How to Clean Dyson Vacuum: Detailed Guide

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Last updated: August 12, 2023
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Have you noticed a strange odor coming from your Dyson vacuum? Is suction being lost all of a sudden? Before you go out and buy a replacement, give your Dyson a thorough cleaning. So, think about it: when was the last time you washed your vacuum cleaner? In this article, we will go over some easy steps in how to clean your Dyson vacuum.

Do not worry; we have all been guilty of neglecting this household task. However, keep in mind that a Dyson vacuum is an investment. As a result, it is in the best interests to keep it up. Dyson is the best-rated vacuum cleaner for laminate flooring, and you can even find some for under $300. Cleaning your Dyson on a daily basis is critical for optimal efficiency. It can even help the vacuum last longer.

Easy steps to take

When you know what you are doing, cleaning your Dyson vacuum is a breeze. Follow our step-by-step instructions once or twice a month, or more often if you sweep or deep clean often. If you need to disassemble your Dyson to clean it or diagnose a problem, start by emptying the bin and cleaning the floorhead and filters as described in question two (above). This should allow you to search for obstructions, recognize injury, and clean it. If these measures don’t fix your machine’s dilemma, you can also check the hose. Remove the hose from the foundation if you cannot see it by looking down it when it’s in place. This would help you to see through the rim, which is referred to as the ‘duct’ or ‘U bend’ depending on the style.

How to Clean Dyson Vacuum: Detailed GuideUnplugging your Dyson

Make sure your Dyson is unplugged from the power socket before you begin disassembling and cleaning it. This will make the work a great deal better for you. It also reduces the chances of getting an electric shock.

Emptying and cleaning the canister

Since all Dyson Trusted Source From vacuum cleaners to ventilators – can Dyson make the leap? | Dyson Ltd | The Guardian The firm does not have medical expertise but it does have some relevant experience. vacuums are bagless, a good way to start is with the dust canister. It’s going to be at least half full with all the washing. As a result, you’ll want to clear out the dust and soil first.

Normally, the dust canister is located underneath the cyclones. A red “bin unlock” button is located next to the base on several models, including the Dyson V6.

To disconnect the dust canister from the main vacuum, press this button. Depending on the model, it might be in a different place, but it shouldn’t be too far from. If you’re not sure where it is, look in your manual. To release the base and empty the debris into the garbage, press the dust canister’s handle.

Removing and washing the filters

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner’s filter plays a vital part in keeping your house tidy. Dust, spores, bacteria, and soil particles are trapped in the filter. This ensures that the filters would need to be cleaned out over time. Near the cyclone, there are a lot of Dyson filters. To clean it, you’ll need to lift it up and drop it. They are typically purple in color to make them easier to find.

Any Dyson upright vacuum cleaners have several filters. Another one may be in the machine’s “ball” or at the back. Put the filter in the sink and run it under the faucet. When cleaning the filter, avoid using any detergents or chemicals. It would only take a few drops of cold water to rid it of any debris or dust.

You should squeeze the water out softly and keep doing so until the water runs clear. You’ll be able to tell if it’s safe just from looking at it.

However, you must let the filter dry completely before reinstalling it in the vacuum. In a tumble dryer, it may be damaged. As a result, you can simply leave it in a heated place of your home for up to 24 hours.

The filter really should be cleaned every three months, according to some Dyson guides. If you vacuum often and on heavily soiled floors, however, more frequent cleanings may be needed.

Untangling the brush bar

It is the brush bar that collects all of the hair, debris, and dirt on your carpet and floors. This builds up and tangles around it over time, reducing cleaning efficiency. For this step, you’ll need a pair of scissors and a flat head screwdriver.

To clean the brush bar on some Dyson vacuums, you’ll need to remove the soleplate. Depending on the model, you’ll need a flat head screwdriver to remove the screws first.

Other models will simply require the use of a coin to unscrew them. This is the case with the Dyson DC39 Animal vacuum cleaner, for example. The brush is then simply pulled out.

Large debris can also be manually removed from the brush.

Unclogging the hose

Your hose can become clogged over time, reducing suction strength. Disconnect the hose from your Dyson while cleaning it. A button to detach it from the wand is sometimes present.

Visually inspect the interior of the hose for any waste. You may also pass a mop handle into the hose to remove it.

On the vacuum hose, it’s safe not to use any harsh chemicals. This might result in permanent injury. Instead, you can use vinegar to make your own household cleaner to remove any germs or bacteria that might be lurking inside.

Fill your kitchen sink halfway with warm water and 1 cup vinegar. Put the hose in the mixture and immerse it.

Then you should wash it out with the water from the faucet. Keeping your hose in a U shape could make this easier.

Before reconnecting the vacuum, let it dry. You do not want to take any chances because this could take up to 24 hours.

Wiping down the vacuum

How to Clean Dyson Vacuum: Detailed GuideDo not hesitate to clean the outside of your Dyson cleaner as well. This time, what you’ll need is a moist microfiber cloth; don’t oversaturate your rig. You may want to try sanitizing your vacuum’s soleplate and pedals. If you’re tripping over filthy tiles and carpets, it’s possible that they’re carrying soil as well.

This job can also be accomplished with a solution of diluted vinegar. Only make sure the vacuum is fully dry before using it again. Don’t forget to refill the canister once the debris reaches the maximum fill line. You may also use a microfiber cloth to disinfect it. But don’t use any chemicals or water; only a moist cloth would suffice.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your Dyson is a vital job that you can do once a month at the very least. This will make your vacuum run longer and increase your cleaning sessions. Before you get started, make sure your vacuum is unplugged. Before going on to the filters, start with the dust canister and a damp microfiber cloth. After that, go over the brush bar to make sure it’s free of tangles. Remember to wipe out the hose as well. Before using the vacuum again, make sure it is dry. Some fan-favorite Dyson vacuum cleaners are the Dyson V11 and the Dyson Cyclone.


From vacuum cleaners to ventilators – can Dyson make the leap? | Dyson Ltd | The Guardian
The firm does not have medical expertise but it does have some relevant experience.

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