Should You Put Orange Peels Down Your Garbage Disposal?

Here, we answer this very question and explain why it can be not safe for your garbage disposal to put down orange peels.
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Last updated: August 28, 2023
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The garbage disposal is a practical kitchen appliance that removes food debris and makes cleaning a little easier. But not all food scraps can be thrown away. Some foods will harm it. Other foods may wash out well, but they could end up clogging or damaging your pipes. For new garbage disposal owners, one of the first questions asked is: what can I and what shouldn’t I put in the garbage disposal? Many times, orange peels and citrus fruits in general often appear among the list of items not to put in a garbage disposal. Yes, putting orange peels in garbage disposal can be the sweetest recipe for disaster. But the possibility isn’t completely ruled out. Orange peels and orange juice can go down into a garbage disposal. But certain rules and procedures are required or you may end up clogging the garbage disposal or damage the plumbing. In this article, we’ll see the right way to dispose of orange peels in waste disposal.

Should you put orange peels in your garbage disposal?

A lot of people and plumbers prohibit users from sending orange peels to the garbage disposal. We understand why this advice is often dished out. However, citrus peels, in general, can be disposed of in the garbage disposal or used to clean or freshen it Trusted Source How to Clean Garbage Disposal 3 Ways - InSinkErator Here are a few quick ways how to clean the garbage disposal, keep it smelling fresh, and we’ll even clear up some myths along the way. . This is according to InSinkErator, an American company owned by Emerson Electric, specializing in the production of food garbage disposal systems and hot water dispensers.

What to avoid?

Should You Put Orange Peels Down Your Garbage Disposal?When not properly disposed of, orange peels can be a disaster when stuffed down the sinkhole into the garbage disposal. Orange, like all citrus fruits, is acidic. And when they are put in the waste disposal, especially when there is juice in them, they can cause the damaging of the pipes. This is why plumbers often discourage homeowners from adding citrus fruits and their peels to the list of items they dispose of in the waste unit.

Also, orange peels can easily get stuck in the garbage disposal when there is not enough water. After all, virtually all garbage disposals are designed to be easy to clean. According to most reviews, the 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal, designed by InSinkErator, the reference brand and one of the pioneers in the industry, is by far one of the easiest to clean and time-proven ones. It’s faster to set up, easy to clean, and smarter during use.

Do citrus fruits really clean a garbage disposal?

Yes, citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, tangerine are really effective natural methods of cleaning a garbage disposal. When orange or lemon is added with small blocks of ice, the cleaning process will be even more effective.

The sweet smell of citric fruits can also help get rid of odor from the disposal, acting like a freshener. For this reason, most of the commercial cleaning products for garbage disposals are based on citrus fruits such as lemon and orange. Glisten remains the most popular name in the industry. Their DP06N-PB Garbage Disposer is one of the best cleaning products for garbage disposals. It is a foaming cleanser with a typical lemon scent that brings a fragrance to the internal parts of the unit.

Tips on disposing orange peels

Should You Put Orange Peels Down Your Garbage Disposal?To prevent the orange peels from forming a clog in your garbage disposal, ensure you cut orange peels are in smaller pieces.

Also, while disposing of the citrus fruit peels, make sure the faucet is on and a stream of water can accompany the peels down the garbage disposal. First, this will ensure the acidity of the orange will not be strong enough to damage plumbing materials. Also, this will ensure that the orange peels are not clogged up, but properly ground into a yogurt-like substance.

Always make use of cold water rather than hot water while flushing garbage down.

Final thoughts

Orange peels can be sent down the sink into the waste disposal, provided certain steps are taken. Ensure you cut the orange into several wedges or ensure the peels are not too large so as not to end up clogging the system. Then put them in the disposal one by one. Also, to avoid kitchen pipe damages, wash down the orange peels with enough water.

As you can see, putting orange peels in garbage disposal can help keep the smell out and also sanitize the kitchen space. However, make sure you know which foods is safe to put down your garbage disposal before cleaning up after your next meal.


How to Clean Garbage Disposal 3 Ways - InSinkErator
Here are a few quick ways how to clean the garbage disposal, keep it smelling fresh, and we’ll even clear up some myths along the way.

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