Can you Put Coffee Grounds Down Your Garbage Disposal?

We'll answer this question in this post and tell you how to dispose of coffee grounds properly and how to clean your garbage disposal to prevent clogging.
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Last updated: September 03, 2023
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Anyone who brews their coffee automatically produces coffee grounds. The question is how best to dispose of coffee and coffee grounds. If you’re not a hobby farmer who can take advantage of the used coffee grounds in compost, it’s left for you to factor out how to dispose of them. Oftentimes, we’ve seen coffee in the list of items not to be put in a garbage disposal Trusted Source Foods You Can & Can’t Put Down a Garbage Disposal - Consumer Reports In this look at foods you can and can’t put down a garbage disposal, Consumer Reports says this appliance can handle many types of food, but don’t treat it like a trash can. . Many argue that coffee grounds in garbage disposal can clog up the sink drain or the garbage disposal itself. So, can you put coffee grounds in the garbage disposal? Well, we’ll say it’s a yes, but there are ways to it, or you may end up clogging the garbage disposal system.

Coffee grounds are too good to be thrown away. But being a useful item even in their waste form, they can also be used to clean up the garbage disposal. In this article, we’ll learn how coffee grounds can go down the garbage disposal and why you have to think again before making that decision.

Should you put coffee grounds in your garbage disposal?

Can you Put Coffee Grounds Down Your Garbage Disposal?Coffee is a natural product that is made by roasting coffee beans. A wide variety of varieties and flavors are available on the market. The beans achieve their freshness by grinding and create a pleasant scent after brewing. The initially moist and later dry coffee grounds are left over as waste. Coffee grounds are leftover from coffee after it has been brewed. Also if you are the lucky owner of one of the best jura coffee machines, then you know firsthand that coffee machines also produce a fairly large amount of coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds, in their dried form, that are no longer needed can be disposed of in the waste disposal. The advantage is that the coffee grounds are particularly odor-binding and can therefore mask other odors in the garbage disposal.

However, coffee grounds are much too good to simply throw them into the household disposal. It is to know that coffee grounds contain not only caffeine but also nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Because of this, coffee grounds can be used very well to fertilize plants.

Nitrogen stimulates plant growth, phosphorus ensures that fruits and flowers are formed well. Potassium ensures sufficient plant stability.

If you want, you can dispose of coffee grounds in the composter. But, if you’re not just thinking of dumping them, coffee grounds can be used to clean the garbage system.

What to avoid?

And here’s why many people, including plumbers, will advise you against washing coffee down the sink or the garbage disposal. Coffee, unlike most foods, are substances that bind or clump together, rather than getting broken down in smaller substances or pieces. They may be a real garbage disposal cleaner, but if not properly disposed of, in large quantity, they may end up binding together while down the pipes, causing a blockage. It’s not also always advisable for cleaning purposes. After all, a garbage disposal can self-clean its internal parts. And if you want to conduct cleaning maintenance, they are sanitation equipment which is quite easy to clean.

According to most reviews, the 10-US-WM-058-3B Garbage Disposal, designed by Waste Maid is by far one of the easiest to clean ones. It is easy to disassemble for cleaning and setting back up. The Removable splash guard baffle also makes things easy during cleaning procedures.Can you Put Coffee Grounds Down Your Garbage Disposal?

Do coffee grounds clean a garbage disposal?

It is known that coffee grounds have a slightly abrasive effect. The dried powder can be used very well as a cleaning agent for your garbage disposal. This allows the system to be cleaned reliably. Coffee grounds are even used as hand washing paste. Coffee grounds can also be used to clean floor coverings.

While opinions to the contrary are held, some use coffee grounds to clean the drainpipes. The coffee grounds should be poured down the drain with plenty of hot water and then poured again with hot water. Experts and plumbers advise against this, however, as it could lead to pipe blockages.

Meanwhile, by adding Epsom salt to the coffee, the former will break down hard water stains and also prevent the possible buildups of the coffee.

Tips on disposing of coffee grounds

  • If you keep compost, used coffee grounds are great compost materials. As mentioned, you can also use it to clean the disposal system and stop the odor
  • Always run the faucet on hot water after disposing of the coffee grounds in the disposal. This will prevent the coffee from binding together anywhere in the line

Tips on cleaning a garbage disposal

  • Do not throw just coffee down the sink into the garbage disposal. The coffee grounds will bind up gradually and end in a clog-up with time.
  • By adding baking soda to the coffee waste, the cleaning will be more effective.
  • By adding Epsom salt, the binding power of the coffee ground will be eliminated and the garbage disposal and the pipe will be safe.
  • If you’re looking for a safer way to clean the garbage disposal, there are a lot of commercial products on the market, and Rejuvenate remains one of the most popular names in the industry. Their Rejuvenate Garbage Disposal and Drain Pipe Cleaner has a powerful foaming action and removes smells, thanks to its lemon scent.

Final thoughts

Coffee grounds, even in wasted forms, are too useful to be sent down the drain or the garbage disposal. They are good for fertilizers and compost. Otherwise, sending coffee grounds in garbage disposal can be disastrous for your plumbing system. Ordinarily, we don’t advise you to do that. There are several ways to dispose of and utilize the usefulness of waste coffee grounds, putting it in the garbage disposal is however not part of it. It can cause the blockage of your pipes. However, you can use it to give a fresh breath of air to your kitchen as it can eliminate odor and clean the garbage disposal. A lot of people use hot water to push down potentially binding coffee grounds but plumbing experts advise against it. The best way when trying to use it to clean the garbage disposal is to add some baking soda and Epsom salt to the coffee ground.


Foods You Can & Can’t Put Down a Garbage Disposal - Consumer Reports
In this look at foods you can and can’t put down a garbage disposal, Consumer Reports says this appliance can handle many types of food, but don’t treat it like a trash can.

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