5 Best Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets to Complement Your Kitchen Decor

Last updatedLast updated: October 17, 2021
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A pull-down kitchen faucet is a simple device which not only makes tasks in the kitchen quicker and more accessible, but it can also hugely complement your kitchen decor. Claimed to be the more durable of choices, the best pull-down kitchen faucet should work to offer you a range of different spray functions while maximizing the number of jobs you can get done in succession, both in and around the sink area. These products are preferred by many over standard taps, offering various finishing options to suit individual taste.

This extensive review looks at five of the best-rated pull-down kitchen faucets currently available on the market. Concentrating on aspects such as materials used, flow rate, water modes, insulation type, warranties, dimensions, and valves, we have selected only those top models which we feel offer you the best all-around product. We then summarize the pros of each model discussed alongside any possible cons to consider.

We’ve searched the market to find a selection of five models which we believe make the grade for the best pull-down kitchen faucet. Such models include all the essential features you need for this most frequently used of products. Offering you our years of reviewing expertise, we’ve given each selection a final rating and presented them in an informative table, with more details on each product below. Additionally, offering an extended buying guide section, as well as answering some of the more frequently asked questions on faucets, we’ve hopefully provided you with all the information you need to make that final perfect purchase.

Top 5 Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets Review 2022


Delta Faucet 9159-CZ-DST TrinsicEditor’s Choice

  • Materials: brass
  • Finish: Chrome, Arctic Stainless, and more
  • Valve: diamond-embedded ceramic
  • Flow rate: 1.8 GPM
  • Installation: one or three-hole deck-mounted
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

More features: magnetic docking spray, TempSense LED indicator light, Diamond Seal Technology, spray or stream options, Touch On / Touch Off operation

Top of our list and our Editor’s choice is the Delta Faucet 9159 Trinsic. This is available in a range of finishes and is highly rated for its on and off mode – meaning it’s simply one touch to turn it off and one touch to turn it on. This makes it great when performing several tasks in the kitchen or you have messy hands as you can use your wrist or forearm here to start and stop the waters flow.

What’s more, you can even keep an eye on the temperature as you move around the kitchen with the cleverly designed TempSense LED indicator light. This changes color to reflect the heat of the water. With a MagnaTite Docking system, you can be assured that your spray wand will not droop over time, as some models tend to do so, as its powerful and integrated magnet snaps the wand into the exact place it needs to be and keeps it sturdy throughout use and overtime.

Easily cleaned, the TouchClean elements of this faucet allow any mineral residue to be merely wiped away, and the soft rubber spray holes work to produce the minimal amount of waste as standard. The two-function spray wand means you can select from spray or steam, switching quickly between the two. Best still, this is an easily installed product which is designed to fit single or three-holes. With patented diamond seal technology used, this is a thoroughly durable and leak-free faucet.

Customers of the Delta Faucet 9159 Trinsic find this a thoroughly versatile model which is durable and generally a visually pleasing addition to the kitchen.

Why are we impressed?

  • Patented Diamond Seal Technology
  • Magnetic docking
  • One-touch use
  • Easy installation
  • TempSense LED indicator light

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Shorter 5-year warranty
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Moen Arbor 7594ESRSBest-Rated Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

  • Materials: metal
  • Finish: stainless steel
  • Valve: ceramic
  • Flow rate: 1.5 GPM
  • Installation: one- or three-hole sink-mounted
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

More features: two sensors, steady aerated stream, and powerful rinse modes

The Moen 7594 Arbor is our pick for best-rated pull-down kitchen faucet as it receives rave reviews continually. With three finishing’s to choose from here, this model is designed using a Reflex system. This means it works hard to ensure all those everyday kitchen tasks are made easier every time. The Reflex system offers a smoother operation as it encourages natural movement of the spray head and provides a secure docking for the spray head. This also ensures minimal pull-down resistance as it’s engineered to move with you as you work. With double sensors included, all this model needs is a simple hand movement to trigger the flow of water. This allows you to work hands-free and is thoroughly convenient.

The PowerClean element of the Moen 7594 gives a staggering 50% more spray as it utilizes additional technology. Simple and quick to install, this faucet is also complete with a Duralock Quick Connect System and can be established whether your sink is one or three holes in the design. This product also comes with an optional plate deck which can be fitted for practicality and to look sleek visually. Offering the choice of two spray functions for dual functionality, this high arc pulldown model is backed by Moen’s lifetime limited warranty.

Customers of the Moen 7594 love its multi-functionality the most, not to mention its attractiveness in the kitchen. However, it’s the hands-free element that really gives it the best rating.

What do we love it for?

  • Hands-free
  • Double sensors
  • Reflex system design
  • 50% more spray power
  • Duralock Quick Connect System
  • PowerClean element
  • Optional plate deck included
  • Two spray functions
  • Lifetime limited warranty

What were we disappointed with?

  • Faucet claimed to be useless during a power cut
  • Customer support issues
  • Considered a costly model
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Moen 5923 Align Kitchen FaucetBest Commercial Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

  • Materials: metal
  • Finish: chrome, stainless and matte black
  • Valve: ceramic
  • Flow rate: 1.5 GPM
  • Installation: one- or three-hole
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

More features: 2 spray modes, PowerClean spray technology, Duralock quick connect hose system

The Moen 5923 Align is our choice for best industrial-style pull-down kitchen faucet. Once again available in a selection of finishes, this is a visually stunning centerpiece for any kitchen worktop which not only brings additional performance to the worktop but also a professional look. With a Duralock Quick Connect System, installation is a breeze with this model.

Offering a heavy-duty spray function with added PowerClean, there is around 50% more spray power here, meaning dishes are cleaned faster and less residual water is left in the sink area. With a reach of up to four times more than standard hoses, there is also more movement offered through the additional ball joint connection. Offering a choice of two spray modes, you can alternate between these with just the flick of one switch. It’s therefore great for primary everyday gentle jobs and the heavier duty of tasks.

Having a higher neck spout than usual, the Moen 5923 enables you to clean unobstructed around your work area while also filling your sink with the more significant items of cookware as well. Complete with a limited lifetime warranty, this model claims to work against leaks, drips, and finishing defects. All of these additional features and benefits combined with its ability to fit both one hole and three-hole sinks make it a great purchase.

Customers of the Moen 5923 find this a stunningly designed and more contemporary model which is a heavy-duty faucet that works exceptionally well.

What makes it stand out?

  • Duralock quick connect system
  • Heavy-duty spray functions
  • PowerClean
  • 50% more spray power
  • Four times longer reach hose
  • Two spray modes
  • High neck spout
  • Easy installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Plastic gasket issues
  • Hose height problematic for some
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Kraus KPF-1610SSBudget Pick

  • Materials: brass
  • Finish: stainless steel, chrome, and more
  • Valve: ceramic
  • Flow rate: 1.8 GPM
  • Installation: one-hole sink-mounted
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

More features: optimized commercial faucet, spray nozzle, aerated stream, and powerful spray modes

The Kraus KPF-1610 is our budget pick of the list. This model claims to offer the perfect fit in almost every kitchen due to its rather compact height which can fit beneath the majority of home kitchen cabinets. This model also receives our choice for best stainless steel commercial pull-down kitchen faucet as it is a commercial kitchen faucet model which is eco-friendly with lead-free materials in its make up, but ultimately built to last.

The use of a best in the industry ceramic cartridge ensures that it can offer a lifetime of drip-free use! Coming prepped for instant installation, this is a two-spray mode model which allows you to toggle quickly from splash free aerated steam to pre-rinse powerful spray action; and all at the flip of a switch. The 20-inch retractable hose of the Kraus KPF-1610 means a maximum performance every time as it allows you to direct your water to exactly where you need it. The 180-degree swivel spout also offers more in the way of motion range. With a high arc faucet spout offering ample room for almost any task in the sink, this is available in a variety of incredible finishing’s and can be easily installed in one hole or three-hole sinks.

Customers of the Kraus KPF-1610 love how they can access a good quality faucet here without breaking the bank! It is highly rated for its powerful and efficient qualities and ability to get the job done fantastically every time.

What makes it special?

  • Great low price
  • Fits the majority of kitchen cabinets
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable construction and design
  • Drip-free
  • Two spray modes
  • 20-inch retractable hose
  • 180-degree swivel spout

What cons did we find?

  • Plastic spray head
  • Handle strength issues reported
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KOHLER K-596Most Elegant Design

  • Materials: metal
  • Finish: polished chrome
  • Valve: ceramic
  • Flow rate: 1.8 GPM
  • Installation: one- or three-hole
  • Warranty: lifetime limited

More features: stream, boost, and sweep spray technologies, magnetic docking system

The KOHLER K-596 is our choice for best pull-down single handle kitchen faucet as this is a simple but extremely innovative style and fit for many kitchen types, as well as many varied kitchen tasks. Combining a most elegant of designs with some of the most exceptional ergonomics and functionality, this includes a high arc swing spout which rotates a full 360 degrees.

This model allows you to control the water with one hand while reaching into the sink to continue with other tasks with your other hand. The spray head is a trio of multi-functionality including steam, boost, and spray. By using the best technology in its spray head, the result is an increased flow rate of 30% and angled nozzles in its design that creates the more powerful of blades when cleaning both your dishes and sink. It also ensures that this faucet is not just easier to use, but more comfortable as a result.

Simple and quick to install, and for those one or three-hole sinks, the hose and spray head is preinstalled and even comes with an additional deck plate for that ultimate of finishes. Available in a choice of three colors, this is a faucet which is designed to last, using ceramic disc valves to ensure extended durability throughout its use. The use of magnetic docking guarantees that your system is securely locked into place and will remain so throughout its use.

Customers of the KOHLER K-596 love both the styling and the function of this model, highly rating its long-term durability as well as simple installation.

Why did it make our list?

  • Three-function spray head
  • Innovative design
  • ProMotion Technology for spray head mobility
  • Elegant high-arc design
  • Spout rotates 360 degrees
  • Sculpted buttons on spray head
  • Mid-range price

What is not ideal about it?

  • Fully spray power questioned
  • Few reports of drips and leaks

Things to Consider

We hope that you’ve now got a good idea of what the best kitchen faucet with pull-down sprayer can do for your needs, after reading through the above review guide. Before you make that final purchase, we would like to offer you a little more information on how to select that best model for your individual needs. Below is a detailed buying guide which we believe will answer all your questions, highlighting some of the more important features that we think that perfect kitchen faucet should instantly offer you.

Advantages of a pull-down kitchen faucet

9a10cf25fc618633b24652f4b7968099826c251aOne of the most significant benefits of a pull-down kitchen faucet is its impressive overall look when placed in any kitchen! It’s certainly a visually stunning feature which offers a more modern and contemporary look than that of plain, basic, and dull looking kitchen taps. However, its practicalities are also what people prefer pull-down kitchen faucets for, and they are plentiful. Very easy and quick to fit, they allow you to do much more around your sink area in general, especially those with greater spout heights. They also ensure that you don’t have to struggle to turn the water on when you have things in your hands or even just dirty hands, with their one-touch designs. Their choice of spray mode selections also ensures that you can get just the right force of water when needed (also consider a pull-out kitchen faucet if it’s the primary feature you look for). Finally, these are the models that are less likely to leak, as opposed to those old-fashioned taps.

Kitchen faucet features to consider

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (1)We have made a list of several areas below that we believe are the more crucial to look out for when selecting your final pull-down kitchen faucet. Though most of these products reviewed will tend to offer some similar features and purposes, each one differs slightly and provides additional benefits which may be more helpful to you, and your individual circumstances. However, it’s essential here to ensure that you select the most practical model that is going to offer you everything you want from your faucet purchase. Therefore, all our review models have been chosen as those models we believe offer you everything you need from such a product, and here we explain those features a little further.

Materials and finish

All of our reviewed models offer several elements in their makeup and finishings as standard. However, the best models are those finished in stainless steel to prevent too much scratching or visible stains. Yet, you will also find chrome, bronze, nickel, brass, and PVD. The better the selection of your material and finishing, the longer your kitchen faucet will remain looking like new, despite everyday wear and tear.


The valve used in all these reviewed models is a ceramic choice, and this ensures that your kitchen faucet lasts you for much longer. Previously, faucets and taps used rubber washers, however, over time they hardened and degraded, rendering many problems as a result. By selecting a ceramic valve, you can be sure of a more robust solution and one that can deal with the more extreme of temperatures. They also enable your faucet to function longer without needing to be repaired or replaced.

Water flow options

Kohler-K596-Featured-imageThere are usually two water flow options as standard in most pull-down kitchen faucets, including spray and steam mode. However, the KOHLER K-596 offers an additional choice here and includes steam, spray, and boost. This may be a personal preference but having a selection of spray modes enables you to focus on different tasks using different methods each time, making the washing experience more manageable and quicker in the process.

Flow rate

The flow rate of your pull-down faucet will determine how much water comes through the wand when you run it. The average flow rate of the models reviewed here is 1.8 GPM, that is gallons per minute, with two models offering a little less at 1.5 GPM. This rate of flow is better economically as reduced flow equals a reduction in hot water, meaning you save water and energy at this rate.


Installation of a pull-down kitchen faucet should be quick and straightforward, and all these reviewed models here ensure the process is straightforward to do, without any prior plumbing knowledge or additional assistance required. All you need to do is ensure you’ve selected the model which works with the number of holes in your sink and then follow the instructions included in the package.


Because of the design of many pull-down kitchen faucets, you may need to check carefully beforehand that your sink area can accommodate your selected model. The height of some of these models means that pull down faucets are often considered higher to other faucet styles. The longnecks and elegant curves are great examples of this.

Consider the space between your wall mounted cabinet and your countertop here, as well as that of your base cabinet space for the hose to sit comfortably underneath.


You may wish to take out a warranty on your selected model to ensure that should anything go wrong, or any incidents occur once your pull-down faucet is up and running, you are covered. All these reviewed models here offer a limited lifetime warranty, all that is apart from the Delta Faucet 9159 Trinsic, which provides a five-year limited warranty. If you require an additional guarantee with your chosen model, then it’s a good idea to read the small print and terms and conditions of the attached warranties carefully before deciding.

Extra features

Moen 5923 Align1You may want to access some of those additional features found in the best pull-down kitchen faucets. If so, look for additions here such LED Indicator Lights, which tell you exactly how warm the water is, often changing color to alert you, such as the Delta Faucet 9159 Trinsic does. You may like those models with sensors that allow touchless operation, better still those with double sensors such as the Moen 7594 Arbor, meaning a simple hand movement to trigger the water flow!

You may also want a model that offers a magnetic docking spray which keeps the wand in place throughout and assures against drooping over time when used continually.

Kitchen faucet installation

It’s easier to install a sink and faucet at the same time, as the faucet can be installed correctly into the countertop before the sink is then placed into it. However, if you are just installing a faucet then it’s still a quick and easy installation, and your chosen model should come with a set of step by step instructions:

  • Turn off the water and power
  • Remove your old faucet or taps where applicable
  • Set the deck plate
  • Feed the faucet lines into the hole(s)
  • Install required washers and nuts under the sink
  • Attach the quick connect hose to the supply pipe, attaching a weight for balance
  • Connect your water supply lines
  • Turn the water on slowly – checking for any leaks or the need to tighten where necessary
  • Remove the faucet’s aerator, letting the water run aerator free to clear for a few minutes
  • Turn the faucet off, replacing the aerator
  • Your pull-down faucet is now ready to use!

Cleaning and care tips

kraus_kpf1610ss_images_3909544024As you would clean your sink, you can also apply those same methods to your new pull-down kitchen faucet. Take care to steer clear from harsh abrasive chemicals and indeed scrubbing brushes or wired sponges, which will scratch your faucet, making it visible for all to see. Instead, use warm soapy water to regularly clean out the wand and all-round the faucet. Do this on a regular basis and for extra shine, consider white vinegar applied gently with a cloth or even bicarbonate soda, used with a very soft toothbrush. Continue to do this, and over time, your kitchen faucet will remain in good shape.


We believe all these models reviewed here are adequately priced for the features and benefits that they offer. However, if pricing is an issue for you, we really do recommend that you think carefully before selecting an extremely cheap pull-down faucet. They may not be able to offer the best materials and finishing’s, and in a short space of time most likely fail to operate correctly, costing you more money in the long term. If pricing is an issue, the Kraus KPF-1610 is the best cheap pull-down kitchen faucet – but still offers top quality makeup and construction in its design.


With so many finishing’s to choose from, you need to ensure that your kitchen faucet has a tough finishing. This is usually the most common style in all models, apart from those remarkably cheaper models. Brushed stainless steel is the best selection here as it doesn’t tend to show up too many scratches or stains. Chrome is also usually a most popular choice but, though it is pretty durable, it can be easily scratched.

You’ll find that your kitchen faucet often needs more cleaning than that of your sink, due to the obvious build up of grime and calcium deposits that naturally flow through them. Just unscrew the end of your faucet and clean out on a regular basis using soap and warm water, with no harsh abrasive materials. You can also use white vinegar here for best results. Also, baking soda with a soft toothbrush can eliminate any stains that have built up here.

Though kitchen faucets aren’t designed predominately to work on saving water as such, what they can do is encourage you to use only that water which you need for every task. The ability to turn on a water faucet with just a simple touch ensures that you only activate the water flow when needed. Additionally, if your model offers PowerClean technology, like those mentioned here, you can be assured of a faster clean up with less water used and less left in and around the sink area as a result.

The number of holes in your sink will determine the make of kitchen faucet you can easily fit. Most sinks come predrilled or pre-punched with one to four holes. Therefore, when selecting your preferred kitchen faucet, you’ll need to ensure that your existing plumbing can cope with your preferred model. For example, if your faucet states it will use three holes and you only have two, you will have a third opening that will need sorting before you can use your appliance – and this may mean a bit of additional plumbing work.

Our Verdict

We hope that by now you have a clearer idea of what the best quality pull-down kitchen faucet is for your needs and have found the extended buying guide and reviewing section more than helpful in your search for the best model. By applying the guidance we have offered you, we believe you can now purchase the best pull-down kitchen faucet for the money.

Our top choice here is the Delta Faucet 9159-CZ-DST Trinsic as it’s a great performer and offers the best features out of the bunch here. Second on our list is the Moen 7594ESRS Arbor for its additional sensor, reflex system design, and multifunctionality. Thirdly, the Moen 5923S Align gets our seal of approval as an excellent choice for a more commercial look – as well as a higher than usual neck spout.

In concluding, if it’s a visually stunning and best value pull-down kitchen faucet you’re after, each one of these reviewed models will not only look great in any kitchen but do an excellent job for many years to come.

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