5 Best WiFi Garage Door Openers: Open, Close and Monitor Your Garage Remotely

Last updatedLast updated: December 22, 2021
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Imagine being able to open your garage door using your smartphone. Here we’re talking about opening and closing it even when you’re not at home. Pick the best WiFi garage door opener and you can do just that. But that’s not all it. You can even monitor and share access to your garage door—from virtually anywhere in the world. That’s convenient smart technology for you.

There are, however, a couple of features you need to consider first to pick the right one that will make sense for your unique application. Whether or not it’s compatible with your garage door is probably the first thing you must check, for obvious reasons. And to enjoy the convenience we mentioned earlier, it needs to have smartphone access. Ease of operation is ideal. For this reason, it would help if the controls are intuitive as well as if it has adequate lifting force. We’ll look at these – and more – features later on in this article.

Given that there are plenty of options at your disposal, we spent countless hours researching only the best Wi-Fi garage door openers on the market. Thanks to the detailed reviews of each individual product you won’t have to do the hard work—we did it already. Just have a quick glance at our buying guide where we explain what it is you must look out for before purchase. You also get to compare product specs against each other thanks to the mini comparison table below. We are certain the afore-mentioned together with the expert reviews will guide you into making the right decision.

Let technology work for you!

Top 5 WiFi Garage Door Openers Review 2022


Chamberlain B970Editor’s Choice

  • Smartphone access: yes, via MyQ app
  • Lifting force:1 1/4 HP
  • Remote controls: 2 3-button remotes
  • Door height compatibility: 7 feet (extension kits available)

Extra features: Triband technology for superior range

This product ticks all the right boxes where quality and convenience are concerned. Best of all, it’s very affordable. By picking this product you get more than a unit which merely opens and closes your garage door.

The integrated Smartphone control feature allows you to personalize not only your garage but home access set up. This means you can control it with either your tablet or SmartPhone. To top it off, you’ll never worry about being locked out of your home thanks to the battery backup. This feature gives you access into your home even during a power outage.

You get to manage your home security from afar. This includes getting real time alerts of your garage door status. No more guessing whether or not you left it opened or closed. You even have the option of creating schedules by programming it to close at specific times. That functionality is however sold separately.

It’s ideally suited for attached garages so remember to check compatibility. Generally, if you opt for this one you’ll have a long lasting unit thanks to the high quality construction. The fact that it’s easy to install is a bonus.

Have a room anywhere close to the garage? No need to fear the door will wake your kids when it opens. The anti-vibration technology coupled with the ultra-quiet belt drive guarantees you years of smooth and noise free performance.

Just note you can only have one account with this unit meaning it doesn’t allow for multiple users. Also bear in mind it’s not the easiest to program. Still, an excellent garage door opener in many different categories.

Why is it special?

  • Durable unit
  • Quiet performance
  • Easy to install

What are the flaws?

  • Only for one user
  • Not easy to program
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Genie ChainMax 3022-TKHMost Secure Garage Door Opener

  • Smartphone access: yes, via MyQ app
  • Lifting force: 3/4 HP
  • Remote controls: 2 3-button remotes
  • Door height compatibility: 7 feet

Extra features: Safe-T Beam system helps prevent accidents, 7.5 inches/ second opening speed, lifetime motor warranty

This product is a step ahead where innovation and performance are concerned. But for such a sophisticated device you’ll appreciate how easy it is to program—and operate. At just the push of a button you’ll have it up and running.

It features not one but three button remotes which allow you the convenience of opening the door from your car.

What sets it apart from the rest? Its integrated Intellicode Security technology for one. It allows you to change the access code on each door activation which denies unauthorized persons access. How’s that for added security?

Thanks to an invisible infrared beam, the door opening is designed to reverse if an object crosses this beam. That’s added safety.

Because of its high quality construction, it’s understandable you would think it’s an expensive unit. On the contrary, though it offers superior design it’s quite affordable.

When it comes to construction, you’ll be impressed by the channel rail design which allows for flush mounting.

With regards to aesthetics, the clean appearance is not only attractive but also protects it from dirt and debris. It won’t get stuck in crevices but simply fall off. It’s also easy to clean with a wipe down.

Like the Chamberlain B970 reviewed above, it’s designed to prevent accidents. The door will also reverse back to the fully opened position if it senses an object crossing the beam light.

For night time, you can make use of the two bulb lighting system designed to direct the light where it’s needed the most: The rear of your garage.

You’ll also appreciate its super quiet and smooth performance. The only drawbacks you might have to deal with are a tangling chain and in some cases it may arrive with parts missing. Hopefully the brand manages this better in future.

What are our favorite features?

  • Prevents risk of accidents
  • Easy to program
  • Extremely quiet

What could be better?

  • Chain may tangle
  • May arrive with missing parts
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Chamberlain C870Most User-Friendly WiFi Garage Door Opener

  • Smartphone access: yes, via MyQ app
  • Lifting force:1 1/4 HP
  • Remote controls: 2 3-button remotes
  • Door height compatibility: 7 feet (extension kits available)

Extra features: 100 Billion code encryption protects against hacking, battery backup, lifetime motor warranty, 5-year warranty on chain and parts

We were so impressed with the specs of the first Chamberlain Garage door opener that we had to look for another one from the same brand. And we’re happy to say the C870 also maintains the same attributes where durability, quality and performance are concerned.

It features more or less the same features in the model reviewed above including the anti vibration technology and Lift power system.

However this type also features a few extra specs such as a full function all control panel for easy operation. Installation is also straightforward with this unit: Most home owners won’t face any problems setting it up.

What makes it a winner is the enhanced Triband technology that allows you to control your door from an even further distance—with less interference.

It features the highest possible level of encryption to avoid possible hacking from unauthorized persons.

You can pick this unit provided you have a 7ft garage door. But it’s still not a deal breaker if you have an 8ft or 10ft door: Just purchase additional extension kits.

You get to customize schedules and receive real time notifications regarding your garage door status with this model.

For such a delicate unit you’ll unfortunately have to deal with the overly sensitive sensors. If a cobweb as much as gets in the way, the door will simply not close. Also unfortunately as with the first Chamberlain model, there are still issues regarding multiple users: You can only link it to one account.

Why is it special?

  • Designed to prohibit hacking
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable unit
  • Easy to install

What are the flaws?

  • Extra sensitive gadget
  • Not for multiple users

Gogogate 2Best Smartphone WiFi Garage Opener

  • Smartphone access: yes, via GoGoGate app
  • Lifting force: not applicable
  • Remote controls: via smartphone
  • Door height compatibility: any

Extra features: tablet, PC and Apple watch access, compatible with IFTTT, controls up to 3 doors

Is the cost of the above three too steep for you? Consider this model from Gogogate2 which is much cheaper.

If there’s one thing you’ll appreciate about this product is the convenience it offers. For such an inexpensive gadget we’re impressed with its high functionality. For instance: It allows you to control up to three garage doors—with just one device. Better still if you need more than one garage door opener, go ahead and get it. You can still control it on the same app.

Still on impressive features: It allows you to view all that’s happening in your garage from anywhere. All you do is connect an IP camera to the system. Both real time and past footage can easily be accessed via the Gogogate 2 app. But here’s the catch: You have to pay for that functionality.

The same app allows you to create up to 10 different users—free of charge. Each user account can be used by different individuals making it the perfect solution for controlling the access of your guests or to empower your whole family to manage the doors.

Apart from viewing footage, you can control the unit vocally using Amazon Echo. Like some of the models reviewed above, you also get real time updates each time your garage door is opened or closed.

You’ll find it easy to install as well as pair with your existing Gogogate2 system if you have one. This is particularly useful considering the instruction guide isn’t as detailed.

What do we love it for?

  • Easy to install & configure
  • Multi user functionality
  • Can manage three garage doors

What were we disappointed with?

  • Manual not very helpful
  • You have to pay for video functionality

NEXX Garage NXG-100Budget Pick

  • Smartphone access: yes, via Nexx Garage app
  • Lifting force: not applicable
  • Remote controls: via smartphone
  • Door height compatibility: any

Extra features: compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, automatic door opening as you drive up to garage

And now for our budget pick you can opt for this Nexx garage door opener which is the cheapest on our list. But the performance is in no way substandard. In fact, it actually has a couple of impressive and unique features; The fact that you’re reminded if your door is left open being one of them. Thanks to high tech, you can close it from wherever you are.

You’ll be impressed with its performance because opening or closing the door is instant via the app.

Aside from the reminders you also get real time notifications each time your garage door is opened or closed. You can set up voice notifications if you so wish. Do you want these notifications via text or email? You decide.

There’s no physical pressing of buttons involved to gain entry into your home. Just by driving near your home, your garage door automatically opens. This means you no longer have to remember pin codes or need keys to access your home. Just make sure you enable that functionality on your app.

It allows for multiple users to access and activate the garage door opener. You also get to keep track of who activated your garage door and when via the history.

We are however concerned with the installation: You might find it a bit challenging and you may have to purchase a few tools to get it right.

If you can handle the extra effort, this is an excellent item to try.

What are its best features?

  • Very responsive: No delays
  • Programmed to open door automatically
  • Reminders

What could be improved?

  • Set up not easy
  • Needs tools to install

Things to Consider

Not sure which one to invest in? Maybe our buyer’s guide will help make the decision making process less daunting. That way you can pick what works best for your home from day one.

Advantages of having a WiFi garage door opener

БезымянныйIf you don’t own one, you probably should, if you want to enjoy the following advantages:

  • Convenience has to be the first benefit of having one. A device that allows you to open and close your door from anywhere is a must have right? Picture a scenario where your kids forgot the house keys and you have to let them in but you’re stuck at work. This unit will instantly take care of that problem.
  • You get to not only control, but be aware at all times exactly who enters or leaves your home thanks to the real time updates.
  • For those times you forgot to close the garage door, picking a model such as the Nexx unit means getting reminders whenever it happens. Then you can close it instantly from wherever you are, making home security instantly more advanced and keeping your assets safe.
  • Some units allow you to open the door automatically by simply being in the vicinity. This eliminates the hassle of moving around with house keys.

Features to consider when choosing a WiFi garage door opener

These nifty gadgets might appear similar, but there are differentiating factors that make one perform better than the next. You need to spend money on the features that work for you. Consider the following before purchase so you buy the right one.

Smartphone access and compatibility with smart home technology

hero_04To enjoy most of the benefits mentioned above you need to check if it’s compatible with your device—be it Android or iPhone. This determines which apps are compatible with your device. Not only that but it also determines the kind of access you’ll get. Will it allow you to open or close the garage door remotely?

Look for one that allows you to do that as well as monitor the garage door from anywhere for your added security. Some units such as the Gogogate2 even give you the option to add a camera and visually monitor what’s happening in your garage—but note that it comes at an additional cost.

Maximum number of doors

What happens if you have more than one garage door? There are units such as the Gogogate 2 that allow you to control more than one door. For some people this means getting more than one garage door opener. It’s really not a problem because you can simply sync them all on the same app for a convenient solution.

What’s included

Others will require a door opener that has already been installed. In such cases, the Wi-Fi garage door opening gadget simply adds the option of wirelessly opening and monitoring the garage door.

Remote Controls

How easy is it to operate? Do you need to install the remote before use? You have two options: Either get one where the remote is pre-programmed or already installed.

Moving on to functionality, you need to check if it’s controlled via your phone or PC.

Some models offer more convenience and can be controlled from your smart watch—just in case your phone battery runs out.

Video monitoring

perfect-concept-compatible-garage-door-openersSome devices allow you to monitor what’s going on in your garage via video for extra security. Unfortunately, you may have to pay a little extra for this functionality, but we reckon it’s worth it. What you must check however is if this feature is compatible with your home system.

Opening speed

The opening speed varies from one device to the next. You’ll find with some models, the door opens almost instantly when you press the button while others will delay a bit. A good example for a garage door opener that opens quickly is the Nexx.

Aside from speed you need to consider the noise as well. Not all function quietly. If you can find one that operates smoothly and quietly, that would be ideal. Garage openers which feature an ultra-quiet belt drive usually ensure this. The benefit is you won’t disturb neighbors or someone trying to take a nap inside the house.


For such a sophisticated device you want one that’ll last long, and a warranty period is usually proof of exceptional quality. If you can get one with a lifetime cover that would be best.  But just make sure you check what exactly is covered in the warranty: Is it the mechanism or individual parts? And who is responsible if it’s damaged by weather?

Ask the questions so you’re not disappointed later on.


It really depends on the unit in question. Some types such as the Chamberlain are simpler to install and configure than others. Others may take you as long as a few hours, if you run into any difficulties. The units in this article are all relatively easy to install, however.

Installation procedures depend on the model you purchase. Some come with everything you need to set up while others require tools and drills to aid in installation.

Yes. That’s one convenience they’re known for: Controlling your door remotely.

Our Verdict

We gave the Chamberlain B970 the highest rating because we’re impressed with its superior quality and performance. It’s super quiet and it’s designed to last long. The fact that it’s very easy to install and comes with everything you need to set it up makes it a winner. We also appreciate that it still allows you access into your home even when the power is out—Something other units don’t have.

Our second favorite is the Genie. Like the Chamberlain we also like its smooth and quiet performance. But what impressed us more is it allows you to change the access code on each activation process for added security.

Another Chamberlain is among our top three picks. The Chamberlain C870 is designed to prevent hacking therefore denying access to unauthorized persons. As a bonus it features a full function all control panel which makes it easy to operate.

It’s 21st century convenience—get yours, enjoy the comfort and enhance your home’s value. We’re living the future!

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