5 Best Pool Vacuum Heads – Make Cleaning The Pool Even More Easier

Last updatedLast updated: August 12, 2021
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You don’t have time to clean and maintain your pool, but at the same time, you also don’t want to hire staff to do it. Tired of having to pick up debris from your pool manually? If you answer yes, having the best pool vacuum heads is highly recommended. There are lots of models of pool vacuums available on the market. The concern for all owners of swimming pools is not finding an effective and compatible cleaner for their type of swimming pool. Above all, you want to find ONE that best suits your requirements and your needs. To clean effortlessly, you will need an efficient, practical, easy-to-use pool vacuum.

In order to come up with these 5 best pool vacuum heads on the market, we analyzed 28 models among high-ranking products. Of these five models, the Milliard Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head is adjudged as the overall best, and, hence, the Editor’s Choice. This is thanks to its 14″ head, safe and durable ABS plastic, and wheels which make it more maneuverable.

Each product in this guide is selected based on its compatibility to each pool, construction material, the presence or absence of wheels and brush, the shape, dimensions and many other criteria. In order to facilitate your research, you will find in this comparative buying guide our best selection of vacuum heads in a comparison table, and comprehensive pool vacuum heads reviews, practical advice for and FAQ on choosing the right model. Shall we proceed?

Top 5 Pool Vacuum Heads Review 2021

  • Compatibility: 1 ½ inch standard vacuum hoses – vacuum port, standard extension poles – handle
  • Material: ABS plastic, steel
  • Wheels: yes
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Width: 14 in

More features: spring-loaded locking clips, weighted model

The best pool vacuum brush head of the moment, the Milliard Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head is a model with a wide (14-inch) head which can suck more dirt and debris at each swoop. Featuring wheels also, these make it great for large swimming pools. The mobility the wheels give this vacuum head makes it easy to maneuver around the pool floors, unlike vacuum heads with nylon bristles. However, the wheels are gentle enough to prevent scrapes and scratches on the walls or bottoms of the swimming pool. Its quality connectors and ABS plastic material make it more durability. 

However, the only downside is that the hose connector is just 1.5 inches long and may not be compatible with every standard hose. Also, its lack of brush means, before vacuuming, you need to brush the swimming pool first. However, its ease of use, high suction, and wide head still makes it the best inground pool vacuum head.

Why did it make our list?

  • Locking clips compatible for all poles
  • Impressive maneuverability
  • Easy to use
  • Impressive suction
  • Wider head for large pools

What is not ideal about it?

  • There are no brushes
  • Compatibility: 1½ and 1¼ inch standard vacuum hoses – vacuum port, standard extension poles – handle
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Wheels: –
  • Shape: triangular
  • Width: 11 in

More features: nylon bristles, rubber bumpers, spring-loaded locking clips, weighted model

Another impressive vacuum head from Milliard, this vacuum head for spas and pools is just 11 inches in width and doesn’t have wheels. But its triangular shape offers more effective swoops and suction. This swimming pool vacuum head is designed for smaller facilities and those who wish to do their pool maintenance themselves. The 11 inches width and triangularity ensure that it can make deep cleanings on surfaces, using all three sides of its vinyl bristles. Hence, it is the recommended model for deeper and quality vacuuming. 

It can fit into vacuum ports measuring 1.25 and 1.5 inches, as well as every standard-sized telescopic extension poles. This model also has locking clips which have easy attachment of the brush. While it has more weight, offering better suctioning, this makes it unsuitable for use in deep pools. This is because the weight makes it a little bit harder to pull the device from the deep pool floor. However, its nylon bristles make it the best vinyl pool vacuum head on this list. 

What do we love it for?

  • Suitable for regular use
  • Highly-resistant ABS plastics
  • Suitable for swimming pools and spas
  • Triangular shape for more surface cleaning
  • Suitable for vinyl pools

What were we disappointed with?

  • Only suitable for small pools
  • Not for heavy cleaning
  • Less maneuverability
  • Compatibility: 1 ¼ and 1 ½ inch standard vacuum hoses – vacuum port, standard extension poles – handle
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Wheels: –
  • Shape: moon-shaped
  • Width: 10 in

More features: nylon bristles, weighted model

The HydroTools by Swimline Pool Vacuum Head doesn’t feature wheels, has a smaller width (just 10 inches), but this moon-shaped vacuum head will scrub every floor surfaces it comes in contact with. Its nylon bristles also make it one of the best vacuum heads for vinyl swimming pools. 

Obviously for small pools, the vacuum head will be an excellent option for those with a low budget. It is incredibly low in price but with decent quality. 

The head features a durable and gentle brush coming out of a durable ABS plastic construction. It will fit into all 1 ¼ and 1 ½ inch standard vacuum hoses – vacuum port, and standard extension poles – handle. In conclusion, it is one of the best manual pool vacuum heads on the market. 

Why are we impressed?

  • Suitable for curved pools
  • Impressive maneuverability
  • High quality for a low price
  • Replaceable brush
  • Impressive suction

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Not for hard surfaces
  • Doesn't feature wheels
  • Compatibility: 1 ¼ and 1 ½ inch standard vacuum hoses – vacuum port, standard extension poles – handle
  • Material: ABS plastic, steel
  • Wheels: –
  • Shape: moon-shaped
  • Width: 13.5 in

More features: spring-loaded locking clips, weighted model

Yet another Milliard model, this heavy-duty vacuum Pool and Spa Vacuum Head is another moon-shaped product that has no wheels. However, this is different from the previous model because of its size and construction materials. First, the model has a 13.5-inch head. Also, this vacuum head has a much more durable construction because it is made of both ABS plastic and metal materials. In all, the wider size and the stronger build makes it suitable for harder floors. It also features the air-relief valves which prevent stress on the filter pumps and reducing pulling efforts on the pool lining. 

What stands out?

  • Inexpensive model
  • Durable bristles
  • Made of durable ABS
  • Safe for vinyls
  • Suitable for regular use

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Not for deep pools

U.S. Pool Supply Heavy Duty Pool Vacuum HeadBest for Concrete Pools

  • Compatibility: 1 ½ inch standard vacuum hoses – vacuum port, standard extension poles – handle
  • Material: ABS plastic, steel
  • Wheels: yes
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Width: 19 in

More features: flexible, heavy-duty, ideal for in-ground concrete pools, weighted model, 1-year warranty

Made of ABS plastic and steel materials, this concrete pool vacuum head is probably the hardest and flexible vacuum head on this list. Featuring a rectangular design and a large 19-inch width, the U.S. Pool Supply model has the capacity to sweep and suck every dirt and debris it finds on its way. Ideal for inground swimming pools, the vacuum head is also designed with a set of wheels for more autonomous operation.

The vacuum head can fit into a 1-1/2 inch vacuum hose as well as poles with a standard size. It has a weighted body that helps it stay submerged in water. The body is extra-wide (the widest in this review), and it has an aluminum pole handle. However, the section of the wheel of the head isn’t durable.

What are its best features?

  • Flexible construction
  • 19-inch width
  • Can clean concrete floors
  • Comes with wheels
  • 1-year warranty

What could be improved?

  • Plastic inserts holding wheels not durable
  • Not heavy-duty as advertised

Things to Consider

In this section, we’ll see all it takes to buy a good-quality and value-for-money pool vacuum head. Here, you’ll find features to consider before purchasing a model, usage information as well as a couple of frequently asked questions.

Picking the best pool vacuum head

5 Best Pool Vacuum Heads - Make Cleaning The Pool Even More Easier

When you have a swimming pool, the “maintenance” part is certainly not the most pleasant! But you can facilitate cleaning by leaving aside the brooms, which are complicated to handle, and invest in a pool vacuum cleaner. Whether automatic or manual, it allows you to keep an impeccable pool all year round and it costs much less than a robotic pool cleaner! How to find your way among the different types of vacuum heads? Here are our tips for picking the best:

Pool types and pool vacuum heads requirements

The first step to purchasing a model that is suitable for your swimming pool is knowing that there are vacuums for different pools. While above ground pool vacuum heads like the HydroTools by Swimline Pool Vacuum Head are light-duty and subtle, vacuums for in-ground pools can be more heavy-duty and have harder brushes, depending on the lining of the pool.

Pools with vinyl lining only require brushes with soft nylon bristles. But these types of vacuum heads will not be effective in harder pool surfaces like concrete, and will not be suitable for regular uses. For regular uses and for cleaning of harder surfaces and larger pools, choose rectangular models with steel brushes or wheels.
The size of your pool is a very determining factor. Even very good cleaners have their limits, and each cleaner is preprogrammed with a specific range. If you have a pool of typical size and shape, most options will suit your needs, but it is always best to make sure of this before finalizing your purchase.


Asides from the compatibility of your selected pool vacuum head with the swimming pool surfaces, size, and form, another area of compatibility also involve the use of hoses and telescopic poles. You don’t want to unbox your new tool and find out you have to purchase new hoses and extension pole because it doesn’t fit into the current ones you have. Therefore, you have to ensure your model will be compatible with all standard-sized poles and hoses, as for example Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head – 13 in model is.


Regarding the materials, ABS materials are the most common in the fabrication of vacuum heads. However, the brush material should be decided based on the pool type. For swimming pools and spas with vinyl linings, vacuum heads with soft-bristle brushes are what you need. You may need something stronger (i.e. metal or steel) for harder surfaces.


5 Best Pool Vacuum Heads - Make Cleaning The Pool Even More Easier

One of the reasons you will need to buy the best pool vacuum head is because you need it to clean the pool with minimal effort or because you don’t have time to do it manually. You, therefore, need it for an autonomous swimming pool cleaning. The casters maintain the balance of the pool vacuum, especially in tight spaces and when cleaning the walls.

The presence of wheels makes your vacuum head more efficient, practical and autonomous.
However, many models come with the choice of a brush or a set of wheels. It’s left to you to choose what’s best for your style. Meanwhile, like the Milliard Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head, the inclusion of wheels makes the model more maneuverable.


There are different types of shapes as far as vacuum heads for swimming pools are concerned. We have the rectangular, triangular and the moon-shaped types. However, while the rectangular types have more width for easy one-time swoops, the moon-shaped and triangular types have their advantages. Of all three, the triangular ones offer more effective cleaning. This is because, even with a 10-inch width (just like the Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head), all three sides of the head are involved in the cleaning, offering better cleanups.


As earlier mentioned, the shape of your preferred model will determine the width of the vacuum head. For rectangular vacuum heads, you need more width. This should be between 12 to 20 inches, as it is by U.S. Pool Supply model. However, triangular and moon-shaped vacuums usually cover more surfaces at each drive. So, anything between 10 to 15 inches width is enough.

The price

One of the first criteria that you will notice when you start looking for a pool vacuum is the price. The automatic vacuums can cost as much as an aboveground swimming pool. However, moderate options are available. It all depends on your needs. Do you need a smart and intuitive device or a more efficient model? Define your needs, and you should be able to avoid going over budget.

Pool vacuum head usage tips

5 Best Pool Vacuum Heads - Make Cleaning The Pool Even More Easier

Before using a pool vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to read the user manual provided by the manufacturer carefully. Make sure that all the usual instructions are followed to the latter. Whatever type of vacuum cleaner you have (manual, automatic or electric), certain rules must be observed before you start using a pool vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum brush head

The swimming pool hose must be connected to the brush outlet while ensuring that air does not enter the hose. When using it, make sure that the head of the vacuum cleaner stays in the water. When cleaning, the pool vacuum cleaner hose should be submerged in water. It is advisable to start cleaning by brushing the bottom of the basin before vacuuming debris. At the end of the cleaning process, it is advisable to disconnect the hose from the mop head.

Electric vacuum head

An electric vacuum cleaner is a very easy to use device. Just press a button to start the cleaning process. Depending on your needs, you can program the suction mode and cycle. Before vacuuming, make sure it is fully charged. When cleaning is finished, remember to empty and clean the tank.

Manual vacuum cleaner

For the use of a manual swimming pool vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to start the cleaning by the surface of the water by removing the dirt, which is there. It is then necessary to clean the steps and the shallower parts. Cleaning should be done gradually to prevent dirt on the surface from sinking to the bottom. Also, don’t forget to clean the water lines and corners. In order for your pool vacuum cleaner to maintain its performance, it is advisable to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer regarding its maintenance.


The pool vacuum heads are specifically designed to be used in water facilities, pools and spas especially. But there are no rules that stipulate that you cannot deploy them for uses at home. For example, you can use the automatic ones to capture pet hairs around the home, deploy them for insect control, recover small items and also trap insects around the home or your pool facility.

For a vacuum cleaner, it will take around 20 minutes to clean a well-maintained pool. However, for a more dirty pool, this may extend to 40 to 45 minutes. If you have a busy schedule, we recommend using a pool cleaner. The installation only takes a few seconds. Once you’ve plugged it in, just put it in the water. It gets to work automatically thanks to its integrated sensors. Some models of pool vacuum cleaners are equipped with a programmable system. You can set it to automatically clean the pool at regular intervals, even when you’re not at home. On the other hand, hydraulic cleaners need more time to be installed and cannot automatically clean your entire pool. You must, therefore, clean the walls and steps by hand.

Our Verdict

Choosing a high-quality vacuum head is very important in the cleanliness of your pool, to reduce your pool-cleaning efforts and save you money in the long-run. You will need this to guarantee a clean pool. Manual vacuum heads, automatic vacuum heads and those on casters and wheels, the choice is vast, and the vacuum cleaner that you will choose must be able to meet your expectations. Again, not all of the best-known brands in the swimming pool facility and maintenance tools manufacturers offer the best. Our comparative guide will give you all the parameters to take into account to help you make the best choice.

Conclusively, here are the best pool vacuum heads: the Milliard Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head is the overall best, thanks to its 14″ head, safe and durable ABS plastic, and maneuverability-offering wheels. But if you need a product with better value or one which is budget-friendly, but yet still preserving their quality, then the 11” triangular-shaped Milliard Pool and 10” moon-shaped HydroTools by Swimline Pool Vacuum Head are your options, respectively.

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