The Best Dual Shower Heads for Your Bathroom

Last updatedLast updated: August 31, 2021
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The best dual shower head allows you to maximize your everyday showering experience by combining its intended purpose – that is, to get you clean – with many additional features. This particular shower merges the convenience of a hand-held shower with the practicality of a fixed shower head in just the one product. Many people prefer these to usual shower heads because of their ability to offer more than one standard spray setting. With the majority of dual shower heads providing the effect of rain, these are highly-rated products for creating the most spa-like of experiences in the home!

This extensive review aims to take nine of the best dual shower heads that are currently retailing on Amazon and review them in full detail for you. Concentrating on specific areas such as overall functionality, spray setting types, hose lengths, and any additional warranties, it will also address the installation process of each product while highlighting pros and any cons when weighing up the effectiveness of each model.

By searching the market for you, we’ve been able to select the best dual shower head based on our reviewing process and compile our findings into a detailed table. This article offers you in-depth reviews of each model, allowing you to see which one would be best suited for you. To help you make your final decision, we’ve also included a detailed buying guide. This, combined with a frequently asked questions section, aims to adequately prepare you before you part with your hard-earned cash, getting the best model for you individual showering needs.

Top 9 Dual Shower Heads Review 2021


AquaDance 3-Way Rainfall Shower ComboEditor’s Choice

  • Spray settings: 6
  • Handheld: yes
  • Hose length: 5 feet
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

Extra features: large 7-inch showerhead, ergonomic grip handle

The AquaDance 3-Way Rainfall Shower Combo is our choice for the best all-around product! Independently tested and meeting official USA standards, AquaDance claims that this model offers all users the ultimate shower experience. With a larger than average rainfall shower head as the masterpiece of this model, the AquaDance Rainfall Shower Combo has six settings in total, which means users can select from power rain, rain massage, rain mist, power mist, pulsating massage and water saving mode. With a heavy-duty steel hose, this product is very well-constructed and can be used as an overhead shower or a handheld shower, depending on your preference. Rub-clean jets make it the easier of shower heads for cleaning, as they prevent the build-up of limescale and this encourages a more substantial flow coverage each time. This adjustable angle model is complete with a chrome finish and is one of the easiest shower heads to install within just minutes, with no additional plumbing experience required. Best of all, this model has a patented three-way diverter allowing you to direct the water flow between two showers, with the click-lever dial making it simple to change from one setting to another.

Customers of the AquaDance 3-Way Rainfall Shower Combo offer five-star reviews all round for its ability to provide a perfect showering experience through a solid design. Being able to install this product so quickly and within just a few minutes is also a great attraction.

Why is it special?

  • Large shower head
  • Adjustable angles
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Well-priced

What are the flaws?

  • Awkward height for shorter user

Ana Bath High Pressure Dual Combo Shower SS5450CBNBest Shower Head Experience

  • Spray settings: 5
  • Handheld: yes
  • Hose length: 5 feet
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

Extra features: anti-clog nozzles

The Ana Bath Anti-Clog Handheld and Shower Head Combo is both ours and Amazon’s Best Anti-Clog Jet Shower Head. Featuring an anti-clog spray face surface, a five-foot hose, and five functions in total, you can select from bubbling spray, massaging spray, saturating spray, saturating massage & spray or saturating bubbling spray, whenever it suits you. However, whatever function you prefer, Ana Bath believe the extra wide spray face works to provide that most natural of rainfall spa experiences every time.

The anti-clog nozzles on this extended spray face ensures that any calcium and mineral deposits are easily removed merely by manually rubbing the blocked nozzle a couple of times when the water is on to eliminate them instantly – therefore meaning no scrubbing materials or cleaners required here! With a brass ball joint included in the shower heads construction making it a more durable model, the brass connector included is a longer and broader make than usual industry connectors. This assures a sleeker look in the bathroom, as well as the ability to control the water more precisely with the additional three-way knob attached – which allows a handheld shower choice, a stationary showerhead or, alternatively, both simultaneously. Combining a sleek brushed nickel finish, this is a rather modern design of shower head which ensures both head and hose are coated throughout with the exact same finish. With the easiest installation possible, this model will fit your standard shower arm meaning you can attach it all by yourself without any outside help.

Customers of this product love being able to choose from the head, handle or even use both of them together. It’s also considered a higher shower head than average, making it great for taller users.

Why is it special?

  • Higher shower head
  • Larger spray surface
  • Longer, sleeker connector
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Anti-clog nozzles

What are the flaws?

  • High water pressure element
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AquaDance Rainfall Shower Combo Best Anti-Clog Jet Shower Head

  • Spray settings: 30
  • Handheld: yes
  • Hose length: 5 feet
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

Extra features: Antimicrobial Microban Technology, both showerheads feature six settings, 3-zone Lever Dial Design, angle-adjustable

With their consistency on the market, Aquadance is slowly becoming a popular shower product making brand. Users are often wary of products with low prices because they tend to have cheaper quality materials. However, there is an exception as far as this model is concerned. The AquaDance Rainfall Shower Combo is a showerhead which in our opinion, has the best anti-clog jet system among its peers. 

One of the best features (which of course turn out to be its selling points) of the product is its dual showerheads. This creates a double water effect and massage while you shower. Also, you can decide to hand-hold one of these showerheads if you like. Therefore, it allows you to wash and send water into specific areas. The other showerhead is larger and is meant for a heavy water shower option. Adjustable, the product also enables the customization of your shower into something which fits you best. This is possible with a different range of power as well as massage options. 

The showerhead is restricted to just 2.5 gallons per minute in accordance with the regulation on shower products in the US. Nonetheless, it offers excellent water pressure, especially when you’re using one of the two heads. Regarding the aesthetic values it brings to your bathroom decor, the product has a modern look. Also, even though the double showerhead is large, it is subtly minimalist. 

Why did it make our list?

  • Multilevel flow options
  • Very adjustable
  • Super easy installation
  • Handsfree design
  • Antimicrobial

What is not ideal about it?

  • Average-quality materials
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Waterpik AAD-773TBest High-Pressure Shower Head

  • Spray settings: 7
  • Handheld: no
  • Hose length: not applicable
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

Extra features: 3-way diverter: overhead rain can shower spray, lower powerful spray, or both at once, easy-clean anti-clog nozzles

Though it may seem the smaller of shower heads, this minimalistic design and no-nonsense construction of the Waterpik AAD-773T actually makes it our choice for the Best Overall Shower Head Experience! Combining spray features with Opitflow, Waterpik has created a most modern designed shower head which takes up less room than standard shower heads, and could almost be missed if you didn’t know it was installed in the bathroom! However, though it may be small in stature, it makes up for this with its extensive features. This two in one adjustable rain shower head offers seven choices of spray types. Two of these are referred to as indulgent rainfall sprays and include drenching rainfall or rainfall & power spray. The remaining five selections include pulsating massage, full-body & pulsating massage, full-body spray, power spray, and full-body power spray. Designed to offer an easy angle adjustment, this model allows you to choose your own experience each time whether you prefer to utilize the overhead shower spray, which they call the ‘overhead rain can’, or whether you’d like the lower powerful spray instead. Additionally, for the maximum of sprays, you could use both sprays at the same time! With one natural installation process, this 7.5-inch diameter head offers anti-clog nozzles, making it a more accessible model to clean.

Customers selecting this model love the actual feel of this shower head which makes you feel like you are beneath a rain cloud each time! It’s also considered one of the more visually pleasing of shower heads as it doesn’t take over the bathroom with bulky handles, hoses or additional attachments.

Why are we impressed?

  • Optiflow spray features
  • Small, sleek design
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No visible attachments
  • Anti-clog nozzles
  • Seven spray settings

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • No hand-held option

AquaDance Combo Rain ShowerheadBest for Mobility Issues

  • Spray settings: 6
  • Handheld: yes
  • Hose length: 5 feet
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

Extra features: patented 3-way diverter makes it easy to use each shower head separately or together, large 7-inch showerhead

The AquaDance Drill-Free Stainless-Steel Slide Bar Combo is a more accessible shower head that you can adjust to suit both your height and any mobility needs. This is an instant mounting model which requires no tools and no drilling, meaning you can directly attach it to your current shower arm and get going! Offering a seven-inch rain showerhead with six settings available to select from, this is a hand shower and low-reach model which Aquadance claim is revolutionary! Combining pulsating massages, rain/mist, hydrating mist, overhead rainfall, power rain, rain/massage, and water saving modes settings, this is a more premium-level rainfall shower head. With an all-new chrome finish throughout, AquaDance claims this as one of the most luxurious of spa systems and the ultimate dual shower head that can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences. Therefore, whether you are taller than average, shorter than average or struggling with mobility issues and find other shower heads a problem, this model claims to make your life that little bit simpler when it comes to practical showering. Whether used separately or together, this independently tested shower head also offers rub-clean jets, ensuring the shower head remains clear, powerful and like new many years later.

Customers of this model find the pressure almost perfect in its delivery regardless of what setting is being used, as well as an easy appliance to set up. It’s also considered to be a thoroughly durable model that looks great in the bathroom.

What do we love it for?

  • Larger shower head
  • Drill-free
  • Helps mobility issues
  • Suits all heights
  • Luxurious spa settings
  • Limited lifetime warranty

What were we disappointed with?

  • Not adjustable once installed
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Hydroluxe Pampering Ultra-Luxury 3-Way Shower ComboBest Pampering Shower Head

  • Spray settings: 5
  • Handheld: yes
  • Hose length: 5 feet
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

Extra features: rub-clean jets

The Hydroluxe Shower Head/Handheld Shower Combo is our selection for Best Pampering Shower Head Experience. This is because not only does it offer a practical showering experience, it also combines the dual shower heads to create a pampering spa experience simultaneously! This rather luxurious of overhead showers provides five settings whether you choose to use it overhead, or hand-held, or even both at the same time. With a staggering 24 full and combined water flow patterns to select from, users are certainly spoilt for choice during this showering experience. With an oversized chrome styled face giving 4 inches of surface space, those five settings include economy rain, pause, stay warm mist, massage and power rain. The three-zone click lever dial makes changing from one selection to another the easiest of tasks, while the anti-swivel nut lock and adjustable angled overhead bracket allow you to position your shower where it suits you best. This is a tool-free installation shower head which can be easily fixed to a standard overhead shower arm within a matter of minutes. Its five-foot stainless-steel hose is also super flexible which is great when you’re using the hand-held shower. Also, the rub-clean jets included in its makeup work to cut your cleaning time.

Customers choosing this model not only praise its ease on installation but rave about the many selections available with this combo shower head, highly rating its ability to offer a wonderfully relaxing pampering experience every time!

What stands out?

  • Pampering spa experience
  • 24 water flow patterns
  • Easily positioned
  • Easy dial changer
  • Ten year limited warranty

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Slightly flimsy design

AquaStar Elite Spa Shower Head ComboBest Water Patterns

  • Spray settings: 48
  • Handheld: yes
  • Hose length: 5 feet
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

Extra features: nozzles made with Advanced Microban technology, inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria, rub-clean tips prevent calcium buildup

The AquaStar Elite Spa Shower Head Combo is an impressively 48 high-pressure mode shower head which aims to provide not just the best showering experience possible, but with less need for frequent cleaning in between. Our choice for Best Anti-Clog Jet Shower Head, AquaStar have designed this product to ensure more water pressure can flow through the unique shower head which therefore means less clogging overall. As so many standard shower heads can become blocked on a regular basis, the result is a lack of water pressure which builds up over time to mean less performance all round. Worse still, such blockages encourage a mass buildup of bacteria meaning they tend to keep this area clogged up as a result. As well as offering six unique shower settings, this model combines an exclusive an antimicrobial and anti-clog nozzle which utilizes technology to inhibit bacterial growth through the jets. Therefore, this is perhaps one of the cleanest and healthiest showers you’ll ever experience! With this continuous powerful flow of water comes the ability for this model to perform as good as new year after year, thanks to its ingenious design features. A three-in-one shower, it offers an extra-large luxurious shower head, hand shower or a combination of the two, depending on your choice at the time.

Customers of this particular model are suitably impressed with the ongoing constant water flow the showerhead provides, with many feeling secure in the knowledge that this really is a cleaner and healthier all-round experience each time they shower.

What are its best features?

  • Advanced microban technology
  • 48 mode settings
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Extra large shower head
  • Clean finish

What could be improved?

  • Top-heavy main shower head

HotelSpa AquadanceBudget Pick

  • Spray settings: 24
  • Handheld: yes
  • Hose length: 5 feet
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

Extra features: patented 3-way water diverter with anti-swivel lock nut

The HotelSpa AquaDance is our Budget Pick of the bunch. Fantastically priced, though it is the cheaper of models, it still offers a variety of features and benefits to all users looking for a practical but useful showering experience. However, what is perhaps most extraordinary about this model is that it offers no less than 24 full and combined water patterns – a figure that models double the price still can’t match! Whether you use it as a hand-held shower head, an overhead shower head or maybe even combine the two together for a better all-around experience, this is undoubtedly a more slimline combo. Five settings are available to select from here including massage, power rain, water saving economy rain, pause and rain/massage, and all are delivered through an oversized chrome face of 4 inches in total. With a three-zone click lever dial for added convenience, this model has rub clean jets to ensure your water remains clog free and as powerful as it was when you first installed the shower head. An angle adjustable overhead bracket allows you to connect this shower head to any standard overhead shower arm within just minutes, with no tools or plumbing knowledge required. With its super flexible 5 ft hose, finished in chrome, this is not only a budget selection, but also a thoroughly practical shower head for all users.

Customers of this model find this a fantastic product for such a reduced price, with some customers opting to purchase more than one to take advantage of this low cost!

What makes it stand out?

  • 24 spray settings
  • Slimline design
  • Cheap
  • Easily adjustable
  • Ten-year limited warranty

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Simplistic design & features

HotelSpa Multi-Function 3-Way Luxury Showerhead SystemBest Hand-Held Shower Head

  • Spray settings: 7
  • Handheld: yes
  • Hose length: 5 feet
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

Extra features: patented 3-way water diverter

The HotelSpa Multi-Function 3-Way Luxury Showerhead System is our choice for Best Full & Combined Water Patterns, considering that it offers an astounding option of no less than 30 full and combined water flow patterns! This is a most multifunctional showerhead system, providing users a three-way choice from overhead, handheld to both combined. Vigorously tested and inspected to the highest of quality and performance standards, this model has a large 6-inch chrome surface face alongside a high-powered click lever dial rub for added convenience. Its modern design includes an adjustable angle selection to make sure you can position the shower head at a place to suit your height when showering. This model offers you power mist, rain mist, power rain, rain massage, pulsating massage and water saving pause modes sections to suit your needs. With a patented three-way water diverter built in, this product allows you to swiftly direct your water flow between two showers with just the flick of a switch. A thoroughly flexible five feet stainless steel hose included, this shower head’s heavy and durable design, and the installation process is claimed to be the smoothest possible needing no tools, or plumbing knowledge to fit on any standard shower arm.

Customers choosing this model tend to do so because of its power, all-round features, plus its known ease of installing with just a few minutes. With many loving the mist showering selections that this shower head provides, it’s deemed a wonderful overall model, with very little grievances.

What makes it special?

  • 30 water flow patterns
  • Durable sesign
  • Limited lifetime warranty

What cons did we find?

  • Pause feature can be a bit stiff and hard to use

Things to Consider

Now that we’ve uncovered some of the best duel showers heads on the market let us give you some additional information about these types of products. This is a buying guide designed to help you find out as much as you can beforehand about dual shower heads before making your final decision as to the best model for your needs. Have a read through the following features that we recommend you consider carefully before selecting your preferred model.

Advantages of a dual shower head

A dual shower head offers you double the showering experience of a standard showering head, with many more settings to choose from and the ability to make washing a much more enjoyable task overall! If you’re looking to add a bit of enjoyment into your shower and want to make the best of this time, a dual shower head can give you a spa-like experience, a massaging experience and a rain like experience all in the one session.

Advantages of a dual shower head

Features to consider when looking for a dual shower head

There are a few essential features and additional benefits which make for a fantastic dual shower head choice. Almost every dual shower head designer on the market will offer specific unique features which are beneficial in that model, working to ensure that their model is the one that stands out the most. However, those most important features to consider, which we have been sure to include in all our featured reviewed models above, are all explained in more detail below to help you make the best selection.

Spray settings

For some people, the most essential special features of dual shower heads are their ability to offer a personal spray setting choice. If you’re looking at buying such a product to get the most enjoyment from its variation of sprays, each one of our reviewed models offers on average six spray settings. However, the Waterpik AAD-773T goes one step further here with a total of seven different options! From rain to massaging and mist to succulence, this will be a more personal choice.

Handheld or wall mount-only

A dual shower head offers such advantages of being both fixed and handheld. Those handheld only shower heads are entirely different product types that you will find are more temporary items that attach to your bath taps. With all products here being dual shower heads, you get an option to use them in two different ways, – as handheld, fixed or simultaneously. The only model that doesn’t offer a handheld option here is the Waterpik AAD-773T, with its minimalistic makeup.

Hose length

Hose length

The hose length of your dual shower head will once again be more of a personal preference.

The longer the hose, the more accessible the shower when you remove it from its base to manually shower – and the more practical for those who are perhaps taller than average and need a longer reaching hose to place higher up in their shower!
Most hose lengths, including these featured review products, are around the 5ft range.

Shower head material and finish

Nearly all dual shower heads are designed using stainless steel properties in their makeup. For obvious reasons, the last thing you want to experience is rust after using your shower just a couple of times. Stainless steel is perhaps the most effective and more practical of finishings. However, you may also find chrome finishings, which merely offer a cleaner overall appearance. Be careful of those dual shower heads that are made from plastic. They are less likely to go the distance and apart from a few rare models, do not look good in bathrooms.

Shower head dimensions

The dimensions of your chosen dual shower head are essential because the more significant the surface here, the more accessible the water spray and flow is each time you shower. Furthermore, if you’re looking for that penultimate of spa-like experiences, your shower head dimension will matter much. The AquaDance 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo is designed to offer a more luxurious proportion at seven inches.

Flow rate

Flow rate

With all shower heads sold with removable restrictors, it’s worth taking a few minutes to read through each product description and check whether your chosen model also has this feature. By being able to remove this restrictor, you can increase the flow rate of your dual shower head, and this is what most people choose to do. This is perhaps the only way that you can experience the more powerful and increased water pressure and benefit from the many spray settings these wonderful models offer.

Diverter valve

Many of these reviewed products will offer a diverter value, and this is a small but essential piece of kit which allows you to switch the direct water flow between the two shower heads. This should be a simple switch, as the idea here is thoroughly practical, rather than having to search and seek out a button or other method while you are enjoying your shower! These models all offer a three-way diverter, and that is the standard option you should be looking for in such products.

Anti-clog nozzles

Dual shower heads are the more potent of shower appliances, and this is only made possible when their water flow isn’t restricted.

The best model should be one that actively works to reduce any limescale build up and prevent bacteria from clogging the nozzles and lessening the showers power.
The AquaStar Elite Spa Shower Head Combo is the perfect example of a model which works to ensure less clogging and increases the water pressure available throughout.


Installing a dual shower head should be perhaps one of the easier of jobs to do, especially when compared to installing a shower from scratch! This is primarily because these models only need a standard current shower arm in place which they merely mount on to. With all of these models not requiring tools or plumbing knowledge, any one of these products can be installed and indeed used within a few minutes flat.


Finally, many people prefer to purchase a dual shower head which offers a satisfactory guarantee should anything happen with the product once it’s installed. You may have noticed that a couple of these reviewed models offer a lifetime warranty. This makes them some of the more attractive of models because not only does it show the company has complete confidence in their product, it also means should anything happen to your dual shower head, you can get in touch directly with the company and discuss repairs or replacements with the least amount of hassle.


With all these reviewed shower heads, you can use both heads at the same time, and this should be the case for all dual shower heads. This dual purpose is one of their most beneficial features as it is what distinguishes a dual shower head from a standard single shower head. To get the best experience this shower type can offer you, every dual shower head here gives you double the shower experience in one go.

The great thing about all of these dual shower heads reviewed here is that neither one requires you to call in the experts to fit them! As well as not needing any tools, you also don’t need any prior plumbing experience to fit any of these models. They all directly mount to your current shower arm. This is also what makes them the more accessible of products for many people who don’t consider themselves great at home DIY projects!

Because of its dual aspect, a dual shower head does allow for two people to shower together. Therefore, they are great for a couple taking a shower together, but they can also offer a parent the chance to take a longer shower while taking their child in with them at the same time.

Some people worry that dual shower heads equal dual water bills! However, the concept of these shower types encourages a more directed and powerful spray each time, through their many practical water pressure features. Therefore, though it may have two shower heads as such, the spray is quicker and more forceful, meaning your shower should be faster in response.

Our Verdict

Hopefully, by combining our extensive review list and detailed buying guide, you will feel more informed now as to the best dual shower head for your current needs.

Our favorite on the list here is the AquaDance 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo, just because this is the best all-around model that offers a more extensive than average rainfall experience which is hard to beat! The second choice is the fantastically designed Ana Bath High Pressure Dual Combo Shower SS5450CBN, highlighting that dual shower heads can not only offer a great experience, but also look spectacular in the bathroom. Third is the AquaDance Rainfall Shower Combo, with its Advanced Microban technology feature which means more time showering and less time cleaning!

Overall, all of these products show that dual shower heads are a brilliant concept and can turn a boring non-descript shower into something resembling that of a spa-like or rainfall experience every time you step beneath them – with the only problem stepping back out of them once you’ve discovered their many soothing properties!

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