How to Take Apart a Recliner in 7 Steps

Last updatedLast updated: August 27, 2021
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Do you want to learn about how you can disassemble your recliner? The chances are that you have been doing things the wrong way, and you are now tired of the guesswork.

You see, taking apart a recliner can be one of the easiest tasks in the world if only you know how to go about it. We want to make it simpler for you to disassemble your recliner and take it out of sight for safe-keeping.

If you are ready to do that, here is an exclusive guide on how to take apart a recliner. While the procedures in taking apart a recliner may differ by people, the result is usually the same. Your major concentration is to commit to memory the steps you took to disassemble the chair.

Note that you have two primary options when disassembling your recliner. The first is to remember the steps you followed to take apart the chair. The second is to consider taking pictures and labeling the different parts of the recliner so you can use them when assembling it.

Step-by-Step Disassembling Guide

Step #1: Disconnect the Recliner from the Power Source

How to Take Apart a Recliner in 7 Steps

Disconnecting the recliner from the power source gives you a free hand you need to start dismantling the parts.

The ideal way to do that is by pulling out the footrest and tip the backrest so that you can find it easier to continue with the rest of the process.

Step #2: Remember the Process

You don’t want to spend many hours the next time you want to connect or dismantle your recliner. You also don’t want to be in a position to spend money hiring someone to dismantle the recliner simply because you didn’t remember how you did it earlier.

That is why you must document the exact processes you followed when dismantling a recliner.

You can do that either by remembering (which would be very hard on you, though) or taking the easier route of taking pictures.

That way, you can easily assemble and disassemble the parts of the recliner at will because you already have some pictures to guide you.

Another excellent way to remember the dismantling process is to write out the steps on each part of the recliner. It’s a great idea to number each part.

Step #3: Locate the Release Mechanisms

How to Take Apart a Recliner in 7 Steps

The release or locking mechanisms also need to be located and dismantled. Keep in mind that there are different locations for the mechanism, depending on the model of the recliner.

Most Ashley recliners have their release/locking mechanisms located at the back of the chair.

Also, remember that some recliner models may have locking mechanisms located under the seat. If that is the case, you will have to reach under the seat only when the footrest is fully lifted.

Step #4: Pull the Flap Open

Things can get a bit tough here, but you can sure get around it. At this point, you need to take note of the material used in manufacturing your recliner for sleeping.

Most of them are made of fabric-covered materials, such as synthetic and microfiber. If yours is made of any of those materials, you are in luck.

All you need do is to find the flap, which is usually outlined with a hook-and-loop fastener. Once you locate it, the next thing to do is to find the edge of the lap and pull it open.

You will then see the mechanical parts and the frame of the recliner.

Besides, not all recliners have fabric materials. Some are made of leather materials. As such, the flap of the recliner may not be visible.

If that is the case, consider getting around it by going through the backrest seams. You will find the release there. Also, you may need to use a screwdriver to detach the backrest because of how firm it is. If you need a new cordless tool, the Bosch PS21-2A can do the trick.

Step #5: Lay the Recliner on its Back

Now, lay the recliner on its back so you can have a clear view of the exposed mechanisms. Note that you may have to tip the recliner if it is not attached.

Step #6: Examine the Parts

You want to place the chair in a position that you can easily see all the exposed mechanisms. You also want to set it upright when you are done so you can start disassembling the parts.

Note that the parts or various mechanisms of the chair that you will disassemble are the ones that hold the chair’s elements together. Some of them are bearings, springs, and screws. It is pertinent that you label those mechanisms so you can easily reach out and assemble them when you want to.

Step #7: Work on the Chair

You will do a lot of work here. So, be ready.

    • First, flip the recliner on its back once again so you can have a clear view of the footrest.
  • Remove the remaining screws with your screwdriver.
  • Apply a wrench to work on the other bearings.
  • Dismantle the footrest from the main structure of the chair.
  • Remove the base of the recliner too.
  • Dismantle the armrests by removing the parts that secure them to the frame of the chair. Start by removing the mounting brackets before removing the armrests.
  • Take off the rails and frame bearings that are in the position where the seat used to be.
  • Also, remove the backrest – and if you find springs there too, remove them.
  • Sometimes, recliners do have a motor system built into them. So, if yours has one, the last thing to do is to safely remove the motor system with all the wireworks attached to it.

If you follow all those steps to the latter, we are confident that you will not have a tough time with how to take apart a Catnapper or a Lazyboy recliner.

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How to Move a Recliner

Dismantling your recliner is just one side of the job. What if you don’t want to store the chair, but you want to move it instead?

Ordinarily, you would want to contact or hire the services of professional homeowners to help you move your recliner. But, that is usually if you are moving to a new apartment.

However, you can do the job yourself if all you wanted to do is to move or transfer your recliner from one part of your house to the other.

Before you even make any attempt at moving your recliner, have in mind that your chair is usually bulky. This is especially true about recliners for tall man or reclining sofas.

Adding to this is the fact that you are not just trying to move the recliner alone. You are also looking for a creative way to contain the general bulkiness of the chair while trying your best to prevent damages to your walls and floors when moving the chair.

Below is a guide on how to safely move or transfer your recliner from one part of your house to the other:

Measure the Pathway

How to Take Apart a Recliner in 7 Steps

Even if you are moving the recliner from a room to another, taking the measurement will help.

The importance of measuring the pathway from the different moving positions is that it helps you to compare the width of your recliner and that of the moving path.

A rule of thumb for this measurement is to measure the width of your recliner and that of the hallway where the chair will be passed through. Take note of the walls and the floor distance so that you will have an accurate measurement.

In some cases, the width of the recliner and that of the hallway may not match. Sometimes, it is because the bulk of the chair is bigger than the pathway.

If that if the case (especially with a Lazyboy recliner), the best thing to do is to learn how to take apart a Lazyboy recliner so you can easily take the chair into the room, piece by piece.

Clear the Hallway

Aside from removing certain parts from the recliner to reduce the bulk, it is also pertinent to clear the pathway where the chair will be moved.

Clear the objects and any other obstructive mechanism that could stop the recliner from moving with ease.

Release the Locking Mechanism

Locate the release locks of the backrest. You can find it at the bottom of the recliner’s rear.

Detach and release the upper section of the backrest so that the chair can be conveniently carried into the new room.

Afterward, replace the lock.

Straighten the Base of the Recliner

Set the base of the recliner straight so that it can be easier to transport. You also want to prevent slippage in the process of moving the chair.

You can do that by using a strong plastic sheet to cover the recliner base. A tape will also come in handy to protect the wraps when moving the recliner.

Transport the Base of the Recliner

You will need to ask someone to help you move the base of the recliner. You will also need to get a cart dolly or a two-wheeler to make the movement simpler.

Moving the recliner can be done by positioning the cart o two-wheeler under the recliner base.

One person will incline the back of the chair while the other person will lift and hoist the front.

Move with Ease

With the recliner now on the cart/two-wheeler, you need to take caution not to drop it. Move with cautious steps and ask your companion to hold the recliner in place until it is safely moved into the new room.

Assemble Your Recliner

Now that the chair has been safely moved into the new room, it is time to assemble it. Use the labeled parts or pictures of the disassembly you took to assemble the chair.

You may still need to contact a professional moving company to help you disassemble and move your recliner into another room of your choice. This is worth considering if the hallway for moving the chair is quite tricky.

How to Recline a Power Chair Manually?

We must mention that power motors are designed to help recliners work automatically. So, it may not be an easy task to recline a power chair manually.

You can give it a shot, though only if the motor is malfunctioning. If that is the case, locate the motor under the chair and try to remove it. You might require some help, so ask someone to hold it.

Final Thoughts

We are confident that you now know how to take apart a soft recliner, even when you don’t contact a professional mover.

How do you dismantle your recliner, and what are the tools you use to do that?

Share your thoughts using the comment section. We are sure that other homeowners reading this will be inspired and will learn new ways with our guide.

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