8 Great Massage Chairs Under $500 — Relax and Unwind Without Spending a Fortune!

Last updatedLast updated: October 17, 2021
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It’s something not everyone places high on their priority lists: getting a massage. After all, it’s a luxury, right? What if it doesn’t have to be? You can invest in one of the best massage chair under $500 options we showcase below and have access to the luxury of a massage on a daily basis. But it may be challenging to find the right one in terms of quality, durability and reliability. The market is saturated with options but they’re not all worth your time. That’s why you need this review to help you make the right decision, even if you’re shopping on a budget. They may not have all the features of high end machines, but you’re still going to love getting that massage every day.

In our research we focused on identifying massage chairs that offer quality in the most important aspects of this niche. This includes massage modes and functions such as heat therapy, as well as warranties: you want your new health investment to serve you well for a long time, right? And don’t worry, we’ll also discuss dimensions so you can gauge whether you have enough space for your new piece of furniture. Based on all of these factors, we found the Mecor Electric Massage Recliner Chair to be the top model that really stood out from the rest.

To help us come to our conclusions we talked to consumers as well as professionals such as chiropractors and physiotherapists. Their feedback helped us find more than one massage chair under $500 that will be safe, effective and long-lasting – in our reviews section, we’ve gone into greater depth about each model. We added their advice in our buying guide which can help you make the right decision when picking yours. The comparison table below will give you an overview and help you find appropriate options for your unique scenario.

Ready to relax?

Top 8 Massage Chairs Under $500 Review 2022


Mecor Electric Massage Recliner ChairEditor’s Choice

  • Massage modes: 5
  • Heating function: yes
  • Dimensions: 37 x 34.5 x 42.3 inches
  • Warranty: not specified

Extra features: 360-degree swivel; reclines to 135 degrees; 100% bonded leather upper; solid wood frame; easy tool-free assembly; features 2 cup holders

For starters this chair presents well and will complement almost any other décor & furniture. If you don’t have a separate room to place your new massage chair under $500 you can have it in your office or living room without ruining aesthetics. This is thanks to the stylish black bonded leather exterior.

Inside you’ll find many of the important features we’ll discuss in our buyer’s guide below. It’s one of the quality units that offer a heating system and you can get a massage focusing on some of the most important areas consumers need treatment on such as the lumbar area. This is thanks to an eight-point massage design. It can also target the neck and shoulder area, making it ideal if you want to counter every day tension that often end up causing neck pain.

It’s one of the chairs you can consider if you have back injuries as there’s a foot rest that pops up. You get full support across the length of your body and the ergonomic design relieves pressure.

And managing it is easy as you simply push a button to have it recline. There is a remote controlled unit so you can make adjustments while lying back in the chair.

Although there is no specified warranty period you can expect this model to last you a long time as it’s made of quality parts that include a frame made of solid wood. Even the sponge is of a high density type so it will support you well for a long time.

It’s not the cheapest model on our list, but worth every cent which is why it’s our Editor’s Pick.

Why is it special?

  • Stylish
  • Ergonomic design
  • Controlled via corded remote
  • Quality frame

What are the flaws?

  • Warranty not provided
  • More expensive unit then some others

OWAYS Massage ChairBest Rocking Massage Chair Under $500

  • Massage modes: 6
  • Heating function: yes
  • Dimensions: 51.2 x 29.5 x 19.7 inches
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

Extra features: arc-shaped base; detachable massage pillow; available in 2 color options

Our team was really impressed with this model from OWAYS as it’s such a stylish, contemporary design. If décor and aesthetics matter to you it doesn’t mean you can’t have a massage chair in your living room. This design can be a center piece in any room if this wood and fabric combination is of a style you find appropriate. It’s even available in two different hues.

The next feature to fall in love with is the warranty. Although it’s a limited warranty it’s not every day you get a 10-year warranty in this price category, so it’s worth your consideration.

Although this seems to be less padded than some other models, inside the chair still provides a wide range of massage options. You can enjoy kneading, tapping, massage rollers and more. It can cater for the whole family’s requirements. You can luckily customize each person’s experience and even focus on a specific area of the body by using the remote and adjusting the treatment to your preferences.

We appreciate the specially designed remote bag on the side, keeping your controls in reach at all times.

Note that this is not an item pregnant women should use. Although a massage can be relaxing, applying pressure isn’t always advisable. Thanks to the sturdy handrails elderly individuals will have something solid to hold onto when they have to pull themselves up from a reclining position.

You may prefer adding a pillow as the padding is not the thickest on the market and another challenge is the manual which contains poorly translated directions.

Overall, an effective and stunning rocking chair type that many consumers enhance their living room experiences with.

What are our favorite features?

  • Stunning looks
  • Remote provided
  • Multiple designs to pick from
  • 10 year warranty

What could be better?

  • Limited padding
  • Manual requires revision

Windaze Massage Recliner ChairMost Comfortable Massage Chair Under $500

  • Massage modes: 4
  • Heating function: yes
  • Dimensions: 37 x 34.5 x 42.3 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year on chair, 3-year on frame

Extra features: swiveling base; 135-degree recline; available in 2 colors

Here’s another black massage chair for under $500 which means it can easily be matched to your other furniture and décor. There is also a brown option if that will suite your color scheme better.

We named this our most sturdy model because the manufacturer used metal and wood in the construction. This will keep for a long time and can support up to 300lb. No wonder you’re offered a warranty of 3 years on this Windaze model. You can even get free replacement if you pick up on a factory problem within a month so we think they have an excellent customer service approach. The company is also quick to replace specific components if they keep giving problems, so you can feel at ease doing business with this brand.

Just note: this is not as advanced as some other massage chairs on our list. While it heats up and has eight massage motors that vibrate it doesn’t offer any other massage options. So if you’re looking for a customized session with tapping or other features, this is not the one to pick. Tipping it into position requires a manual motion too.

But for the moderate price and high quality, it’s still a bargain.

We appreciate the smart design with the power cord located at the back. You can completely hide it away if you position it right in front of the wall plug. This means your new chair doesn’t ruin your room aesthetics at all.

Why are we impressed?

  • Sturdy build
  • 2 colors available
  • Decent warranty
  • Good customer service

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Limited massage features
  • Manual reclining

BestMassage Massage ReclinerMost Number of Modes

  • Massage modes: 9
  • Heating function: yes
  • Dimensions: 33.8 x 39.7 x 40.5 inches
  • Warranty: not included (purchase separately)

Extra features: 360-degree swivel; 2 cup holders; available in black and brown color options

The designers of this massage chair really took time to think about the layout and exterior. You’ll appreciate all the unique features if this ends up in your lounge area. First of all there are cup holders so it’s the ideal place to watch a movie from in front of the TV. Secondly everything is within reach thanks to side pockets to place your book or phone in. The exterior is also easily cleaned: simply wipe it down since it won’t damage the fabric.

But what about inside?

This stylish chair has a massage system with eight points. Combine the massage with the effective heating system and you may see your aches & pains heal faster than before. Granted, it doesn’t have advanced features such as giving you a Shiatsu massage or doing tapping, but it’s still value for money as it comes at a moderately good price. You can adjust aspects such as intensity levels to customize your experience. Just note that it’s a bit difficult to push the foot rest back into place. The other feature that makes it worth your while is its capacity. As it can work effectively for persons who weigh up to 250lb. This capacity is quite standard, but not so impressive, unfortunately.

A nifty feature is that you can swivel a full 360° on this one. Without moving it you can use it to watch TV the one moment or turn away from the distractions while you immerse yourself in the luxury of a deep massage.

What are its best features?

  • Sturdy chair
  • 9 modes
  • Easy to clean
  • Embedded cup holders

What could be improved?

  • Limited weight capacity
  • Foot rest operation needs revision

Waterjoy Massage Recliner Chair with HeatBest Massage Chair Under $500 for Lower Back Pain

  • Massage modes: 5
  • Heating function: yes
  • Dimensions: 32 x 39 x 40 inches
  • Warranty: not specified

Extra features: timed auto-off function; 150-degree reclining angle

This one landed on our list of best massage chair under $500 reviews because it’s another all round winner. It’s manufactured in a classic black which will suit most households’ decor. Inside your massage chair is where the magic lies though. As stated on our comparison table this one is suited to help treat back problems. That’s thanks to the many massage options that include a variety of features that can be felt in the lower back region and even your thighs & legs. So if you need a full on treatment after a day’s work or a rigorous exercise session, this is where you come to relax. Because of the heating function and the vibrating massage options you’ll feel better faster than when using some other chairs on this list. You can pick between pulse, press, wave, auto or normal modes.

It’s advanced but very user friendly. The switch to help you recline to just the position you prefer can be found under the armrest. Use it to pick a setting that’s comfortable for your body type.

Safety is another important feature of any electrical appliance. In this one you’ll appreciate the auto shut down mode. It kicks in after the chair is used for 25 minutes so if you fall asleep while on the chair there won’t be any risks such as overheating. User friendliness continues in the corded remote which means you can manage your massage session without having to sit up to adjust settings.

For the price we think the brand can improve on the padding and sturdiness, but it’s a worthwhile option still.

Why did it make our list?

  • Targets multiple areas of the body
  • Auto shut down
  • Remote controlled

What is not ideal about it?

  • Requires more padding
  • Not the strongest on the list
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ComHoma Leather Recliner ChairBest Massage Chair Under $500 with Heating Feature

  • Massage modes: 5
  • Heating function: yes
  • Dimensions: 37.4 x 35.8 x 40.9 inches
  • Warranty: not specified

Extra features: 360-degree swivel; reclines to 152 degrees; features deep pockets and handy drink holders

You’ll find heat features in many of the chairs on our list but with this model from ComHoma our experts appreciated the manufacturer’s attention to detail: the chair will heat up slowly to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the process. Your body can get used to the higher temperatures—as high as 98.6°F—which is especially valuable if you have sensitive skin.

Now you can add the eight point massage system to the heating feature and along with four different vibrating modes you can enjoy an extremely comfortable massage session.

This session is often best enjoyed in front of the TV and if that’s what you plan on doing, you’ll appreciate the cup holders set into the arms. Whether you use it to hold your phone, a remote or snacks and drinks, comfort is definitely high on this brand’s priority list. Because each user is different the brand designed the chair to be set securely in one of various reclining positions. You may prefer one setting for watching TV and another when you’re reading. This chair caters for it all, always providing enough support for your body.

It’s a user friendly model as it’s easy to assemble and to clean it all you have to do is wipe it down. Granted, it’s not the highest quality so you’ll have to look after it to limit wear and tear. But at a lower price than many others on this list, it’s understandable.

What stands out?

  • Easy to assemble
  • Cup holders provided
  • Gradual heating
  • Easy to clean

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Not the best quality unit
  • Warranty not specified
  • Massage modes: 9
  • Heating function: yes
  • Dimensions: 29 x 30 x 42 inches
  • Warranty: not specified

Extra features: swiveling seat; double padding on the seat and back

Don’t you love it when you find budget purchases with extra features? That’s exactly the case with this model from JC Home because you don’t get only a massage chair but an ottoman too. This means, if you have limited space you can opt to store the ottoman away at times and use the chair like a normal unit & so prevent the area from feeling cluttered. This is also a practical option for the office as you may not want to sit in a massage chair all day, but once everyone goes home you can pull the ottoman closer and stretch out to unwind & enjoy a massage. It’s certainly stylish enough to place in your office. The bonus: you have access to heating and massage functions whenever you need them.

For a budget buy it’s impressive how much this chair has to offer as you get access to nine different massage modes. These you can further customize by using the different intensity levels. Everything can be controlled via the remote. It would have been even better if the seat area was softer though.

And don’t worry, the brand didn’t compromise: you can treat your entire body including the lumbar area and even your legs. During your massage your arms will rest comfortable on the upholstered arms. These may not be as wide and plush as some others on this list, but for the price you pay, they do suffice.

What makes it stand out?

  • Stylish design
  • Ottoman included
  • Heating feature

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Narrower armrests than some others
  • Can do with more padding

Esright Massage Recliner ChairBest Swiveling Massage Chair Under $500

  • Massage modes: 5
  • Heating function: yes
  • Dimensions: 33.1 x 35.8 x 43.2 inches
  • Warranty: not included (purchase separately)

Extra features: 360-degree swiveling base; 2 cup holders, 4 pockets; 150-degree recline; choose from 2 intensity levels; available in multiple color options

The last item on our list has limited functions but is still worth a look if you’re shopping on a budget. One of the limiting factors is that it only has two intensity levels to pick from.

Still, in other aspects it’s a handy piece of furniture as it has two cup holders, making it practical to use each night in front of the TV: all your important items such as snacks, phone and more can be kept on hand. Just note that these holders are of a limited size, so not all your cups and cans may fit. On the sides and on the arm rests you’ll find a total of four pockets for books, magazines or other items you want within reach.

The chair can recline so you can find a comfortable position and then you can pick from massaging & vibrating settings. Just note that some features such as reclining works manually; it’s not powered so it may take some effort to get yourself in that ideal comfortable position.

No matter your décor style you should be able to find one of these to suit the color scheme as the brand manufactures a few different colors.

If you have pain in the lumbar area, you’ll be happy to know this chair’s heat feature heats up in exactly that zone. You can treat a bad back while relaxing in a chair at home.

What makes it stand out?

  • Multiple designs available
  • Heats up in lumbar area
  • Four pockets

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Cup holders are small
  • Manual reclining
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Things to Consider

After reading through these massage chair reviews, you probably wish you already owned one of these amazing inventions! So, let’s guide you through the need-to-know facts to pick the best one for your scenario. Make sure you get optimal return on your investment.

Reasons to get a top-quality massage chair under $500

8 Great Massage Chairs Under $500 — Relax and Unwind Without Spending a Fortune!You may still wonder whether it’s worthwhile adding this to the furniture in your home. For those in the know, there’s no question – it’s a wise investment for almost any home because:

  • You can get quality massages without repeatedly paying massage therapists
  • Massages can help relieve tension and stress, especially after a long day at work or after extended periods of sitting – after gaming, for example. Check out our reviews of comfy gaming chairs under $200 if this is a particular concern
  • When you deal with stress you improve your overall physical and mental health
  • A massage can even improve blood flow and counter certain health problems such as sciatica
  • This price bracket offers an affordable solution while still guaranteeing effectiveness
  • Even massage chairs in this price range can be effective for athletes
  • Massage chairs can work for all ages, so you’re benefiting the entire family

You don’t have to purchase high end massage chairs to enjoy multiple benefits so one of the chairs featured above can be your solution no matter what your budget is.

Features to consider when choosing a massage chair

Though all units on our list of best massage chairs under $500 impressed us, we know you have very specific needs. To help you pick a chair that aligns with the requirements of you and your family’s scenario, use the tips below. We explain relevant features in detail so you understand how to identify the best option for you.

Massage modes and functions

8 Great Massage Chairs Under $500 — Relax and Unwind Without Spending a Fortune!Yes, even in this price range you’ll find massage chairs that offer you a variety of features. Which ones are really important? Our experts suggest you start off by looking for one that massages the areas you want to target. Some S-shape massage chairs focus only on the back, while L-shape units also target the buttocks, lower back and hamstrings. If you experience pain in these areas, it’s essential your new chair caters for your need.

A chair may even massage your arms, which can be worth investing in for older people who need treatment all over.

Next, look for chairs that will give you the type of massage you’ll enjoy. There are many options such as kneading, percussion, compression and stretching. With a tapping feature you’ll affect your blood circulation and a vibrating mode increases overall relaxation. What’s your priority? Shop accordingly.

A welcome bonus is if you can adjust the intensity of these treatments. This allows you to customize your experience and if your skin or muscles are sensitive you can tone it down to prevent injury.

When you look at the Mecor Electric model above you’ll see it’s possible to get a lot of these features in one unit.

Seat dimensions and weight capacity

You need to make sure the people who will use it will find it comfortable to sit in based on their size and height. These chairs are designed with certain individuals in mind. If all members of your family are tall, you need to invest in one of the larger units such as the Homegear chair above that can handle far more than 400lb if needed.

Overall dimensions and weight

8 Great Massage Chairs Under $500 — Relax and Unwind Without Spending a Fortune!When you read the dimensions above you also need to determine if it will fit in the available space in your house. You don’t want your new piece of furniture to ruin the aesthetics, be in the way or let your room seem cluttered.

Also look at the weight and gauge whether you can handle moving it around. Don’t hurt your back pushing it from room to room. If it’s too heavy, make sure you assemble it where you’ll end up using it.

Important note: when you consider the dimensions, look at the measurements of the chair in its usual setting but also when it’s fully reclined. Make sure it fits so you don’t buy something you can’t use.
An important part of relaxation is the atmosphere around you. If a large chair results in the room feeling cluttered, you may not enjoy your massage session as much as you think.

Heating functionality

Above we spoke about modes, but the heating functionality should be discussed on its own. You may not find it on all units, as it’s quite specialized. Is it worth investing in? It is if you’re in the process of recovery. Heat can improve blood flow and help muscles recover faster & even help block pain signals from reaching the brain.

Of course, the heat must be present in the right places, so read up about the details. It’s unlikely a chair will have heated areas across its entire surface. If it’s limited to specific parts of the back of the chair, does it correspond to where you need this treatment to work? An excellent example is the Waterjoy model that heats up in the lumbar area so you can find some relief if you suffer from lower back pain.

Materials, padding, and build

8 Great Massage Chairs Under $500 — Relax and Unwind Without Spending a Fortune!Above we’ve mentioned comfort many times. And what will determine most of your comfort? The surface you’re sitting on. The types of padding & upholstery the brand use on the inside as well as the outside fabric will determine your massage experience. There must be enough padding to prevent the rollers and other massage features from hurting you.

The overall build also adds to the comfort you’ll experience and it ensures the structure is durable. It will carry your weight for months and hopefully years to come so make sure you invest in a smart build design. This requires sturdy wood and metal frameworks.

If your massage chair will end up in your living room it may serve as a general piece of furniture too. Daily use requires quality fabric and a comfortable seat, so research well before you buy.

Reclining features

8 Great Massage Chairs Under $500 — Relax and Unwind Without Spending a Fortune!Our experts feel that a reclining feature is almost non-negotiable. You’ll need this to find a comfortable position for your massage. But don’t stop there. Make sure what the maximum reclining angle is, as more is usually better.

An added bonus is if you find a Zero gravity recliner. This enables a specific position which distributes weight across your body so there is the least amount of tension on your joints and muscles. This in itself will help relieve some pain.

Lastly, make sure you know exactly how you get to the reclining positions. Ideally, it should be a powered feature, although some will only offer manual reclining.
In a lower price range, you may have to settle for the latter and as long as the chair functions smoothly it shouldn’t add too much effort to your massage session.


Every aspect of the chair determines user friendliness and whether it’s easy to use. Research if your new chair has a remote—if it does it makes for easy management without the need to sit up to adjust settings.

Whether it’s on the remote or on the chair itself, also make sure the controls are user friendly and easy to understand so you don’t experience frustration getting used to your new device.


These chairs may undergo daily use and you want a unit that will last you a long time. Therefore durability—in the design, mechanics and fabric—is essential. You can look at the warranty to gauge the chair’s level of durability. Some brands may not specify, but if you find something like the OWAYS model with its 10-year warranty you know you’ve found quality. Just make sure what the warranty applies to so you know when you’re allowed to use it to claim for repairs or replacements.


Many massage chairs can assist in treating back problems, especially if they have heating features. This heat can improve blood flow and counter inflammation. It is important though to discuss usage of a chair with your physician. Make sure the position you pick won’t put unnecessary pressure on your joints or muscles.

Each massage chair is different in how it will be assembled. Many chairs may arrive in different boxes, so make sure you have all the components before you start assembly. Clear guidelines will help you get the job done quick. The task can take as little as a few minutes if you pick a user friendly model.

Bonded leather is a popular fabric type to cover massage chairs but note that it’s not 100% leather. It’s still durable but it’s a blend of other fabrics and leather. Your chair will contain animal hide but also other types of materials.

Our Verdict

Now, which one should you pick? For us it was clear that the best one on the list is the Mecor Electric Chair model. It presents well so you can put it in your living room with pride. Apart from looks it has all the bells and whistles such as cup holders, different massage modes & a heating feature.

The second item on our list ranks high because of its looks. It will look ultra-stylish in your living room while still offering you exceptional massage features such as multiple massage modes and a heating function. Technologically and aesthetically the OWAYS chair is a winner.

Our third choice is from Windaze and we love it for its durability. It comes with an impressive warranty, making it worth your investment. It impresses in other areas too, particularly in terms of comfort, and it’s even available in two different hues.

Now, which is the best massage chair under $500 for you? You can have all the massages you dream of right in your own home. And it won’t break the bank. Why wait any longer?

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