set of instructions to help you put the pieces together with ease, and many users have reported having no issues at all with the assembly of this model. It’s also immensely strong, able to withstand winds of up to 80 mph.

What are its best features?

  • Beautiful natural appearance
  • Strong cedar posts
  • Incredible wind resistance
  • Easy to put together

What could be improved?

  • Wood isn't as long-lasting as metal

SUNCROWN Outdoor Patio Garden GazeboBest Light-Weight

  • Wind rating: up to 30-40 mph
  • Frame: rust-resistant powder-coated aluminum frames
  • Netting: mosquito netting, side walls
  • Railing:
  • Roof: polyester canopy, vented
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 ft
  • Weight: 55.34 lbs
  • Warranty: 30-days return policy

Other features: dual-tiered vented canopy, water-resistant

Many of the best gazebos for high winds tend to be quite heavy, which makes them rather difficult to carry around and install, especially for individuals or couples without several friends or family members to help out. If you’re looking for a lightweight and easy to install gazebo for high winds, allow us to introduce the SUNCROWN Outdoor Patio Garden Gazebo.

This is by far one of the best lightweight models on our list, measuring up at 10 x 10 ft and weighing in at just over 55 lbs. It’s so light that a single person can easily carry it around and set it up on their own, with an instruction manual and all of the necessary hardware also included too. In spite of being such a lightweight model, the SUNCROWN Outdoor Patio Garden Gazebo is surprisingly strong and resistant too, able to withstand winds of up to 40 mph in most cases thanks to its smart design with a dual tiered vented canopy. It’s also water resistant and highly durable in general, able to last for years.

The SUNCROWN Outdoor Patio Garden Gazebo is made with powder coated aluminum frames which are fully rust resistant and comes with four corner curtains, as well as mosquito nets, allowing users to sit, stand, or even dine comfortably beneath the gazebo in peace and comfort, without the risk of bugs getting inside and spoiling their meal. On the downside, some users have reported having some confusion understanding the instructions.

What are its best features?

  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Easy to put together
  • Curtains and mosquito nets included
  • Strong aluminum frame

What could be improved?

  • Instructions could be clearer
  • Wind rating: up to 30 mph
  • Frame: rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame
  • Netting: high-density polyester curtains
  • Railing:
  • Roof: polyester canopy, vented, water and UV resistant
  • Dimensions: 11.5 ft diameter
  • Weight: not specified
  • Warranty: not specified

Other features: unique round shape, double-vented roof, 6 column poles and 6 ground stakes, 2 color options

Last but not least, we come to the Outsunny Patio Dome Gazebo Shelter. If you’re looking for a strong and sturdy gazebo that can withstand high winds while also looking great, this might be the perfect model for you. The Outsunny Patio Dome Gazebo Shelter immediately catches the eye with its fabulous design and wine red finish, providing the perfect outdoor setting for parties, get togethers, barbecues with friends and family, or simply sitting and relaxing in your own yard or garden.

Measuring up at 11.5′ and made from tough, strong steel, the Outsunny Patio Dome Gazebo Shelter is extremely weather resistant. It can handle strong winds, but is also fitted with a water and UV resistant canopy that blocks out harmful UV rays from the sun, as well as mild rainfall. The frame is fully rust resistant too, so this gazebo can last for years with minimal maintenance required.

It comes fitted with a series of high density polyester curtains around the outside that can be drawn to create an enclosed and cozy space, keeping bugs at bay and offering privacy to the user, as well as a multi-feature, double-vented roof that provides great ventilation and heat reduction too. It’s a really great product overall with a lot of great things going for it, but users do say that setting it up is quite time consuming and requires at least two or three people.

Why are we impressed?

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Beautiful design
  • Strong, quality curtains
  • Resistant to rain, wind, and sun

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Set-up can be tricky

Things to Consider

High winds can be a serious threat to many gazebos, blowing them completely out of position and even toppling them right over in some situations. Having a strong, windproof gazebo can massively help with this, but it’s vital to make the right decision and buy a model that can work for you. This buying guide will introduce you to the key features of windproof gazebos you need to know about, helping you make an informed buying decision the next time you purchase one.

Gazebo – what is it and what pros and cons it has?

10 Best Gazebos for High Winds - Power to Withstand Almoste a Hurricane

A gazebo is an outdoor structure, often made of metal or wood, and usually featuring four or more posts, suspending a roof with a canopy on top to offer shade and shelter for those below. Gazebos have been used around the world for many years and come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and designs, and they can have all kinds of uses too.

Some people like to set up gazebos for special events that take place outdoors like weddings and barbecues. Others simply enjoy them as outdoor furniture, placing chairs and tables beneath to offer a shaded space for household members to sit and enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about the sun beating down on them or the rain falling on them.

Gazebos can offer protection from UV rays, bugs, rain, and more, and some models are equipped with curtains and netting too that can be pulled out to offer partial or total cover. They bring an aesthetic touch to any garden or backyard space, offering plenty of comfort for users, but some models can be a little weak and flimsy, struggling to cope in high winds or extreme weather situations.

Features to consider when choosing a gazebo for high wind

If you live in an area that has high winds, storms, and strong weather conditions in general, but still want to be able to sit outside and enjoy the shelter, comfort, and unique qualities offered by a gazebo, you’ll need to choose a gazebo specifically designed with high winds in mind. The best gazebo for wind should have a strong wind rating, able to withstand gusts of 30, 40, 50, or even 60+ mph. They should also have strong frames and roofs for additional protection, as well as attractive designs and other key features. There’s a lot to think about when buying a gazebo; read on to learn all about the most important factors to consider.

Wind rating

Naturally, if you’re buying a gazebo for high winds, you want it to be able to stand up and stay in place when those strong winds start to blow. This is why wind rating is perhaps the most important factor of all when it comes to windproof gazebos.

The wind rating tells us how much wind the gazebo can withstand without falling over and being blown out of position.


Some windproof gazebos have much stronger wind ratings than others. The Gazebo Penguin Florence Solarium, for example, has one of the best wind ratings of any model, as it can withstand gusts and gales of more than 90 mph. Other models are only capable of withstanding winds of about 30-40 mph.

Wind rating is important when buying a gazebo, but you should also remember to think about where you live and what kinds of winds exist in your area. There’s no need to pay extra and get a gazebo that can handle 90 mph winds if you only get 30/40 mph winds in your region, for example.


10 Best Gazebos for High Winds - Power to Withstand Almoste a Hurricane

Another very important factor to think about when buying any kind of gazebo, especially one designed with wind resistance in mind, is the materials used to make it. You need to think about the materials used for the roof, but also the materials used to make the beams and posts as well, as they can sometimes differ.

The Yardistry Cedar Gazebo, for instance features a metal roof with strong cedar beams and posts. The cedar offers strength but also provides a unique aesthetic element, as many people enjoy having wooden items in their gardens and backyards and may prefer the traditional feel and look of wood.

Others, however, would argue that metal is the better material to choose, and there are plenty of high quality metal gazebos out there, like the Sojag 500-5157864 Meridien Hardtop Gazebo, for example. Metal gazebos like this one have the advantage of additional resistance to things like corrosion and general wear and tear over time.

Screens and curtains

You may also want to look at whether or not the gazebo you’re interested in purchasing has any kinds of screens or curtains available. A lot of top quality gazebos for high winds ship with at least some form of screen or curtain that can be attached to the corner posts and then drawn across to form sidewalls.

These sidewalls allow you to enjoy additional privacy in your gazebo, as well as blocking out sunlight, breezes, or keeping bugs at bay too. There are plenty of reasons to invest in a gazebo with screens or curtains, and some come with strong mosquito nets that are especially useful in areas with lots of mosquitoes. The Sunjoy Regency II Patio Gazebo is a good example of this.


The frame is one of the key parts of any gazebo.

This is the main ‘skeleton’ of the structure, helping to keep the gazebo standing up and resisting the wind and other elements.


Frames can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, as seen in the Yardistry Cedar Gazebo, or metals like aluminum and steel, as seen in the Outsunny Patio Dome Gazebo Shelter, which has a powder-coated steel frame.

When trying to choose a gazebo for high winds, pay attention to the materials used to make it and how strong it is too. Some gazebo frames are treated to be resistant to things like rust and corrosion, which can help the gazebo to have a longer lifespan and stay looking as good as new, even after several years of use.


The railings are another key part of the gazebo’s overall structure. These parts run along the sides or walls of the structure, used for holding the curtains or netting pieces in place. Some models don’t come with any railings at all, but if you want to be able to draw the curtains and create shady sidewalls for your gazebo, you’ll need to find a model that has railings.

Railings are usually made from steel or aluminum, as seen on the Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo, which features removable steel railings across the four sides. These railings can be removed for your convenience, which is a nice bonus when you don’t need to draw the curtains, and they’re made from a strong and long lasting metal.


10 Best Gazebos for High Winds - Power to Withstand Almoste a Hurricane

The posts are another essential element of any gazebo. You’ll usually get four posts, but some gazebos, like the Outsunny Patio Dome Gazebo Shelter, have six posts. Again, as with the other elements of your gazebo, it’s important to look at the strength and materials used for the posts. Wooden posts can be more attractive to some people, but metal posts may be more durable and resistant.

Some gazebos are designed with posts that are quite decorative. The Grand patio Patio Gazebo, for example, has particularly attractive posts that help to enhance the overall look and feel of the gazebo, ensuring that it’s strong and rigid, but also beautiful to look at. The posts are often one of the most ‘on view’ parts of the whole structure, so many people like to find models with nicely-made posts.


The last key part of the gazebo that you need to think about in terms of the overall structure is the roof. This is the part that will provide you with shade and protect you from the rain and even the sun’s UV rays, in some cases. It always helps to find a double-vented roof gazebo, like the Sunjoy Regency II Patio Gazebo, for example, as this helps to reduce the impact of the wind and helps with heat reduction too.

You can find some gazebos with metal roofs and others with canopy roofs. Canopy roof gazebos are usually more lightweight and easier to install on your own, but they don’t offer quite as much strength and protection as metal roof gazebos. The models with metal roofs, like the Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo, are stronger against elements like snow and rain, and often better equipped to block out UV rays too, but are heavier and harder to set up.


A lot of gazebos don’t come with floors, but you can find some models that come with a built-in floor as well. This allows you to essentially use the gazebo as a whole separate outdoor room or space for gatherings and general comfort.

Having a floor in your gazebo helps to block out the bugs from beneath or allow you to take off your shoes and not have to worry about any wet or dirty ground underfoot. It can be a nice bonus, but you’ll often have to pay much more for a gazebo with a floor.

Dimensions and weight

Another key feature to think about when buying gazebo is its overall size and weight. Let’s begin with the size. You can find gazebos in a range of different sizes, often usually around 10 x 10 or 12 x 12 feet, and some models are only available in one size, while others are sold in a wide range of size options, like the Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo, for instance.

It’s important to measure out the space in your yard or garden when you plan on installing the gazebo and then finding a model at just the right size for you. You also need to think about how you’re going to use the gazebo and how big it needs to be for the number of people gathered beneath. If you’re buying a gazebo for use at barbecues and big get-togethers, a larger model will probably be necessary.

You also need to think about the weight of your gazebo. They can vary in weight from as light as 50-60 lbs, like the SUNCROWN Outdoor Patio Garden Gazebo, right up to several hundred lbs. More lightweight models are easier to set up on your own, but can be a little less resistant to the wind, while heavier models are stronger and sturdier but may need professional installation.

10 Best Gazebos for High Winds - Power to Withstand Almoste a Hurricane


One more thing to bear in mind when shopping for a gazebo is the warranty. In an ideal world, you’ll never need to worry about the warranty as your gazebo will remain in peak condition for many years. However, just in case anything goes wrong or any of the parts arrive broken or damaged in any way, it helps to know that the manufacturer will supply replacements or cover the costs of repairs.

Warranty policies can vary in terms of gazebos from one manufacturer to the next. Some don’t offer any warranty at all, while others offer 1-2 year warranties in general. The Gazebo Penguin Florence Solarium, for example, comes with a 1-year limited warranty, covering you for the first 12 months if anything goes wrong.


Of course, many people will also want to take the price into consideration when searching for their next gazebo too. As well as finding a gazebo that meets your needs and fits perfectly in your outdoor space, it’s also important to find one that matches up with your budget, and there are plenty of options out there.

The Grand patio Patio Gazebo, for example, is one of the most affordable windproof gazebos on our list, and there are some other terrific budget-friendly gazebos available too. Don’t feel like you need to spend huge amounts to get a great gazebo, as there are lots of lower priced models that can be perfectly satisfactory for many homeowners.

Other features

If you’re hesitating between two different gazebos and can’t quite seem to choose between them, it’s worth taking a look at what extra features they might offer. Sometimes, this is the best way to separate two models and find out which one has the edge.

Some gazebos, for example, may come with netting and curtains included, like the SUNCROWN Outdoor Patio Garden Gazebo, while others might be able to be bolted down to the ground for extra protection, like the Sunjoy Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo.

Gazebo cleaning and installation tips

In order to ensure that your gazebo stays upright and lasts for many years of comfort and enjoyment, you need to install it properly and look after it well as time goes by. Here are a few key tips to bear in mind during the installation and maintenance phases:

  • Always read the manual included with your gazebo and follow the steps provided
  • Most gazebos need at least 2/3 people to set up properly, so don’t try and go it alone
  • You may need to get a professional to set up your gazebo in some cases
  • If your gazebo has a cloth canopy, check the instructions to see if it can be washed in a machine. Otherwise, wash by hand now and then to prevent stains building up.
  • Check the posts and frame of your gazebo often for marks or wear and tear and clean with a simple water and soap solution.
  • Use a ladder to check the roof for any build-up of dirt, leaves, or debris.


This really depends on the model you buy. Some gazebos aren’t designed with wind resistance in mind at all and can simply fall down or blow around in even relatively mild winds. However, other models are designed to be strong and sturdy, withstanding high winds and staying strong, upright, and firmly in position even in storms and extreme weather conditions. Models like the Gazebo Penguin Florence Solarium, for example, are able to withstand winds of up to 90 mph with ease thanks to their strong frames and durable designs. Even the toughest winds won’t be able to blow these super strong models down, but it’s always wise to check the details of each gazebo and find out the wind rating to see how strong it is before you buy.

If you’re worried about your gazebo flying away or falling down in high winds, there are a few ways you can try to reinforce it and strengthen the structure, helping to give even the simplest of models a little extra wind resistance. A good method is to apply additional bolts and straps to your gazebo to secure the corner posts and other sections to the ground more firmly. Many gazebos have holes in the base of the posts designed for this purpose. You might also choose to attach things like water butts and heavyweights to your gazebo in order to give it more weight and sturdiness, holding it down on the ground even when strong winds blow. Experts also recommend digging extra deep holes for your threaded gazebo rods in order to really ensure that the structure is fully secure when you set it up, and don’t be afraid to place weights around the corner posts too.

This is certainly a possibility if you buy a weak or low quality gazebo that cannot stand up to the strength of high winds. In some cases, weaker gazebos can actually blow down or move quite violently in winds and stormy conditions. If children or animals are in the area, they could get hurt if any of the pieces of the gazebo fall into them or are blown into them. This is one of many reasons why a lot of people choose to shop for the best gazebos for windy areas, especially if they have kids in the house or pets that like to run around the yard and could be at risk. So if you live in a windy area and want a gazebo that can stay strong, we recommend opting for a model like the Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo or Sunjoy Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo.

Our Verdict

Overall, our top rated gazebo for high winds is the Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo. Fitted with one of the toughest metal frames and strongest roofs around, this gazebo can stand up to sun, rain, wind, and snow without taking any damage or suffering any degradation. It’s the perfect four season gazebo for most homes.

The next best gazebo for high winds is the Sunjoy Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo. Fitted with a very strong metal roof and sturdy, durable frame to match, this is one of the toughest gazebos on the market, but it still manages to look beautiful and elegant in any environment.

Our third favorite gazebo for high winds is the Grand patio Patio Gazebo. Proving that you don’t need to spend a huge amount to get a top quality windproof gazebo, this model is available at a terrific price and comes with an attractive design, sturdy corner posts, an elegant canopy on top, and strong resistance ratings for UV rays, rain, and rust.

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