How Does Touchless Faucet Work – Simple Explanation

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A common question you will get to hear so often is how does a touchless faucet work. Kitchen can get messy since it a place where many activities happen. Many things need a lot of washing in the kitchen and that includes our own hands. Therefore, the best convenient way to prevent the faucet from getting dirt or contamination is by installing touchless faucet.

According to pmmag Trusted Source Touchless technology improves faucet usability | 2018-04-16 | Plumbing and Mechanical | Plumbing & Mechanical From faucets that work with the wave of a hand to fixtures you can control with your voice, the residential touchless faucet market has grown in the past few years. , touchless faucet uses technology that only needs you to show your hands and the water will start flowing without having to touch the faucet. The water stops when you take away the hands from the faucet. Many models in the market in the market work without a hitch for the foreseeable future.

Imagine when someone walks in your kitchen and ask how a touchless works. You will want to give an answer that is impressive as the touchless faucet itself, right? Then, read through to understand how touchless faucet work.

Anatomy of Touchless Faucet

There are two things you need to understand when it comes to using a touchless faucet. One is the parts is made up of and two the technology that runs it. The discussion below will touch on both and explain on how it works.


How Does Touchless Faucet Work - Simple ExplanationTouchless faucet has a sensor at the tip of the faucet spouts. The work of the sensor is to detect the presence of the hands. The presence of the hands turns on the water flow, and that why it is commonly known as presence sensor. Presence sensor in touchless faucet have a tiny infrared light.

The presence sensor and the infrared detector come in hand and together they determine to send the signal to the solenoid valve and when not send. The technology in touchless faucet is simple because when the hands comes to the spout, infrared light bounces off of the skin and to the sensor. The best touchless kitchen faucets often have the best sensors and will never fail to notice your presence.

Touchless faucet also features ultrasonic sensors which happens to be a common mechanism. Ultrasonic sensors make the valve to open up and release water when the hands enter the field of operation and interrupts the sensor. The water flow stops the moment you remove your hands.


How Does Touchless Faucet Work - Simple ExplanationThe faucet sensor controls the solenoid valve. According to Hunker, “the solenoid is an electromagnet that can push or pull, depending on electric polarity”. The rubber like disc in the diaphragm regulators controls the water flow. The valve does not open until it obtains a signal from the sensor signifying the presence of the hands.

When the sensor detects the presence of the hands, the solenoid pulls the valve open, allowing the water to stream. Afterwards, the solenoid forces the valve to close when the sensor senses there no longer the presence of the hands.


How Does Touchless Faucet Work - Simple ExplanationThe spout contains all the other working parts since it is the central element of the touchless faucet. The spout is made with care and from a variety of materials such a s zinc. The zinc faucets are usually cheap than their market counterparts thus. Advanced end faucets are available in brass or copper. For durability and appearance purposes, nickel or chrome-plated spouts are the best. Most top reviews reveal that Grohe Cosmopolitan E is one of the simple and most sturdy touchless faucet with an elegant spout that can be a great addition to your home.


How Does Touchless Faucet Work - Simple ExplanationThere is no other alternative source of power for a touchless or automatic faucet other than the electricity. Although, the sources vary in nature. For instance, many devices make use of dry-cells to function while other run on low voltage current from an AC transformer. Often people make use of public power source.

By default, the solenoid valve in the touchless faucet remains open. The solenoid valve change and pushes back to closed position only when it receives an electric signal from the sensor.

Installation Kit

The touchless faucet comes with an installation kit that helps in installing a wall mount commercial faucet. The kits also have a backsplash of stainless-steel saleable kitchen prep and utility sink. The installation kit has a low lead compliant high-quality brass material which is a one-piece construction thus preventing leakage.

The kit is for simple installation and it allows installation of wall mount. To install you need to connect the longer end to the back of the wall mount faucet. Connect the shorter ends to water line against washes at the back of the stainless steel sink. Then, lock the nuts to secure the faucets and this should fit various faucets.

The installation kit comes with brass install x two, nut x two, rubber washer x two, and a touchless faucet adaptor. Touchless Faucet Adaptor has some top reviews if you are looking to get an external adaptor that is easy to use and will transform your faucet into a smart one.

How Motion Activated Faucet works

How Does Touchless Faucet Work - Simple ExplanationA touchless motion activated faucet is designed with automatic sensors. The sensors automatically sense any motion which automatically starts the water flow. You only need to wave at the sensor and will sense the motion and open up the water flow into the faucet.

Also, the motion activated faucet has a separate control unit that helps in controlling the water temperature. The control unit helps in setting the temperature you desire to use. It is also possible to adjust the water flow by use of the faucet handle.


The following are the advantages of having a touchless faucet at your place;

Less waste: The touchless faucet helps in minimizing water wastage. The sensor helps in knowing when the water should flow and when to stop flowing. Water only flows only when there are hands under it, ensuring you use the exact quantity of water necessary. Also, most of the reflex faucets are leak proof, thus conserving as much as possible.

No alterations: Motion activated faucets are mostly set with a pre-fixed flow and water temperature.  There will be no need of turning one or two handles before everything is perfect, which can lead to wastage of water and either natural gas or electricity.

A cleaner kitchen: Turning a steady faucet off after using it will lead to dripping of water on the counter. When turning on the faucets the hands are dirty that means when you turn it off you collect the dirt again. Touchless faucets keep your kitchen clean and you are free from germs.

Easy to operate: any person can use touchless faucets, that includes children, old and the people living with disabilities. The faucet is an easier object to deal with for everyone.


Cost: In general, the touchless faucets require a bigger investment up front. It is true the save your money in the long term, but at first the prices might choke because of expensive it is. However, if you want to splurge on a touchless kitchen faucet then you can easily find the best luxury kitchen faucet in the market.

Power outages: If your touchless faucet is only wired and not powered by battery, then it means when the power is off your faucet is off too. This complicates life since electrical services are unpredictable.

Sensor malfunction: every person has probably come across a touchless faucet that is not working. The issue mostly happens in public restrooms, when you stuck your hands under and nothing happens. The problem can be annoying when it happens in your kitchen since you probably have one faucet unlike in public places where there are options.

Difference Between Kitchen and Bathroom Touchless Faucets

The main difference you will see in kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet is their size. Kitchen faucets tend to be larger, with a higher arc, while the bathroom faucets tend to be smaller.

In the kitchen there is a need to fit larger items underneath a stream of water. For instance, you need a faucet that you can swivel in any direction when washing vegetables, pans and even utensils. There are several unique kitchen faucets if you need to find the best kitchen faucet that meets your needs and preferences.

On the other hand, bathroom faucets is commonly used as a place to clean your hands, clean your teeth, and sometimes fill up a cup of water, thus, the smaller touchless can do.

Touchless Faucet Work by Brand

There are many excellent brands homeowners can choose from in case they want to replace or upgrade the faucets in their place. Some brands offer touchless faucets that are voice or hand sensors. Grohe Cosmopolitan E has a sensor that needs you to tap with your feet and wash your hands.  Below are some of the brands you choose to get your touchless faucets from.


How Does Touchless Faucet Work - Simple ExplanationThe touchless faucet from Moen Arbor has been in the market for 75 years thus having a stronger foundation and design. The Moen faucets have a classic style and it updates its voice control technology and sensors every now and then. Many popular reviews pit Moen Arbor as a top touchless faucet mostly thanks to its sensitive motion sensor and its power clean features.

The touchless faucet from Moen is a battery powered thus it does not need a dedicated outlet. It has four finishes which includes, the spot resistant stainless option.

Glacier Bay

How Does Touchless Faucet Work - Simple ExplanationGlacier Bay Modern is among the affordable brands in the market. The touchless faucet from Glacier Bay are available to consumers around the world. the quality, design and features are unique compared to other brands. The great finish and outstanding performance of the Glacier Bay Modern makes it a popular touchless faucet among many users.

Glacier Bay touchless kitchen faucets are the among the bets options for homeowners seeking to purchasing a faucet. The product comes with a warranty on it to avoid counterfeit.


Now that you know the answer to how does a touchless faucet work, you should also be aware that it is the most useful fixture in the kitchen. Also, the faucets need maintenance and cleaning like any other appliances.

It is beat to Avoid harsh chemicals on the surface of the device and the battery pack. Take caution when cleaning the electrical components, make sure you concentrate and take care.

Understanding the touchless faucet inside and out will lead to better experience while using it. Your kitchen environment will also have a positive impression

Kitchen are important areas in all households; therefore, it is beat to equip it with nothing but the best. and in doubt a touchless faucet falls in that category.


Touchless technology improves faucet usability | 2018-04-16 | Plumbing and Mechanical | Plumbing & Mechanical
From faucets that work with the wave of a hand to fixtures you can control with your voice, the residential touchless faucet market has grown in the past few years.

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