10 Best Solar Deck Lights – Brighten Your Life

Last updatedLast updated: December 25, 2021
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Are you looking to brighten your pouch, patio, deck, or other outdoor part of the home? Then you will certainly find the best solar deck lights very useful. There are several advantages to these devices. They are often lightweight, easy to install and energy efficient.  As many people see the advantages and buy them, manufacturers make even more models.

With so many models on the market, it can be hard finding the right model for your needs. Well, in this post, we provide you with a detailed review of the ten best models on the market. They come at different prices, styles, and features. In creating the list, we considered features like number in the package, modes, charging time, lumens, color, waterproof, dimensions, weight, and warranty.  We consider these in the buying guide. Let’s first consider our top ten models.

Top 10 Solar Deck Lights Review 2022


Hmcity Solar LightsEditor’s Choice

  • Number in the package: 2
  • Modes: 1
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Lumens: not specified
  • Color: white
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 3.25 in
  • Weight: 14.8 oz
  • Warranty: 1 year

More features: 270° wide lighting angle, 120°sensing angle, 13-26 ft detection distance, 120 LED

Our number pick is none other than the Hmcity Solar Lights. These lights are some of the best across all categories, and while it is cheaper than several other models, it still offers some of the best performance across board. For example, the lights give one of the widest illumination performance out of all the options that we will consider. It comes with quick charging as well. You find it quite easy to set up in an around the home too.

One of the best features it has is a motion sensor. This sensor will detect movement of up to 26 feet away, and this will make the lights even more comfortable to use. After detecting motion, the lights will stay on for up to half a minute even if no further motion is detected.

It is a monocrystalline option that has a high efficiency rate and will charge the batteries faster than your regular solar deck lights. The lighting angle is pretty wide and the 120 lights in here will give illumination all around the space.

Why are we impressed? This is a highly efficient model that has one of the widest illumination coverage. It is easy to install and comes with a useful motion sensor.

What negatives must you be aware of? The lights only come with the ON and OFF mode. It also has an instruction manual that is hard to understand.


SUNFACE Solar Deck LightsBest Value

  • Number in the package: 6
  • Modes: 2
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours
  • Lumens: 10
  • Color: warm, color
  • Dimensions: 4.64 x 3.54 x 2 in
  • Weight: 0.32 lb
  • Warranty: 1 year

More features: go off automatically to charge at daytime and come on automatically at night, water-resistant, batteries included, 2-way switching, adjustable light direction

There are different types of solar deck lights, with some coming with batteries while others do not have a battery. Well, the SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights is an example of the latter. These lights are unique in that they do not use a battery to work. Therefore, you will find them easier to run and use around the home. With these lights, there is no need for charging. You will have lights every minute of the night.

With these lights, you can enjoy a time on the deck without worrying about illumination. Perhaps you are worried about the increasing light bill. By using these lights, you do not have to worry anymore about that as they do not require your electricity to work. Due to the Auto settings, you don’t have to go outside to turn them off or on.

Installation is easy with these lights. It comes with all that you need to set them up.

An important consideration when choosing lights is the durability. Well, these lights are made of high quality material, therefore, they will last despite the bad weather outside. They also come as water resistant lights.

What are our favorite features? These are automated lights that are made of high quality materials. They are easy to install and provide excellent value for money.

What could be better? Some have complained that the lights are too simple. For example, they do not come with extra features like motion sensors.


APONUO Solar Deck LightsBudget Pick

  • Number in the package: 16
  • Modes: 1
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours
  • Lumens: 3
  • Color: warm white
  • Waterproof: IP44
  • Dimensions: 1.77 x 3.14 x 1.73 in
  • Weight: 0.08 lb
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: 300 mAh battery

If you are looking for a cheap set of lights to use outside the home, then we believe that you will find these lights to be just what you need. Many folks do not fancy cheap lights because they feel that these will not deliver the performance that they desire. However, they likely have not tried the APONUO Solar Deck Lights. These lights come at a cheap price, but the performance that they give are impressive.

The lights come in a set of 16 LEDs. Therefore, it offers decent illumination over a good area of space. It is easy to install, and as it weighs around 0.08 pounds, it is a lightweight option that can be set up wherever you want. It has a warm white color which will give a nice ambience.

Despite the price, it comes with an IP4 rating. Therefore, while it isn’t the most durable on this list, it certainly beats a number of others in terms of durability. Unlike our value pick, it does have a battery. Thankfully, the battery can be fully charged within 5 hours, which is really nice.

What do we love it for? This budget model comes with 16 lights in the package and has one of the fastest charge times. It is easy to install and gives a warm white color.

What were we disappointed with? The lights charge quickly, and they run out quickly too. It isn’t designed with plenty of modes and comes with just one mode.


GIGALUMI Solar Deck LightsBest Design

  • Number in the package: 8
  • Modes: 1
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Lumens: 6
  • Color: cold white
  • Waterproof: IP44
  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.9 x 2.2 in
  • Weight: 0.34 lb
  • Warranty: 60 days replacement or risk-free refund warranty

More features: equipped with 600 MAH AA NI-MH battery and 120mA solar panel, 8-10 hours of lighting

When you consider the design and general performance of these lights, it is hard to imagine how they are available at such low prices. They look so much better than what you pay for them. Right out of the box and after installation, you can be sure that you have lights that will draw the eye of anyone that comes across them. The lights have a lovely ambience and will give your garden and deck a lovely look at night.

There is so much to like about these lights. For example, the quality is undeniable and is impressive for USD solar lights. You get up to 20 in the package. Each of the lights is made from stainless steel which improves the durability and will ensure that they is no overheating. The lights are easy to install and use.

Another thing that we love about these lights is that they are available in several light options. You can get the, multi-colored option, warm white, and cold white. All of these look great. The only downside here is that the colors don’t have an auto changing mode.

Why did it make our list? These lights have a beautiful design and are available in different colors. They look pretty good and will provide nice illumination.

What is not ideal about it? The lights are not water resistant. Therefore, you shouldn’t use it in such areas that are often exposed to moisture.


JSOT Solar Powered Deck LightsBest Lumens Figure

  • Number in the package: 12
  • Modes: 1
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Lumens: 30
  • Color: cold white, 6500 K
  • Waterproof: IP44
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.94 x 1 in
  • Weight: 0.24 lb
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: 9 hours work time at night, 600mAH AAA Ni-MH battery

You certainly need lights in an around the home, especially if you do not stay in a well-lit area. Additionally, it is great to have lights that will illuminate your way as you come back from work or outside. There are too many hazards not to have lights installed on the deck. Well, to that end, we recommend the JSOT Solar Powered Deck Lights as one of the best solar deck lights that you can get right now. Get these lights and keep yourself safe and sound.

There are numerous advantages of these lights. For one, they are designed to fit in several places without any issue. They are easy to set up. You can set it up on different types of surfaces. During installation, ensure that you have the lights installed in a place that will receive important sunlight.

Another thing that we love about the lights is that they come with auto function. Because of this design, the lights go off at dawn and turn on as dusk, all without your help. This renewable, clean energy is great for the environment.

Durability is vital when buying solar deck lights, which is why it is a good thing that these lights are made of stainless steel and silicone that will keep out the elements. With proper installation, the lights can last for several years.

What makes it stand out? These lights are durable and hold up well to the elements. It is easy to install and has automatic functions.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? Although it is water resistant, if water gets inside it will damage the battery.

  • Number in the package: 6
  • Modes: 2
  • Charging time: not specified
  • Lumens: not specified
  • Color: warm yellow, color
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.5 x 1.97 in
  • Weight: 0.29 lb
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: working hours to 10-16 hours ( rainy day about 8 hours, sunny day about 16 hours)

While the WINMOR-WEEKWIN might come with just 6 pieces in the package, it makes up for that in other ways. It is an affordable option that has some of the best things going for it in terms of durability.

We like this model because it offers a better brightness than several of the options on the market. The lights are pretty easy to set up and you can illuminate the areas that you want without plenty of fuss. It is easy to assemble and also comes with different colors. This particular model is available in the warm yellow color.

The design is quite nice and the lights look pretty good. It will certainly look nice on the patio or other outdoor space.

One of the best things about the lights, though, is the build. It is hands down one of the more durable options that we have come across. With a IP65 rating, it is one of the most water resistant models that we have tested.

Charging time is longer, although the lights can work for up to 16 hours after full charge.

What makes it stand out? This unit comes with 2 modes and high water resistant ratings. It will last for a long time after full charge.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The lights take a long time to reach full charge


Siedinlar Solar Deck LightsBest Resistance

  • Number in the package: 4
  • Modes: 1
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Lumens: not specified
  • Color: white
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 5 x 0.8 in
  • Weight: 0.44 lb
  • Warranty: 1 year

More features: 20 tons pressure resistance, working hours to 8-12 hours, battery more than 500mAh

If you are looking for the best solar deck post lights, then the Siedinlar lights are some of the best models that you can find. It comes in one of the most beautiful designs that we have come across. It is not only beautiful but is also highly functional.

If you are looking for a versatile set of lights that can be used almost anywhere outdoors, then you should consider getting this model.

One of the things that makes this unit stand out is the pressure resistance. It is the best resistant model that you will find. In fact, up to 20 tons of weight will have no effect on these lights. Therefore, you can place them in spots that no other lights would dare to be.

Apart from the pressure resistance, these are also very water resistant and are one of the few weather proof options on the market. Regardless of the weather, you can be sure that these lights will remain functional.  All of this durability is due to the high quality materials used in building the lights. The aluminum material is very durable.

What do we love it for? This unit is the best under pressure. It can withstand up to 20 tons of weight.

What were we disappointed with? Charging the unit is a hard ask because it takes quite a long time to be fully charged.


LITOM Solar Deck LightBest Switch

  • Number in the package: 4
  • Modes: 2
  • Charging time: not specified
  • Lumens: not specified
  • Color: yellow
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Dimensions: 2.83 x 3.27 x 2.3 in
  • Weight: 0.4 lb
  • Warranty: 1 year

More features: mode 1 lasts 8 hours, mode 2 lasts 3 hours, side button design

There is quite a lot to like about this model. It comes with a very bright design and a beautiful setup that is better than several other spotlights one the market. Right from the start, these lights are very easy to take out of the package and assemble for installation.

You get up to 4 inside the package and this ensures that you have enough lights to illuminate the area. If you are concerned about high brightness, high quality, and decent durability, then you should certainly consider getting these lights.

It comes with just one light which is a bummer. Nevertheless, this should meet your needs. Another thing that we like about the unit is that it has two modes. You can choose between the low light mode or the bright light mode.

What do we love it for? This is an excellent option with a pretty dope design. It has a pair of modes and is very efficient. It is easy to set up and will give bright angles.

What were we disappointed with? The lights are simple and lack features like a motion sensor. You also need strong sunlight to get enough power to charge.


Maggift Solar Deck LightsBest Discrete Option

  • Number in the package: 4
  • Modes: 1
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Lumens: not specified
  • Color: warm white
  • Waterproof: IP44
  • Dimensions: 3.1 x 3.1 x 3.7 in
  • Weight: 0.38 lb
  • Warranty: 180 days after sale service

More features: working time 10 hours

The penultimate model on this list comes as the most discrete lights. The Maggift lights come with decent brightness and a cool battery that will deliver decent performance whenever you need it. The lights offers a total of four lights in the pack, which is nice for the price that it comes at. One thing that we like about the lights is that they give a decent amount of brightness.

The design is quite nice and will fit a minimalist décor. The all-black body does not reveal itself until the lights are on.

Like several of the best options on the market, these lights offer you good battery life. We observed that it lasts for over 9 hours when fully charged. The IP44 rating is lower than some of the others we have considered, but we still believe it is a durable option that you’ll enjoy.

Why did it make our list? These discrete lights come with a battery that can last for up to ten hours. It is easy to set up and comes at a great price.

What is not ideal about it? The warranty of 6 months is rather short.


MEIKEE Solar Deck LightsBest Working Life

  • Number in the package: 4
  • Modes: 1
  • Charging time: not specified
  • Lumens: not specified
  • Color: bright white
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Dimensions: 3.74 x 5.43 in
  • Weight: 0.46 lb
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: working time 12-14 hours, 20 tons pressure resistance, working life 3-5 years, 20 LEDs

These excellent lights are available at a good price and are engineered with some of the best pressure resistance found in any lights on the market. It is made of high quality materials which improve the durability and ensure that you have lights that will last for a long time.

It has an 1P67 rating, which is one of the highest on this list. Therefore, it will ensure that the water and elements do not disturb the performance of the lights. With the simple design, you will find the unit easy to set up and adjust when necessary.

As a solar powered model, it does not use your power. Instead, it is energy efficient and great for the environment. When fully charged, this can run for over 12 hours. With 20 LEDs and a lifespan of 5 years, this is certainly one of the best solar deck lights you can buy today.

What makes it stand out? This bright white light can last for more than 12 hours on a full charge and maintain performance for up to 5 years.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? This unit has controls that are small and do not display durability.

Things to Consider

The ten best solar deck lights for us have been reviewed in the section above. Now while we might have found these to be pretty dope, you might be thinking about going for something else. That is fine, and we will support you by providing you with information that you need to make the right buying decision. In this buying guide section, we discuss the important features to consider when choosing solar deck lights. We also give you enough information about these devices that will arm you to make a great buying decision.

What are Solar Deck Lights?

10 Best Solar Deck Lights - Brighten Your LifeThese lights are self-contained units that are often without any wired connections. They work, as the name implies, by using the power from the sun. The solar deck lights are easy to install and come with several advantages.

Apart from the ease of installation, these lights do not use your power and will not show up on you light bills. They are efficient and only turn on when it is night-time and turn off during the day. As they use power from the sun, which is renewable, they are excellent for the environment and will be charged independent of your help.

How Solar Deck Lights Work

These lights are excellent devices that work using the sun’s energy. They store the energy from the sun during the day, and when it’s night, they convert this energy into light for you. A check of these lights shows that they are composed of solar cells that store the energy and collects it. Some of the solar deck lights on the market also use alternative energy sources like Li-Ion batteries. Solar deck lights are made up of LED lights, control panel, and other important things.

The cells of the solar lights will trap the rays of the sun, especially in the morning and use this to charge up the battery which is connected to the cells. After the charging during the day, the battery then turns on in the evening and converts the trapped energy into light.

It is notable that the photo resistor alert system in the solar panel of these lights helps to prevent overcharging and discharging. It is often pre-programmed into the system and ensures that you suffer very little issues with these lights.

Solar deck lights come with a variety of other features that make them excellent options. For one, some of these come with motion sensors. These, as the name implies, sense the motion of individuals, vehicles, and other things then light up the area immediately. It is a way to remain safe and secure on dark nights. An example is the Hmcity Solar Lights.

Another advantage of these lights is that they are very easy to install. Unlike other lights that need the services of a professional, there isn’t anything like that needed with these lights.

Even if you have minimal knowledge of electrical installation, you will discover that these lights are easy to fix up. All that is required is the right installation point where the sunlight will effectively hit the panel.

Features to consider before you buy solar deck lights

10 Best Solar Deck Lights - Brighten Your LifeBefore you make a buying choice, it is very important that you keep certain factors in mind, These features will ensure that you know what you are looking for and will help you to make the correct buying choice.


This is one of the most important features to consider. The brightness of the solar deck lights refers to the amount of light that the solar deck lights generate. How do you know the brightness? Well, it is usually measured in lumens, and the manufacturer often lists the number of lumens on the package of the lights.

Solar deck lights with high lumen number are brighter than those with lower lumen values. The deck light that gives the most brightness while using very little energy is the best type of solar deck light to buy.

When checking the brightness, there are some things that you should keep in mind. These will help you to choose wisely.

  • To get the correct brightness level of the lights you wish to purchase, you need to check the lumens count as provided by the manufacturer. This often lies in the same area as the wattage for regular lights. If the light has a low lumen count, you will get more value by installing more of the lights. However, do not buy lights that come with ridiculous lumen counts.
  • A high quality model gives a lumen count of around 120. If it is a low quality solar deck light, it gives a lumen count of about 100. Choose that which will meet your needs better.
  • There are singular solar deck lights, and when you compare them to string options, they will not give a similar level of brightness. If you would be choosing a singular solar deck light model, ensure that you know the number of lumens and multiply that by the number of lights in the strand. This will help you know the level of brightness to expect from the model.
  • You will need 15 to 30 lumens for every 4 square feet to get the best brightness. Keep that in mind as you buy your lights.

These are the important things to know when it comes to the brightness of the lights.


The next thing that you should keep in mind when choosing solar deck lights is the quality. The quality here refers to the quality of the solar panel and the solar panel’s capacity. Keep in mind that these lights have to be used outdoors. Therefore, they must be of sufficient quality to last in bad weather. If the weather is bad and you use them there, the solar panels might end up getting damaged. To that end, it is important that you choose a model that comes with high quality parts. An included feature that you will likely find handy is also a shield cover. This will offer the deck lights more protection.

When choosing a solar panel deck light, you have to keep the type of solar panel that it has in mind. There are four main types of these panels, and each one comes with specific advantages and drawbacks. The types of panels that we have include the polycrystalline solar panel, the monocrystalline solar panel, concentrated PV cell model, and the amorphous solar panels.

From these four, it has been discovered that the concentrated and monocrystalline solar panels offer the best in terms of ability and efficiency. They last for a longer time than the others. However, the other two have the advantage of being cheaper to acquire and coming with lower warranty time. The JSOT Solar Powered Deck Lights is an excellent example of a polycrystalline model.

When selecting a solar deck light, keep in mind that the capacity of the panel is very important. This capacity depends on the wattage and voltage of the solar panel. As we have said earlier, the panel should give you maximum output while consuming as little power as possible.


10 Best Solar Deck Lights - Brighten Your LifeThe batteries of the solar deck lights are as important as anything. The rays of the sun will land on the solar panel. The panel than transforms and transfers this energy from the sun to the batteries of the solar deck lights. The batteries than transform these to give the power that you need to light up your space.

With this in mind, you have an inkling of how important the batteries are, If the batteries are poor, the power stored and generated will be minimal and will not last you through the night. There are different kinds of batteries found in solar deck lights. If you want the lights to be one for the whole night, choose a larger battery. These have a higher mAH rating.

Other types of batteries that you find in these solar deck lights include lithium-ion batteries, lead acid, Ni-MH batteries, and so on. Out of all the different types of batteries available, the lithium ion batteries are the best and most common.

Run Time and Charging

When choosing solar deck lights, consider closely the run time and the time it takes for the battery to be recharged. There are several models of batteries on the market today, and their charge times differ from each other. Some models can take less than 5 hours to be fully charged and will give you runtime of more than 7 hours.

Other models, on the other hand, are not as effective. They might reach full charge in a long time and might not even give you more than 5 hours of runtime.

How then can you choose the one that is suitable for your needs? You can do this by checking the ratings from the manufacturer and reading reviews from people that have used these models. By choosing a deck light that charges in little time while illuminating the place for longer, you will enjoy better performance even on days that the sun is hidden in the clouds. The Hmcity Solar Lights is an example of a fast charging model.


The color also refers to the color temperature of the solar deck lights. You measure these lights in Kelvin. There are several types of light colors that you will find today, but most people agree that the neutral color is the best, especially for deck lights.

When choosing a solar deck light and are concerned about the color, there are a few things that you ought to know. First, if the color is in a low temperature, it will create a warmer light. If the color has a higher temperature, then the light will be cooler and whiter.

For those that prefer to light up the space and have a mellow ambience, then warm lights are a good bet.

Let us talk about these light temperatures in detail.

  • 2000K – 3000K: These lights come with a warm white appearance. The ambience that it gives is often calm and cozy.
  • 3100K – 4500K : This color is a white color and is vibrant and bright in terms of the ambience
  • 4600k – 6500k: With this light, you get a blue color. It also has a crisp ambience.

Consider all these to choose based on the color of the lights. The GIGALUMI Solar Deck Lights is an excellent option that comes in different colors.

Illumination Range

10 Best Solar Deck Lights - Brighten Your LifeAnother essential consideration is the range and angle that the light will illuminate for you. This means that you must know how far the light will reach at night. With this information, you can decide the number of lights that would require installation. If you want the lights to cover even more area, you will be better off with string deck lights. However, ensure that these are not dispersed as that will reduce the illumination that you get.


There are different styles of lights, and as the technology behind them continues to grow, you will find that to be the case. There are always new designs and styles every quarter and you have to decide which of the styles that you want. The WINMOR-WEEKWIN is available in a nice design.

Consider the design of the lights to determine whether it would fit into your décor with ease and will make it look even better.  Some come with designs that are fun while others are elegant and classy.


Since these lights are used outside the house, it is constantly exposed to the elements. That is why it has to be built in such a way that the bad weather will not affect the operation. It must be weather resistant and be able to remain operational in rain or snow.

Check out the IP rating of the solar lights before you make a purchase. The lights should be water resistant to prevent any bad things from happening. Moisture is the enemy of electrical circuits as it can seep into it and cause shortcircuiting and damage to the system. When buying, we prefer to have weather resistant solar panels and lights.  Examples of durable lights are the SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights and the Siedinlar lights.

Another thing to keep in mind, apart from the water resistance is the construction of the lights. You need to look at the build quality of the lights. Some of these lights are made of plastic while others are made of metal. The metal material is more durable than plastic. However, if you decide to go with a plastic option, as it is often cheaper, then you should ensure that it is made of high-grade plastic.


Although this is not found in all lights, it is still an important feature to consider, especially if you are using an expensive model. Some of the high-end models come with useful settings that improve functionality and use. It comes with settings like brightness control, ambience adjustment, and so on which will make it more enjoyable to use the lights.

If your model has these settings, you might be tempted to leave them at the maximum. While that might be cool for a while, it affects the lifespan of the lights.

Most folks, though, do not use the settings, especially if they have motion activated models. These are very effective at saving energy as they only come on when you need them to.

Another useful setting that you find in solar deck lights are the AUTO ON/OFF settings. If you tend to forget to switch off the lights before leaving the house or retiring to sleep, then this setting will come in pretty handy. We recommend that everyone choose a model with this particular setting.


Sometimes, the manufacturer includes accessories in the package. When you find them, they are often very useful. Some of the best accessories usually included are expansion hinges, screws, batteries, anchor, and instruction guides. All of these come in pretty handy and will make you enjoy using the product even more.


As with all other products on the market, solar deck lights are available in a wide range of prices. Therefore, you should have a budget and stick with the budget. You do not have to spend a fortune before you can get a good quality option. After all, spending money on lights that are not the right type for you would end up being a waste. Therefore, look through the options you have and choose lights that give excellent performance. The APONUO Solar Deck Lights are cheap but manage to give excellent performance.

While expensive models might come with more features, these might not be required by you. You can find cheaper models that offer you similar performance.


Buying solar deck lights might be an investment. You can secure the investment by choosing solar lights that come with warranty. This will mean that you can replace or repair the lights at a later date at no additional cost to you. Choose lights that come with longer warranty periods.

Tips when using Solar Deck Lights

To get the best and safest use out of the solar deck lights, there are certain instructions or tips that you should follow.  Here we consider some of these important tips.

  1. Before you use the lights, turn on the switch that allows the cells to transfer energy to the batteries. If this is the first time of use, ensure that you place them somewhere sunny to charge for a whole day. Do this before you start using the lights.
  2. Clean the surface of the solar panel often. Cleaning them will ensure that you get enough power or sunlight to charge the batteries.
  3. Before you make a purchase, ensure that the lights are easy to use, install and run like the SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights. They should also come with useful features like Auto ON and OFF, water resistant construction, and heat resistance.
  4. Charge the panels in direct sunlight for as long as you can before you use them. Ensure that the lights are fixed at spots where there would be adequate sunlight.


The accessories that you get in the kit depend on the model that you buy. However, all solar deck lights come with instruction guides, mounting brackets and screws.

The length of time it will last is dependent on the model. Some can last for up to 5 years before you need to change the battery.

Yes, they can. In fact, they can be installed anywhere as long as there is enough sunlight to charge the batteries.


Out of all the entries, the Hmcity Solar Lights are our top choice. It comes with a motion sensor, bright lights, and offers the widest illumination of the models we have considered.  Next recommended lights are the SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights. These are automated lights that are made of high quality materials. They are easy to install and provide excellent value for money. Since some might be looking for a budget solar deck light, we have listed the APONUO Solar Deck Lights as our budget option. Despite the price, it is still one of the best solar deck lights on the market.

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