5 Outstanding Commercial Vacuums – Reviews and Buying Guide

Last updatedLast updated: September 16, 2021
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Whether you run a restaurant, a motel, or a hotel, you know how important it is to keep your business clean. Which is why you are looking for the best commercial vacuum you can get your hands on. Once you have found the perfect vacuum for your place of work, you’ll never need to worry about poor cleaning ever again.

The thing is, there is a lot to consider when you are looking for a good commercial vacuum. You have to be sure that you get a cleaner that will work on whatever floor types that you have, and whether it needs to be able to clean on multiple surfaces. Its cord length is also important, as you probably don’t want to plug and unplug it over and over again. Also, pay attention to the types of attachments and the type of vacuum that will work best for your needs. Now, this can seem pretty daunting, since there is so much to take into consideration. But don’t worry! We have searched through the market to find the most popular commercial vacuum brands. Then, we gathered several hundreds of real customer reviews and analyzed them in terms of features people need the most, their complaints and positive responses. And finally, we came out with the five best vacuums for you.

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to make sure you have the perfect vacuum for your business. If you are just beginning your search, you’ll want to check out our detailed buying guide. Then, you can look through our in-depth reviews of the best commercial vacuums available. These, along with the chart below, will help to guide you toward the perfect vacuum.

Top 5 Commercial Vacuums Review 2021


Oreck U2000RB-1Editor’s Choice

  • Vacuum type: upright, bagged
  • Brush: high-speed roller brush
  • Surface type: carpets and bare floors
  • Key feature: Helping Hand handle and durable belt

More features: soft wheels, 9 lbs, 40-foot cord, 1-year commercial warranty, 5-year warranty on belt

Of all the different cleaners on the market today, this just might be the best commercial vacuum out there. It is made by Oreck, which has a reputation for quality and durable cleaners. This has, by far, the largest capacity of any of the cleaners that we looked at. It is an upright vacuum and utilizes a bag to collect the dust. It is also a cloth bag, making it easy to keep clean. This will also save you money in the long run, since you don’t need to purchase replacement bags.

This is also one of the most powerful vacuums on the market. It is perfect for pretty much any flooring type. With its powerful brushes, lightweight body, and large cord, it is perfect for both large and small size spaces. It is also durably built, making it a good investment that will last for years to come.

However, not everything about this vacuum is ideal. Its large size, which is great for cleaning large areas quickly, is not that maneuverable in very small spaces. If you have a tiny room with lots of corners, you might have a tough time getting them clean with this vacuum.

What do we love it for?

  • Large capacity
  • Large cord
  • Long warranty
  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Helping Hand handle

What were we disappointed with?

  • Not good for cramped spaces

Hoover C1703900Most Maneuverable Upright

  • Vacuum type: upright, bagged
  • Brush: motorized
  • Surface type: any
  • Key feature: edge-cleaning bristles and recline handle

More features: 13-inch cleaning path, WindTunnel Technology, 4-position height adjustment, urethane wheels, extreme recline handle, onboard tools, 35-foot cord, 2-year motor warranty

Another great name in the cleaning game is Hoover. They have been making excellent commercial and residential vacuums for years, and this cleaner is no exception. It comes with a wide array of great features. One of the best features it has is it’s easy to recline handle. This allows you to lay the vacuum almost completely vertical. This makes cleaning under any low lying areas a breeze.

Another great feature that this vacuum has it that it allows you to easily and quickly adjust the height of the brush. While some other upright vacuums can only be used on one height, this one can be used on four different levels, making it the perfect vacuum for pretty much any floor or carpet type.

The attachments that come with this vacuum also make it easy to clean pretty much anywhere. The hose easily detaches and is stretchable, making it perfect for all those hard to reach areas. The only problem with all of these wonderful attachments is that they do not always want to stay attached to the vacuum. While there are places to keep them on the back of the cleaner, they do not always stay in place.

What are its best features?

  • Large cleaning path
  • Reclines to reach under low areas
  • Easy height adjustments
  • Long warranty
  • Long cord

What could be improved?

  • Attachments are hard to keep in place
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Hoover CH30000 PortaPowerBudget Pick

  • Vacuum type: canister, bagged
  • Brush: dusting brush, wall brush, carpet/floor nozzle
  • Surface type: any
  • Key feature: lightweight and portable

More features: 8.3 lbs, 33-foot power cord, built-in blower, reusable commercial cloth bag and paper dust bag, stretching hose

If you are in the market for a lightweight, maneuverable, and easily portable commercial vacuum, then this just might be the right choice for you. It is a canister style vacuum that can be used on just about any surface, from carpets and floors to molding and ceilings. The versatile attachments, stretching hose, and lightweight design make it easy to clean just about anywhere you need to clean, making this an ideal vacuum for a multiple surface area.

Another nice feature that is somewhat unique for a canister vacuum is that you have the option to utilize a bag. While the capacity for this canister’s bag will be relatively small, it will still allow you to be more effective at cleaning up any and all dust and debris that you might come across.

The only real downside for this cleaner is the cord length. While 33 feet might sound like a lot, it will really limit you when you are trying to clean larger areas, since you will need to plug and unplug it several times just to get the area clean. But if you have a smaller space to clean, then this really won’t be too big of a deal.

What stands out?

  • Lightweight
  • Lots of attachments
  • Reusable cloth bag
  • Stretchable hose

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Short power cord
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Oreck Commercial XL2100RHSThe Lightest Upright

  • Vacuum type: upright, bagged
  • Brush: high-speed double helix brushes
  • Surface type: bare floors and low pile carpets
  • Key feature: Helping Hand handle and Microsweep feature

More features: 12-inch cleaning path, side edge brushes, 12 lbs, 35-foot cord length, top fill bag design, 1-year warranty

Oreck has one of the best reputations in the commercial vacuum world, and for good reason. Their products are usually durable, easy to use, and high-quality cleaners. Such is this case for this vacuum. It is an upright bagged vacuum, which gives it plenty of capacity. Even if you have to clean a large area, this vacuum will be up to the task. Its 35-foot cord makes it easy to reach pretty much anywhere within a room with ease.

In addition to its main brush, this cleaner has secondary side brushes. These make it possible to clean along edges with ease. This is also a relatively lightweight upright vacuum, weighing in at only 12 lbs. While you probably wouldn’t want to clean stairs with this cleaner, the weight wouldn’t stop you from carrying it up the stairs with ease.

This cleaner does have its limitations, however. It does not come with any attachments, meaning that it will only work on floors. There is also no height controls on this vacuum, making it only good for low pile carpets and bare floors. While it will clean these effectively, it won’t do too well on higher or thicker carpets.

What makes it special?

  • Large cleaning path
  • Side edge brushes
  • Helping Hand handle

What cons did we find?

  • Short warranty
  • Only works on low flooring types
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Hoover Commercial C2401Best Backpack Vacuum

  • Vacuum type: backpack, bagged
  • Brush: turbo
  • Surface type: any
  • Key feature: chiropractor-designed harness

More features: 9.2 lbs, 48-foot power cord, cleaning accessory pack, 66dB, HEPA filtration, 1-year warranty

This is a perfect vacuum for someone who needs to move all over the place to clean. This vacuum is worn like a backpack, making it easily portable and maneuverable. The cord is, by far, the longest of all the different cleaners we looked into. This vacuum has plenty of attachments and is super lightweight, which makes sense since you need to carry it with you to use it correctly.

Even though it is lightweight, it still could be a big burden to carry around for a long time. Thankfully, the harness that is used to carry it has been designed by a chiropractor. It is very comfortable and can be quickly adjusted, making it easy to get the right fit to make sure that you don’t end up with a sore back.

While this is just a canister vacuum, you can rest assured that the dust will not be coming out of it any time soon. This is mostly due to the HEPA filter, which catches all of the airborne dust with ease. One thing you will want to consider with this vacuum is that it is a bit loud. If you choose this cleaner, it might not be a bad idea to also purchase some hearing protection.

What do we love it for?

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Long power cord
  • HEPA filter

What were we disappointed with?

  • Loud
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Things to Consider

As you could probably guess, there is a lot to think about before you can get your hands on the best commercial vacuum. In this section, we’ll go through everything you need to know to find the perfect vacuum for your commercial needs.

Commercial vacuums vs. household vacuums

We all have vacuums in our homes. It might be a bit of a surprise that this class of vacuums that work so well at home won’t quite cut it in a commercial setting. Why? Well, first of all, they don’t usually have the capacity necessary to clean a space larger than one or two rooms. This simply won’t cut it for a commercial cleaner.

Secondly, and most importantly, the cleaners that we use in our homes are simply not designed to stand up to years of constant use. A homeowner will usually only vacuum once or twice a week. A commercial cleaner, on the other hand, will be used every day. This added durability and dependability is essential for a commercial vacuum because you don’t want to have to replace your vacuum any time soon.

What to look for in your ideal commercial vacuum?

Ideal commercial vacuum

Now that we have covered why you need a commercial vacuum, let’s take a look at all of the key details you need to make sure you are getting the best commercial vacuum you can find.

Vacuum cleaner type

There are several different types of vacuums that you can choose from, each with different advantages and disadvantages.

Upright – Upright vacuums are some of the most durable and dependable vacuums on the market. They have large capacities and are easy to use. Most of them are not all that maneuverable, however, and they tend to be pretty heavy.

Backpack – Backpack vacuums are very easy to travel with, since they are strapped right to your back. This makes them lightweight and maneuverable but gives them a smaller capacity.

Canister/handheld – Canister/handheld vacuums have the smallest capacity of any of the different vacuum types. They are, however, the most maneuverable and lightweight, making them the ideal vacuum for areas with lots of steps.

A good alternative to the portable vacuum cleaner types discussed in this article is a central vacuum system. It gives you more maneuverability and is usually more powerful than a portable vacuum cleaner. You will, however, need to spend extra time and money to install it.

Bagged or bagless?

There are two different dust storage methods that you need to take into consideration when you are choosing your vacuum. You can either go for a vacuum that collects the dust and dirt in a bag, or one that utilizes a removable canister instead.

Bagless vacuums have smaller capacities and require a filtration system to keep all of the dust from escaping. They will also be more lightweight than a bagged vacuum, making them great for areas with stairs that need to be cleaned.

Bagged vacuums have large capacities. You might have to buy replacement bags, although some vacuums come with reusable cloth bags that need to be cleaned every so often. Bagged vacuums also tend to be more powerful than bagless vacuums, since they are sealed up better.

Vacuum cleaner capacity


The capacity of the vacuum describes how much dust and dirt it can hold before it will need to be emptied. Upright, bagged vacuums usually have the highest capacities, and handheld/canister vacuums have the smallest capacity.

The larger the area that you need to have cleaned, the larger the capacity that you will require. It is usually better to go for a vacuum with a larger capacity than you think you will need. That way, you will be sure to get through all of your cleanings, and then some, without having to stop and empty your vacuum.


If you want have not only your floors, but also your air clean and safe, you’ll have to make sure that you only use certified HEPA filters. These filters have been tested rigorously and are guaranteed to catch all of the extra dust particles that don’t end up in the canister.

That way, you will be sure that you only have to clean your surfaces once. If you go with a cheaper filter, you will probably end up spending a ton more time cleaning, since the dust will find its way out of the vacuum. If you want to save some money, you also need to be sure that the filter you select can be cleaned. Otherwise, you will have to buy a replacement when the original becomes too dirty.

Brushes and attachment tools

Most vacuums come with a standard set of tools and brushes. These will allow you to now only clean carpets, but also molding, window sills, and pretty much anywhere you need to. It is usually best to get as many attachments as possible, since this will allow you to clean that much better.

Power cord length


If you are purchasing this vacuum to clean an older commercial area, then electrical outlets will be at a premium. Which is why you want to get as long of a cord as you possibly can. Even if there are outlets everywhere, a longer cord is a huge advantage.

With a longer cord, you won’t have to waste time plugging and unplugging your vacuum from the wall outlet. While this might not sound like that big of a time waster, it can add up over a shift. The less time you need to spend fiddling with a plug, the more time you can spend on cleaning.


The weight of a vacuum will only come into play if you need to move it up and down steps or from one end of a building to another. If you are cleaning on just one floor, then the weight of the cleaner won’t be too much of an issue. A heavier vacuum is usually a more powerful vacuum, which will help to get the job done that much faster.

On the other hand, if you need to travel up and down steps, or even clean those steps, you will want to opt for a lighter vacuum. That way, you won’t risk exhausting yourself while you are cleaning, which will make the work go that much faster.

Ease of use

5 Outstanding Commercial Vacuums – Reviews and Buying Guide

Vacuums are, as a general rule, relatively easy to use, especially if the floors you are cleaning are all the same material. If, however, you need to clean linoleum in one room, then deep carpets in another, and hardwood in a third, you will want to look for a vacuum that makes all of those transitions easy.

You also will want to look for a vacuum that is easy to maintain. If you need to spend more time cleaning and fixing your vacuum than you do actually use it to clean, then it isn’t all that helpful. The less moving parts, the better, since that will limit the number of parts that can fail. The filter and bag should also be easy to clean out.


Even though these vacuums are designed to withstand a bunch of punishment and keep on cleaning, they will still fail over time. That is why you need to be sure to get a good warranty. That way, you are covered should a part on your cleaner fail.


So there you have it! Now you know everything that you need to know to find the best vacuum for laminate floors! Hopefully, this article has been a big help in your search. Best of luck, and have a great day!

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