How to Clean a Scotsman Ice Machine: In-Detail Guide

In this article, we explain how to clean your ice machine in 10 steps, how often you should do it, and what you will need.
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Last updated: August 11, 2023
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There are plenty of advantages to knowing how to clean a Scotsman ice machine. For example, when you clean the machine properly when needed, you can prevent any future maintenance issues. You will also ensure that you can shut down the machine for extended periods without any problems. By cleaning it often, you can reduce the spread of viruses and the illnesses that might come up as a result of these viruses.

Now, when you are cleaning the machine, there are certain things that you must have handy. You need to have a cleaning solution, water, and some other stuff, which we will consider later in this post. In this article, we will consider all the steps that are required to correctly clean your Scotsman ice machine. So, continue reading to know all the important steps to take!

How often should you clean your Scotsman ice machine?

How to Clean a Scotsman Ice Machine: In-Detail Guide

An important consideration is the frequency of cleaning the machine. From our research, we discovered that the FDA mandates Trusted Source FDA Regulates the Safety of Packaged Ice | FDA FDA Food Facts January 2010: FDA Regulates the Safety of Packaged Ice. that ice be treated as food. Therefore, as with other food processing machines and equipment, your ice machine needs to be cleaned regularly.

It is recommended that you clean the machine two to four times every year. Now, the frequency of cleaning depends on certain factors. Some of what needs to be considered in this regard include the location of the machine, the purity of the water used, and how much you use the machine.

If your Scotsman ice machine is placed near a cooking line, it is best to clean it monthly. That will help to reduce the risk of contamination. Remember, your ice might be contaminated without you realizing it, and by the time you realize the contamination, it might have become too late.

What you’ll need for cleaning

Before you start cleaning, there are things that you must have handy. Here are some of the things that are necessary for proper cleaning of the machine:

  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Soft cloth
  • Brush

The cleaning process in 10 easy steps

Once you have all the things that you need in place, you are good to go. In this section, we systematically consider how you can properly clean the machine.

Step 1: Turn off the machine

To prevent any problems like electrocution and similar dangers, there must be no electricity running through the machine. Therefore, the first thing to do before any cleaning is to turn off the machine. You can either unplug it or just switch it off from the electric outlet.

Step 2: Remove the front panel

Once the machine has been safely switched off, remove the front panel from the machine. You will find ice in this panel, so you have to dispose of all that ice.

Step 3: Remove the screw holding the top panel to the right-side panel

This same process extends to removing the top panel from the right-side panel. There is a top panel that you need to unscrew, so remove the screw that holds the panel on top to the right-side panel.

Step 4: Remove the evaporator cover

How to Clean a Scotsman Ice Machine: In-Detail GuideThe evaporator cover is another thing that you need to remove if you want to correctly clean up the machine.

Step 5: Initiate descaling process

How to Clean a Scotsman Ice Machine: In-Detail GuideThis next step is very important. According to the user manual from the manufacturer, descaling should be done at least twice every year. Here is how you can do it correctly. First of all, press and release the ON or OFF button. How do you know whether it has been engaged? Well, the button on the machine will blink for one minute before the unit shuts down. Once that is done, remove any ice that you find in the bin.

Next, remove the metal bar that lies by the bin wall then removes the back panel. After you have initiated this process, push the ON/OFF lever to shut off the water.

To finally descale the machine, pour the Cleaner that comes with the machine into the reservoir.

Step 6: Add the cleaner to the water reservoir

How to Clean a Scotsman Ice Machine: In-Detail GuideAfter you initiate the descaling process, you should add the solution of cleaner into the reservoir. The Scotsman 19-0653-01 is the cleaner that comes with the machine. It is very effective at helping you to clean the ice machine.

Step 7: Remove ice machine parts for additional cleaning

The machine has other parts that need to be removed and cleaned. First, there is the curtain. To remove this curtain, push the edge of the curtain via the pivot pin. Afterward, you can remove the curtain. Another part that will need cleaning is the water distributor. Remove this from the machine by first removing the cover and search for a clogged hole. Remove the debris that might lie there with water and manually clean the holes.

Step 8: Do additional cleaning

After you have poured the cleaner into the machine, press and hold the ON – Off button for up to five seconds. This will do some extra cleaning for you at it will run the motor for up to 10 minutes before you turn the compressor back on. As the compressor runs, pour the rest of the solution. Reviews indicate that the Nu Calgon ice machine sanitizer is one of the best options on the market for cleaning the machine.

You will also need to clean other important parts like the air filters and the condenser. Remove the filters and wash away any dust on them. If the machine doesn’t have a filter, then the condenser fins will need cleaning.

You will also need to carry out the cleaning of the exterior surfaces. This includes the front, sides, and front panel. If your machine uses filters that have been used for over 6 months, then you need to change the filters and cartridges.

Step 9: Dry thoroughly

After removing and cleaning all the parts, use a clean cloth to dry the parts of the machine thoroughly.

Step 10: Reassemble

Since you have put all the parts apart, you will need to put it all back together. Ensure that you have the screws that were removed handy so that you can successfully put the machine back together.

If you have any questions left, watch this in-detail video in two parts covering everything you should know about Scotsman ice machine cleaning.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Final thoughts

So that is how to clean a Scotsman ice machine! We hope that these easy steps will help you to do the cleaning correctly. It might seem like a difficult challenge, but with the right equipment and instructions, you can ensure that your ice machine is clean and safe to use along with any inline or faucet water filters that you install with it.


FDA Regulates the Safety of Packaged Ice | FDA
FDA Food Facts January 2010: FDA Regulates the Safety of Packaged Ice.

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