7 Comfiest Sofa Bed Mattresses For A Good Night Sleep

Last updatedLast updated: August 14, 2021
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Whether it is your turn to host your friends for the forthcoming holidays or your children are always inviting their friends for slumber parties, or you are just hosting visitors far too frequently that you would expect to – one thing is certain– you can surely use an extra space to house your visitors overnight. Of course, adding a little sleeping space in your home is a fairly difficult task for anyone, but it is not really as difficult as most people make it seem.  With the best sofa bed mattress for your home, you can easily ensure that all your guests are peacefully and comfortably accommodated, and in the morning you can easily fold it and store away.

Sofa beds, of course, are a clever invention that is perfect for homes where overnight guests are always expected. The system enables you to effortlessly pull a bed out from the couch when necessary. Nowadays, many brands claim to be producing the best sofa bed mattresses in the market, thereby making shopping difficult for buyers. However, we’ve taken the liberty to help you choose effortlessly, so we have gathered a list of the best sofa bed mattresses out there while considering important factors like the thickness of the mattress, its layers, its filling, its size, and its warranty terms.

In our research on the best sofa bed mattresses, we compared dozens of models. Besides, we went through customer reviews of each of our pick before testing them to narrow our list down to top 7 products. In this guide, there is a comparison table with a nomination for each product, followed by comprehensive reviews of them, and a handy buying guide which contains some tips and information you might find useful in your quest to buy the best sofa bed mattresses for your home.

Top 7 Sofa Bed and Sleeper Sofa Mattresses Review 2021


Classic Brands Replacement MattressEditor's Choice

  • Thickness: 4.5’’
  • Layers: 2
  • Filling: gel memory foam
  • Size: 72 x 58 x 4.5’’
  • Warranty: 3 years limited

More features: stretch knit cover, CertiPUR-US certified

If a sofa bed doesn’t have a comfy mattress, then there is no difference between it and a regular sofa. So, if you have a sofa bed at your home, then you should consider buying a high-quality yet affordable mattress like the Classic Brands 4.5 Inches Replacement Mattress. The mattress offers a supportive, comfortable surface, while still being flexible and thin enough to easily fold up.

This mattress is actually smaller in size compared to a regular queen-sized mattress, but that is to ensure that it fits well in sofa beds. The base of the mattress consists of high-density foam to offer the required thick support for sleepers, and to serve as a protection to keep you from feeling the metal bars. The top layer is made up of a 2-inch foam to provide you with the sort of premium comfort that is often associated with high-end mattresses.

As with nearly every foam you will come across, you will notice a little chemical smell when the package is opened for the first time. While it has a little off-gassing, it is very minimal. This mattress is also very breathable, but that is not to say some people don’t find it a little warm.

Why are we impressed?

  • Antimicrobial materials
  • Very breathable mattress
  • Affordable cost
  • Fits in every foldout sofas
  • Offers a significant amount of comfort

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • A little off-gassing
  • May sleep a tad warm


Zinus Sleeper Sofa MattressBest Firm Sleeper Sofa Mattress

  • Thickness: 5”
  • Layers: 2
  • Filling: gel memory foam
  • Size: 72 x 60 x 5”
  • Warranty: 5 years limited

More features: CertiPUR-US certified

Your guests deserve to sleep with optimum comfort, and there aren’t many options more ideal for that than the Zinus Sleep Master Cool Gel-Memory Foam 5-inch Sleeper Sofa Mattress. Starting from its base, this mattress has a 4-inch high-density support foam which offers a high level of comfort. The high-density support foam should serve as adequate protection against the bars of the bed.

Above the 4-inch high-density support foam, there is a 1-inch thick layer of gel-infused foam. This gel-infused layer provides the cozy comfort everyone looks for in a mattress. In addition to that, the get infusion provides a layer of protection from heat retention that is often associated with a memory foam. The whole mattress has a soft, textured, removable cover, which allows you to sleep cool.

You may notice a smell when the mattress is unpacked out of the box for the first time, but the smell should quickly dissipate. A lot of people have slept on this bed on a foldout couch and did not feel the bar. Probably the biggest drawback of this mattress is that it is too firm, and folding it up into sofa beds may prove to be too difficult. It comes with a 5-year warranty, which will serve as a protection for you in case of defects.

What makes it stand out?

  • Very comfortable to sleep on
  • Sleeps very cool
  • Affordable price point
  • Comes with a removable and washable cover
  • Very little off-gassing

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Might not be fitting for all sofas


DynastyMattress Sofa MattressBest Sofa Bed Mattress For People With Back Pain

  • Thickness: 4.5’’
  • Layers: 2
  • Filling: gel memory foam
  • Size: 72 x 58 x 4.5’’
  • Warranty: 5 years limited

More features: CertipurUS certified

Apart from being a popular choice for sofa beds, the DynastyMattress Sofa Mattress is also popular for RVs, boats, and bunk beds. Featuring a 2.5-inch bottom layer of high-density foam, you get a lot of comfort from this mattress. There is a 2-inch HD gel plush memory foam at the top, which offers adequate support to the spine, thereby relieving back and spinal pain. It also has a very durable construction, which means it can endure all sorts of abuse and last for many years.

Furthermore, the memory foam of this mattress conforms to the body, thereby aligning the spine and neck for optimum sleep environment. In addition to that, the mattress is 4.5 inches thick, which ensures that it offers enough support to sleepers. Besides, the mattress comes with the CertiPUR-US certification which certifies the use of non-harmful chemicals in the manufacturing of the mattress. Additionally, the mattress comes with a 5-year warranty, which gives you some peace of mind on your purchase.

However, you will detect a strong, unpleasant smell at first unpackaging, which should naturally die out after a day or two. Other than that, this is a high-quality sofa bed mattress with many pros but only a few cons.

Why did it make our list?

  • Durable construction
  • Has CertiPUR-US certification
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Relieves back pain
  • Very firm

What is not ideal about it?

  • Initial unpleasant smell
  • Thickness: 4.5 inches
  • Layers: 2
  • Filling: PU foam; memory foam
  • Size: 72 x 58 x 4.5 inches
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: non-slip bottom; removable cover

Milliard is undoubtedly one of the biggest mattress brands on the market and only a few people would be surprised that their Milliard 4.5-Inch Memory Foam Replacement Mattress made this list. Literally, this mattress has everything, ranging from durability, comfort, and performance. It can be a perfect choice if you are searching for a comfortable queen-sized mattress for a sofa bed. Apart from being produced using bi-layered foams, its top layer is a bouncy and soft 1.5-inch memory foam. At the bottom, the mattress has a three-inch polyurethane foam that is as firm as possible. Like you might have suspected as well, this mattress is designed to end your uncomfortable nights.

Since it combines a soft, bouncy top layer with an extremely firm base, you are certain to get the highest level of comfort from it. The top layer conforms to the contours of your body and offers all the support your body needs. Apart from being a fantastic option for your guests at home, it can also come handy during your trips, either in your RV or a boat. That is in no small thanks to its excellent foldability, which will within a few seconds get back in shape. Again, the mattress has a truly amazing ventilation process. For optimum comfort, the airflow is good enough to keep it cool and get rid of the heat completely.

It’s also important to note that all the materials used in the manufacturing of this mattress are CertiPUR-approved. It’s also a nice thing that the mattress is compatible with almost every convertible sofa, making it a hugely versatile product. There’s also a zipper cover that you can remove during washing. For your information, the mattress is machine-washable, so you don’t have to go through much hassle to wash it. However, a lot of people are disappointed with the fact that the mattress isn’t infused with cooling gel, like most top mattresses nowadays.

What makes it special?

  • Supportive and comfortable
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Perfect for your trips
  • Foldable construction
  • Machine-washable
  • Compatible with most convertible sofas

What cons did we find?

  • No cooling gel

Fashion Bed Group AirDream Inflatable MattressBest Hypoallergenic Mattress

  • Thickness: 11’’
  • Layers: 1
  • Filling: inflatable mattress
  • Size: 72 x 60 x 11’’
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

More features: hypoallergenic, electric pump included

Fashion Bed Group is a household name when it comes to the manufacturing of adjustable bed bases, bedding support, bed textiles, and fashionable beds. The company has been revolutionizing for more than 100 years and is devoted to modernism. The AirDream Inflatable Mattress is an exceptional release from the company, and with its incredible practicality, extraordinary convenience, and patented AirDream sofa sleeping system, we can’t find many models that are better than this mattress.

When sleeping on this mattress, the patented AirDream sofa sleeper system makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a deluxe premium bed. You’ll get the sort of feeling that you would never, in your weirdest imagination, think is achievable on a sofa bed. There is an air-over-coil technology which makes it easy to inflate this mattress, and it will be ready for use within only a minute. The electric pump is fairly useful and simple to use.

At 11 inches, this mattress is a lot thicker than many other sleeper mattresses. The incorporated advanced technological design allows you to sleep without even feeling what is beneath the bed. The mattress is also produced utilizing hypoallergenic materials, which makes it safe for people with allergies.

The Fashion Bed Group AirDream Inflatable Mattress is an epitome of durability and superior quality which includes a handy handheld electric pump for convenient usage. AirDream offers a soft and smooth surface, thereby providing an ultimate ergonomic support and pain-free sleeping experience without any bumps or lumps normally associated with traditional sofa mattresses. On top of all that, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

What makes it special?

  • Inflatable mattress
  • Air-over-coil technology allows for comfortable sleeping
  • Comes with 3-year limited warranty
  • Very durable construction

What cons did we find?

  • Potential pinhole leaks

Milliard Fold Out MattressBest Versatility

  • Thickness: 3-9’’
  • Layers: 1
  • Filling: foam
  • Size: 74 x 18 x 60’’/38 x 9 x 74”/18-3 x 82 x 60”
  • Warranty: 30-day money back guarantee

More features: 3-in-1 model

For those who need to save space and money, and for those who love stylish furniture, the Milliard Fold Out Mattress is one of the versatile sofa beds that offers one of the best value for money on the market. It has a thickness of 3 to 9 inches and only has a layer that is filled with foam material. This 3-in-1 furniture comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The Milliard Daybed is a sofa couch that you can easily turn into a queen bed or a twin folding mattress. It folds out in seconds.


Before assembly, the fold-out mattress measures around 82 x 60 x 3 inches overall in its compact pack. You can flip out the couch to a comfortable twin bed by unzipping it so it can unfold. The sofa couch is used for college dorms, apartment dwellers, family dens, and places where you have limited space. The twin mattress when assembled, will be 9 inches thick.


It even features a stylish foam-filled surround headboard. It’s a high-quality product made with high-quality high-density foam. This is certified by CERTIPUR US and will remain durable for years even under heavy use. Within 30 days of buying this sofa bed, if you’re not satisfied with the quality or you feel it’s not for you, Milliard says you may decide to return the product and you will have your money back with no questions asked.


What are our favorite features?

  • Made of high-density foam
  • Sofa, twin mattress, queen trifold
  • Folds out easily
  • Ideal for limited space

What could be better?

  • Low in height, except used with a platform


Lifetime sleep products Sofa Sleeper MattressBest Sofa Bed Mattress For RVs

  • Thickness: 4.5’’
  • Layers: 2
  • Filling: memory foam
  • Size: 72 x 53 x 4.5’’
  • Warranty: 3 years limited

More features: CertipurUS certified

In the past, it used to be difficult to purchase a new sofa bed mattress but the story is now the complete opposite due to the myriad of options on the market. In the Lifetime Sleep Products, the manufacturer used foam instead of innerspring coils. At the base, there is a 2-inch layer foam that is sufficiently thick to prevent you from feeling the bars that always brings discomfort on traditional sofa beds.

The top layer is around 2.5 inches of memory foam which is designed to offer a very comfy sleeping surface. While this mattress is the same as the standard queen-size mattress in terms of size, it should easily fit in any sofa bed. Although there have been a couple of complaints about the mattress being too thick to fold and too thin to prevent you from feeling the bars, such complaints are very few.

There is only a little off-gasping, but you may detect a little chemical smell at first. Just give it one or two days after you unpack and everything should be great. While this mattress is a bit costlier when compared to other replacement mattresses, it is still affordable. It is designed to provide you with the much-needed comfort after a long day’s work. Further, it rolls and fits easily into its box for easy transportation or storage.

Why are we impressed?

  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • Fits most sleeper sofas
  • A bit of off-gasping
  • Durable construction
  • Suits for RV

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • The smell Is a little perceptible but not overwhelming

Things to Consider

If you are looking for the best sofa bed mattress, then there are many important factors you’ll have to keep in mind. This section contains a quick overview of everything you should know to find your sofa bed mattress, regardless of your purpose for buying it.

Advantages of having a sleeper sofa mattress

Space Effective

Apart from being a classy place to sit, a sofa bed also doubles as a comfortable place to sleep, making it a great way to make the most of your available space. Fulfilling numerous needs makes a sofa bed a very practical option, so there is no need for you to worry about your bed and sofa taking the whole space in your room, leaving no space for other belongings. Apartments and flats are the ideal places for sofa bed mattresses if there is a limited amount of space. Also, they are kind to your budget since most of the sofa bed mattresses cost less than $300.

Wide Variety of Styles

Sofa Bed Mattress 2

With the best sofa bed mattresses, there is really no reason why you should compromise on style for practicality. Sofa beds made of fabrics will look astonishing in a country rustic interior, where their charm and their dual purposes are combined to maximum effect when your visitors sleepover. Leader sofa beds are perfect for sophisticated and ultra-modern interior designs. For people with little kids who are prone to clumsiness, it is quite easy to clean spillages away on a leather sofa bed.

Quick and Easy to Set Up

Most sofa beds are equipped with quick set up mechanisms, which make it very easy for you to set up the bed – just remove your cushions and pull the bed out with its mattress. This way, there is no pressure whatsoever to set up the room when you have uninvited guests since you know that it will only take a couple of minutes to set up their comfy bed for the night.

Storage Options

One of the few concerns people have about traditional sofa beds is that even though they are space efficient, they provide no storage space for extra bedcovers. With a corner sofa bed, however, the chaise end helps conceal a handy storage space that enables you to easily pack away your pillows and duvet, so you don’t need to worry about an extra storage solution anymore.

Types of sofa bed mattresses

Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattresses

Memory foam sofa bed mattresses are probably the most popular option as they provide the cushion and support necessary for a peaceful night rest.

These mattresses are outstanding for pressure point reduction. Besides, they return to their original form after waking up or after being tucked away. Therefore, you don’t need to rotate, turn, or flip the mattress.

Latex Sofa Bed Mattress

If you prefer your mattress to be firm, then we recommend you to choose a latex sofa bed mattress. Partly constructed from soy plants and rubber trees, these mattresses are the most environmental-friendly option. If you decide to go for latex, ensure you choose a company that uses real natural latex.

Foam Sofa Bed Mattresses

This sofa bed mattress type is less deluxe when compared with natural latex or memory foam. Nonetheless, high-density foam is a cheap option that is extremely effective removing the feel of the bed mechanism. When you are shopping for a foam sofa bed mattress, make sure you check the foam’s density. Common densities usually range from 1.2 pounds to 2.5 pounds.

Coil Sofa Bed Mattress

Most likely, this is the mattress that is currently causing you all sorts of problems as most sofa beds come standard with it. Coil sofa bed mattresses are known for being the least comfortable type of sofa mattress. that is due to the fact that the average coil mattress has just 1/2-inch padding on top of a 3-inch steel coil, thereby causing the sleeper to have a back pain. Manufacturers of sofa beds utilize a coil sofa mattress mostly because it considerably reduces the price. The consumers are, sadly, the ones who have to suffer.

Features to Consider While Choosing a Sleeper Sofa Mattress

Sofa Bed Mattress 4e1

Before buying a sleeper sofa mattress, below are some important considerations you need to make.


The size is always the first thing you need to consider when shopping for a sofa bed mattress. You need to ensure that it is the ideal size for the room in which it will be put.  Measure the amount of your available space for the fully extended sofa. Sofa bed mattresses don’t come in one size only – they often come in queen-sized or full-sized options. There are some that even come in twin or king sizes, just make sure you choose based on your sofa and your available space. But even when you are traveling and can’t risk getting your back hurt by an uncomfortable sleeping position because of the poor chosen mattress, you should opt for the Lifetime sleep products Sofa Sleeper Mattress since it is perfect for travelers who value their relaxing hours.


The number of layers a sofa bed mattress has will help in determining the amount of support it will offer sleepers. The number of layers will also help in determining then firmness level of the mattress. basically, the more the layers, the softer a sofa bed mattress will be. Contrarily, the smaller the layers, the firmer it will be. Also, the materials used in manufacturing the layers determine the amount of support that will be offered by the mattress.


Sofa bed mattresses usually come in varieties of thicknesses. A thicker mattress contains more foam, which makes it much bigger. Thicker sofa bed mattresses usually provide superior support and more comfort.

However, thicker models are often costlier than thinner models since they are more versatile and more beneficial. A 4-inch sofa bed mattress will likely be of higher quality than a 2-inch sofa bed mattress.
Besides, thicker models usually last longer than thinner ones. You can also opt for inflatable mattresses as  Fashion Bed Group AirDream Inflatable Mattress with its impressive 11’’ thickness. To ensure your guest’s comfortable, you can add mattress topper which will work great for people with back pain or side sleepers.

Cover Options

The cover of a mattress normally keeps it from getting worn out easily. For a sofa bed mattress or any type of mattress, the cover is a defense mechanism against dust mites and moisture. There are various covers to select from, depending on your preference. While some sofa bed mattresses come with removable covers, some come with sewed covers. We recommend you to choose a removable cover since removing and washing them will be a lot easier when they are dirty. Our vote will go for the cotton blend cover that goes with the Milliard Fold Out Mattress. For those on a budget we can advice byuing the Classic Brands Replacement Mattress. Or you can opt for additional spendings on waterproof mattress protector to be completely sure nothing spoils the temporary bed.


Sofa Bed Mattress 5e1

Another crucial factor to take into consideration when shopping for a sofa bed mattress is the firmness. Different people have different preferences when it comes to firmness. The firmer the sofa bed mattress, the more flexible it will be. Most individuals prefer a model that is adequately soft to conform to the form of your body while sleeping, while some prefer a firm one like Zinus Sleeper Sofa Mattress. There are models that perfectly combine both, offering a firmness level that is in-between. The mattress’s firmness depends totally on the material from which it is made. As for the people with back pains, there’s always a medium plush DynastyMattress Sofa Mattress that can relieve back pains and give a comfortable sleep even on a couch.


CertiPUR-US is the most important certification as far as the sofa bed or any other type of mattress is concerned. Thus, a product being certified means that it contains no hazardous and toxic materials. Also, the foam gets tested for durability, content, and emission by qualified testing labs. Amongst our list of sofa bed mattresses, Milliard Fold Out Mattress, the DynastyMattress Sofa Mattress, and the Zinus Sleeper Sofa Mattress have all gotten this certification, which makes them highly durable and safe to use.


Companies that include a warranty in their product, lifetime or limited, make some sort of pledge to their customers. It’s a validation of the durability, performance, and quality of their product, enabling you to rest assured that you have made an investment that will last you for a long period of time. Most reputable companies also offer a trial period to their customers. Within this period, you can return the item if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase and you will receive a full refund. As an example, DynastyMattress Sofa Mattress covers your purchase for 5 years.


Memory foam is the best type of sofa bed mattress for people suffering from back pains. This sleep surface has a tendency of performing well because it does not force the spine into curving and contorting into unusual positions during your sleep. It instead allows your body parts that need to sink to do so, whilst still providing adequate support in places where support is required. The shoulders and hips are cushioned, whilst the lower back is supported fully and able to unwind.

Although a sleeper sofa bed has several benefits, it is often lacking when it comes to comfort. However, you can make it more comfortable to sleep on by following a few simple tips;

  • Add a premium quality topper, such as the ViscoSoft 3 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper.
  • Fill in gaps.
  • Sleep on premium-quality bedding.
  • Store spare bedding separately and not within the sofa bed.
  • Sleep on a duvet.
  • Keep the mattress clean.

Now that you have bought a sofa bed mattress, the next step is to install it on your sofa bed. Sofa bed mattresses are normally attached with buckles or ties and can be detached and reattached easily. After taking out the old foam, use a duster or a vacuum cleaner to clean the internal frame of your bed. As soon as you are done cleaning the frame, put the new mattress, fasten the ties or buckles and that is that. Your job is done and you can peacefully enjoy your new sofa bed.

Our Verdict

For all its resilience, versatility, durability, and high-quality performance, our top pick goes to Classic Brands Replacement Mattress. All its layers are specifically designed to provide sleepers with optimum comfort while they sleep, which clearly shows why we chose this model as our winner.

Our second pick goes to the Zinus Sleeper Sofa Mattress which is also our pick for the best firm model. Without going on and on about the quality and performance of this product, its 5-year warranty speaks volume about its incredible durability and sheer quality.

The DynastyMattress Sofa Mattress is our third pick, and considering its wide range of positive attributes, not many people will argue about this selection. Despite being fairly affordable, this product is comfortable to sleep on, thanks in no small part to the patented AirDream sofa sleeper system.

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