What Is a Hybrid Mattress and Is It Worth Buying It?

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Last updated: September 13, 2023
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You may be familiar with the term hybrid when referring to a type of car, but this word is also used to refer to several mattress types. If you have never heard of this kind of mattress before, a hybrid mattress is merely a combination of two types of well-known mattress properties, namely that of springs and latex or memory foam.

The idea here is to bring together these two favorite mattress ingredients and combine their best properties to make a quality and unique mattress type.

The Benefits of Using a Hybrid Mattress

hybrid-mattressBy creating a mattress with a 50/50 combination of materials, a hybrid mattress allows those who purchase such products to experience a lot more benefits than if they were to buy one of each type of mattress.

The idea of hybrid mattresses is to take all the best bits from both spring and latex or memory foam mattresses and combine them to create that almost perfect of mattress selections.

So, what exactly are the reasons for choosing this type of exceptional mattress design over others on the market?

  • A hybrid mattress works to keep those who sleep on it cool, as its properties mean it does not accumulate any additional heat during the sleeping process. This is possible via the cooling components included in its make-up which provide a comfortable but more cooling layer on the mattress itself.
  • With a hybrid mattress, you are more than likely to find a broader range of firm models to suit your individual needs, compared to other mattress types. This means that customers can locate the best firmness level which will encourage a most comfortable night’s sleep for people with scoliosis or sciatica.
  • The motion of a hybrid mattress is significantly reduced when compared to other mattress types. This is due to the way the various layers of the inside of this mattress are structured. This means that if you are sharing the bed with someone else, they will not disturb you whenever they move around, which is especially helpful for people with fibromyalgia.
  • Because of its IDL, that is indentation load deflection, hybrid mattresses are more effective when it comes to contour, especially in comparison with other mattresses.
  • A hybrid mattress allows a better bounce due to its coil support. This consequently means that it is the preferred choice for a couple looking for a mattress that reassures a reduced noise and overall motion.

The Possible Disadvantages of Using a Hybrid Mattress

hybrid-mattress-weightAs with every mattress type, alongside those advantages of selecting your preferred choice comes a few disadvantages.

Though a hybrid mattress may be a work in progress combination of the best qualities of two already well-received mattress types, there are a few disadvantages which consumers may notice when searching for this product, including:

  • The price of a hybrid mattress is usually costlier than that of a standard and are considered to be luxurious
  • Because of its makeup, comprised of such extensive materials, a hybrid mattress can be heavy and therefore awkward to move or turn over.
  • This type of mattress will not have a long-life span as other mattresses if it is created using a substantial amount of polyfoam.
  • Many customers report an initial odor which results from what is called a gassing off, with all brand-new hybrid mattresses emitting an unpleasant odor after being unwrapped. However, this is usually only for the first few hours or days of unveiling the product.

Who Would Benefit from a Hybrid Mattress?

couple-on-a-mattressHybrid mattresses are great for anybody wishing to purchase a mattress which combines the advantages of two other mattress types, without as many of their disadvantages.

As well as being the preferred choice for many couples, it’s great for those customers who find they overheat quickly during the night or want a more refreshing mattress surface. A hybrid mattress encourages a stable and relaxed body temperature throughout the night.

[wpsm_box type=”green” float=”none” text_align=”left”]The hybrid is also an excellent mattress for fibromyalgia sufferers as it includes all the elements of memory foam beds, supporting all the body and relieving some of the pressure, alongside maintaining the sufferer’s body temperature throughout the sleeping.[/wpsm_box]

Also, by adding a mattress topper for back pain or side sleeping to the top of a hybrid mattress, you ensure an extra firmness combined with just the right amount of support, as well as an increased cushioning. Adding mattress protector in case of variuos conditions will also be a smart decision.

Is a Hybrid Mattress Worth the Investment?

A hybrid mattress is a sizeable investment for such a product, and it is rather difficult to find such mattress under $500. Be ready to cough up much more, as the average hybrid mattress costs around the $1,000-dollar mark minimum. It is even possible to find these mattresses for sale in the region of $4,000 for the higher specification of the product. So before making such an investment, go through the list of pros and cons again and decide on whether the benefits overweight.

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