6 Types of Treadmills for Home and Gym

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Last updated: September 04, 2023
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Treadmills are, arguably, one of the most popular gym equipment in the modern times. And for good reason too. They have helped millions of people around the world to lose weight and enhance their fitness levels. The ability to exercise at any time of the day and to have control of your exercise regimen makes them even more attractive. But what type of treadmill is suitable for your needs? Should you just get one that looks most attractive? Well, there are many factors that come at play when you are shopping around for the best treadmill in the market. For example, a manual treadmill may be a drag if you often have lazy mornings as it needs some motivation to complete a work out on it. Understanding the type of treadmill that you purchase will guarantee that you attain your fitness goals with ease.

How treadmills benefit your health

6 Types of Treadmills for Home and GymMany people that have invested in a treadmill realize several health benefits in a short span of time. A treadmill gives you all the benefits of running while eliminating some of the challenges that come with it. It offers a myriad of health and other fitness benefits. These include:

  • Lose weight and Enhance your fitness

 Those who have been on a weight loss journey can tell you how frustrating it can get. Many vendors promise quick-fix solutions such as weight loss pills or outrageous diets. However, many people have relied on treadmills to lose excess weight off their body and to attain their fitness objectives. How is this possible? A simple walking or running session on a treadmill will help you shed the extra calories in your body. It will also strengthen your cardiovascular muscles Trusted Source Cardiac muscle - Wikipedia Cardiac muscle (also called heart muscle or myocardium) is one of three types of vertebrate muscle tissue, with the other two being skeletal muscle and smooth muscle. It is involuntary, striated muscle that constitutes the main tissue of the wall of the heart. en.wikipedia.org and improve air circulation in your lungs.

Walking on your treadmill at 10km/hr or 6 miles per hour ensures that you burn about 4 calories per kilo. This means that you would lose about 160 calories if you are 80kg and work out for half an hour. On the other hand, you would lose about 14 calories per kilo of your weight if you run on your treadmill at 28km/hour in 30 minutes.

  • Train at your own pace

Do you remember your first experience in the gym or exercising? You may have trained too hard and got injuries, especially if you did not have an instructor. In fact, a lot of people quit working out or going to the gym after experiencing this avoidable issue.

One way to avoid this common problem is to get a treadmill. Treadmills allow you to work out at your own pace since you have total control of the machine. You can control the speed and inclination of the treadmill while monitoring your heart rate and the calories burnt. A treadmill will give you total control over your exercising sessions, which makes it easy to attain your health and fitness goals.

Once you are done with a particular level of training, a treadmill allows you to up the intensity in small increments. A simple touch of a button will allow you to either increase or decrease the speed. With this feature, treadmills can easily help you to train at your own pace without experiencing all injuries.

  • Exercise with your family

Getting a family gym subscription may cost you an arm and a leg. However, working out with your family is a good way to bond and inspire your loved ones to adopt a healthy lifestyle. After all, research has shown that family members are likely to attain their weight loss and fitness goals if the family shares weight loss goals.

  • Strengthen your knees

It is not uncommon for the elderly to have weaker knees and joints as they grow older. And exercising has been proven to be one way for the elderly to strengthen their bones. That said, running can have a serious impact on your knees especially if you run on a rough road.

But this is where a treadmill comes in. A good treadmill should integrate shock absorption systems on the running deck to absorb any unwanted impacts. The elderly in society can rely on treadmills to have risk-free exercises that strengthen their knees and other bones. According to most reviews, EXERPEUTIC TF2000 is the best option for elders as it is sturdy and fitted with enough shock absorption systems for a comfortable run.

Treadmill types for home use

Understanding different types of treadmills is an important factor before investing in one. Treadmills vary in costs, quality, features, and variants. Many are times when their features and characteristics overlap. Before getting yourself a treadmill, you need to consider the warranty since they are quite pricey. A good treadmill should work properly for coming years thus saving you a lot of hassle.

A treadmill is mostly used for crushing the spirit of their convicts and irreparably damaging their health other than hard labor. If you are considering buying a treadmill for home use, be conscious of the many options sold on the market. You can consider getting a second hard treadmill since they cost less compared to brand new.

Below are types of treadmills based on their features and power source. This will help in choosing the best treadmill for home use.

Motorized treadmills

6 Types of Treadmills for Home and GymMotorized treadmills allow a person to set the pace of their workout. This type of treadmill also has a feature that allows a person to increase and decrease the degree of incline. Every person will love to work on such a treadmill.


Motorized treadmills require electricity to function. They are usually designed sturdier and are large. Motorized treadmills need a permanent location in your house since they are not portable. They are very heavy and difficult to move compared to manual treadmills.


Motorized treadmills are designed to give you the best workout possible at home. It has accessories and amenities that make your exercise less painful, both mentally and physically. A motorized treadmill allows you to adjust the numerous features that way you make your workout as challenging as you wish.

Motorized treadmills allow you to enjoy music or your favorite episode of series while still working out. It does not matter what you choose, as long as you are using motorized treadmills, you are guaranteed to enjoy your workout. This applies to both beginners and experienced users.

Features and Styles

Motorized treadmills have dozens of features and styles such that they are electronic. Some of the features include;

  • Motorized treadmills have a large screen that measures 22 inches in size. It is possible to stream videos to enhance your workout.
  • Motorized treadmills measure heart rate, calories, speed, distance, and a lot of different stats.
  • A motorized treadmill has a speed of up to 12 mph.
  • It comes with self-cooling motors.
  • It has digitally amplified speakers which make the sound clear and crisp.
  • The motorized treadmill has internal variable speed fans that help you to be more comfortable as you work out.


Motorized treadmills sizes are unique and numerous. They are approximately 70 inches in length, 40 inches in width, and 72 inches in height. Motorized treadmills are the bigger ones in the market, their running deck measures 22 inches by 60 inches. Their big size makes it easier for joggers of all sizes and heights. If you are overweight, tall, then a motorized treadmill will be a better choice.

Medical treadmills

6 Types of Treadmills for Home and GymMedical treadmills are mostly used in rehab. Its main benefit is that it helps individuals to comfortably walk or run at a lower percentage of the body weight. Since it is used in a clinical setting, the patients can perform rehabilitation therapy with no pain


Medical treadmills are larger than regular treadmills. They are to be completely accurate all the time. They are designed to be operated manually. Most of the medical treadmills work with medical equipment thus producing the measurement the doctors need for their patients. Medical treadmills are well designed such that they are efficient, accurate, to produce the correct results needed by the physicians.

Features and styles

Medical treadmills have an extra-large size which is suitable for all patients. The treadmill has easy-grip handles that fit the patients’ demands. Another feature is that the medical treadmill can measure patients’ stress levels thus they need to be accurate and comfortable. The treadmill also has emergency stop buttons with long and short handrails. Medical treadmills have excellent warranties and a great technical support team.


The main purpose of a medical treadmill to conduct accurate stress level tests for all patients. This type of treadmill works with patients of all sizes, different ages thus it needs to be perfect.


The size of a medical treadmill is very important since it is not for personal use but medical purposes. Patients weigh differently, which means that they also have different needs. The most appropriate one for a hospital is the one that measures 80 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 40 inches in height.

Manual treadmills

6 Types of Treadmills for Home and GymManual treadmills are cheaper and lighter. They are easily stored since it is possible to fold them. Manual treadmills do not require electricity to operate. They are durable as long as you do not get the cheap ones.


Manual treadmills are not electronic, they work manually. It is the action of walking and running that makes the treadmill move. The best thing about a manual treadmill is that there are fewer chances of getting hurt. This is because the best does not start on its own like in electric treadmills. Manual treadmills are comfortable since they have cushioned handles, and belts which are durable. If what you need is a treadmill that will not stress you then a manual treadmill should be your choice.

Features and styles

Manual treadmills are naturally cheaper. Their price range is between $100 and $300. The cheap ones have fewer features so it is best to know exactly what you need before purchasing one. The storage of a manual treadmill is easier since it is possible to fold it thus making it portable.


Manual treadmills are purposed to give an exceptional workout irrespective of your fitness level. The treadmill makes you feel energized since you get to do all the work. If you need to get healthier chose a manual treadmill for it is perfect for your workout.


Manual treadmills vary in size. The bigger one’s measure, 50 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 47 inches high. While the smaller one’s measure, 39 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 43 inches in height. Before purchasing a manual treadmill, it is good to keep in mind space in your house. Having the right information will help you in getting the right size.

Foldable treadmills

6 Types of Treadmills for Home and GymFoldable treadmills are easier to store in any corner. They have the option of folding the deck and the console. The foldable treadmills are very small in size, portable, and can be carried around if need be.


Foldable treadmills are easy to fold thus the storage is easier. At times it may be difficult to fold it thus making it a struggle to control it. But with little attempts, you will become a pro to using it thus making your work easier.

Features and Styles

  • The foldable treadmill is easy to move since it is easily folded.
  • The warranty is amazing thus you can trust the manufacturer.
  • A foldable treadmill weighs only 50 pounds thus it is possible to move around with it.
  • Its cost is affordable since it is between $1000 and $1500.


Before purchasing a foldable treadmill make sure you check it when it is folded and when it is in use. You need to make sure you know how much space you intend to use for that specific treadmill. The ceiling height should also be considered since it will be raised several inches on the treadmill.

Hybrid treadmills

6 Types of Treadmills for Home and GymHybrid treadmills have the benefit of having both a treadmill and an elliptical trainer. A hybrid treadmill has a combination of three exercise machines in one compared to a typical treadmill. They are also very expensive exercise machines. This treadmill design is among the best in the market.


The design of a hybrid treadmill is unique compared to other treadmills. This specific treadmill has a stair-climber, stationary bike. It also has a treadmill that helps a person to lift the weight. Working out on a hybrid treadmill is a little more interesting since you can switch the method of working out.

Features and Styles

The main feature of a hybrid treadmill is the fact that it is possible to switch from one type of exercise to the other. Other features include;

  • Hybrid treadmills have oversized pedals and large cushioned seats.
  • Their manufacturers are excellent and have reliable warranties.
  • Hybrid treadmills come with programmable LCD features that help in measuring speed, heart-rate, and other variables.
  • A hybrid treadmill allows you to switch from a high-impact treadmill to a low-impact bicycle or any other machine.


Hybrid treadmills are equipped such that you will not get bored from doing the same exercise day after day. Even though it is pricey it is a guarantee you will not stop working out because they are a variety of exercises.


The size of hybrid treadmills varies depending on the model and brand you choose. Their average size is 60 inches in height, and 57 inches in length. If you are buying a hybrid treadmill for home use then you need to make sure that you have enough space.

How treadmills for commercial use differ from domestic

6 Types of Treadmills for Home and GymA commercial treadmill is a treadmill designed and made with numerous users with diverse physical exercise needs in mind. You will therefore find these treadmills in hotels, gyms, colleges, and sports clubs. They are meant to withstand heavy and intense usage. Such a treadmill will be used for upward of 6 hours a day, unlike the domestic ones, which will be used for around three hours. Therefore, you will find that these treadmills are made of high-quality materials and often require low maintenance to reduce downtime.

Unlike the domestic types of treadmills, the commercial ones will accommodate weights going upward to 350 pounds and more. Given the diversity of the intended users, you will find treadmills bearing a whole range of unique extra features. Indeed, a treadmill meant for commercial use will boast of all the extras you can think of. But remember that these top-notch features attract extra dollars on the price tag.

Let us summarise the main differences between treadmills for commercial use and those meant for domestic use.

  1. Commercial treadmills are bulky and, in most cases, don’t come with a fold option. This means you can’t invest in a commercial treadmill if space is an issue. On the other hand, treadmills for residential use can be foldable or not. The manufacturers invest in minimizing them to make them ideal for people in all manner of home setups.
  2. A treadmill for home use often comes with personalizing extras. You will find that it plays music, and simulates different outdoor situations and locations. Extras such as Virtual Passport help at making the treadmill experience bespoke. Treadmills for commercial use often allow you to connect to a central entertainment system where everyone is connected.
  3. Treadmills for commercial such as NordicTrack Commercial 1750, use are hardy and will withstand many hours of heavy use. Those for home use, while also tough, are not as tough and will mostly break down if subjected to many hours of heavy use daily.

Important features of every treadmill

A treadmill is a popular gym exercising tool. Many people are seeing the benefits that are associated with exercising using a treadmill. Here, we will look at the features that you should consider when you want to use a treadmill. Therefore, we will skip features such as space and cost features because we want to look at the features that this tool should have to help you achieve your optimal exercising goals. Here are the key features to consider;

The running surface – This probably the most essential feature to consider. A treadmill comes with a belt that uses a mechanism similar to that of an escalator. This belt should be long enough to accommodate your stride. It should also be wide enough to allow you to run without the fear of tripping.

6 Types of Treadmills for Home and GymThe treadmill framework: A treadmill is supposed to help you lose weight, stay in shape or burn calories. This means that you will be pounding on it quite hard. That being the case, the treadmill’s frame should be such that it can withstand heavy and sustained use. Whether for domestic or commercial use, a treadmill should have a solid frame.

The running deck: When you start running on a treadmill, your posture or gait should not change as compared to when you are running on open ground. When there is a change in posture, this leads to future injuries to your back, knees, or even ankles. A running deck should be well cushioned to help you achieve your physical fitness goal without the risk of injury.

The maximum weight: This is important because you don’t want to sign up for a gym whose treadmills can’t accommodate your weight. You also don’t want to buy a treadmill that will break down because you are too heavy. Check the maximum weight a treadmill can accommodate before investing in one.

Incline and speed: An ideal treadmill should have an upward of 10 percent incline. The incline feature helps you simulate outdoor conditions, and this allows you to burn calories. As for speed, look for a treadmill that matches your intended pace. Treadmills that will let you take a stroll like the Goplus Under Desk Electric Treadmill are standard but if you want to run, look for a treadmill that reaches at least 15 kph or 10 mph.

The motor: The motor determines the horsepower delivered to the treadmill, which will influence this equipment’s overall quality. This being the case, a treadmill meant for home use will boast of 1.5 Hp while those meant for commercial use should not deliver less than 2.5 CHP. The commercial treadmill requires more horsepower because people of different weights will be using it. The motor also produces some noise. If you want to place or receive a call or listen to music, you should consider the amount of noise produced by a motor.

The control panel: A control panel should be located at such a distance and place that the user has an easy time operating it. The control panel should also be easy to understand and use.

The extra features: These might seem negligible requirements at the start, but there comes a time when you realize that some of these additional features are what sets a good treadmill from a poor one. Things such as Virtual Passport, music, MP3 compatibility, and LCD screen can make your treadmill exercises fun or uninteresting. The virtual passport will help you simulate different running environments, thus making you more comfortable or enthusiastic. As for the music and MP3 compatibility, these are considered essential extras by many gym-goers.

The side rail cover: The side rail cover’s importance comes when you want to step away from the belt. The cover acts as a landing area. When you are done running on the belt, the rail cover helps you step away from the moving belt. It helps in reducing the possibility of falling and getting injured.

Value for your money: A treadmill that doesn’t fold or without music and LCD option should not drill a hole in your wallet. You won’t feel cheated when you buy a treadmill that makes your morning physical exercises fun, which helps you lose those extra pounds. When buying a treadmill for home use, consider things such as the space the equipment occupies, its foldability, and MP3 compatibility. If it is in a gym, consider things such as the belt’s material, the treadmills’ brand, and probably the padding of the deck.

Final thoughts

Getting yourself a perfect treadmill is confusing. But when you decide the exact treadmill you need, and how much you plan to spend on it then things become simpler. This is why you need to know the different types of treadmills. Some treadmills are great for home use but may not work well in a commercial setting. On the other hand, commercial treadmills are worth every penny they cost but they are not good for home use. Regardless of why you need a treadmill, finding one that suits you the best will ensure you do not regret making any purchase.


Cardiac muscle - Wikipedia
Cardiac muscle (also called heart muscle or myocardium) is one of three types of vertebrate muscle tissue, with the other two being skeletal muscle and smooth muscle. It is involuntary, striated muscle that constitutes the main tissue of the wall of the heart.
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