How to Use Black and Decker Rice Cooker Effectively

Clear steps on using a Black and Decker rice cooker, its features, benefits, downsides, and more.
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Last updated: August 08, 2023
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One of the most often used cooking appliances is the Black and Decker rice cooker. They are owned by millions of people who love to cook rice every day. Even so, there may still be misunderstandings regarding how to utilize such a common appliance.

Regardless of one’s degree of expertise or available time, the Black and Decker rice cooker has a wide range of features for every individual to find what they need to prepare the perfect rice.

In this post, you will learn all you need to know about how to use Black and Decker rice cooker, how to use it on a daily basis, and how to clean it.

How to Cook Rice in A Black and Decker Rice Cooker

In this section, we will explore the steps you should take when using your appliance.

1. Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

Planning ahead is one of the best methods to steer clear of issues while using a Black and Decker rice cooker to prepare rice. You can make decisions without rushing or feeling rushed if you have a schedule.

2. Inspect the Lid of the Black and Decker Rice Cooker for Any Damage

Make sure the appliance’s lid fits securely and perfectly before you begin cooking. It doesn’t move up and down or jiggle. If it does, try pressing it back into position or clearing any dirt from around its edges. Even if there are no issues, check it again before using it.

3. Quickly Rinse the Rice

We advise that you rinse your rice before you start cooking in line with the Black and Decker rice cooker instructions. There are various views on whether or not this is necessary, but at the very least, it will help you estimate how much rice and water you’ll need for your dinner.

4. Add the Right Amount of Water and Rice

When your food has been well washed and is ready, add the appropriate quantity of rice and double the water you used for cooking.

5. Place the Meal in the Black and Decker Rice Cooker and Close It

After preparing all your ingredients, put them into the appliance and secure the lid with the latches on either side.

6. Select the Appropriate Cooking Time

Brown rice, wild rice, white rice, and other types of rice all have cooking periods! Remember that if your appliance is filled with less than 5 cups of uncooked food, you will need to use a different time setting. Press it down to turn on the appliance after choosing the proper cook time.

Check to see that all parts are properly locked in place and reposition them if necessary.

7. When the Food Is Cooked, Remove It

The Black and Decker rice cooker will shut off on its own whenever the timer expires, or the rice is done cooking. You can now lift the lid and dig into a wonderful supper!

8. Clean Your Appliance After Each Use

Ensure to clean your Black and Decker rice cooker after use before storing it. Remove the rice cooker’s inner pot and attempt to remove any food residue that has adhered to its sides or bottom after unplugging the appliance and letting it cool.

If there are any remaining stains, add some water and soak your appliance in soapy water overnight. You should be able to quickly remove them all with a sponge or cloth in the morning!

If you want to know the working principle of this appliance, you should read our article on how do rice cookers work.

Rice in a Black and Decker Rice Cooker: Tips for Cooking

  • To avoid damaging or scratching the inside of your rice cooker, it is recommended that you use the serving spoon that is included.
  • The lid has a steam vent, so you might need to lift it a little bit when cooking to let out any extra steam.
  • If water bubbles start to form while cooking, you can add oil or butter to stop the bubbling or stir the food.
  • During the cooking process, only lift the lid when absolutely necessary. Cooking takes more time when cooking steam is released.
  • Adding a little butter, oil, or water and thoroughly mixing the rice before cooking might prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Its Other Functions

It might come as a big surprise, but a Black and Decker rice cooker can be put to use for more than just making rice. Following are explanations of a few of these functions:


How to Use Black and Decker Rice Cooker Effectively

The attached steam basket with the Black and Decker rice cooker makes it simple to steam fish, vegetables, dim sum, and other foods. The following should be remembered when using the steam basket:

  • The rice cooker should have 3 to 4 inches of water, at the very least. Make sure the steaming basket doesn’t come into contact with any water.
  • Next, put the Black and Decker rice cooker’s lid on and cook as directed by the manual that came with the size you were using.
  • As an alternative, you could cook your rice using the steam feature.

It’s always a smart idea to steam vegetables instead of merely serving them as a side dish. This method can be used to prepare a variety of vegetables, including broccoli, green beans, carrots, and peas. The steamed vegetables can be served as a full meal with soy sauce or a concoction of cold-pressed olive oil, saffron, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

To save time, remember to cut cauliflower florets or broccoli into smaller pieces before steaming them in the appliance (the same goes for steaming carrots).

The following is a description of the optimum approach for steaming veggies in this rice cooker:

  • Add a ⅓ of a cup of water to the rice cooker pan.
  • Your sliced veggies should be arranged on the steaming rack. While getting your fork ready for a beautiful meal, let the vegetable steam appropriately.

Here’s a tip to make your vegetables tasty and crisp: after steaming them, put them in an ice bath right away.

Slow Cooker

The Black and Decker rice cooker may also be used to prepare meals in the slow cooker. Stews, soups, oats, and casseroles; the options are virtually limitless.

This appliance is also ideal for preparing sticky rice. To learn more about that, read our post on how to make sticky rice in a rice cooker.

Cleaning Your Rice Cooker

How to Use Black and Decker Rice Cooker Effectively

Cleaning a Black and Decker rice cooker is usually simple because the inserted bowl is made of aluminum and has a non-stick coating. The various components of the appliance are also dishwasher-safe. However, it is crucial that you read the manufacturer’s instructions first for additional guidance on the best cleaning procedure.

For more information on cleaning your rice cooker, check out our article on how to clean a rice cooker.

Black and Decker Rice Cooker Features

Black and Decker’s cookers have several interesting features. They include:


Short legs with a clean white outer casing, side handles, and cooking feature panel are stylish features in the Black and Decker rice cooker.

Cooking Functions

All Black and Decker rice cooker models require a regular electrical outlet. The cook indicator light will turn on once the control switch is in the cook position.


How to Use Black and Decker Rice Cooker Effectively

The capacity of the cooker varies according to the number of cups of rice it can accommodate. Black and Decker has 3, 6, 16, and 28-cup rice cookers. Because the capacity varies among sizes, follow the manufacturer’s cooking instructions for each rice cooker.

The BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker, 6-cup, is a great choice if you need a cooker with a fairly large capacity.

Nonstick Bowl

The inserted rice cooking bowl is non-stick and simple to remove. It has water level marks for convenience on the inside. The non-stick insert and glass cover can be put in the dishwasher for even simpler cleaning.

Measuring Cup and Plastic Spoon

The plastic serving spoon protects the non-stick bowl from inadvertent scratches, while the measuring cup makes it simple to cook the ideal amount of rice.

It is crucial to avoid scratching the non-stick bowl because doing so will make your rice stick and burn.

Indicator Lights

How to Use Black and Decker Rice Cooker Effectively

When the Black and Decker rice cooker is cooking rice or warming it, various colored lights indicate that.

Steam Vent

The small vent in the lid of the Black and Decker rice cooker allows steam to escape at the ideal rate.

Built-In Lid Holder

The lid of the Black and Decker rice cooker is conveniently supported on either of the side handles by the built-in holder.

Recipe Book

The recipe book of the Black and Decker rice cooker is designed to provide you with some basic meal concepts and encourage you to explore more.

Benefits of a Black and Decker Rice Cooker

Black and Decker rice cookers make cooking rice a lot easier. You can be assured of the following benefits when you buy a Black and Decker rice cooker:

The Rice Is Automatically Cooked For You

As opposed to a saucepan or other cooking appliances, the rice cooker doesn’t require you to fret over it. Simply measure the liquid and rice, place the cover on top, and start the appliance. When the cycle is completed, the rice cooker will turn off its cook mode.

This Appliance Keeps Your Rice Warm

Black and Decker rice cookers have a warming feature that can be used after the cooking cycle is complete. So, as you finish the remainder of your meal, you can keep the rice warm without overcooking it.

The Black and Decker Rice Cooker Is Easy To Clean

Black and Decker rice cookers have dishwasher-safe parts, though there are a few exceptions.

Downsides of a Black and Decker Rice Cooker

Even with its many great features and benefits, Black and Decker rice cookers still have some downsides. A few of these include:

If You’re Not Careful, The Bottom Rice Could Burn

It is advisable to stir the rice every two to three minutes once it starts to cook until the cooking process is completed. Even though stirring isn’t necessary, doing so will help keep the bottom layer of rice from burning.

It Makes Use of Non-Stick Technology

You must use particular utensils to scoop the rice because the rice container uses non-stick technology. The surface may become scratched when using metal utensils, resulting in a worse cooking experience.

It Might Not Turn Off

The device will always be on unless you unplug it from the power supply.

Who’s It Ideal For

How to Use Black and Decker Rice Cooker Effectively

  • It is ideal for cooking perfect rice.
  • It is ideal for steaming vegetables.
  • It is ideal for steaming fish.
  • It is ideal for trapping nutrients and amazing flavors inside the pot.
  • It is ideal for producing delicious meal results.


How to use a 3-cup rice cooker?

  1. Fill the water reservoir with cups of water according to the cooker’s instructions.
  2. Add rice to the 3-cup rice cooker container.
  3. Cover the heating bowls or baskets with the lid.
  4. Set the rice cooker’s timer according to the cooker’s instructions.
  5. Carefully remove the food from the oven when the timer sounds to prevent steam burns.

If you are looking for a great 3-cup rice cooker, most reviews recommend the BLACK+DECKER 3-Cup Electric Rice Cooker.

What is the average cooking time for rice in a Black and Decker rice cooker?

With the Black and Decker rice cooker, preparing dinner is simpler. The average cooking time is from 20 to 40 minutes. The appliance has an automatic “keep warm” mode that keeps the wonderful, fluffy rice warm long after cooking is completed.

Final Thoughts

From what has been said about how to use Black and Decker rice cooker, you must have learned that Black and Decker makes cooking rice easy and straightforward.

This appliance is designed with all the appropriate components required to produce the best-tasting and fluffiest rice imaginable. Using this rice cooker to cook is also a fantastic technique to retain nutrients and delectable tastes inside the pot while producing mouthwatering results.

The Black & Decker rice cooker will be a wonderful and practical addition to your kitchen if steamed vegetables and cooked rice are among your go-to meals.

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