6 Comfiest Recliners for Back Pain – Be Open to a Healthy Life!

Last updatedLast updated: September 11, 2021
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A recliner is a chair with a difference! As well as offering the option to sit up straight as you would on a standard chair, a recliner allows you to extend the chair back to find a position which suits your requirements. With an additional footrest attached, you can also put your feet up comfortably and take the weight off completely. This makes them excellent choices for relaxing your back and any aching joints. Though you’ll find most advertised as the best recliner for back pain, new parents and nursing mothers will also benefit greatly from these products.

This review highlights those essential features of the six best recliners for back pain which are currently retailing on the market. It looks at the overall dimensions and weight of each recliner, discussing the cover material in detail and addresses additional features, like a warranty. It will also explain why these features are the most important to consider when searching for that perfect recliner.

By searching the market to find the best recliner for back pain, we’ve compiled our findings in a simple table. This way you can clearly see how and why we’ve given our ratings. You can also read in further detail what each recliner offers you for your money. Additionally, we’ve included an extensive buying guide to help you get the best from your purchase, alongside ensuring that you’ve all the information you need to hand before you make your final decision.

Top 6 Best Recliners for Back Pain Review 2021

  • Back dimensions: 28 H inches
  • Seat dimensions: 22 D x 22 W inches
  • Overall dimensions: 38.5″H x 33.5″W x 30.7″L
  • Weight: 97 pounds
  • Cover material: polyester
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: firm back with a lumbar pillow; plush pop-up leg rest

The DaVinci Piper All-Purpose Upholstered Recliner is our Editor’s choice due to its impressive functions of a recliner and glider, coupled with its stunning and rather modernistic overall appearance. The cream soft polyester fabric is durable and is free of chemical retardants. This makes it an excellent choice of use in the nursery for parents. However, for those looking to alleviate symptoms of back pain, this recliner offers not just a firm backing but most importantly extra lower back support in the shape of an additional lumbar pillow. The metal base of this recliner allows the user a 360-degree swivel motion, but it’s smooth and gentle in transit and glides back and forth with relative ease. Better still, the reclining mechanism is wholly hidden allowing a more streamlined look, which is excellent news for those looking to purchase a recliner and place it in their home but don’t necessarily want it to look like a standard recliner. Complete with a plush pop up leg rest, the DaVinci Piper All-Purpose Upholstered Recliner provides the ultimate in comfort whether you’re looking for a practical solution to pain or just want to obtain some luxury from your chair choice.

Customers purchasing the DaVinci Piper All-Purpose Upholstered Recliner consider it a quality designed recliner which offers not only maximum comfort when in use but also looks stylish when placed in the room. The addition of the lumbar pillow also rates highly with many as it gets to work on soothing the back area which needs it the most.

What do we love it for?

  • Easy access handle located on the inner side of the seat
  • Additional lumber pillow supplied
  • Streamlined in appearance

What were we disappointed with?

  • Some customers find the swivel and rocking movement a too noisy

Ashley Furniture Yandel Power Lift ReclinerMost Advanced Technology

  • Back dimensions: not specified
  • Seat dimensions: 20 H x 19 W x 21 D inches
  • Overall dimensions: 42.5 H x 35 W x 40.5 D inches
  • Weight: 139 pounds
  • Cover material: polyester
  • Warranty: 3/5-year limited warranty purchased separately

More features: comes with remote control and a backup battery; dual motors control the footrest and back independently

The Ashley Furniture Yandel Power Lift Recliner is our choice for the more contemporary of recliners with its worn leather look showcasing a signature design. This is a power lift recliner which means it comes with a built-in dual motor enabling it to lift and recline with the touch of a button – thanks to the control supplied. The control monitor has a simplistic design with just the four necessary buttons included for you to position the footrest down or up and do the same with the back. This ensures that you get that maximum personalized comfort each time. This model offers a generous sizing both when in standard sitting position and when in reclining mode, so many people can enjoy this one! Added to its infrastructure is a plush comfort with the recliner possessing comfort throughout because of its use of thick cushioning, a sturdy corner blocked frame and a reinforced metal seat to finish. A recliner which wouldn’t look out of place in any room, the black upholstery of this product is designed to look like leather but is actually a better feeling material of thick poly fiber. This means it not only looks great but feels great on the skin.

Customers who select the Ashley Furniture Yandel Power Lift Recliner do so not just because of its overall look, with the fabric offering a much softer feel than real leather and vinyl, but more so because of its dual motor feature. This is considered to be both quiet and smooth when in use and offers multifunctional applications throughout.

What do we love it for?

  • Dual-motor function
  • Simplistic controls
  • Poly fiber material
  • Generous sizing
  • Pillow top armrests

What were we disappointed with?

  • Some customers would like to see the footrest offer a little more height
  • Back dimensions: 30.5 H x 26.5 W inches
  • Seat dimensions: 19 H x 22 W x 20 L inches
  • Overall dimensions: 42 H x 30 W x 34 L inches
  • Weight: 87 pounds
  • Cover material: ‘Top Grain’ leather
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: comes with an angled ottoman; 360-degree parameter swivel

The Mac Motion Oslo Collection Hamar Recliner is one of our most visually stunning recliners, and the only type on here which comes complete with its own angled ottoman. Because the ottoman is not attached to the recliner itself, it means that this model can double up as a regular chair, making it perfect if you don’t want a typical looking recliner in your room! With a 360-degree parameter swivel at its base, alongside an adjustable reclining back, this recliner is fully adaptable to your circumstances and does all of this with just one single handle. Getting into the required position has therefore never been easier. Not only one of the most luxurious of recliners visually, all Oslo recliners include a memory foam in their makeup with solid core foam seating making it more comfortable and extra supportive. Though this is the most expensive model on the list, the many additional features such as breathable air leather, the angled ottoman, and the convenient swivel feature make this an all year-round high-quality recliner which offers superb support and relaxation for those suffering from back pain.

Customers choosing the Mac Motion Oslo Collection Hamar Recliner love the leather materials used in the chair, finding it makes the recliner look like an ordinary chair rather than just a recliner. This model also offers superior back support and is throughout comfortable overall. The reclining and swiveling aspect are said to be smooth with the chair’s construction durable. Several customers even report their back pain has eased through the sturdy lumbar support this model offers all users.

What stands out?

  • Generous amounts of memory foam used in its makeup
  • Easy recline action
  • Conveniently swivels for practicality
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Additional angled ottoman

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Some customers find this material wears quicker
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Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding ReclinerBest for Lower Back Pain

  • Back dimensions: not specified
  • Seat dimensions: 12 W inches
  • Overall dimensions: 41.5 H x 29.25 W x 37 D inches
  • Weight: 89 pounds
  • Cover material: linen-look fabric
  • Warranty: 2/3-year limited warranty purchased separately

More features: 3 functional positions; able to swivel, glide and recline.

The Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner may have the description baby in its title, but this recliner works at offering maximum relief to those who suffer from back pain. Though it is predominately marketed towards the baby market, in no way does this recliner visually suggest so! In fact, its modern design would make it a perfect addition to any household particularly with its upholstery – which is the easier to clean. With an option of keeping the recliner closed, partially opening it or fully opening it up to gain a maximum comforting position, the enclosed mechanism of this product is a ball bearing which ensures smooth gliding and swivel rotating functions throughout. What’s more is that this recliner doesn’t just offer great leg resting qualities (which is ideal for lower back pain relief) but also works on keeping your arms comfortable at the same time. This is due to its track arm design meaning you have a spacious area to place your arms, which some recliners don’t always pay too much attention to in their construction. With a convenient lever placement at the top side of the armrest this model allows you to get into your best positioning with relatively little hassle.

Customers of the Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner believe it to be a thoroughly durable recliner which lasts from those baby days to beyond. A comfortable product, the ability to recline as far back as it does is also a winner with many customers as well as the smooth swivel function. It’s also suggested it doesn’t take up too much space in the room.

What makes it special?

  • Offers maximum pain relief for bad backs
  • Smooth and varied reclining positions
  • Track arm design
  • Good placing of the lever
  • Easy care upholstery

What cons did we find?

  • The strength needed to get the recline positions as well as when pushing the footrest back
  • Some customers notice a slight creaky noise when operating this recliner
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  • Back dimensions: 29.1 H x 20.9 W inches
  • Seat dimensions: 17.7 H x 19.7 W x 22.1 L inches
  • Overall dimensions: 38.6 H x 27.6 W x 35.8 D inches
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Cover material: PU leather
  • Warranty: 30-day money back guarantee; 3-year limited warranty purchased separately

More features: thick padded seat and back; steel frame; adjustable footrest.

The Homall Single Recliner Chair is our best budget buy, with a fantastic price tag of a little over $100. The most multi-functional of chairs, this model resembles theater seating at its best! Available to choose from a variety of color, our favorite one here is the black leather version. With three stages to the positioning of this chair, customers can choose from sitting straight, slightly reclined or fully reclined, whatever takes your fancy! This quick switch design can be accessed with a straightforward pull tag which is conveniently located at the top of the armrest. Made using high-quality PU leather, it contains a higher density of thick sponge as well. These materials serve to offer a more comforting chair which is gentle on the skin, easy to clean and extremely comfortable. The lush back of this recliner makes it suitable for many people whether with ailments or not, but the quick switch design aims to ease those experiencing ongoing back pain predominately. The adjustable footrest which makes up this recliner consists of a sturdy steel frame which is boosted by a thick foam padding here.

Customers choosing the Homall Single Recliner Chair find it a perfect product which offers the user so much choice – yet all for a smaller price tag. The quality is mentioned many times by satisfied customers who are surprised considering its one of the more budget recliners on the market! It’s considered by many to be easy to put into recline mode and then sit back up again. This model definitely surprises many with its durability.

What makes it stand out?

  • Cheaper priced recliner
  • Three stage positioning
  • Sturdy adjustable footrest
  • Easy to care for and clean

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Some customers find this small and narrow
  • Not much in the way of cushioning or padding on the back or arms for continued support
  • No handle or lever to recline, instead there’s a pull tag
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Christopher Knight Home Elizabeth ReclinerMost Classical Look

  • Back dimensions: not specified
  • Seat dimensions: 19 H x 20.5 W x 21.5 D inches
  • Overall dimensions: 40.50 H x 35 W x 29.50 D inches
  • Weight: 69.5 pounds
  • Cover material: PU leather
  • Warranty: 3/5-year limited warranty purchased separately

More features: tufted back; cushioned seat.

The Christopher Knight Home Elizabeth Recliner is our choice of the more traditional and classical looking of recliners which would sit beautifully in any home. However, it wouldn’t look out of place in a study or library either! A somewhat more of a statement piece, this recliner is constructed with a visually exquisite bonded leather but still works on giving maximum comfort to the user through its cushioned seat. With a tufted back in its design, this recliner offers adequate shape and height to its backing to ensure that most heights can access the chair with ease and be fully supported throughout. The design of the armrests adds continued comfort. Offering a more relaxed recline, rather than a huge drop back, this model doesn’t provide a lever to access the recline position but instead allows you to manually place your weight back and sink into the recline in the most natural way possible. However, what the Christopher Knight Home Elizabeth Recliner aims to work on predominantly is keeping your back in the best position every time as you sit in it – with its use of adequality firm cushioning used in the backing.

Customers who’ve purchased the Christopher Knight Home Elizabeth Recliner highly rate its classical look, especially if you’re after a recliner which doesn’t quite resemble a recliner and want a more visual centerpiece displayed in your room! The idea that you can use this chair as a standard chair, while still getting the many benefits from its cushioned and comfortable backing, is also a great attraction for many customers.

What do we love it for?

  • Classical look
  • Tufted back
  • Cushioned seating and armrests

What were we disappointed with?

  • No lever to access the reclining position

Things to Consider

Now that you’ve had a good look at some of our best-rated recliners for back pain, why not take a little time to look through some essential additional information? This is a Buying Guide which we have included here to offer you as much practical advice and information to help you get the best recliner for your specific needs. By using this, you can ensure that the model you’re looking for ticks all of your required boxes before you spend your hard-earned cash.

How can a reclining chair help with your back pain?

Recliner for Back Pain

Health experts claim that recliners work best for those suffering from back pain because they encourage a better position than that of sitting up straight. When we sit up straight, we continually contract our muscles.

In a reclining position, the weight is taken off our backs, and there is no unnecessary stress placed on any area of the body. This means our muscles begin to relax. By making use of the added footrest in a recliner, we can also elevate our legs to not only prevent any muscle strain but meanwhile improve our blood circulation.


Features to consider while choosing the recliner

There are some essential features to think about before you purchase a recliner. From the leg rest to the number of recline positions offered and the types of material used in its makeup, there are many features you may want to look into first before getting the recliner that is right for your individual needs. The essential elements, discussed in the above reviews, are all listed below and explained in more detail to help you select the best model.



It’s highly recommended that you take a closer look at the exact measurements of each recliner when searching for that perfect one. This is just because there isn’t one standard size when it comes to these products, just as there isn’t with any other type of standard chair. Therefore, if you’re a taller person, you may struggle with a recliner which doesn’t offer you vital head and neck support. If you need more width than a standard chair offers, some of the narrower recliners could make it near impossible to get comfortable in. Likewise, if you are short, you may discover that reaching that leg rest naturally just doesn’t happen. Don’t make the mistake of buying a recliner without getting an exact measurement of it beforehand. The table above here lists all the required sizes for you in order to save your time.


Though some customers may not pay as much attention to the weight of their chosen recliner, there’s no doubt that these products do weigh a lot more than their standard counterpart chairs. This is simply due to their additional features such as steel construction within them, their swivel bases and of course that extended footrest which needs to include an extra level of support within it. Therefore, though you may not think the weight makes a difference, if you’re intending on moving your recliner around, you’ll need to bear this in mind. Some customers purchasing these products find they need to place it in an area whereby it won’t have to be moved again, as they aren’t the most practical of chairs to keep hauling around the home!

Cover material

6 Comfiest Recliners for Back Pain – Be Open to a Healthy Life!Once again, consider the type of material of your intended recliner carefully before you make your decision. There’s an enormous choice of fabrics available from polyester to PU leather, and each material has a certain feel to it, often differing significantly from the other.

Think about how you prefer your ordinary chairs. Do you find that leather keeps you cool in summer but gets too cold when winter comes around? Or, does fabric cause you to overheat during those summer months but keep you warmer during those colder of months? The Mac Motion Oslo Collection Hamar Recliner can solve this with its breathable air leather to keep you fresh in summer and warm in winter.

The type of material you select here may come down to personal preference, but it’s also worth noting that now many recliners are designed using a combination of material, such as the Ashley Furniture Yandel Power Lift Recliner which uses thick poly fiber.

Look out for what each material used states it can do for you. Additionally, check how easy the material is to care for and whether it can be cleaned quickly enough. This is especially important if you have children or pets in your home.


An excellent suggestion to ensure your recliner serves you well is to look at the warranty it comes complete with before making your final decision. This is because a recliner is a working chair, as such, and therefore could be open to a select number of problems over time. The tilting mechanism, the footrest lift, and the swivel design are all features that you do not want to experience problems with as they will detract from the overall purpose of the recliner. Therefore, look to those warranties that will offer some assurance that should this happen, you’ll be covered by some form of guarantee.

All the reviewed recliners offer a minimum of a one-year warranty, but some will extend this to up to five years. However, check whether that means having to purchase an additional warranty outright before you act.


If your recliner does come with a motor or specific electronic features, you may want to know that should they fail to work, you are covered for someone to investigate the problem, making sure you aren’t left for a long time without your beloved recliner!

Extra features

How it looks visually is often one of the most significant considerations for many people when they purchase a recliner. Recliners were at one time seen as old-fashioned and an elderly person’s preference of chairs – some coming complete with designs and patterns to match this concept. However, with more and more people of all ages experiencing back pain or even those merely wanting to purchase a more comfortable type of chair in general, recliners do not longer seem as old-fashioned and bulky looking.

Just take a look at the Mac Motion Oslo Collection Hamar Recliner and the Christopher Knight Home Elizabeth Recliner for example. At first glance, you wouldn’t even think they were recliners if they were sat pride of place in someone else’s home!

Additionally, you may want to think beforehand as to where you’re going to place your recliner when you get it home. A recliner with a footrest needs to have room both in front of it and behind it to be able to access its reclining features to the fullest. This means no other chairs in the way or tables and cupboards or even people! When measuring up for this product, be sure to look at the size of the chair in regards to its fully opened up positioning. This way it’s not too much of a shock when you do go to recline on your chair only to find that your designated room doesn’t allow for this.

There are also coupled recliners for families on the market. That is a great way to surprise your beloved one. Usually, they are very comfy and go with cupholders and extra-large armrests. If you are interested take a look at the best models available.


While some people will tell you that leather and PU materials are the best at keeping you cool, with fabrics such as polyester and cotton keeping you warm, many recliners are designed with a mixture of materials which aim to work at providing users with a balance. The DaVinci Piper All-Purpose Upholstered Recliner is an excellent example of a recliner with a durable heathered polyester fabric which works to maintain an average temperature, rather than allow you to overheat.

If you are taller than average or heavier in size, it’s a good idea to find out the measurements of a recliner before going ahead and purchasing it. This is because some recliners can be narrow and small in structure, such as the Homall Single Recliner Chair. Others may not extend the height of their backing to accommodate taller people, such as the GDF Studio Elizabeth Leather Recliner Arm Chair. If you need a roomier sized recliner, the Ashley Furniture Yandel Power Lift Recliner can thoroughly accommodate you here. For those taller of users, look for added headrests which add an increased height here.

It’s understandable that because recliners offer relief for those experiencing back problems that some people consider them as a better place to sleep, instead of in their bed. However, though it’s okay to fall asleep on the odd occasion in your recliner, it’s not a good idea to make this a common practice – unless your doctor or health practitioner has recommended so. For some people with sleep apnea or heart disease, and those women nearing the end of their pregnancy, some medical professionals will suggest taking to the recliner in a bid to get a couple of night’s good quality rest during such problematic times.

Our Verdict

By now, coupled with these detailed reviews and extensive buying guide, you should feel armed with the relevant and essential information that you need to help you make the best recliner purchases.

Our Editor’s choice, the DaVinci Piper All-Purpose Upholstered Recliner, is undoubtedly one of the best all-around recliners currently on the market. Not only does this model offer everything you need from a recliner, but it also looks great as it does so!

Second best on our list is the Ashley Furniture Yandel Power Lift Recliner, which is one of the more modern recliners we’ve seen but, most importantly, offers that great dual-motor element and is thoroughly roomy.

Finally, our third pick is the Mac Motion Oslo Collection Hamar Recliner, just because it doesn’t strive to look too outdated, with its accompanying ottoman, yet still offers what you need most from your recliner.

Overall, for the most natural back pain relief, a recliner is most certainly worth the initial outlay for long-term peace of mind.

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