Top 7 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuums in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Last updatedLast updated: August 19, 2021
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If your garage is your workspace, you know keeping it clean can be a hassle. That’s where a vacuum comes in. A wall mounted garage vacuum is extremely space-efficient and represents a crossover between a cordless vacuum and a heavy-duty wet/dry vacuum, designed for cleaning up not only the garage floor but also the inside of your car. Having the best wall mounted garage vacuum makes cleaning up fast and efficient, which means you don’t need to worry about making a mess in the first place during your next project.

Choosing the right wall mounted garage vacuum can be a tough decision given the range of vacuums on the market today. The best wall mounted garage vacuums have the power you need to pick up difficult debris like sawdust, while also providing excellent filtration to keep the air clean, and a large enough tank or bag to handle your whole floor in one go. We researched many of the garage vacuums currently available, analyzing customer preferences and poring over technical specifications, to make the choice easier for you by identifying the 6 best wall mounted garage vacuums for your garage.

The table below provides an overview of our top 6 vacuums, with unique features of each highlighted. Continue reading for detailed reviews of each vacuum, complete with pros and cons based on customer feedback. The buying guide covers everything you need to know about how to choose the best wall mounted vacuum for your garage, and finally, we highlight our overall top-rated wall mounted garage vacuum.

Top 7 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuums Review 2021


VacuMaid GV50PRO Editor’s Choice

  • Motor: 740 Max Air Watts, 15 Amp, 120V
  • Hose length: 50ft, crushproof
  • Filtration: sealed 5-layer HEPA-style bag
  • Capacity: 7 gal
  • Tools: crevice tool, upholstery tool, 12″ floor tool with natural bristles, dusting brush, metal telescopic and curved wand

More features: 5.7″Ametek Lamb motor with 550–650-hour life, 5-year warranty

The 15-amp motor on the GV50Pro from VacuMaid makes this the most powerful garage vacuum in our roundup. This high power rating comes at a premium price, but it’s well worth it and, moreover, isn’t much louder than less powerful competitor vacuums.

In addition, the vacuum comes with a crushproof 50-foot hose – making it easy to cover your entire garage and even extend out to your car in the driveway – plus a whopping seven-gallon bagless canister. Users love how easy it is to empty and replace the canister and to top it all off, the filtration system is HEPA-rated and easy to clean.

The vacuum also comes with a wide variety of extension tools, including a 12-inch floor tool for quickly covering your entire garage floor with the vacuum and smaller tools for cleaning crevices around your garage or in your car.

VacuMaid also offers a 5-year limited warranty on this vacuum, a sign of the confidence they have that the vacuum will serve you for years to come and one of the longest warranties among vacuums in our roundup.

What are our favorite features?

  • 15-amp motor
  • Crushproof 50-foot hose
  • HEPA-rated filtration system

What could be better?

  • On the pricey side
  • 7-gallon canister takes up more space


BISSELL 18P03Best Wet/Dry Vacuum

  • Motor: 12 Amp
  • Hose length: 32ft
  • Filtration: 2-stage, bagless
  • Capacity: 4 gallon
  • Tools: crevice tool, dusting brush, TurboBrush® tool, extension wand

More features: wet/dry vacuum, blower function, 5ft power cord, 2-year limited warranty

One of the few wall mounted garage vacuums that is rated for both wet and dry messes, the 18P03 from Bissell is perfect if you work on a variety of projects and need a vacuum that can clean up any kind of debris. The bagless canister is divided into separated wet and dry tanks. The wet tank comes with an LED indicator to let you know when it is nearly full, while the four gallon dry storage tank has a window to let you check when it needs to be emptied. In addition to being able to pick up both liquids and solids, the vacuum doubles as a blower for when you simply need to get messes out of the garage.

The 32-foot hose is reasonably long, although may be too short to clean your car out in the driveway. If you do plan to clean your car, the included crevice and TurboBrush tools will come in very handy. Keep in mind, that the unit is somewhat bulky, so be sure to measure all of the existing objects on your walls (wall-mounted garage fans, hooks, or garage storage systems).

What makes it stand out?

  • Cleans up wet and dry messes
  • Blower function
  • 2-stage filtration

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • 32-foot hose could be longer
  • Only 2-year warranty


VacuMaid GV50Best Capacity

  • Motor: 15 Max AMP, 120V
  • Hose length: 50ft
  • Filtration: disposable multi-layer sealed HEPA style bag
  • Capacity: 7 gal
  • Tools: hose hanger, caddy bag for tool storage, 12” floor brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, telescopic wand and a curved wand

More features:  5-year warranty, wall-mounted, residential and commercial use

This garage vacuum is one of the best-selling options on the market right now. Many users highly recommend it, and this is not surprising considering all the nice features that it comes with. It features a 30 foot hose and hangar, a dusting brush, crevice tools and a host of other useful accessories.

With this model, you have a capacity of up to 7 gallon. This ensures that you have enough time to pick out waste in the garage before you have to take it out. It also comes with a filter to keep out contaminants. The 5-layer HEPA style bag comes in pretty handy.

Another reason why this is a top rated unit is that you don’t have any filters to clean.

The garage vacuum is designed to do its work for a long time. No wonder, then, that it is coated in powered steel.

Assembly is pretty straightforward. You do not have to read unclear instructions as the model comes with a manual with easy instructions you can follow. You can set it up in less than 15 minutes.

Overall, while this model is more expensive than many other options on the market, it makes up for this by the impressive durability and overall quality. It is mountable and very easy to use and set up.

What are our favorite features?

  • Powerful performance
  • Durable construction
  • Quiet operation

What could be better?

  • Expensive
  • Produces static


Vacmaster VWM510 Budget Pick

  • Motor:5 Amp, 120V
  • Hose length: 10ft flex hose + 11ft standard hose
  • Filtration: washable cartridge filter + reusable foam sleeve filter
  • Capacity: 5 gal
  • Tools: 2 extension wands, round dust brush, combo floor nozzle with brush, crevice tool, car nozzle, air/noise diffuser

More features: vacuum and blower functions, remote control, 20ft power cord, 2-year limited warranty

Customers love the high-quality construction of the VWM510 garage vacuum from Vacmaster for the budget price. Unlike most other wall mounted garage vacuums, this unit is designed to easily detach from the wall and has a handle so you can transport it around the garage. The only limit is the 20-foot power cord, although with an extension cord the range is virtually unlimited. The standard extension wand also has a remote control on/off switch so that you can switch the vacuum without returning to wherever you left the unit.

The vacuum offers a five-gallon capacity, impressive given its small size, and the washable cartridge filter works well enough to trap sawdust according to users who have hooked this vacuum up to a power saw. The vacuum also functions as a blower, although users note that the unit is too bulky to double as a leaf blower roaming around the yard. The vacuum comes with a relatively short two-year warranty, but users find that the vacuum lasts much longer without issues.

Why is it special?

  • Portable
  • Remote control on/off switch
  • Doubles as blower

What are the flaws?

  • Short two-year warranty
  • 10-foot hose is short even with portability


Prolux Professional Shop BlueMost Versatile

  • Motor: 12 AMP
  • Hose length: 32ft
  • Filtration: HEPA filter + cloth filter
  • Capacity: 5.88 gal
  • Tools: extension wands, detailing / inflating tool, crevice tool for those hard to get corners and squeegee for wet pickup

More features:  3-year warranty, 73 dB noise level

With up to 5.88 gallons of space and 5-stage HEPA style filter bag, this model from Prolux is one of the best garage vacuums on the market right now. It is a highly versatile and effective model that comes with several other features that make it a top pick for many users.

This model sports a caddy bag, a 32 feet hose and hangar, dusting brush and a host of other useful accessories.

Apart from the obvious accessories that accompany these machines, this model also comes with crevice tools. There is a dedicated tool that comes with the package that allows you to remove dirt from crooked position and corners. You also get a brush for removing dirt from surfaces with ease.

We loved testing this unit, and are sure that you’ll enjoy using it. It comes at a rather reasonable price. Considering that most of the tools you would need already come in the package, this model really saves you money.

The machine comes with a nice design that is easy to maintain. With proper maintenance, this model can last for several years; even longer than other units from rival brands.

It is highly effective at getting rid of impurities that can trigger your allergies or cause other forms of discomfort.

Once full, the tank on the model is pretty easy to dispose off and does not require any additional clean up.

What stands out?

  • Versatile unit
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Compact
  • Easy to set up
  • Long hose

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Low capacity


intervac’s GarageVac GH-120-RBest Portable Garage Vacuum

  • Motor: 12 Amp, 120V
  • Hose length: 40ft stretch hose
  • Filtration: HEPA
  • Capacity: 1 gal
  • Tools: one-piece wand, upholstery brush, bare floor and crevice tools, elongated dust brush

More features: bagged, portable, 6-year warranty

If your garage is tight on space, this wall mounted garage vacuum from Intervac is the perfect space-saving unit. The odd flattened shape of the vacuum is designed to allow it to be hung in tight spaces on nearly any studded wall, while the 40-foot stretch hose compresses down to just eight feet when its time to put it away. The vacuum is also portable, making it easy to clean your car with the included upholstery and crevice tools.

The main downside to this vacuum is that the canister is only one gallon, which will fill up quickly if you are using this vacuum for more than occasional dust removal from the garage floor or cleaning your car. The vacuum also uses bags rather than a canister, so you will need to buy and replace one gallon bags over the life of the vacuum.

The vacuum comes with a long six-year warranty to provide peace of mind that this vacuum will last for years to come.

What stands out?

  • Fits well in tight garages
  • Portable design
  • Six-year warranty

What cons did we manage to find?

  • One gallon canister
  • Bagged vacuum


HOOVER GUV ProGrade L2310 Best Value for Money

  • Motor: 10 Amp, 120V
  • Hose length: 30ft
  • Filtration: lifetime filter
  • Capacity: 5 gal
  • Tools: 2 extension wands, 2 crevice tools, 1 floor nozzle, 1 upholstery nozzle, and 1 dusting brush

More features: heavy-duty steel construction, 5ft power cord, 3-year warranty

This wall mounted garage vacuum from Hoover – one of the most trusted names in vacuums – is designed to perform reliably for life and handle any situation you throw at it. The five gallon, bagless canister offers plenty of capacity for cleaning up multiple messes before emptying the canister. However, removing the canister can be difficult and it takes some practice to prevent debris from falling out. Meanwhile, the lifetime self-cleaning filter means there is little hassle to keep dust out of the air and keep suction at full force.

The 30-foot hose could be longer, especially if you don’t have room to maneuver your car into the garage for cleaning. However, Hoover makes up for the short hose with two distinct extension wands for spot cleaning. The additional nozzles and dusting brush add versatility to the vacuum so that it is easily able to handle both sawdust on the garage floor and debris buried deep in your car’s carpets.

What do we love it for?

  • Versatile thanks to numerous tools
  • 5-gallon bagless canister
  • Heavy-duty steel construction

What were we disappointed with?

  • Canister is difficult to remove
  • 30-foot hose is somewhat short

Things to Consider

Now that we’ve covered our top 6 wall mounted garage vacuums, it is important to understand what features you need in order to choose the vacuum that is best for you.

The most important consideration in choosing a garage vacuum is what type of work you do in your garage, since this determines what types of debris you’ll need to clean up, how frequently you’ll need to clean, and how much debris your vacuum will need to hold. For example, if you tend to work with wood, you’ll need a spacious dry vacuum that is powerful enough to capture fine sawdust particles. On the other hand, if you expect to have wet messes, you’ll need a vacuum that is more similar to a wet-vac. With those considerations in mind, here are some of the features to look for in the best wall-mounted garage vacuums.

Motor and suction


The horsepower rating of the motor will determine how powerful your vacuum is, but a higher horsepower motor can also drive the price of a garage vacuum way up compared to similar models. A more powerful motor means better suction for difficult messes like fine sawdust particles or liquids, but if you plan to be dealing primarily with simple cleanup tasks, you may be better off saving money and opting for a lower horsepower motor. However, it is not possible to upgrade the suction later, so be careful to err on the side of having plenty of power.

Noise is also a major concern with wall mounted garage vacuums – you don’t want to have to wear earplugs every time you vacuum. Higher horsepower motors will typically generate more noise, although different vacuums come with different noise reduction features to mitigate the volume.

Hose length

The length of the hose is important because a longer hose allows you to work further away from the main suction unit, which means that you can move around the garage without constantly dragging the vacuum with you. If you have a particularly large garage or expect to drag the hose around stationary objects, a long hose – 30 feet or more – is essential for quick cleanups. In addition, look for crush-proof hoses since these will be more durable and you won’t destroy the hose if you accidentally step on it.


One of the most important components of the vacuum is the filtration system, which works to keep debris out of the air once it is sucked into the vacuum. A good filtration system is especially essential if you are cleaning up sawdust, which tends to escape into the air easily. The best filtration systems are HEPA-rated filters, although there are a number of other filter styles on the market that do an excellent job of capturing dust and debris. More important, look for filters that will last the lifetime of the vacuum, typically be removing the filter from the vacuum and washing it in the sink. Replaceable filters are more of a hassle and can get expensive over the life of the vacuum if you clean regularly.

In addition, garage vacuums are available in both bag and bagless styles. Bag vacuums have a bag inside into which the debris is collected, which is then discarded once it is filled. Bagless vacuums, on the other hand, have a canister that can be removed, emptied, and cleaned. While both styles are functional, bag vacuums require that you keep a stack of bags on hand in order to operate the vacuum.


The capacity of your vacuum will determine how frequently it needs to be emptied. For the sake of time spent cleaning, it is best if your vacuum has enough capacity to get through cleaning the entire garage without having to empty the canister or change bags. If you have a large garage or generate a lot of debris, look for a vacuum with at least 5 gallons of storage space or more. On the other hand, if you have a small garage, or have tons of other appliances and constructions installed (heaters, compressors, toolboxes, garage door opener) and don’t have a lot of space for a wall mounted garage vacuum, consider a lower capacity vacuum in order to save space.

Tools and accessories

Tools and accessories

Attachments and specialized tools can be a big help in your cleaning and add value to any garage vacuum. At the least, look for vacuums that come with a crevice tool for getting into the tight corners of your garage. Additional upholstery tools and carpet cleaning tools can be a major asset if you plan to vacuum out your car or use the vacuum inside the house as well.

Extra features

Some wall mounted garage vacuums have multiple functions, for example switching between wet and dry cleanup modes or switching between vacuum and blower modes. The wet cleanup mode can replace a wet-vac for simple liquid cleanups, while the blower can serve as a leaf or dust blower when you simply need to push debris outside rather than vacuum it up. These extra features can add a ton of value, even if you only use them sparingly, since they will save you from having to buy an extra tool later on. To safely store not only your high-end vacuum, but the vehicle itself and all of the garage tools, consider getting a high-quality garage alarm.


A long and all-encompassing warranty is a good sign that the manufacturer stands behind their product as being high-quality. Since wall mounted garage vacuums are typically intended to last for a lifetime, it is best to look for vacuums that have correspondingly long warranties after purchase – at least three years, and ideally five years or more.


So there you have it! Now you know everything that you need to know to find the best vacuum for laminate floors! Hopefully, this article has been a big help in your search. Best of luck, and have a great day!

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