5 Powerful Commercial Blenders – Reviews and Buying Guide

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A commercial blender is essential for cooks, chefs, bar staff and other professionals, but it’s also a welcome addition to a modern kitchen if you’re someone who wants professional results at home. These time-saving appliances allow you to work through hard-to-blend ingredients without effort, and they are designed for handling heavy use such as blending frozen ingredients and ice throughout the day. Even though they look similar to regular home blenders, commercial ones are designed to handle high volumes of use.

The best commercial blender has a few key features that set it apart from others. It will have a high-power output, multiple settings and speeds for various types of beverages, as well as safety features such as a locking lid and overheating prevention. However, it’s essential to consider your type of usage as well as your budget before deciding which blender would be a good fit for you.

Finding the right commercial blender for your needs is difficult because there are so many factors to consider. However, we are here to help you make the right choice for your level of use. Our research looked at commercial blender specifications and read hundreds of reviews from both experts and customers to save you the work. Out buying guide offers lots of extra information about the essential things to look for when choosing a commercial blender. Below is a table summarizing our top picks, and you can scroll down for more in-detail reviews of the best commercial blenders on the market.

Top 5 Commercial Blenders Review 2021


Blendtec Stealth 885Editor's Choice

  • Type: countertop
  • Jar: 3 quarts
  • Power: 3.8 HP (peak)
  • Warranty: 3-year

More features: 42 preprogrammed cycles and unlimited customized blend cycles, illuminated, capacitive touch interface

A good choice for those who are looking for a commercial grade quiet blender, the Blendtec Stealth 885 operates at a sound level similar to that of a normal conversation. This is possible due to the sleek sound enclosure and proprietary sound dampening features of the Stealth 885. Whether you are looking for a commercial blender for a full-scale kitchen or a bustling café, the Blendtec Stealth 885 comes with all the power of an industrial appliance, minus the noise.

The blender has 42 pre-programmed cycles that allow you to obtain perfect results every time by automatically adjust the intensity and speed. And thanks to the online BlendWizard™ tool, you can create your own custom drink programs and store up to 14 of them in the blender so that they are available with a simple touch.

The tactile interface for touch operation is intuitive and illuminated for easy operation, and the machine is suitable for use with minimum supervision. With the inclusion of two WildSide jars and lids, the blender is ideal for alternating between recipes without the need to wash any parts.

Featuring a powerful 3.8 peak HP motor, the Stealth 885 can blend through the toughest of ingredients, including ice and frozen fruit and vegetables. The impact-resistant plastics of the jar make the blender a durable choice, whereas the BFA-free construction of the entire station prevents food contamination.

What are our favorite features?

  • Fully enclosed sound dome reduces noise
  • A set of spare jar and lid included
  • Powerful 3.8 peak HP motor
  • 42 pre-programmed cycles the online BlendWizard tool for creating custom programs

What could be better?

  • On a pricey side
  • Bulky design

Waring Commercial MX1050XTXMost Sturdy Blender

  • Type: countertop
  • Jar: 64 oz.
  • Power: 3.5 HP (peak)
  • Warranty: limited 3-year on motor, 2-year on parts and labor

More features: electronic keypad with HI, LO, OFF and PULSE controls, BPA-free copolyester jar

Featuring ultra-aggressive stainless-steel blades and a unique jar design, the Waring Commercial MX1050XTX delivers fast results and smoother consistencies. This blender has a heavy-duty 3.5 HP motor with a Raptor blade, so it can pulverize frozen ingredients and ice with ease. It is a good option for smoothies, salsa, and soups. The blender is a suitable choice for making 75+ drinks per day.

The intuitive controls and easy-to-use keypad let you operate the blender with just a touch of a button. Multiple speeds are available to suit different types of ingredients, and the pulse option offers an extra boost of speed when you need it.

When it comes to safety, the Waring Commercial MX1050XTX comes with a snug jar pad that attaches to the blender’s base to keep in in place, while the lid creates a seal with the jar to prevent any liquid from escaping during use. You can easily add extra ingredients to the mix thanks to the removable pour cap. Both the jar and the jar pad are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The 64-oz. BPA-free copolyester container is unbreakable and stackable, and a stainless-steel version is also available as a secondary jar or a replacement. The jar attaches to the base via a stainless-steel coupling system that is replaceable to increase the life of the machine. An optional sound-enclosure is available for the base to help with noise reduction, but our research has shown that the blender is still quite loud.

What makes it stand out?

  • Powerful 3.5 peak HP motor
  • Sturdy and safe
  • BPA-free copolyester jar
  • Electronic keypad

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • May have some trouble crushing large amounts of ice
  • Somewhat loud despite the sound enclosure

Vitamix Blending Station AdvanceBest Commercial Bar Blender

  • Type: countertop
  • Jar: 48 oz.
  • Power: 3 HP (peak)
  • Warranty: 3-year component warranty with one year on labor

More features: 6 optimized programs, 34 available settings, and automatic shut-off

A dream-machine for those looking for a high degree of customization when it comes to blending, the Vitamix Blending Station Advance comes with 93 variable speeds, 34 available settings, 6 optimized programs, and a 3-peak-HP motor for smooth and fast blends.

The multiple settings available allow you to create high-quality, consistent blends, while the auto-shut off function works well for busy environments. The sound-reducing cover of this Vitamix blender keeps the noise to a minimum, which is helpful for taking orders with accuracy. Both the 48-oz. jar and the sound-reducing cover are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

With the 48-oz. Advance container, you can create smooth frozen drinks, and the existence of its no-drip spout means that product waste and clean-up are both reduced. The lid of the container comes with a plug so you can easily pour in extra ingredients such as powders or syrups even when the machine is on. Moreover, the lip of the container makes it easy to pour beverages easy and clean. The Advance jug and the special blades work together to reduce blending time by up to 30 percent.

The Vitamix Blending Station is a good choice for creating cocktails, frappes, and smoothies with the touch of a button, thanks to the pre-programmed features. Each of the pre-programmed cycles blends your beverage of choice to the perfect consistency, without any extra help from your side. And thanks to the auto shut-off function, the machine stops when the beverage has reached the desired consistency.

The intuitive LCD display makes it easy to see how much time is left until the blending is complete, as well as the power input currently in use and a total drinks count.

What makes it stand out?

  • Highly customizable settings
  • Silent
  • Quicker blending times than other models
  • UL, NSF, RoHS, and CE certified

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Expensive
  • No larger container available
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Cuisinart CBT-2000W Hurricane ProBest Budget Countertop Blender

  • Type: countertop
  • Jar: 64 oz.
  • Power: 3.5 HP (peak)
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty memory control and 10-year limited motor warranty (residential)

More features: BPA-free Tritan plastic jar with soft-grip handle, automatic load sensing technology, personalized programmable memory control, countdown timer

Marketed by Cuisinart as the company’s first commercial blender for home use, the CBT-2000W Hurricane Pro features a powerful 2,000-watt, 3.5-peak horsepower motor and 10 different speeds that range from 1,500 to 25,000 RPM. The turbo burst button located on the front of the speed dial lets you add a burst of up to 30,000 RPM while blending.

This blender features a digital control screen for easy operation, and has three preset functions for soup, ice crush, and smoothies. A feature that is not present on many blenders is the custom memory function, which remembers your preferences regarding length of blending and other settings for specific ingredients.

One of the preset programs of the blender makes it possible to turn raw ingredients into hot soup, which is something rather remarkable for a blender with a motor of this power. The jar is a 64-oz. BPA-free Tritan plastic that is both durable and safe. The tight lid comes with a removable measuring cup.

The all-metal base of the blender gives it a nice finish on top of its industrial-build quality. The 6-prong stainless steel blade cuts through frozen ingredients and ice easily, while the sturdy base and removable rubber base keep the machine safely in place when in use.

The BlendLogic smart technology and overheat sensor can adjust blending based on the amount of ingredients added to the jar. The Cuisinart CBT-2000W Hurricane Pro has a 3-year limited warranty, but the motor comes with a 10-year warranty.

Why is it special?

  • Powerful motor
  • Good price for the features
  • Personalized memory control
  • Long warranty

What are the flaws?

  • Loud
  • No tamper for thick recipes

Bamix Professional G200Best Immersion Blender

  • Type: immersion
  • Jar: N/A
  • Power: 200W
  • Warranty: 10-year

More features: 2 speeds, 4 stainless steel interchangeable blades, continuous or pulse action

Suitable for those who need an immersion blender to make a large amount of food quickly, such as restaurants or catering companies, the Bamix Professional G200 has a 200W motor, which may seem like very little in comparison with other blenders, but in reality is enough for quick blending.

This immersion blender has a 7-inch stem that makes for easy cleanup. Models with shorter stems usually cause the housing unit to become dirty during use, and may even cause damage to the motor if any liquid gets in. The blender also comes with a handy wall mount for easy storage.

The motor and shaft of this blender are sealed so no entry can damage the parts. With three blade attachments, the blender works well for different types of foods, including soups, creams, and purees. The lightweight design of the blender makes it a good choice for fast-paced kitchens.

The three blades of the blender make it a truly versatile appliance. One of the blades aerates and is suitable for foods such as meringue or whipped cream. The second one blends, being suitable for emulsifying sauces, mayo, and salad dressings, whereas the third one chops, being ideal for blending soups or making smoothies. The good news is that you can get this blender under 200dollars only, and it has a 10-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Why are we impressed?

  • Long stem for clean use
  • Very quiet
  • Powerful motor for its size
  • Versatile

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • No safety guard

Things to Consider

Whether you are looking for a commercial blender to use in your bar or café, or you just want something sturdier for your household needs, you need to know how commercial blenders are different and what to pay attention to while choosing one. In this buying guide, we shortly explain the main features and why they are essential.

Commercial vs. household blenders

The difference between commercial and household blenders is not always visible at first sight, mostly because the real distinction is inside the appliance. The most important distinctions between the two kinds of blenders are the design of the blades, the power of the motor, various functional features, and, most importantly, the ability to handle repeated use throughout the day.

Unlike household blenders, commercial ones are primarily blenders for milkshakes, smoothies, frappes, and sauces as they can easily turn frozen fruit, vegetables, ice, and other tough ingredients such as nuts into smooth and creamy cocktails or soups many time a day. The main function of a commercial blender is often to create frozen drinks, but many models do more than that.

Blender application

Features to consider before buying a commercial blender

Some of the most important things to consider when shopping for a commercial blender include the type of machine, which is determined by the kinds of foods that require preparation, the material and capacity of the jar, as well as the horsepower. Other features to take into account include the ease of operation, the level of noise at which the blender operates, as well as the number of controls and settings, and the length of warranty. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Type and application

The three main types of commercial blenders are bar, food, and immersion. Bar blenders are a common choice for creating frozen beverages such as frappes, ice crushes, and smoothies. While many bar blenders only have this one function, some models such as the Vitamix Blending Station Advance serve more than one purpose.

On the other hand, food blenders can complete a wide variety of tasks and can handle a multitude of ingredients. They can be used to puree vegetables for a soup, blend frozen fruit for a smoothie, grind nuts for baking, or chop fresh vegetables for salsa or other sauces. If that’s what you’re looking for, consider getting a blender food processor combo. Some models on our list come with multiple accessories that transform them into truly versatile cooking appliances. The examples of such blenders are commercial blenders by Waring and the Blendtec Stealth 885.

Finally, immersion blenders are handheld appliances that are inserted into a container of liquid such as soup. They don’t come with a jar, so you need to use your own container.

The main benefit of immersion blenders is the fact that you don’t have to move the prepared vegetables or other foods from the original pot you prepared them in.

Immersion blenders have various speeds, and many of them also come with interchangeable shafts and accessories, allowing a wide range of blending and mixing types, including pureeing, mashing, whisking, and emulsifying.

Jar: material and capacity

The two main materials used for branding jars are glass and plastic. The type of jar doesn’t really make a difference in blender performance, but you need to keep in mind that blending eyes or hard food items such as nuts may scratch or cause engine in the polycarbonate construction of some blenders. Blenders with a glass jar are usually heavier, but since commercial blenders are bulkier items overall, this shouldn’t matter much. If you opt for a plastic jar, make sure it is BPA free for safety reasons.

There is also a third type of blender jar available for commercial models, the stainless steel one. Present in blenders such as the Waring Commercial MX1050XTX (as an optional replacement), this jar is more durable than both glass or plastic, but the main drawback is that you cannot monitor the contents during blending.

The capacity of the jar is important, but you need to take into account how much blending you need to do at one time. A 64 oz. capacity such as the one present in the Waring Commercial MX1050XTX and Cuisinart CBT-2000W Hurricane Pro should be enough for most uses.


The power of commercial blenders is measured in horsepower, and this feature is a distinction that usually matters the most for bartenders and cooks. Having a high-power motor of up to 3.8 peak HP means that you can blend at high speeds in a short amount of time and get super smooth results every time. However, keep in mind that power alone is not an indicator of how well a certain blender will perform. The speeds, controls, and quality of blades are all things that work together with HP to deliver professional results.

When it comes to numbers, ½ HP should be enough for light food and beverage preparation of no more than 50 servings per day, whereas a 3.5 HP or more is ideal if you’re interested in a heavy-duty appliance that can handle more than 100 servings a day.



Different blenders come with different types of controls, with electronic, touch, and programmable being some of the most common. Electronic controls offer you more precision than toggle ones, whereas programmable ones are a good option if you want to program times and power levels for future use. An example is the Blendtec Stealth 885, which features a capacitive touchscreen interface that lets you program the machine intuitively. Electronic controls often provide more options than toggle controls, but they can make the appliance more expensive.


Blending a smoothie or crushing ice for a frappe can be pretty loud, so if you’re looking for a commercial blender to use in a coffee shop or bar, the level of noise it makes should be a big factor in your decision. Look for a model with a sound enclosure such as the Vitamix Blending Station Advance to create a comfortable atmosphere. A sound enclosure is often made of polycarbonate and reduces the sound produced by the blender by surrounding the unit.

As a rule of thumb, the blender you choose should not be louder than the level of a regular conversation, so that you can continue to take orders with accuracy when the appliance is in use.


Warranty periods for commercial blenders depend on specific brands and models. Some models come with an extended warranty of up to 10 years, like the Bamix Professional G200, which is however residential and not commercial. But generally, you should expect a 3-year commercial warranty for the motor.


Based on our research, the most versatile commercial blender is the Blendtec Stealth 885, because it has more than 42 preset functions and you can also customize its functions in a unique way. Suitable for both bars and kitchens, this blender also comes with two lids for extra versatility.

We recommend the Vitamix Blending Station Advance as the best commercial blender for a bar, mostly due to its huge number of speeds and settings. This blender is also quiet, so it promotes a comfortable atmosphere for a bar.

Preparing more than 100 servings per day is considered heavy-use even for commercial blenders, so you should be looking for a rating of at least 3.5 or 3.8 peak HP. The Blendtec Stealth 875 offers this kind of power and is rated for up to 200 blends a day.

Our Verdict

While it’s difficult to pinpoint one of the models as the best blender on the market because they don’t cater to the same needs, we believe the Blendtec Stealth 885 is a versatile choice for most kinds of uses, be it a bar or a restaurant kitchen. The Waring Commercial MX1050XTX won the second place thanks to its power, the overall quality of blending, and sturdy construction of the jar, which is made of either copolyester or stainless steel. Our budget pick is the Cuisinart CBT-2000W Hurricane Pro. If you don’t want to spend a fortune of a blender right now but want to get most features advanced blender have, opt for this one. Whether you are looking for the best bar blender, which we consider the Vitamix Blending Station Advance to be, or an immersion blender such as the Bamix Professional G200, it’s essential to consider the applications and type of use you want the blender for before making a purchase.

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