5 Magnificent DXRacer Chairs for Perfect Gaming and Working Experience

Last updatedLast updated: September 14, 2021
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A DXRacer gaming chair will transform your gaming experience, delivering comfort and adjustability that allows you to play for hours without having to worry about body aches or posture. But where to begin? There is such a wide variety of gaming chairs that finding the right fit can be tricky. And that’s what we’re here for – to help you pick the best DXRacer chair.

We’ve tested 32 different chairs and can confidently single out the DXRacer King Series OH/KS06/NB as the best buy in the DXRacer range of gaming chairs. Its full-size steel frame and higher weight and height limit mean the chair is suitable for use across a wide range of body types. An ergonomic design and high-density padding make this chair comfy even when used for long stretches. Read more on this and rival chairs in our Product Reviews segment.

For this review, we looked at all the factors that impact the usability of a gaming chair, from the chair’s height, height limit, and weight capacity to the rotation and tilting mechanism and materials used to make the chair. All these determine how good the chair is and who can use the chair. In the buying guide, we’ll address each of these features in depth and show you how to analyze them when buying a gaming chair. We’ve broken down the review into segments for ease of reading. There’s a comparison table, in-detail reviews of each product, a buying guide, and FAQs that answer your most pressing questions about DXRacer chairs.

Top 5 DXRacer Chairs Review 2021


DXRacer King Series OH/KS06/NBEditor’s Choice

  • Height: 52’’-55’’
  • Weight capacity: 275 lb
  • Height limit: 6’2’’
  • Materials: vinyl, polyurethane leather

More features: 360-degree swivel base, 3-inch double caster wheels, high density foam padding, class 4 gas lift, metal frame

DXRacer King Series OH/KS06/NB is built for taller folks, with the manufacturer’s recommended user height being 5’9″-6’2″. That said, the adjustable height makes the chair a good choice for shorter folks, although even at its shortest height, this chair might still be too high for some people. The well-padded armrests are adjustable, too, so you can change the positioning and height for whatever you’re doing at the moment. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, although the recommended max weight is 275 lbs. The extra-large and wider design of the frame provides ample space for bigger individuals to sit comfortably.

A 360-degree swivel base gives you 100% flexibility in positioning the chair, allowing you to turn and speedily change direction as needed. You can also adjust the angle of the chair to any degree. Factor in the rocking function and the 3″ double caster PU wheels that facilitate rolling, and you have a high level of flexibility in moving around.

The raised sides are so designed to keep you comfortable when you’re seated with your legs together. If you have wider thighs or you like to spread your legs while seated, you may find this design too limiting, and if you choose to spread your legs anyway, it won’t be long before the metal sides begin to dig into your legs.

What makes it special?

  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Well-padded
  • Rocking function
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Full-size frame
  • Lumbar and headrest cushions

What cons did we find?

  • Raised sides make the seating area restrictive

DXRacer Tank Series OH/TS29/NEBest Gaming

  • Height: 52’’-55’’
  • Weight capacity: 400 lb
  • Height limit: 6’6’’
  • Materials: polyurethane leather

More features: metal frame, 3-inch caster wheels, heavy duty tilt, 4 class gas lift, 120-degree back angle

The DXRacer Tank Series OH/TS29/NE is ergonomically designed, with an extra high backrest providing support for the back and neck. It is built for the taller folks among us, with DXRacer recommending it for people who are between 6’1″ and 6’6″ tall. Its wide frame ensures you don’t get squished in the chair if you’re heavyset, and with a max weight capacity of 425 lbs, it is without doubt the chair of choice for heavier people. One thing we especially like about this chair is how the sides are designed. Instead of the high, narrow design seen in most chairs and which forcibly squeezes your bottom onto the seat, the sides in this chair lean away from the seat, providing extra space for your butt and thighs if you’re bottom-heavy, and then rising ever so slightly to hold you in place and offer support.

The seat back is fully adjustable, so you can lower or raise the chair to get a comfortable sitting position. The 4D armrests are adjustable and multi-directional, so you can set them in your preferred position and height. And while the chair does not lean all the way back, it has a 120-degree back tilt angle that allows you to assume a relaxed posture.

This chair comes with a free lumbar cushion and headrest pillow for extra support.

Why did it make our list?

  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wide frame
  • Multidirectional 4D armrests
  • High weight and height capacity
  • Breathable PU material
  • Lumbar and headrest cushions

What is not ideal about it?

  • Expensive
  • Height: 50’’-53’’
  • Weight capacity: 200 lb
  • Height limit: 5’8’’
  • Materials: strong mesh, polyurethane leather

More features: 4 class gas lift, high density foam padding, nylon base, 2-inch caster wheels, adjustable armrest, 135° back angle

The DXRacer Formula Series OH/FD101/N will comfortably accommodate people who are 5’8″ tall or shorter. It has a weight capacity of 200 lbs, with the manufacturer recommending a max user weight of 180 lbs. The chair’s strong steel frame is built to last, and as a show of good faith, the manufacturer issues a lifetime warranty on this part of the chair. A strong and breathable mesh and polyurethane material covers the frame, and beneath this is high density foam padding to enhance comfort. The choice of a breathable material for the seat was an excellent decision that eliminates the sweat problem so common in most chairs. So even if you sit for 8 hours or more, you will not contend with sweat patches on the back or seat area.

Adjustable armrests and a conventional tilt mechanism allow you to change the positioning of the chair as desired for a more comfortable sitting position. If you would like a more relaxed posture, you can angle the back to between 90 degrees and 135 degrees.

A nylon, 5-point base offers ample support, and a Class 4 gas lift allows you to adjust the chair for varying heights. Two-inch caster wheels help with the swivel motion of the chair. The plastic casing on the wheels is prone to cracking, though, so you may need to replace these sooner than you thought.

What are our favorite features?

  • Compact design
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Breathable mesh and PU
  • Excellent padding
  • Lumbar and headrest cushions
  • Attractive price

What could be better?

  • Wheels crack easily

DXRacer Racing Series OH/RV131/NRBest Adjustability

  • Height: 50’’-53’’
  • Weight capacity: 225 lb
  • Height limit: 6’
  • Materials: vinyl, polyurethane leather

More features: 135° back angle, adjustable armrests, 3-inch caster wheels

The DXRacer Racing Series OH/RV131/NR is modeled after the DXRacer Formula Series but features a distinctly taller and wider backrest, which makes it ideal for slightly heavy users. It has a recommended max user weight of 220 lbs. It will accommodate people who are 5’8″- 6’2″ tall, with the height limit being 6’3″. The chair is 27 inches wide, a size that allows users with a small to medium build to fit in snugly.

Its solid metal frame is strong and durable, and guarantees you years of use. The chair is covered in breathable leather-style vinyl and polyurethane material, which means you don’t have to worry about sweat pooling around in places when you sit on the chair for long. Beneath the cover is long-lasting, high-density mold shaping form that keeps you comfortable as you use the chair.

It has 3″ PU caster wheels for easy rotating and an inlaid color bar base that provides the stability needed to hold your body weight. You can adjust the 4D armrests up to 90 degrees, and the back seat up to 135 degrees. The chair uses a class 4 gas lift to allow for height adjustment, and a multi-functional mechanism complemented by a large adjustor area enables you to effectively adjust the positioning, angle, and height of the chair.

What are its best features?

  • Hardy metal frame
  • Breathable leather-like vinyl and PU
  • High density mold shaping foam
  • 4D armrests
  • Wide caster wheels
  • Lumbar and headrest cushions

What could be improved?

  • Doesn't support heavily built users
  • Height: 50’’-53’’
  • Weight capacity: 200 lb
  • Height limit: 6’
  • Materials: strong mesh, polyurethane leather

More features: 2-inch caster wheels, nylon base, adjustable armrests, metal frame, 4 class gas lift, 135° back angle

The DXRacer Racing Series OH/RW106/NE will comfortably accommodate a height of 5’11” to 6′ and supports up to 200 lbs in body weight. It’s ergonomically designed, with a waterfall seat that provides optimal support to your back, thighs, and back of knees. The chair’s sturdy metal frame and thickened chassis offer stability and durability. So much that it’s BIFMA certified for strength and durability. However, it is narrow and may not be the best choice for broad-shouldered or heavier built individuals. If you have a broad upper body, you may struggle to fit into the chair, or if you do, the area just below the headrest will dig into your body, causing discomfort.

The combination of adjustable 3D armrests, class 4 gas lift, and a multifunctional mechanism makes it possible to adjust the angle, height and positioning of the chair. The back seat adjusts up to 135 degrees and tilts smoothly, making it easy for you to lean back when you want to switch from the upright position. Two-inch caster wheels make rotating and moving the chair smooth, and a sturdy nylon base provides the stability needed to carry your body weight.

The seat is covered in a breathable mesh and polyurethane material that keeps the chair clean and odor free. Beneath this is high density mold shaping foam that adjusts to your body shape, preventing pressure and keeping you comfortable.

Why did it make our list?

  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Thick chassis
  • Lumbar and headrest cushions
  • BIFMA (SGS) certified
  • Good pricing

What is not ideal about it?

  • Expensive
  • May be uncomfortable for users with wide shoulders

Things to Consider

From the product reviews, you can see how much the weight range supported by each chair varies. This alone should give you a good idea of the chairs that can safely and comfortably accommodate your weight and height. In the buying guide below, we’ll look at additional features that distinguish one DXRacer chair from the other and the factors to consider when buying a chair.

Why choose DXRacer chairs?

5 Magnificent DXRacer Chairs for Perfect Gaming and Working Experience

DXRacer uses high quality material for all its chairs, which makes these chairs strong and durable. They offer the stability you need if you spend long hours gaming or working.

Moreover, DXRacer chairs are fully customizable and adjustable to suit different needs. You can adjust the height to a level that’s appropriate for your body measurements and work desk.

Likewise, the armrests can be adjusted to offer full support for your wrists and elbows, again, depending on your body measurements.

They are also fitted with high density shape molding foam that not only ensures your comfort but retains its shape even with long stretches of use.

Price ranges

DXRacer chair prices range between $200+ and $600, with a few premium models going for as high as $800. There are plenty of options within this range, right from the lower price point to the highest. The inspiring thing about this brand is that they use quality materials across all their products. For instance, all their chairs have a steel frame.

Best DXRacer chair can be found by the following features

Let’s now address the individual features that define DXRacer chairs and how to go about choosing a chair based on these features.

Height adjustment

Height adjustability allows you to change the height of the chair to a level that corresponds to your height and the height of your desk if you’re using the chair for work. All DXRacer chairs have a height adjustment setting that you can manipulate to raise or lower the chair as needed.

Built-in speakers

Choosing a chair with built-in speakers means you won’t need to connect a separate speaker to your gaming console or entertainment unit. Such come with the speakers and/or surround system built into the chair, and this provides a personalized, immersive sound experience. You have the option of connecting the speakers to your console via Bluetooth or through an adapter.


5 Magnificent DXRacer Chairs for Perfect Gaming and Working Experience

DXRacer chairs come in a wide range of design options. From narrow chairs like DXRacer Formula Series OH/FD101/N and DXRacer Racing Series OH/RW106/NE to wider chairs like the DXRacer Tank Series OH/TS29/NE that can accommodate users with a heavier build, there is a design for every body type. The varying sizes and shapes also make it easy to identify a chair that is suitable for the available space. The last thing you want is to end up with a chair that is too big for the space you have.

You can also choose a design that complements your interior. DXRacer offers chairs in such a broad variety of styles and colors that you’ll quickly find a chair that fits right in with your home setting.

Materials used

The best chairs are sturdy, stable, and durable, and this is, in large part, due to the materials used. DXRacer curves its chair framework out of steel and uses precise joinery to hold it together and guarantee a lifetime of use.

High quality foam makes the chair comfortable to sit in for hours. DXRacer uses shape molding foam to deliver uncompromising support and comfort, and because this type of foam retains its shape and form, it will not shrink or wear out quickly with heavy use.

For the seat cover, you want to pick a material that is firm yet soft and comfortable to sit on, and easy to clean. For its chairs, DXRacer uses breathable polyurethane and mesh or vinyl, which is durable and comfortable.


DXRacer chairs come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on parts. This is a pointer to the trust the company has in its products and the quality of workmanship they’ve employed to create these chairs. They also have a 30-day return policy that comes with a restocking fee attached, and an order cancellation policy that is only applicable prior to shipment.

Rotation and tilting

5 Magnificent DXRacer Chairs for Perfect Gaming and Working Experience

Any chair where you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time day in, day out should be flexible enough to allow you to change its positioning from time to time. A rotation and tilting function makes this possible. DXRacer chairs have a base and five-point wheel system that supports rotation. Additionally, they have a large adjustment angle that enables you to tilt the chair up to 135 degrees so you can slightly lean back.

Supporting cushions

These provide extra support to your lumbar region, neck, and head. You only need two: one goes under your lower back and the other goes to the back of your head. DXRacer offers the two free with each chair, so you don’t need to buy these separately when you purchase a DXRacer gaming chair. They are designed to enhance your comfort while using the chair and to relieve lumbar pressure.

Weight capacity

The chair’s weight capacity determines who can use the chair based on the chair’s weight limit. Chairs like DXRacer Tank Series OH/TS29/NE can support up to 400 lbs in boy weight and are therefore ideal for heavy-set users. Chairs with a lower weight limit, such as DXRacer Formula Series OH/FD101/N, are the best choice for users who are slender or have a medium build.

How to assemble a DXRacer chair

5 Magnificent DXRacer Chairs for Perfect Gaming and Working Experience

Start by assembling the casters. If the metal circle is too big, adjust it using pliers. Next, attach the foot rest covers, and then attach the hydraulic pump and set aside.

Assemble the adjustor, where you join the backrest and bottom. To do so, remove the preinstalled bolts from the backrest, place the backrest (in an upright position) on the backend of the seat to attach and reinstall the bolts.

Attach the side covers. Attach the conventional tilt mechanism/multi-functional mechanism onto the back of the chair and secure it with bolts. The conventional tilt mechanism has a label written “front”, while in the multi-functional mechanism, the front is the side with the large plastic knob.

Attach the pump you assembled earlier to the chair. Attach the lumbar cushion. Slip one end of the cushion straps between the backrest and seat so they come out at the back of the chair. Then slip the other end of the straps through the slots at the upper part of the chair. Clip the straps together at the back of the chair.

Attach the head pillow by slipping the cord through each of the two slots at the top of the chair and holding them in place using the provided attachment.

Your chair is ready to use. The installation instruments are included in the package, along with all the accessories you need to assemble the chair, including bolts and an Allen wrench.

How to choose a gaming chair?

Two things you want to prioritize when choosing a gaming chair are durability and comfort. The quality of materials will tell you if the chair meets both. You’re investing a lot of money in buying the chair so you should be able to use it for years. Likewise, you shouldn’t have to pause your game and stand up often because you’re sore.

Pick a chair that is ergonomically-designed. It’s more comfortable and health fostering.

Don’t ignore the chair dimensions. They’ll determine whether the chair fits in your gaming room or not.


DXRacer USA has its headquarters and factory in Michigan, US, where it does all its product research, design, and development. All their chairs meet various international standards, among them BIFMA, SGS, and TUV SUD. The company also has showrooms across the country, with their flagship showrooms located in Michigan and California, and additional showrooms in LAN centers in Las Vegas, Kansas, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Use gentle cleansers to clean your PU leather DXRacer, taking care not to scrub hard, even on the caster wheels. If your chair has a mesh material, you may occasionally use a vacuum to remove any dust that might be trapped inside the chair. You don’t need to use a vacuum cleaner if the chair has a PU cover; a simple wipe down with a microfiber cloth is enough. Wash the metal parts of the frame, armrests and base using a gentle cleanser and wipe dry with a cloth.

Our Verdict

The DXRacer King Series OH/KS06/NB is our top choice. We like its wide, full frame that comfortably accommodates users with broad upper bodies. Coupled with the high weight capacity, these two features make it a great choice for heavier users. We also like the 360-degree swivel action that makes rotating swift and smooth.

Our second choice is the DXRacer Tank Series OH/TS29/NE, an ergonomically-designed chair that is super comfortable. We like the multidirectional armrests and the wide backrest and seat, two features that were clearly designed with heavily built users in mind. The high height and weight capacity is a major attraction that allows virtually anyone to use the chair.

Our third best DXRacer chair is the DXRacer Formula Series OH/FD101/N. We like its compact design as it allows you to fit the chair in small spaces. The breathable mesh and PU cover and the 135-degree back angle are other major pluses.

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