How to Secure a Trampoline – 3 Methods for All Surfaces

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Last updated: August 11, 2023
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Do you have an active child? If so, you may be familiar or have a trampoline at home. Almost every child’s dream is to get a trampoline in their backyard. Do you know how to secure a trampoline?  Ensure the trampoline is safe before you let your kids use it. After all, it is important to mind the safety of your children to avoid accidents. One way to do this is to get the best trampoline if you would love your kids to have an active yet safe lifestyle. It also has several health benefits as many people use it for exercise since it is easier and enjoyable.

Trampolines are currently popular springboards that are used both indoors and outdoors for fun. They come in different shapes and sizes, but they function according to every person’s needs. As you keep enjoying your trampoline it is important to know how to secure a trampoline. And there are many ways as discussed below.

What Happens to Unsecured Trampolines

With all the obvious consequence of leaving your trampoline unsecured, we feel the need to remind you of them. You might think that there are no big winds in your area Trusted Source U.S. Average Wind Speed State Rank U.S. Average Wind Speed State Rank , strong enough to carry the trampoline away from your yard. But one gust is enough:

Even without strong winds, you or your children can be harmed if you jump on the edge and turn the trampoline down. Such things happen too often yet they are avoidable.

It is advisable to get insurance for your trampoline. Insurance helps you as the user to pay for the damages. Through the insurance policy, you will also need to learn how to effectively fasten your trampoline. This is because of the lessons that the insurance companies give you to be able to maintain the trampoline in the right manner.

What you will need

A trampoline is not only an enjoyable activity but it can help improve your health too. A 10-minute session on the trampoline will ensure you burn more than 100 calories. This fun activity will also help you build your muscles, stamina, and your heart. But these are not all the benefits of using one. It will also enhance your coordination, balance, and motor skills.

It is important to also know how to use your trampoline safely. Jumping on one may be a lot of fun but it can cause major injuries. In many cases a trampoline is used by different people at the same time. This makes it easy for unforeseen accidents and injuries to occur. Getting a rectangular trampoline can also help avoid this as they usually have a bigger jumping space to accommodate more of your kid’s friends.

If you are in the market for a trampoline that serves people of different ages and weights then ExacMe Outdoor Trampoline should be your first choice. This is because it has an impressive weight limit of 335lb, which is even suitable for overweight people.

Remember, your trampoline net should fit all around the base if your children are below the age of six. This will prevent serious injuries such as cuts, injuries, concussions, or even bruises. Ensuring the trampoline is not crowded is another way to prevent injuries.

How to secure a Trampoline on the Ground

How to Secure a Trampoline - 3 Methods for All Surfaces

It is always recommended that you sink your trampoline into the ground as their legs allow you to. By doing so, it reduces movement when in use and absorbs a lot of the shock while in use. But if you have no lawn then this may be an issue. And this may be why many people are having problems with positioning their trampoline in the ground.

A great product to choose here is the Blanketown Heavy Duty trampoline stakes, which is greatly designed with a spiral pattern. The spiral pattern will allow you to easily sink the trampoline into the ground without much hassle or the need for tools. A well-secured trampoline needs to be bolted in the ground , using two bolts per leg. You may choose to use some sand or gravel and attach them with stretch cords. The use of a good weather-resistant rope can be used too. Using JumpSport Heavy Duty Trampoline Anchor Safety Kit your trampoline will be safer on the ground since it strongly anchors to the ground to prevent strong winds.

Some people choose to anchor the trampoline permanently and it is best to use ¼ wedge anchors in such cases. A hammer drill is necessary because a regular drill does not go through concrete. Quality masonry bits are also important when securing a trampoline. After anchoring in, you need to bolt down an angle bracket, by drilling through the leg and then attach the bolt through it into the bracket. A good way to prevent them from loosening is to use either lock washers or nuts with a nylon insert.

How to secure a trampoline on concrete

If you have concrete floors then you should get trampoline rubber floor guards or trampoline rubber feet to avoid accidents. We do not recommend that you just place your trampoline directly over the concrete but with the right rubber, you can assemble your trampoline.

There are two main reasons why concrete can be a great choice.  First, anchors will ensure that there is little to no movement while in use. Secondly, it will also ensure that the trampoline is not blown away on a windy day.

The simpler way to anchor the trampoline during the windy season is by laying down the legs. This process is done by the use of heavy objects such as sandbags and railway sleepers. Using the method will help to solve the majority of instances. However, it is advisable to remove objects while the trampoline is in use to avoid breakage of the frame due to undue stress.

How to secure a trampoline during Hurricanes

Hurricane-force winds can cause serious damage themselves as they can turn outdoor objects into dangerous projectile weapons. A trampoline which is found in a lot of families’ backyard can turn to a dangerous object. Securing a trampoline before the storm approaches will save you a lot of damages. You can choose to buy the materials needed to secure yourself or get a trampoline wind anchor.

The first thing you need to remove is the protective net, then hammer your first-star picket into the ground about 12 to 18 inches from the inside of one of the trampolines’ legs. Make sure only two inches of the pickets remain above the ground. Do not forget to place the cap on the picket.

The ratchet strap should be wrapped and secured around the frame ring where the springs attach. Also, put the hook end of the ratchet into the star picket. Make sure you thread the strap through the ratchet and then tighten until there is slight tension. The process should be done to all remaining star pickets by using one for each leg.

Anchoring a trampoline in the right manner can increase trampoline safety, but there is no 100% sure way. Placing concrete or heavy objects over the legs of the trampoline might be a good option but not 100% secure. If the ground becomes too saturated, the pickets will become loose.

The best and safest way to make sure the trampoline is safe during a hurricane is to dismantle it until the storm passes. This will help in avoiding losses and accidents. Alternatively, you can also opt for the best heavy duty trampoline that is better at staying grounded on the floor even during bad weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes.


Jumping on a trampoline is one of the fun exercises, however, it poses a high risk of injuries. Learning how to secure a trampoline is recommended to avoid injuries. Trampolines are in every place in the park, at home, and in gyms too. Safety precautions should be enhanced to avoid accidents. Children under the age of 6 should never jump on a trampoline unsupervised.

Before getting a trampoline make sure you know the dos and don’ts. Choose the best method of securing the trampoline at your place, either on the ground or on concrete. In case of any accident, get medical help immediately. Even if the size and brand matter to most people, choosing a durable model will be of benefit to the user. The bottom line is that jumping on a trampoline is loads of fun as long as you are sure you are safe.


U.S. Average Wind Speed State Rank
U.S. Average Wind Speed State Rank

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