8 Outstanding Spin Bikes Under $300 – Train at Home with Comfort

Last updatedLast updated: September 10, 2021
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Like most people, you may come across a desirable spin bike, only to realize that it is built for folks who weigh a lot less than you do. Disappointing? Yes, but it doesn’t have to be so. Because now, you can find a bike that ticks all the boxes by choosing from our list, which includes the best spin bike under 300 dollars in every weight category.

What makes these spin bikes stand out, you ask. Well, it has to do with the careful pairing of the right flywheel and the appropriate pedaling mechanism. Some use a heavy flywheel and a chain drive system for unmatched efficiency or a belt drive system for smooth rides. Each spin bike has a weight limit that dictates how much you should weigh to use the bike. All bikes come with multiple resistance levels to help you vary the intensity of your exercises and different types of non-slip pedals to protect your feet from slipping. Read on to find the most suitable spin bike for you.

Top 8 Spin Bike Under 300 Review 2021


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001/SEditor’s Choice

  • Dimensions: 45 x 46 x 19 in
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Warranty: 3-year limited
  • Flywheel: 30 lb

More features: felt pad resistance, caged pedals, 4-way adjustable seat, bottle holder, transportation wheels, floor stabilizers

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001/S relies on a 30-pound flywheel to give your spinning workout the feel of a real bike on the natural terrain. This, combined with a chain drive and felt brake pad, delivers a range of resistance levels that help vary your workout so that you’re exercising at a different intensity each time. Control how much resistance you tackle during different phases of the workout using the micro-adjustable tension knob that is conveniently located between the seat and handlebars.

One thing you’ll like about this spin bike is how user friendly it is, even for tall people. It has a 4-way adjustable seat that makes it possible for users of different height to find the most comfortable posture. The handles, however, only adjust up and down, so your hand positioning may be slightly limited in this regard, but by adjusting the seat forward or pushing it back, you can find a suitable hand position for your height.

The bike uses textured caged pedals to secure your feet while you spin, and the adjustable straps make it easy for you to adjust the fit and tightness appropriately, eliminating the risk of feet slipping off the pedal.

This bike is sturdily built using heavy-duty steel for durability, so you can expect the frame to last for a decade or more. The flywheel is chrome plated to protect it from rust and corrosion, similarly guaranteeing its longevity.

What are its best features?

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • Floor stabilizers
  • Bottle holder

What could be improved?

  • Non SPD-compatible pedals

Body Power DeluxeMost Comfortable Pedal Tension

  • Dimensions: 46 x 23.6 x 48 in
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb
  • Warranty: 1-year limited on frame; 90-day limited on parts
  • Flywheel: not specified

More features: 8-level resistance, oversized seat, transportation wheels, Curve-crank technology, emergency brake, adjustable handle, dual direction flywheel

The Body Power Deluxe uses magnetic resistance and a belt drive system for smooth rides that have the feel of a real bike. Resistance adjustment is quick and easy with the tension knob. Simply turn the knob to increase or decrease resistance and the changes will apply instantly. There are 8 resistance levels for you to try. The flywheel is bidirectional, meaning you can ride the bike in the regular forward motion and in reverse. This offers yet another way for you to challenge your muscles in novel ways and build your endurance even more. The flywheel is encased inside a cover to protect it from sweat, dust, and rust. The casing also keeps you from coming into contact with the flywheel, a situation that could cause injury.

The bike has a wider-than-average seat that is made in an ergonomic, pro-style design and padded for comfort. The seat adjusts vertically and horizontally, so it’s easy for you to find the most comfortable position for your body. Further, you can adjust the handlebar up and down for the most suitable hand positioning.

To ensure your safety, the bike is fitted with an emergency brake. Activated via a responsive one-push lever, the brake stops the flywheel instantly when you push down the lever. You may need to stop the bike suddenly if you feel unwell while spinning or if you feel that it’s rotating too fast.

Why are we impressed?

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Bidirectional flywheel
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Ergonomic, cushioned seat
  • Floor stabilizers

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • No bottle holder

FDW Spin Cycling BikeBest Value

  • Dimensions: 43 x 43.5 x 18 in
  • Weight capacity: 220 lb
  • Warranty: not specified
  • Flywheel: 22 lb

More features: transportation wheels, pulse sensors, LED monitor, felt resistance brake, caged pedals, bottle holder, rubber grips

The FDW Exercise Bike has a 22-pound flywheel with the smooth motion and feel of a real road bike. The flywheel is perfectly balanced on the bike to ensure stability while you ride. Turn the tension knob to increase or decrease resistance, and you can keep adjusting this as you wish throughout your spinning session. The response is instant, and you can feel the difference in resistance as you pedal. To stop the bike suddenly, push down the emergency brake.

You can adjust the handlebar up or down to attain suitable positioning for your arms. The handles have a rubber sponge outer material to give you a comfortable, non-slip grip. The seat adjusts vertically and horizontally, and while this will help you set yourself in a comfortable position, it does not go high enough for tall people to use the bike in comfort. If you’re 5’8″ or taller, you’ll find the bike a little too small for your comfort. Another bummer is that the seat is quite hard and begins to feel uncomfortable after a few minutes, so it may not be the best choice if you hope to spin while seated, and for 10 minutes or more at a time.

The bike has caged pedals accessorized with polyurethane sheath that tightens around your feet to keep them from slipping. Monitor your progress on the LCD display that shows time, speed, distance, and calories burned. There is a bottle holder where you can place your water bottle or energy drink.

Why did it make our list?

  • Emergency brake
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • No-slip rubber grips
  • Digital monitor
  • Bottle holder

What is not ideal about it?

  • Not suitable for tall people
  • Difficult to assemble
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RELIFE Exercise BikeBest for Short People

  • Dimensions: 44.1 x 46.1 x 25.2 in
  • Weight capacity: 330 lb
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Flywheel: 20 lb

More features: caged pedals, emergency brake knob, floor stabilizers, LCD monitor

RELIFE Exercise Bike’s strong and sturdy frame is made from a solid steel square tube for enhanced stability and durability. The bike has a 20-pound heavy-duty flywheel that keeps rides smooth and makes starting and stopping the bike instant and smooth. Adjust the resistance of your ride by turning the tension knob.

Both short and tall people will enjoy spinning on this bike. With 8 height levels varying from 37.8-44.1 inches, it’s easy to adjust the bike to a height that matches your height. You can also adjust the seat height as needed, up to 38.6 inches. The handlebar adjusts vertically and horizontally, and it’s easy to find a position that is ideal for your body size, given that you can adjust the distance between the seat and handlebar to between 14.9 inches and 17.3 inches.

The multi-grip handles offer 3 holding positions: the Gentle  position, where the hips are in full contact with the seat; the Redouble position, where the hips and seat are in partial contact; and the Strongest position, where the arms and handles are in full contact with the  handles, and there is no contact between the hips and the seat.

Caged pedals hold your feet in place while you spin and stabilizing footpads keep the bike stable on all types of floors. Track your performance on the LCD monitor that displays time, distance, speed, and calories burned.

What makes it special?

  • Excellent build quality
  • Maximum adjustability
  • 4-way adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Multi-grip handles
  • High weight limit
  • Can be used by people of any height

What cons did we find?

  • No bottle holder

MaxKare Stationary BikeBest for Tall People

  • Dimensions: 43.7 x 19 x 32 in
  • Weight capacity: 264 lb
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Flywheel: 44 lb

More features: belt drive, caged pedals, floor stabilizers, transportation wheels, device holder, bottle holder

The MaxKare Stationary Bike is fitted with a 44-pound flywheel and a belt drive system, both of which deliver a smooth ride that is as close to a road bike experience as possible. Chrome coating on the flywheel protects it from rust and deterioration. Adjust the resistance by turning the tension knob that’s located in front of the seat. The knob also acts as the emergency button, so press it anytime you want to stop the bike instantly.

For the most comfortable posture, you can adjust the seat up and down or forward and back. Likewise, adjusting the handlebar up and down allows you to identify the best positioning for your arms. Be warned that the seat is rather hard and will not be comfortable when you sit for long stretches of time.

The bike comes with an LCD monitor where you can track your performance and odometer stats. However, the monitor doesn’t have back lighting, so the screen isn’t clearly visible. Right next to this is an iPad/mobile phone mount where you can place your phone or tablet and a bottle holder for your water bottle.

Caged pedals provide a secure hold for your feet, and floor stabilizers keep the bike steady while you spin. For easy transportation, the bike comes with rolling wheels. Just tilt, roll, and push to move the bike from one location to another.

Assembly isn’t complex, but it could be simpler if the instructions were more comprehensive.

What stands out?

  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • LCD monitor
  • Device holder
  • Bottle holder

What cons did we manage to find?

  • LCD monitor not backlit
  • Sketchy user instructions

VIGBODY Exercise BikeMost Maneuverable

  • Dimensions: 41.1 x 40.1 x 20
  • Weight capacity: 330 lb
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Flywheel: 24.2 lb

More features: belt drive, transportation wheels, 4-way adjustable seat, emergency brake knob, caged pedals, LCD monitor

Sturdy and tough, the VIGBODY Exercise Bike is constructed from a square tube for enhanced durability and powder-coated to protect against rust. It uses a quiet, smooth belt drive system and comes with a bidirectional, 24-pound flywheel that offers a wide range of resistance levels. The flywheel spins in the forward motion and in reverse, which is a great way to vary your workout. Increase or decrease the resistance by turning the tension knob, which is also the emergency brake knob. To activate the emergency brake, simply press the knob.

The seat adjusts up and down, and front and back. Play around with the seat height and seat-to-handle distance to find the most suitable position for your body. To keep your arms comfortable, adjust the handlebar up or down; it only adjusts vertically. Because the range between minimum height and maximum height is reasonably high, you should be able to find a comfortable position, whether you’re short or tall.

The bike uses anti-slip caged pedals to hold your feet in place while you spin and therefore prevent slippage. Adjust the pedal straps to obtain a comfortable level of tightness. An LCD monitor records your performance stats, namely time, speed, distance, and calories burned. Rolling wheels make it easy to transport it from place to place.

It supports a maximum of 330 lbs. in weight.

Why did it make our list?

  • Sturdily constructed
  • High weight limit
  • Bidirectional flywheel
  • Emergency brake
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • LCD monitor
  • Anti-skid caged pedals

What is not ideal about it?

  • Handles adjust up and down only

HouseFit Indoor BikeBest for Use with Devices

  • Dimensions: 50 x 20 x 33 in
  • Weight capacity: 265 lb
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Flywheel: 16 lb

More features: LCD monitor, tablet holder, magnetic resistance, transportation wheels, belt drive, solid steel flywheel, bottle holder

The HouseFit Indoor Cycling Stationary Exercise Bike is a sturdily built machine with a solid steel flywheel. Combined with magnetic resistance and a belt drive system, it provides a smooth and stable ride that closely mimics the movement of a real bike. It has adjustable stabilizers on the front and rear that keep the bike steady on different surfaces. Turn the tension knob to the left or right to adjust the resistance. For easy access, the knob is conveniently located between the seat and handlebar. Press the same knob to apply the emergency brake. It’s responsive and the effect – both for the resistance and emergency stop – kicks in instantly.

The seat adjusts vertically and horizontally and the handles adjust vertically to provide the most suitable positioning for a comfortable ride.

If you enjoy listening to music or audio books or watching videos while you exercise, you’ll appreciate the large, 10.2-inch device holder located at the center of the handlebar. It can hold all kinds of devices, big and small, from a smartphone to a large tablet. There is an easy-to-reach bottle holder on the side where you can place your water bottle.

This bike is easy to move around, thanks to the transportation wheels. And because it hardly weighs 40 pounds, you won’t strain when pushing it.

It’s easy to assemble and the instructions are detailed and clear.

Why are we impressed?

  • Multiple resistance levels
  • Emergency brake
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • Large multi-use gadget holder
  • Easy assembly
  • LCD monitor

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Handles adjust vertically only
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MaxKare Indoor Cycling Exercise BikeBest Quiet Bike

  • Dimensions: 51.6 x 40.2 x 25.2 in
  • Weight capacity: 220 lb
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Flywheel: 20 lb

More features: steel frame, digital monitor, tablet holder, transportation wheels, magnetic resistance, caged pedals

The MaxKare Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is made from heavy-duty steel and carefully joined together for durability. It uses a belt drive system that runs quietly and maintenance-free magnetic resistance that is customizable for all fitness levels. Use the tension knob located between the seat and handlebar to adjust the resistance as needed. Turn the knob to the right to increase resistance, and turn it to the left to decrease resistance.

The seat is of average size but padded for comfort. Move the seat vertically or horizontally for the most comfortable posture. Likewise, move the handlebar up and down to find the ideal position for your arms. The bike has caged pedals with straps to secure your feet while you spin.

Monitor your performance through the LCD display, which shows your speed, distance, time, and calories burned. There is an iPad holder next to the monitor where you can place your phone or tablet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a bottle holder, but you can easily add one.

Transportation wheels at the front make it easy to move the bike. You only need to tilt the bike in a backward motion, roll the wheels, and push the bike to move it.

While this spin bike is well put together and perfect for use by people of varying height, it only supports a maximum weight of 220 lbs, which is quite low compared to rival models.

What are its best features?

  • Quiet
  • Heavy-duty steel build
  • Emergency brake
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • LCD monitor
  • iPad holder
  • Transportation wheels

What could be improved?

  • Low weight capacity
  • No bottle holder

Things to Consider

When you have the right spin bike, you get to enjoy all the benefits of exercising on a spin bike at home and can incorporate a wide variety of training programs into your workout routine. In this buying guide, we explain how to do just that and share some safety precautions to follow to minimize risk of injury. We also tell you the crucial features in a spin bike and their importance.

Benefits of exercising with a spin bike

8 Outstanding Spin Bikes Under $300 - Train at Home with Comfort

Using a spin bike to exercise is a great way to get a cardio workout, and consequently, a great way to boost cardio health. Pedaling the bike gets your heart pumping, and doing so regularly ultimately makes the heart more efficient at pumping blood. It also helps in lowering bad cholesterol in the body, lowers blood pressure, and regulates blood sugar.

It burns calories and helps in weight loss. Research shows that exercising on a spin bike for 40 minutes can burn as many as 500 calories, depending on pace. Using the bike regularly results in weight loss.

It boosts energy levels by up to 20%.

It’s an effective way to tone the body, especially the lower body. The pedaling action involves use of the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves, and for this, they get the most workout.

It gives you a total body workout. Movements that involve maneuvering the handlebar and use of your core and upper body, such as lunges and bar drops, ensure that you get a complete body workout.

It’s a low impact form of exercising which does not put pressure on your feet and joints, say, like running or jogging, and therefore carries minimal risk of injury.


Because you’re spinning on even, unchanging surface when riding a spin bike, you suffer less strain on the knees than you do when riding a road bike in the outdoors where the terrain is uneven.

When you buy a spin bike, you can exercise at whatever time you like because the bike is within your reach anytime you’re home, and if you buy a smaller model, you can take it with you when traveling so you never miss a workout.

You can exercise even when the weather would not allow you to go to the gym.

Working out on a spin bike is safer than riding a bike on the road where the risk of car accidents is high.

It’s a more economical way to keep fit. Unlike the renewable membership fees you must pay in a gym or health club, there are no recurrent costs tied to using the bike. Once you’ve paid the purchase price, that’s it.

Training programs for spin bike users

To get the most out of your spin bike workout routines, incorporate different programs. This varies your workout and ensures that you’re working different muscles at each session.

Some programs you can add to your routine are lunges, side lunges, rotating lunges, pushups, and bar drips. Doing a combination of these exercises makes sure that your calves, hamstrings, glutes, quads, core, shoulders, and arms all get a thorough workout. When starting out, use shorter repetitions, for example, 1-2 minutes. As you become accustomed to the spin bike and your endurance increases, you can increase the duration for each program to 5 minutes or more.

You can also alternate sitting, standing, and crouching while pedaling fast, and vary the speed and resistance every few minutes to challenge your muscles in different ways. Change the position of your arms every now and then because different hand positions use different muscles. This broadens the range of muscles that get a workout whenever you exercise.

In every session, try to alternate between sprints and slow-paced rides, sprints and climbs, and slow-paced rides and climbs.

Safety advice

8 Outstanding Spin Bikes Under $300 - Train at Home with Comfort

As with any other exercise machine, you must take safety precautions to minimize risk of injury. The first thing to do is ensure that you are using the spin bike correctly. This means balancing yourself properly on the bike and locking your feet securely on to the pedal.

Next, ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly. Incorrect movements can cause serious injury. Learn the movements off the bike where applicable, and if you can only practice the movements on the bike, use the lowest speed and resistance as you learn. One of the most practical ways to learn your moves is by following a video, which you can have open on your phone or tablet, which you then place on the bike. You can also play it on the TV if exercising in a room with a TV. Just make sure that you’re facing the TV if this is the case so that you can follow with ease. Alternatively, you can have a personal trainer come in and teach you the moves in person.

Stay hydrated throughout the exercise. This will keep your energy levels high and help you get through the exercise. Dehydration makes you tire easily and may affect your concentration and motor control.

If you have underlying medical condition, consult your doctor beforehand to establish if it’s safe for someone with your condition to exercise on a spin bike.

Features to consider while buying the best spin bike under $300

Below are the features you should consider when choosing a spin bike.

Weight capacity

Spin bikes have a weight limit beyond which you shouldn’t exceed. If the bike has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, for example, it means you should not use it if you weigh more than 300 pounds. Some bikes have a lower weight limit than others, so check the weight capacity of the bike before making the purchase. Otherwise, it won’t do you any good to have a spin bike with a weight capacity of 200 lbs if you weight 250 lbs. Some models with a high weight capacity are RELIFE Exercise Bike and VIGBODY Exercise Bike, both at 330 lbs, and Body Power Deluxe at 300 lbs. On the lower end of the scale are Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001/S, FDW Exercise Bike, and MaxKare Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike at 220 lbs.

Size and weight

Some spin bikes are bulkier than others, while some are smaller and lightweight. When choosing one, consider its footprint vis-a-vis the amount of space you have in your house. If you have limited space, choose a compact variety like MaxKare Stationary Bike or VIGBODY Exercise Bike. This also applies if you will be storing the bike in a different location from where you’ll be exercising, i.e., the bike should fit in the storage space. The weight matters, too, especially if you’ll be moving the bike from place to place for storage or because you enjoy exercising in different locations. Bikes that are light in weight, like Body Power Deluxe, HouseFit Indoor Cycling Stationary Exercise Bike, and MaxKare Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike are good options.


8 Outstanding Spin Bikes Under $300 - Train at Home with Comfort

Spin bikes mostly come with a heavy flywheel. A heavy flywheel ensures that the ride is smooth and that there is no jerky movement when you start or stop the bike. Also, the heavier the flywheel, the greater the momentum and the longer you can sustain the momentum. So you want to choose a bike with a flywheel that weighs at least 30 lbs.

In some models, the flywheel is very light. Here, manufacturers have to modify the belt drive and resistance system to improve inertia and achieve the smooth riding effect of a heavier flywheel. Some models in this category include HouseFit Indoor Cycling Stationary Exercise Bike, RELIFE Exercise Bike, and MaxKare Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike.


Your spin bike should be easy to assemble. In the same vein, it should be easy to disassemble and put back together should the need to do this ever arise, for instance, when moving houses. It should also come with all the accessories required for the assembly, including all the nuts and screws. The best bikes even come with the tools you need for the task, such as a wrench.

The user manual should be comprehensive and clear so that you never have to guess what the manufacturer means when they say something or what certain components of the bike are. The manufacturer should liberally use diagrams and illustrations to show what they mean.

The seat and handlebars should be adjustable to enable you change their positions until you find a suitable posture for your body.

Transportation wheels make it easy to move the bike from one location to another, so this is something to consider if you’re going to move the bike a lot.


For many spin bikes under 300, the average warranty lasts 1 or 2 years. This is shorter than desired for these types of equipment, but when you consider how much you’re paying for the item, we’d say a 2-year warranty is a fair deal. A few models like Sunny Health & Fitness SF B1001/S are guaranteed for 3 years. The manufacturer may also offer a separate warranty for the frame, which is often longer than the guarantee on parts and labor. Where possible, choose a model with a longer warranty period for your peace of mind. You’ll also benefit from the manufacturer’s support for a little longer. However, if you choose a bike with a short warranty, you should have nothing to worry about because the spin bike is built for long-term use and, more often than not, will outlast the warranty.


If you’re living alone, the noise level of the spin bike may not bother you. But it becomes a problem if you’re sharing the house with others. Fortunately, many modern bikes run quietly, especially those equipped with a belt drive system, so much that, when you’re in a different room, you can’t tell that the bike is running. Should you opt for a spin bike with a chain drive system, check its noise level as given by the manufacturer to determine whether it will be a nuisance or not.

Chain or belt drive?

Chain drive systems are strong with high efficiency, but they also wear out fast because of all the friction involved in their operation, and therefore need to be replaced more often than belt drive systems. They also have high vibration and are noisy. Belt drive systems are smooth, produce little to no vibration, and therefore run quietly. They are durable and require no maintenance.

Resistance levels

8 Outstanding Spin Bikes Under $300 - Train at Home with Comfort

More resistance levels mean more ways to increase the intensity of your workout. Spin bikes like Body Power Deluxe have as many as eight resistance levels. The higher the resistance level, the tougher it is to pedal, so you use more energy and work the muscles harder. When starting out, begin with the lowest resistance and work your way up to the higher levels as your endurance improves.


The pedals on a spin bike lock the foot in place to keep it from slipping. To do this, they have cages around the toe area where the front of the foot slips into and straps to secure the foot further. You have to adjust the straps so that they are tight around your feet. Some pedals can clip into cleats, and in most cases, you can replace the caged pedals with SPD pedals that you can use with your cleats.

Extra features

Spin bikes may also come with extra features like a bottle holder and a phone or tablet holder. In some models, for example, HouseFit Indoor Cycling Stationary Exercise Bike, this feature is an oversize multi-use holder that can hold several items, not just a phone.

Many also come with adjustable floor stabilizers to steady the bike on the floor so that it does not wobble during use. Stabilizers make it possible to use the bike on all types of surfaces, even uneven ones.

An increasing number of spin bikes now also come with a digital monitor where you can track your performance stats. Usually an LCD monitor, it displays your speed, distance covered, time taken, and calories burned. If connected to a pulse sensor, it will also show your heart rate.


Because of its heavy weight, a spin bike can damage the floor. This is why you should never use it on a bare floor. Buy this tear-resistant floor mat and place it underneath the spin bike to protect your floor from damage when using the spin bike. It’s thick, durable, non-slip, and easy to clean.

Lower-priced spin bikes are just as efficient as their expensive counterparts. They use the same operating mechanism and work like any other spin bike. But they may not have as many features and add-ons as more expensive bikes. For example, the bike may not have an ergonomic seat, elaborate handles, dual pedals, device holders, a digital monitor, or pulse sensors, all of which are more or less standard on high-end spin bikes.

Wet a microfiber cloth with soapy water and use it to wipe down your spin bike after every use. Then wipe it dry with a clean, dry soft cloth or microfiber cloth. If the manufacturer recommends a particular cleaner for the bike, use that. In most cases, though, soap and water are sufficient, not to mention they’re gentle and won’t cause any abrasions or damage the bike in any way. It’s very important to ensure that you don’t leave sweat or water droplets on any part of the bike since these substances can damage the bike. Because of the sweat factor, you should also regularly disinfect the bike. Use store bought disinfectants or make your own using water and vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio.

Our Verdict

Our Editor’s Choice is Sunny Health & Fitness B1001/S, which stands out for its sturdy build, heavy-duty chromed flywheel, high adjustability, and wide range of resistance. We also like the plethora of features it comes with, among them floor stabilizers, wheels, and a long warranty.

Our second choice is Body Power Deluxe, a lightweight spin bike with a bidirectional flywheel that allows you to ride in reverse, 8 resistance levels; an extra-large, ergonomic seat; and adjustable floor stabilizers. We like its smooth belt drive system. We also like how the flywheel is enclosed for safety and protection from the elements.

Our third choice of best spin bike under 300 is FDW Exercise Bike, a well-built bike with an efficient belt drive system and a 22-pound flywheel. We like the fast-response emergency brake, the rubber sponge handle grips, LCD monitor, bottle holder, and transportation wheels, not forgetting that its low price is among its biggest attractions.

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