6 Best Strollers for Tall Parents – Say Goodbye to Backache and Feel Comfortable Walking Your Baby!

Last updatedLast updated: December 22, 2021
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Are you an individual of above average height? Have you recently joined the realm of parenthood? If the answer to either of these is yes, then it’s likely you have experienced the struggle of finding a baby stroller to suit your physique. No doubt stroller comfort for the parent wasn’t even on your radar pre-childbirth. But finding the best strollers for tall parents is a challenge faced by many people every day. So the good news is – you are not alone.

We carefully reviewed the market and looked at key features of strollers for tall parents such as height, adjustability & warranties. Thankfully, we can conclude early on that tall parents needn’t fork out obscene amounts of money just to be able to keep their children mobile. Comfort aside, a properly structured stroller aimed at tall individuals is also an asset to the physical wellbeing of the parent. Backache and posture aren’t things you want to compromise on in terms of your health, just because of a stroller. That’s why you need our list.

Our top 6 list has been finalized and is ready for you to use to identify the best stroller for you. The detailed reviews of each one will give you a good idea of what you can expect in terms of performance. Make use of our comparison table to get a quick, overall sense of each product. We then suggest heading over to our more detailed buyers guide to help further confirm your decision. We used the personal experiences of actual parents to compile the contents of this guide. This means you get facts-based evidence that will help you make the best decision, so neither yours, nor your child’s comfort will be compromised. Let’s take a look…

Top 6 Strollers for Tall Parents Review 2022

  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs
  • Dimensions: 31 x 25.5 x 40 inches
  • Weight: 24.8 lbs
  • Foldable: yes
  • Warranty: 1 year

Extra features: versatile 3D flip function: suitable for younger and older kids, UV-ray protection canopy

Our personal pick for best all-around stroller for tall parents. The Summer Infant 3D Filp stroller is a product that could quite easily slip under the radar were one not to take a closer look at its extensive features. Thanks to its effortlessly stylish exterior it caught our eye, but its functionality impressed us too.

This stroller challenges the typical features you would come to expect from so many of its identical counterparts. It is not common for these more simplistic strollers to feature a seat flip option for reversible direction. You will effortlessly be able to alternate the direction your child is facing to suit them, the weather or their safety. Typically, younger children find comfort facing the parent while strolling. As they get older and more curios they prefer to face out into the world. The two-in-one nature of this stroller means you’re prepared for both those phases of life.

The stroller also features a handy built-in peek-a-boo window in the canopy to use when your child is facing the direction of travel. You’ll be able to check up on them with just a glance.

The seat goes further and offers six adjustable heights to find maximum comfort for your little one. They can be bright-eyed and upright or fast asleep lying flat in a matter of seconds.

But because your comfort is just as important, let’s look at the parent-aimed features of this stroller system. The stroller is lightweight, making your task of carrying it between car, house and street quite easy. It also features an adult cup holder and goodie pocket to keep your personal belongings safe.

Additional storage is located under the seat where you’ll have space for larger purses and gadgets.

Our overall impression of this stroller is only that of being impressed. For the price, it is unbeatable. It is an aesthetically pleasing little unit and a welcome addition for any new parent.

We only wish the safety extended to the wheels, as without covers toddlers may touch their feet on them and get hurt.

Why did it make our list?

  • Looks stylish
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Multiple chair adjustments
  • Direction reversible

What is not ideal about it?

  • No wheel covers
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Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double StrollerBest Double Stroller

  • Weight capacity: 100 lb (combined)
  • Dimensions: 48.6 x 30.1 x 43.5 inches
  • Weight: 32.6 lbs
  • Foldable: yes
  • Warranty: 1 year

Extra features: UV 50+ canopy, easy one-hand fold system, create travel system if needed

Our winner in best double stroller for tall parents, the Baby Jogger is a delight. Tandem strollers often struggle to give a balance in incorporating all the bells and whistles we have come to expect from a stroller. We believe the Baby Jogger has managed to do just that.

The handle is fully adjustable, meaning there isn’t a height that it can’t accommodate. So you are good to go as is.

What we particularly like about this stroller is the independence it encourages for each child. The addition of separate canopies for each seat really meets parents’ and children’s requirements. Too often do we see double strollers that only offer one lazy canopy over the entire unit. This forces both children to have the same experience while outdoors and no consideration for whether one may prefer the sunshine while the other naps in the shade.

Again, peek-a-boo windows are embedded in the top of each canopy giving you eyes over the little ones at all times. The canopies are UV50 protected.

The Baby Jogger has extra suspension to support the weight of two children and luggage. The tires are non-flat so you will never be left stranded with no way of getting home.

This stroller is exceptionally easy to fold away when you consider its size. In fact, the entire process can be done with one hand and then easily lifted into a car or storage space. This is a welcome feature when you find yourself with a wailing baby on the hip.

Overall we enjoy this double stroller very much and the reviews from past parents seem to match our impression. They also appreciate the storage space. If you’re looking for a stroller for three kids, we’ve also reviewed the best triple strollers.

One upgrade would be a footrest for taller children.

What do we love it for?

  • Individual canopies
  • Foldable with one hand
  • Includes underneath storage

What were we disappointed with?

  • No footrest
  • Pricey

UPPAbaby 2018 G-Luxe StrollerBest Umbrella Stroller

  • Weight capacity: 55 lbs
  • Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 45 inches
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Foldable: yes
  • Warranty: 1 year extended

Extra features: extendable UPF 50+ canopy, one hand folding system

This is our pick for best umbrella stroller for tall parents. This on jumped onto our radar because of how perfectly it embodies everything parents look for in an umbrella folding stroller. Its lightweight design means the entire body folds into itself in seconds — just like an umbrella. Once folded it is able to hold itself upright and doesn’t need to be flipped & folded in order to store.

This is the stroller for the on-the-go parent: The one who needs to run errand after errand and doesn’t want to feel the hassle of deconstructing then reassembling a stroller at every interval.

It features all the things we’ve come to love and expect from your everyday stroller: Ample storage space, a broad canopy overhead & machine washable padding covering the straps and buckles.

Strolling has never been this easy.

The great thing about umbrella strollers is their ability to slide neatly into any corner or gap, either upright or lying flat. Today’s more modern strollers tend to take up vast amounts of space when not in use. Umbrella strollers are making a comeback due to their convenience in any space.

The single handles used to push aren’t adjustable, but the stroller is a naturally taller product designed to accommodate parents of all heights so you won’t have an issue. Did we mention our love for single handles and the endless opportunity of hanging goodies?

Whether storage and space are your biggest concerns or not, this stroller, in our opinion, is a welcome addition to any household.

What do we love it for?

  • Umbrella design
  • Quick assembly
  • Machine washable covers

What were we disappointed with?

  • Fixed height
  • Slightly more expensive

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging StrollerBest Jogging Stroller

  • Weight capacity: 75 lbs
  • Dimensions: 54 x 25 x 46 inches
  • Weight: 25.7 lbs
  • Foldable: yes
  • Warranty: 2 years

Extra features: create travel system if needed, large sun protection canopy

This nifty little stroller makes us want to have a baby just so we can run around with them. Our top pick for the best jogging stroller for tall parents is this Joovy Zoom 360 with 3-wheel drive.

Its naturally taller design already has your back and posture covered. On top of this, it features one of the most elevated child seats when compared to others on the market. Your child is lifted high above the ground and out of harm’s way for the duration of your journey. A well-structured canopy reaches over all the important parts of the child seat, providing extra security and coverage while on the move.

The choice of a single front wheel in a pyramid conjunction with two back wheels makes this stroller as zippy as they come. The front wheel involves 360° swivel function which provides maximum maneuverability when moving fast. It can also be locked straight quite easily.

The built-in suspension keeps your baby’s ride as smooth as possible even when you glide over lumps and bumps on the path. We love this purely because too often jogging strollers only have the joggers needs in mind and neglect to consider the baby on board.

The stroller is fitted with a series of secure organizer pockets and holders that fasten your possessions to the unit. This means they can’t fly off into the blue when you’re going at a fast pace.

While the stroller can’t guarantee non-flat tires, it does include a tire pump that is built-in and available any time. So if you find yourself in a situation where one of your tires doesn’t survive the day’s run, you’ll be okay. This stroller’s large air-filled tires also make it a great option if you’re looking for a beach stroller.

Just note that it takes up a lot of storage space.

What makes it special?

  • 3-wheel drive
  • 360° maneuvering
  • Naturally tall structure
  • Affordable

What cons did we find?

  • Bulky when folded
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Costzon Lightweight StrollerBudget Pick

  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs
  • Dimensions: 26.0 x 20.0 x 43.5 inches
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Foldable: yes
  • Warranty: not specified

Extra features: UV-proof canopy, large under-stroller storage capacity

The cheapest of the cheap. Our pick for the best budget stroller for tall parents is this one by trusted brand Costzon.

At a fraction of the cost of its competitors, this stroller is somehow still a worthwhile value for money. Its most frequent praise is in its unusually high structure that is a welcome feature for all the taller parents. While the actual handles aren’t adjustable, parents 6ft and taller claim there wouldn’t be a need. They proclaim they don’t feel like hunch backs pushing this one and are impressed by the sturdy, elevated design.

We find the bright orange canopy delightful. The straps are fully padded and the seat reclines to various levels the same way any higher-end stroller would. Somehow this stroller is also fully collapsible while only using one hand and extremely lightweight so carrying it thereafter is not a problem.

The stroller has more than enough storage for all your daily luggage needs. In addition to the storage underneath, we like that the singular pushing handles allow you to hang other objects off of the stroller. Some things just need to be more in reach at all times —you know?

If you’re in need of something that’s going to get you and your child from A to B in one, comfortable, affordable piece then this is it. This is not the stroller you will take for a jog or on an excursion over rough terrain. But it will outshine your average everyday stroller – no doubt about it.

Why are we impressed?

  • Most affordable
  • Individual handles
  • Extra tall

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Fixed height
  • Not suitable for exercise

Summer Infant 3D-one Convenience StrollerBest Travel Stroller

  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs
  • Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 43 inches
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Foldable: yes
  • Warranty: not specified

Extra features: UVA & UVB ray protection canopy, one-hand folding system

The simplest of simple and with a price tag to match. The Summer Infant is our choice for the best travel stroller for tall parents because actual parents were able to confirm this too!

Traveling with children is a stress laden activity only attempted by the bravest few. Your travel stroller should absolutely not add to that stress in any way.

This stroller, though simple, is the perfect travel companion for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it embodies one of the biggest canopies we’ve seen in a while. It completely engulfs the seating area. Any parent will know just how valuable this is when traveling through destinations with unpredictable weather patterns or harsh sun.

Something that parents look for in a travel stroller is durability to withstand the harsh gate checks and luggage conveyor belts. But at the same time, you want one that is inexpensive enough to not count as a significant loss should any of these experiences result in damage. This stroller is the perfect combination of both of these aspects: tough enough to withstand the chaos of traveling, but also affordable enough to not cause financial trauma in the event of damage while traveling. A win-win.

It’s also practical because you get so much storage space at the bottom. We do hope the brand upgrades the foot rest as this often needs manual adjustment.

Lastly, we love the bright, bold blue of this particular stroller. It is easy to spot in even the most chaotic of places should you ever become separated from your child or your partner pushing the stroller for any reason. The blue is so electric, you really can’t miss it.

What are its best features?

  • Great color
  • Durable for travel
  • Reclining seat
  • Tons of bottom storage

What could be improved?

  • Foot rest requires adjustment

Things to Consider

A stroller is both an investment in your child and an investment in yourself. Every minute spent pushing should be one of enjoyment, comfort and value for money. It is our goal to help you make the right choice. The following buyer’s guide will give you a detailed range of information to consider in your purchase, for the perfect long-term investment.

Benefits of strollers for tall parents

6 Best Strollers for Tall Parents - Say Goodbye to Backache and Feel Comfortable Walking Your Baby!

Purchasing a stroller that has been specifically designed with taller human beings in mind will reap the following benefits daily:

  • Absolute comfort while pushing due to zero compromise in terms of posture and body position of the parent.
  • Taking the time to choose an extra height stroller, in the long run, prevents all risk of back ache and other back related injuries as a result of repetitive strain.
  • Strolling is intended to be a relaxing activity. With a well-designed stroller, you’ll be able to ensure both the relaxation of your child and yourself. This makes it a welcome and exciting activity to do together, as opposed to just a one-sided experience.

Yes, you’re making this decision to benefit your health, but remember you can give your child more attention when you don’t have to face unnecessary challenges such as a sore back. So this choice is for both you and your child.

Features to consider while choosing a stroller for tall parents

All you really need to do now is make a selection from our list of top-picks and find the best one for you. While we agree they’re all great in their own way, you may have specifications of your own that you’d like included. These criteria will help you single out the features that you feel you really need and help lead to the best value for money for you & your child.


Weight capacity

A sturdy and reliable stroller depends on how much of child weight the unit can hold at a given time. Be sure to ask yourself:

  • Does my child fit the weight category laid out by the stroller company?
  • Will the stroller in question perform equally as well with a heavier child, as with a lighter child? Remember, your child will grow.
  • Is there any evidence of more wear and tear when used with children of a certain weight?

Some strollers require regular upgrades as children move through different growth phases. Types include:

  • Newborn and infant compatible strollers or bassinets
  • Toddler equipped strollers with car seat compatibility
  • Children aged four and under requiring more spacious designs
  • Convertible strollers that can be a mixture of the above, or adjust to include space for more than one child.


Since the stroller will be a place your child will spend a vast amount of his or her time, it makes the pressure of selecting the right one even greater. Consider the age, size and weight of your child & find the stroller that has dimensions that will be most compatible. Strollers come in literally all shapes and sizes. Some have dimensions that are fixed while some are adjustable.

Make a point of examining the dimensions of the stroller when it is open as well as when it is folded. This will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of storage and portability.


Keep in mind that a baby stroller is something you, yourself, will have to handle multiple times a day: unloading, unfolding, setting up, collapsing, repacking, lifting. The tasks are endless and a lightweight stroller can make a huge difference in easing all of this.
Therefore, be sure to carefully consider the weight of the unit before purchasing. Compare it to objects of similar weight and assess whether or not you think you’ll cope. Weight is also a crucial factor if you’ll be using the stroller while jogging. The Joovy Zoom 360 stroller is designed ultra-lightweight purposely for this experience.


Adjustable handlebar

Adjustable handlebar

Particularly with taller parents, an adjustable handlebar can be the selling point of the stroller. Regular or lower height strollers need this feature in order for the stroller to become compatible with your own height. The Baby Jogger City Mini mentioned earlier is a good example of an adjustable handlebar.

However, some strollers these days are made extra tall already, thus making an adjustable handlebar pointless. Take a look at the specifics of the entire unit before ruling one out because of its lack thereof.

Reclining positions

Because children go through more need cycles in a day than the moon does in a year, a stroller needs a variety of reclining positions to match. Typically, walks outside start with a wide-awake and curious baby & end with one who is fast asleep. The seat needs to accommodate this. Be sure to check the reclining options built into the stroller you’re considering.


Only you will know just how big or small your stroller needs to fold in order to be of acceptable convenience to you. Optimized foldability is typically a standard feature with all strollers, the difference being that some fold up flat, and some fold inward like an umbrella.

External construction and interior comfort

A good stroller should be hard and durable on the outside while soft & comfy on the inside. The make and materials of the stroller will give a good indication as to the overall durability & what the unit will be able to withstand. This is of particular importance to any parents who plan on traveling with it.

Inside it’s all about the child. Are the seats soft? Are the buckles padded? Is the sun out of their eyes? Interiors are important and can mean the difference between a happy child or a severely uncomfortable one.

Take into consideration that this will also be a place where your child will spend a significant amount of time sleeping.

A badly constructed stroller with unusual angles in the interior can strain the body of a little person in numerous ways. Opt for interior quality over exterior aesthetics every time!


Seat belts

You’d assume this to be a standard feature in stroller manufacturing but it surprisingly is not. Double over-body strap belts are recommended as they’re the utmost in safety for a stroller that is on the move. Some cheaper variations may just include a lap tie, which is not very safe or reliable.

Extras: canopy, cup holders and onboard storage

Take a look at all the exciting extras that can add to your strolling experience. As we mentioned before, you’ll be using these things every day and you need to enjoy them too. Canopies are important because they offer both protection and privacy. Cup holders are something more personal for the parents, as is the onboard storage compartments that will hold all the bits and pieces you can’t leave home without.


Warranties with strollers are sometimes nonexistent and sometimes surprisingly long. It really all comes down to the brand that you’re dealing with and the price range of the stroller in question. If warranties are of value to you you’ll want to look at the higher end units that offer a more guaranteed, long-term experience.


Most strollers come with the ability to attach a car seat with ease. The exact way of doing it will vary stroller to stroller, but usually involves a series of clips and handles that can be maneuvered to make space for the additional chair. It’s a relatively simple thing to do once you get the hang of it. YouTube tutorials will assist with installation on a variety of strollers should you have any trouble.

The most sought after material for stroller wheels is standard rubber in the tires. They are made by coating plastic in rubber. Therefore, they’re absolutely non flat and give a smooth experience on any surface.

Usually yes, but this is also dependent on the make of the stroller. Additional or new straps can be purchased at extra cost and easily refitted into the unit. This is sometimes necessary due to damage to the stroller, or simply wear and tear over time.

Our Verdict

First on our list as the best stroller for tall parents is our all-rounder pick: the Summer Infant 3D flip. We love how stylish and effortless the design is, allowing an easy shift between forward and backward facing views. Its price is competitive and the added extras such as a cup holder & key pouch are welcome features. It’s definitely one of the best strollers for tall parents.

Those in need of a tandem stroller can’t go wrong with the Baby Jogger City Mini. Its spacious and easy handling nature is valuable to parents who have their hands full with two children.

Lastly, with safety as our utmost priority; we can’t get enough of the UPPAbaby stroller on this list. For home or for the traveling family, having easy options to set up or collapse (and store) the stroller is priceless. And it’s even easy to keep clean.

All you have to do now is list your priorities, define your budget and pick your favorite. Happy strolling!

  1. been going back and forth on a simple stroller for an older child. My daughter is almost five so she doesn’t “need” a stroller, but she also can’t walk miles at a time while on vacation. I have a city jogger, but its more bulk than I want at this stage.
    I can’t find much online in terms of parents who are in a similar dilemma. My daughter is 45″ and 50lbs, she’s taller than what most stroller companies label their stroller for, and is almost at the peak for weight. The problem is that her head hangs back off the stroller seat if she naps or wants to rest her head, and her feet drag while strolling. I returned the iglesina net bc of how close it was to the ground, but I LOVED the seat back. the g-lite was not as smooth with a heavier child in tow, so that was out even though I liked its seat too.
    I ended up making my own hack…I went with The Volo for its simplicity and ability to accommodate taller kids, plus its super small and light footprint. I made a hammock of sorts, with a velcro closure, to wrap around the frame at the very top of the seat back. this allows an additional 4-5 inches of head space so her head won’t flop around. The Volo sits high enough off the ground that her feet still have room to comfortably lay on the foot rest.

    • Charles Brown Jul 11, 2019

      Hi Issysmom!

      Sounds like you’ve come up with a pretty great solution. The Volo is pretty good for taller kids – though I’m finding it a bit difficult to imagine how that velcro hammock works, so I’m not sure how comfortable that is!
      We’ve actually got an article on strollers for big kids, which you can find here: https://wisepick.org/best-stroller-for-big-kids/
      I think the Joovy Zoom 360 might work really well for your daughter, based on her height and weight, and I believe it sits higher than the Volo, so she should find the foot rest comfortable as well.

      Hope that helps! Would love to hear your thoughts if you get round to trying the Joovy Zoom or any other stroller.

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