6 Excellent 10-inch Rough-in Toilets – Pick the Right Attire for Your Restroom

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The smaller your bathroom is, the less likely it is to be equipped with a standard 12-inch rough-in toilet. Moreover, if your house was built many years ago, you will find that the rough-in is distance is 10 inches because those old bathrooms were built really compact. Ideally the measurements are not interchangeable, which is why it is important to get the right rough-in distance before installing a new toilet. Failure to do so will be costly as you may need to buy other new accessories to help install the toilet or in the worst case scenario, your new toilet can refuse to fit at all.

When it comes to choosing the best 10-inch rough-in toilet, many things go into the selection. You will have to consider the space in your bathroom, a toilet’s water consumption, bowl type – round or elongated – and why one is better than the other, and technical details such as flushing system. This will help you narrow down from the plethora of products on the market. Our top choice is the Kohler K-3889-96 Highline, which is WaterSense compliant and EPA certified for water efficiency. It has an elongated bowl for increased comfort, rated 1.28gpf and boasts a unique ClassFive® flushing technology for a powerful and super-clean flush.

Now, this post is organized into sub-sections for easier navigation. It starts with a comparison table followed in-depth reviews of our select 10-inch rough-in toilets before you arrive at comprehensive buying guide. It took about 72 hours to prepare following an intensive research into customer reviews and references into manufacturer’s websites. We hope it will be worthwhile in your search for a 10-inch rough-in toilet.

Top 6 10-Inch Rough-In Toilets Review 2021


Kohler K-3889-0 HighlineEditor’s Choice

  • Dimensions: 29.5’’ x 31.25’’ x 18’’
  • Bowl type: elongated
  • Flush type: single-flush
  • Water consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: two-piece toilet, three-bolt installation, Comfort Height®, Class Five® flushing technology, CEC, CALGreen certified

The Kohler K-3889-96 Highline is a two-piece toilet that combines efficiency and simplicity in one. With a clean and sleek finish, the single-flush mechanism utilizes the force of gravity plus a precision-designed tank, bowl and trapway to create a powerful siphon when flushing. It additionally uses Class Five® flushing technology which offers plug-free performance and rinsing ability for a super-clean bowl. A built-in canister flush valve packs a powerful punch to remove clogs without wasting water, while a left-hand trip lever is effortless to use.

This WaterSense® toilet complies with strict EPA flushing guidelines, which include using about 20 percent less water than 1.6-gallon versions. This consumes only 1.28 gallons per flush, meaning it can help you save your annual water bill you replace an existing toilet. Being a two-piece toilet means it sits higher than a one-piece toilet, making it ideal for adults or elderly folks. Sitting on this toilet feels a lot more like a chair and that adds comfort to your bathroom visits.

Installing this toilet is a breeze thanks to three pre-installed tank bolts which reduce installation time. If you are concerned with the measurements, the rough-in is exactly 10 inches, while it measures 74.9cm (L) x 45.7cm (W) x 79.4cm (H). Then there is the fact that this toilet is CEC (California Energy Commission) and CALGreen certified, meaning it is essentially an eco-friendly loo. The exterior finish has a somewhat different biscuit color that makes it an awesome shift from the masses of white toilets currently flooding the industry. All things considered, this Highline water-saving toilet looks the part and performs efficiently to deserve a place in every home.

Why is it special?

  • Elongated bowl offers more room and comfort.
  • Chair-height seating for easy sitting and standing.
  • 1.28 gallons per flush.
  • Strong siphon during flushing.
  • Plug-free performance and high rinsing power.
  • Straightforward installation.
  • Elegant finish.

What are the flaws?

  • A slightly more expensive option.
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Toto Aqua CST412MF.10Best Dual-Flush Toilet

  • Dimensions: 27.7’’ x 14.25’’ x 31’’
  • Bowl type: elongated
  • Flush type: Dual-Max® flushing system
  • Water consumption: 1.6 GPF
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: chrome push button, universal height, IAPMO(cUPC®), EPA WaterSensesm certified, vitreous china

This Toto Aqua CST412MF.10 gives you the choice of selecting a lower water consumption setting of 0.9 gallons per flush or a standard flush of 1.6 gallons per flush. It does so thanks to the Dual-Max® flush mechanism, with the lesser amount designed to rid the bowl of liquid waste and the greater flush for solid waste. This will ensure you save plenty of water in a year. The flushing system is operated by the simple push of a button on top of the tank. The tray in the base is also quite large to ensure no waste clogs the toilet.

It has the modern, one-piece design, finished in an amazing cotton white color. This is something for those looking for a brighter, fresher and cleaner washroom feel. The bowl type is the elongated one, which combines well with the universal height specifications to ensure the toilet is accessible to people of all ages including the elderly. It is also aimed towards those who want more comfort as the seat height allows one to sit on it like they sit on a standard chair.

The exterior and interior of this toilet are made of vitreous china, which is capable of restricting the growth of bacteria and microbes. While upgrading your toilet to a contemporary look, this material is an ideal choice. Certifications include IAPMO(cUPC®) and WaterSense, otherwise, the product is water-efficient and eco-friendly. This Aqua falls into the mid-range budget and although it is marketed as a 10-inch rough-in toilet, it has the option of a 12-inch rough-in in case you find the latter better suited to your bathroom.

What makes it special?

  • Dual-max flushing system for low or high consumption.
  • Elongated bowl and universal height.
  • Mounts to the floor and installs easily.
  • Has a closely connected tank and bowl to minimize on floor space.
  • WaterSense compliant.
  • Available in 12-inch rough-in too.
  • Good value for money.

What cons did we find?

  • The push button is somehow flimsy.


American Standard Cadet 3 American Standard Cadet 3

  • Dimensions: 29’’ x 17.75’’ x 26.25’’
  • Bowl type: elongated
  • Flush type: single-flush
  • Water consumption:28 GPF
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

More features: Ever Clean antimicrobial surface, two-piece toilet, PowerWash™ rim, slow close seat included, 3’’ flush valve

If you have been searching online for a high-quality toilet for your bathroom, you have probably seen this American Standard Cadet 3 model. One of the most popular toilets on the market, the Cadet 3 is highly functional and offers many impressive features.

Starting with the construction, it is made from vitreous china and has a sleek design that will add some class to your bathroom. The product is ADA compliant and has an EverClean finish to reduce the need for manual cleaning of the toilet. The surface here is highly-resistant to the growth of bacteria and mildew. With a comfort height of 17 ½ inches, this is an excellent option for tall individuals, the elderly as well as the disabled. It comes complete with a SoftClose seat, preventing accidental seat slamming at night.

A 3-inch chrome trip lever triggers a powerful flush action that uses only 1.28 gallons per flush. The resulting pressure forces waste through a fully glazed trap way and ensures that the bowl is cleared instantly on every flush. Most importantly, the Cadet 3 consumes 20 percent less water than the standard 1.6-gallon per flush toilets. Its powerful flush eliminates the need for multiple flushing, adding to the toilet’s water-saving aspect. The WaterSense toilet will entitle you to a rebate when particularly if you live in an eligible municipality.

Installing the Cadet 3 should be an easy task as it come with a seat included, though the tank and bowl may arrive separately.

Overall, this toilet is comfortable, durable, easy to use and water-saving – virtually everything you expect from a top-quality toilet. Above all, an industry-leading g 5-year warranty gives you the confidence in its longevity.

Why are we impressed?

  • Supplied complete with seat and lid.
  • ADA compliant and WaterSense certified.
  • Reduces water bills thanks to 1.28gpf.
  • EverClean surface for reduced stains and buildup of mold and bacteria.
  • Comfortable sitting height.
  • Powerful flushing technology.
  • Straightforward installation

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Bowl and tank may arrive separately, requiring a wrench to install.


Kohler K-3851-0 CimarronBest Two-Piece 10-Inch Rough-In Toilet

  • Dimensions: 27.25’’ x 30.5’’ x 17’’
  • Bowl type: round
  • Flush type: single-flush
  • Water consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: Comfort Height®, two-piece toilet, DryLock™ system, ADA and WaterSense approved

The Kohler K-3851-0 Cimarron is a two-piece toilet that meets the requirements of ADA due to its seat height and elongation together with a low water consumption of 1.28 gallons per flush. The toilet features Kohler’s unique AquaPiston flushing mechanism to deliver extra power to the flush, with water flowing into the bowl from all sides thus increasing the power and effectiveness of the flush. This system also ensures that the toilet is cleared of all waste with just one flush and no clogging.

The Cimarron is made from vitreous china with a full glazed trap way, which ensures all waste flows down to where it belongs. The seat is at chair height for easy sitting and standing, while the bowl is elongated for added comfort. The ComfortHeight® feature makes it an ideal choice for bathrooms designed for people with disabilities.

This Kohler toilet uses a rough-in of 10-inch to the center of the waste pipe from the wall. The fact that this toilet is a two-piece type makes installation easier because of having less weight than a single piece unit. You will need a new trap seal, T-bolts and nuts to install the toilet. It also features what Kohler calls DryLock™, designed to reduce installation time and prevent water leakage. The unit does not have any stressful coatings, therefore, almost any cleaning product can be used to clean the toilet.

In conclusion, the Cimarron is a well-designed and competitively priced toilet given its array of features. However, it requires purchasing a seat separately which adds to the overall cost, but if you live in a Water Sense rebate zone, the rebate usually offsets the cost. ADA compliance means it can be fitted in public washrooms and in institutions.

Why are we impressed?

  • EPA Water Sense certified.
  • Powerful AquaPiston flush system.
  • Fully glazed trap way.
  • Standard height for increased comfort.
  • Installations is quick and straightforward.
  • Low water consumption.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Does not come with a seat.


Toto Drake CST744SF.10Budget Pick

  • Dimensions: 19.5’’ x 28’’ x 30’’
  • Bowl type: elongated
  • Flush type: G-Max single-flush
  • Water consumption: 1.6 GPF
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: fully glazed trapway, ADA compliant, two-piece toilet, chrome trip lever

Yet another one from Toto, the Drake CST744SF.10 comes in at the lower end of the price to cater for those who want a good quality 10-inch rough-in toilet without breaking the bank. The toilet has an elongated bowl design and when a suitable seat is added, it creates the same height as a standard chair. The tank has a high profile design which takes up less space compared to many elongated bowl style toilets. You can also add a lockable lid to prevent tampering with the flush system. One thing that the Drake offers is a variety of colors as the toilet is available in Cotton, Colonial White, Sedona Beige, Bone, and Ebony.

It uses Toto’s unique G-Max flushing system, which combines an extra-large water outlet with a powerful siphon action to offer an extra boost to the 1.6 gallon flush. The water comes into the bowl through angled nozzles, while the fully glazed trap way ensures complete removal of all waste in one flush.

Unlike the industry standard 2-inch valve, the Drake has an extra-large 3-inch device. The result is a quicker and more powerful flush that delivers the flush in almost half the time of a regular flush. This extra powerful flush together with an enlarged 2 1/8-inch trap way means there is almost a zero chance of clogging.

The toilet uses a 10-inch rough in from the wall to the center of the waste pipe. It comes complete with all parts needed for installation, though the seat must be bought separately. Toto provides an installation manual to help you through the process and the actual task is pretty straightforward.

What are our favorite features?

  • Comfortable, universal seat height.
  • Elongated bowl shape.
  • Almost impossible to clog due to extra-large trap way.
  • Extra powerful flush due to an enlarged valve.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Affordable.

What could be better?

  • Not Water Sense compliant.


American Standard Baby Devoro Best 10-inch Rough-In Toilet for Potty Training

  • Dimensions: 24.25’’ x 17’’ x 25’’
  • Bowl type: round
  • Flush type: single
  • Water consumption: 28 GPF
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: 10.25’’rim height, chrome trip lever, sanitary dam on bowl, fully glazed trapway

The American Standard Baby Devoro is specially made for children or for projects where a small person is the intended user. The toilet is also a great choice for education or healthcare facilities for kids.

The toilet is made from vitreous china, which is extremely tough, hard to stain, easy to clean, not to mention how elegant it looks. It uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which is a fraction of the amount used by other toilets. This toilet meets the definition of HET (High Efficiency Toilet) and although it does not consume all that much water, it has a powerful flush that ensures all waste is gone in a single flush.

The rim height is only 10 ¼ inches for easy access by kids and small persons but the rough-in is maintained at 10 inches. Combined with a round front bowl, the Baby Devoro makes a perfect toilet for compact bathrooms. Installing the unit is quite easy as well thanks to a Speed Connect tank and bowl coupling system.

Situated on the left side of the tank is a chrome trip lever for initiating the flush. In addition, the chrome material matches other chrome and stainless steel hardware in most bathrooms. The trapway is fully glazed to promote a smooth flow of waste and prevent clogging, while the addition of a sanitary dam on the bowl means you can hide unsightly baby diapers from everyone in a more hygienic manner.

If you want a toilet for your younger ones to use before they are mature enough to use a standard height toilet, you can’t go wrong with this Baby Devoro.

Why is it special?

  • Made from vitreous china for durability.
  • High efficiency, low water consumption.
  • Right height for kids and small people.
  • Fully glazed trapway to prevent clogging.
  • Quick to install.
  • Includes a sanitary dam.

What are the flaws?

  • Package does not include a special size seat.
  • More expensive than other toilets.

Things to Consider

Getting a 10-inch rough-in toilet is no different from buying any other toilet. Most of the features you will consider are attributes of any decent toilets. We break them in this guide and give you the good reasons for buying a 10-inch rough-in toilet as well as installation tips.

Benefits of a 10-inch rough-in toilet

Some of you might be wondering why on earth you should install a 10-inch rough-in toilet. Well, there are benefits that come with a 10-inch rough-in toilet, especially if you have a smaller bathroom.

  • Easy installation – there are no complicated procedures when it comes to installing a 10-inch rough-in toilet. In fact, it is installed in the same way as a traditional toilet.
  • Space-saving – this toilet will save two to four inches from the wall to the toilet without compromising comfort. It will be able to sit much closer to wall and perhaps offer the extra room you need to fully open the bathroom door.
  • Use same technology as 12-inch models – they are made to be effective and compact at the same time, while using water-saving features.

10’’ rough-in toilet installation tips

Once you have completed your purchase of a 10-inch rough-in toilet, the next step is installing it. Most of these toilets are straightforward to install, so can save the money that could otherwise go to a professional plumber. However, it is important that you get it right first time so you don’t end up paying more than you are trying to save.

The following guidelines should help you install your toilet:

  • If you bathroom lacks a drain for the 10-inch rough-in toilet, you have no choice but to install a new drainpipe.
  • Place the supplied wax ring on the main drainpipe vent.
  • Attach a bolt-holding ring to the floor near the wax ring while making sure the threads are facing the toilet you want to put in place.
  • Gently lower the toilet onto the wax ring and bolts. Make sure the wax ring stays in place or you could be in for leaks.
  • Use a nut to tighten the bolts and wax ring.
  • Put together all other components of the toilet.
  • Check for any kind of leaks and if nothing, your toilet will be ready for use.

Price tag

Toilet price starts from $300 to $1000 depending on the brand, toilet type – whether one-piece or two-piece design – and features. If you are buying one for special needs, such as for a disabled individual, for small person or for educational purposes, expect to pay more than you would a standard toilet.

Features to consider while buying the best 10-inch rough in toilet

From the type of toilet to water consumption rating and bowl styles, below are the key considerations before spending money on any model.

Space-saving design

6 Excellent 10-inch Rough-in Toilets - Pick the Right Attire for Your RestroomAll 10-inch rough-in toilets are compact and their most obvious advantage is the fact that they save space. The extra space you get can add to the convenience of using your restroom.

Toilet type

Toilets come in either two-piece design or one-piece design. There are a couple of things that you need to pay attention to when deciding between the two.

First of all, a two-piece toiler arrives with the bowl and tank as separate units, while the one-piece combines the bowl and tank together. One-piece toilets are smaller in size than their counterparts, thus the best option for when space is limited. The single units are easy to clean too since they have no hidden places.

The main area where the two-piece design wins is the price. They are quite cheaper – typically 15-25% less expensive than once-piece toilets. On the downside, two-piece toilets may have shipping complications as one item may arrive a week later after receiving the first.

Powerful flushing system

The type of flushing system is a top factor to consider because it determines the flushing power and efficiency of the flush. A powerful system can help save water as you will not have to flush multiple times to remove waste. In addition, you should go for a user-friendly system, one that provides the relief you seek when visiting a toilet.

Low water consumption

Many people do not know the effect a toilet choice can have in their water bills each year. There are various types of toilets out there with different flushing capacities. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a toilet should not consume more than 1.6 gallons per flush, and most of them stick to this standard figure.

However, some toilets such as the Kohler K-3889-0 Highline and the American Standard Cadet 3 in this post are more water-saving, with a consumption rating of 1.28 gallons per flush. A dual flush system like the one found in the Toto Aqua CST412MF.10 can also help save water in that it produces different amounts of water for different types of waste. Therefore, before buying a toilet, look at how much water it consumes.

Installation and cleaning ease

6 Excellent 10-inch Rough-in Toilets - Pick the Right Attire for Your RestroomThe toilet you purchase is definitely going to be great if the installation is a doddle. There is nothing as frustrating as trying to do a DIY project that is hard to figure to figure out, especially when dealing with tools and heavy units. So find out how easy it is to install the toilet.

Of course, you will need to clean your toilet regularly and the ease of cleaning is another thing to consider. Keep in mind that a two-piece toilet is harder to clean because they tend to have some hard-to-reach areas.

The surface material matters when it comes to keep the toilet clean. In that regard, vitreous china is the best as it is very smooth, therefore, easy to remove stains and highly resistant to bacteria build-up.

Keeping the surface looking neat and fresh is one thing while rim cleaning is another. The best toilet in this respect is one that has holes pushed into the rims. The holes allow water to flush through and give them a good wash.

Bowl style

Bowls come in two styles; elongated and round. The former is built for user comfort because your legs will be naturally positioned while sitting on the toilet, while the round bowl is better for those looking to save on space or those with small bathrooms. It is also important to know the material the bowl is made from as some manufacturers provide anti-bacterial finishes that ensure high levels of hygiene, while keeping things clean for the next visitor to use the toilet.

Avoid the noise

A noisy toilet can become irritating, leave alone a loud flush that lets everyone in the house know that you are using the toilet. If you will have to visit the toilet in the middle of the night, a noisy flush can wake up everyone in the house, including a baby that you worked so hard to put to sleep.

While it is hard to find a toilet that it completely silent, the thing you need to find out is whether you can withstand the noise or not. The best way to evaluate is to test the flushing system while at the retail store or go through reviews if you buying online.


You need to watch out for certifications from WaterSense and EPA as well as ADA compliance. If you see a WaterSense labeled product, then that particular toilet meets EPA’s specifications for water efficiency and performance. Water-efficient products can save your wallet and help the environment by saving water for future generations. The finest toilets these days all seek to protect the environment by sing only what is necessary during flushing.

Seat comfort

This is the one thing that is often overlooked, yet an important part of the toilet. Some models may not come with a seat – the Kohler K-3851-0 Cimarron being a good example – so don’t forget to go through the features list to be sure of what to expect. Then you come across options such as soft close lids that won’t accidentally slam the top; little things that can enhance your bathroom comfort and visit experience.

6 Excellent 10-inch Rough-in Toilets - Pick the Right Attire for Your RestroomWarranty

The longer the warranty, the more satisfying and assuring that the product is of high quality as well as durable. There is still no denying that manufacturers offer varying warranty periods and sometimes some of us go for the brand name regardless of little things like warranty. If you really care about the warranty, the American Standard Cadet 3 is a great investment.


Yes it can, however, you must make some modifications. For instance, if you install a 10-inch rough-in toilet in a space designed for a 12-inch toilet, there will be 2 inches of open space between the wall and tank. The additional inches means the tank will be a bit far from the shutoff valve on the wall, therefore, a longer connector will be needed for a good reach.

Not at all, though a one-piece model is easier to clean than a two-piece toilet since it has few joints and crevices. Better still, some toilets from Toto feature extremely powerful G-Max flushing systems, which gets rid of whatever is in the toilet with every flush. Ideally, cleaning a 10-inch rough-in toilet is no different to any other toilet.

Our Verdict

There is no doubt that all the 10-inch rough-in toilets above are of the highest quality and meet strict environmental requirements. Below we present our top three:

The Kohler K-3889-96 Highline scooped number one spot as we really liked its Class Five® flushing technology that ensures plug-free performance plus its ability to thoroughly clean the bowl. WaterSense compliant, EPA and CALGreen certified, this toilet has passed all environmental tests to be suitable for every home and commercial setting.

Number two is the Toto Aqua CST412MF.10. The major selling point is the dual flushing system, meant to use water in different quantities depending on the kind of waste. Being a one-piece toilet also means it easy to install.

Our third choice is the American Standard Cadet 3. Boasting premium features such as a soft close seat, which comes included, an EverClean finish, 17.5 inches comfort height, and a 5-year warranty backing, this model is worth every penny. Many would consider this the best 10-inch rough-in toilet.

But, which one do you think is the best for your toilet? We will be glad to hear from you.

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