7 Types of Blenders: Difference Explained

Last updatedLast updated: September 09, 2021
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So, you have the majority of the kitchen equipment but when you look around, you can’t see a blender. Well, you’d love to have one but they come in several types so you’re feeling overwhelmed finding the right type that will fit your needs.

The reality is, if you want a good blender, it’s important to know the main types and their functionality. Also, manufacturers keep on improving the models over time meaning and that gives you all reasons to stay updated.

To cut to the chase, personal blenders come in handy for creating yummy smoothies, or blending your favorite foodstuff at home. You can get either countertop or an immersion model. There are also manual and automatic models that cater to the needs of all kitchen enthusiasts.

The good news is, we will walk you through the main types of blenders, their features plus their good and bad sides.

Immersion blenders

7 Types of Blenders: Difference Explained

Immersion blenders like Breville BSB510XL have a unique simple design for blending large chunks.

You can use them with a mason jar, wide-rimmed glass or any enclosed container. You’ll hold their stick-like design with your hand and press a button on their surface for blending

Like portable bottle blenders, immersion blenders are good for anyone who’s always on the go. You’ll find several models online with varying power so if you’re blending thick foodstuff, get a more powerful model and vice versa.

Use and features

Immersion blenders have a simple design that makes them easy to clean. You’ll only have to clean the blade with warm water and wipe them clean and you’re done.

Some immersion blenders come with high power capabilities that makes them ideal for blending or mixing fluids like soup, and other hot liquids. Experts say their less-pressure build up features makes them ideal for handling hot liquids. You can also use these blenders to make smoothies and seed free drinks.

Pros and cons

Immersion blenders come in handy for blending soup and hot liquids. You can also use it when blending lightweight dough, making powdered milk, pudding and protein shakes.

There is less pressure build up when using immersion blenders with hot liquids. You won’t splash the fluids on your kitchen walls or scorch yourself. With warm water and a good rag, you’ll clean this blender easily.

Yes, this machine is nice but you’ll have to press the button for continuous mixing. And this can be tiresome in the long-run especially if your arms are weak. Also, most immersion blenders don’t have enough power to produce smooth blends.

Single serve blenders

Single serve/ bullet blenders are becoming more popular in the market due to their ability to make both single and double serve drinks

As you’ll notice, these blenders are compact yet powerful and come in several models from the Magic Bullet to Ninja Range. And one of the models that experts recommend is the Ninja Nutrio Pro blender that comes with 18 to 24 oz capacity. It offers enough power to break down your vegetables and juice for smooth drinks.

Experts also add that bullet blenders have a bullet shaped container you’ll fill with the ingredients you want to blend, screw a chopping blade then invert the machine to kick off.

7 Types of Blenders: Difference Explained

Use and features

Due to their compact design, single serve blenders can blend a variety of food fast especially if you’re a traveling aficionado. Like we mentioned, they’re powerful enough to blend raw foods into smooth, rummy drinks. You can use your bullet blender to chop your nuts, ice, fruits, and lots of other liquid recipes. Experts also note that this blender suits making sauces and vinaigrettes, pureeing your baby food, making smoothies, and cutting small portions of herbs and vegetables.

Pros and сons

As much as bullet blenders are powerful, their compact nature makes them convenient to store. You can easily fit them in your backpack to use them outdoors.

If you’re always on the go, you can use a good bullet blender to save time. You’ll blend your food anytime and anywhere.

Like we discussed, bullet blenders are versatile. You can count on them for several activities like blending your raw food, ice, fruits and nuts among others.

Overall, getting a good quality bullet blender doesn’t cost much. You’ll find budget friendly models online that are effective.

Bottle / Travel blenders

If you didn’t know, bottle blenders like Cuisinart CPB-300 are slowly dominating the blending market. They feature a glass tube, and a base that comprises a motor and blades for slicing your food. Experts also add that blender bottles have a small ball whisk for you to mix your food content.

As their name suggests, portable blenders are lightweight and like bullet blenders, they’re good for travelers.

For better results, target an electric powered portable bottle blender during purchase. You’ll get instant results with the push of a button.

Image result for travel blender

Use and features

The best portable blender should come with a leak-proof seal, and a sturdy design for you to make and enjoy your drinks fast.

They suit Olympic athletes, professional sports teams, men’s fitness and many more seeking to make tasty drinks by whipping them while shaking. Experts say they work well when it comes to making yummy protein shakes and smoothies. You can also use them to mix your drinks at work

If you have a baby, get a portable blender to make baby food fast to keep your little one’s tummy full especially when travelling.

Pros and сons

The most obvious benefit of portable blenders is they’re lightweight so you can go with them anywhere you want.

The electric models are rechargeable. Some manufacturers offer a free USB you can plug into your machine to charge.

Their powerful motor provides enough force for the blade to mix smoothies and protein shakes.

We also noted that interior surfaces are non-stick so little to no food that you blend will get stuck on it.

Now that portable blenders are relatively new to the market, some are prone to leaking. Others can also come with design issues that you’ll spot only after use.

You’ll also inconvenience yourself if you blend different types of foodstuff with this blender since you’ll have to clean them every time.

Countertop blenders

The countertop blenders are the most common type of blenders you’ll find in multiple homes. They have a large capacity and multiple options for making yummy drinks for your family or large groups of friends.
There are lots of countertop blenders from Kitchenaid to Vitamix. There are good ones like the Oster Versa Blender designed from stainless steel blades that spin at 250 mph. It has other awesome features like a variable speed dial and pre-programmed settings.

Like their name suggests, you’ll place your countertop blender on your kitchen counters. They usually come with a lid to cover and prevent the ingredients you’ll be blending from flying off.

7 Types of Blenders: Difference Explained

Use and features

Most countertop blenders have a capacity of up to 2 liters which is ideal for blending large amounts of juice at home.

With a good model, you’ll get to cover it to avoid messing your countertops. For safety purposes, you can slightly press the lid while blending.

Unlike handheld blenders, countertop models have enough power to smoothly grind tough stuff like ice and other foodstuff. You’ll get a smooth blend in minutes and you can even prolong the blending time to get a smoother drink.

Overall, most countertop blenders are good for preparing smoothies, and crushing ice.

Pros and сons

Well, countertop blenders are not only powerful but come with several speed options that you can easily adjust to get your perfect blend.

Due to their good build, most countertop blenders are durable. With the right care and maintenance practice, you can expect yours to last for a long time. Also, most models also have dishwasher materials which are also hassle-free to clean with a liquid soap and good dish scrubber.

However, you can expect most countertop blenders on the market to be pricey. Experts say their price translates to their bulkiness and durability. Another bad thing with countertop blenders is they’re noisy. You’ll have to create time for blending to avoid disturbing your family and neighbors.

Commercial blenders

Commercial blenders are great for professionals seeking a device with high power capabilities.  They have a similar design with some countertop blenders though experts claim they’re a bit stronger to withstand daily use. According to most reviews, one of the best commercial blenders on the market is Blendtec 800 with its powerful 3.8 hp motor and a kitchen-friendly operation.

There are both compact and large models but the differences come in the power amounts. Most people use them in large restaurants and bars as they offer enough power to meet their demands.

Also, remember that commercial blenders may seem complex but become easy to use with time.

Image result for commercial blender

Use and features

These blenders are popular due to their powerful motors that makes them awesome for commercial purposes. The blades are sharp to blend tough foodstuff.

Remember, most commercial blenders are heavy duty due to the material they’re made of.  If you land a good commercial blender, it can last for long. However, their build makes it hard to move around.

Like the countertop blenders, these models have a large capacity to meet the blending needs of restaurants and bars.

You can use these blenders to grind chilies, make sauce and blend food and drinks. They also make a good pick for making smoothies.

Pros and сons

Commercial blenders are a good pick for professional cooks in bars, café, shops and restaurants due to their high-powered motors.

They can blend both soft and tough materials. Experts love that they’re versatile and can make cocktails, smoothies, food purees and fruit drinks.

Easy to clean. Their design is tailored to prevent food absorption. You’ll spot little to no residue on the blending shaft.

They operate fast hence make a good pick for blending large amounts of food and fruits within the shortest time possible.

Yes, commercial blenders are durable and fast but that comes with a price. We noted that they’re expensive. And depending on the materials you grind you can expect to get a difficult time cleaning your blender.

Stand / сake mixers

If you look closely at a stand/cake mixer like Cuisinart SM-50BC, it’s more like a hand mixer though bigger and more powerful. Experts say they lie between hand blenders and countertop blenders.

Well, stand mixers use a powerful mixer for blending. They also come with several attachment and variable speed options.

Like most blenders, you’ll find lots of cake mixers online so you should factor in your needs, and budget before purchase.

7 Types of Blenders: Difference Explained

Use and features

Like we mentioned, cake blenders come with several attachment and variable speeds. You can easily convert it from an ordinary mixer to a complex tool to make yummy meals in your kitchen. Some of the attachments it comes with include a standard dough hook for perfecting your heavy cookie dough and bread dough. The other tools you can use with this blender include food grinders, pasta cutting equipment and blenders to meet your whisking, cutting and blending needs.   Overall, the cake mixer is majorly used in home and bakeries to make bread, cookies and soften tough dough.

Pros and сons

If you own a bakery or you love preparing your cakes, cookies or bread at home, then you should get a good cake mixer. They’re powerful enough to cut through thick and sticky dough and produce a smooth one that will have a great effect on the end cooking results. With the variable speed option, you’ll test and get the optimum setting that produces the best results every time you’re cooking the food.

Unlike hand mixers, cake mixers are bulky so they suit people who love baking periodically. It’s also disappointing that most cake mixers are hard to clean especially if you’re dealing with a heavy and sticky dough. Yes, its materials are dishwasher safe but you’ll have to use a damp cloth to clean them thoroughly.

Kitchen systems

You may think that blender combo systems suit professional cooks only but they’re great for beginners alike. They come with a combination of a mixer, food processor and blender in one machine. The good thing with blender combo systems is, they’re easy to use though you may take time to master how different components work if you’re a beginner. Experts recommend Ninja BN801 professional kitchen system with 5 preset Auto-iQ programs that allow you to create smoothies, frozen drinks, chopped mixtures and dough at the touch of a button

Overall, experts say that kitchen systems suit anyone seeking to save time, money and counter space in their kitchen.

Image result for kitchen system

Use and features

Due to several options they come with, you can use blender combo systems to make several foodstuffs including dough, cocktails, fresh juice and even grind baby food. They have a strong motor to spin the blade and produce smooth blends.

Experts say blender combo systems are dishwasher safe so you’ll clean them in minutes. They also have a good-looking design like most blenders. And as expected, most blender combo systems are larger than ordinary blenders. The bigger the blender you buy, the better, especially if you’ll be blending foodstuff in large quantities.

Well, some of the features you’ll get with such a blender include an auto feature, multiple speed settings and preset options.

Pros and сons

First, blender combo systems have a powerful motor that makes blending easy and enjoyable. Due to their versatility, you can use blender combo systems for different tasks like making smoothies, grinding food etc. You’ll find models with several attachment options.

The majority of them are also well-built and sturdy. Experts add that they’re made of tough materials that last long before wearing off.

You’ll also clean your blender combo system with ease now that their materials are dishwasher safe.

The pros of blender combo systems translate to its high price. You might have to pay more to get a great model to serve you well. Unless you’re not organized, your blender combo system will consume a lot of space in your kitchen.

Final thoughts

As you’ve seen, we have several types of blenders like hand held blenders, single serve blenders, travel blenders etc., and each one of them matches the needs of different users. They come with different capacities, attachment options, blades that affect their operation.

It’s now up to identify the type you need, and factor in your preferences and budget before investment. You’ll also have to consider the number of times you blend your food. If it’s multiple times a day, get a model that can withstand everyday use.

If you’re a beginner, it’s okay to start with a model with a few settings and upgrade with time.

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