10 Amazing Stainless-Steel Kitchen Sinks – Add a Modern Look to Your Kitchen

Last updatedLast updated: July 26, 2021
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Perhaps one of the essential areas in a kitchen, the sink is an everyday product which we often take for granted when we move into a home to find it already installed and working capably. However, for those people that are changing their kitchen workspace, working on a home construction project, or just want to replace their current scratched, damaged, and worn out looking sink, the best stainless-steel kitchen sink can not only offer a practical element to this room but also a visual focal point, if you get the right design for your countertop.

This extensive review looks at no less than ten of the best-rated stainless-steel kitchen sinks on the market. Focusing on features we consider the most important; we aim to help you select the best product based on your specific needs and preferences. Here we discuss the type of sinks available, that is those single or double types, alongside how they can be mounted, whether top mount, undermount, or a farmhouse design. We also look at essential features such as gauge, dimensions, and noise reducing properties. We then mention those pros and cons we’ve found during our search.

We’ve searched the market, reviewing only those models we believe make the grade and offer features you’ll need from this frequently used product. With a final rating for each one, based on our extensive reviewing process, we’ve presented our findings in an informative table and in-detail product reviews below. Adding a detailed buying guide to this review, alongside answering some frequently asked questions, we hope to offer you as much knowledge as possible, so you can get select that best stainless-steel kitchen sink for your home.

Top 10 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks Review 2021


KRAUS Standart PRO HU100-30Editor’s Choice

  • Sink type: undermount
  • Bowl type: single
  • Dimensions: 30 (L) x 18 (W) x 10 (D) in
  • Min cabinet size: 33 in
  • Drain opening: 3.5 in
  • Gauge: 16
  • Finish: commercial-grade satin
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

The Kraus Standart Pro HU100-30 is our Editor’s choice for Best Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, as well as Amazon’s top pick of kitchen sinks. This is an extra deep sink which is thoroughly practical for the larger sized or those busier of kitchen areas and offers a 10-inch oversized deep bowl structure, meaning you easily stack a large number of dirty dishes, without making a mess in the process! This extended size also allows you to accommodate those larger of items such as skillets, baking sheets and roasting pans, which often struggle to fit entirely into the standard sink sizes.

Constructed using stainless steel, this is a dent-resistant model which is ultra-durable and robust as well as resilient. With a corrosion and rust-resistance finishing, it can handle daily heavy-duty use and assures some of the thickest steel in its makeup, meaning no cracks or chips. Added to this undeniably fantastically designed product is an extra thick rubber which is sound dampening and absorbs up to 80% of noises and vibrations, with a non-toxic undercoating SoundGuard to finish. Additionally, the channel grooves all around the inner edges of the sink are engineered to ensure complete water drainage after every use.

Matching most kitchen appliances, this Kraus Standart Pro HU100-30 is a sleek and visually pleasing model which comes with a lifetime limited warranty and access to fantastic customer service support. Included with the sink are a number of additional accessories comprising of a basket strainer three-piece set, a Kraus premium kitchen towel, a cutout template, mounting hardware, and a stainless-steel multifunctional dish to protect the sink bottom.

Customers of the Kraus Standart Pro HU100-30 find the quality of this sink outstanding, with a visually pleasing appearance and the perfect finishing. The larger than average size is also highly rated, providing much-needed practicality throughout.

What are its best features?

  • SoundGuard properties
  • Oversized deep bowl
  • High-quality appearance
  • Inner edge channel grooves
  • Additional accessory pack

What could be improved?

  • Larger flat bottom can make draining longer
  • Sink type: undermount
  • Bowl type: single
  • Dimensions: 28 x 19 x 10 in
  • Min cabinet size: 30 in
  • Drain opening: 3.5 in
  • Gauge: 16
  • Finish: brushed
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

With a beautiful sink, you can draw the attention of anyone that walks into your kitchen. The Ruvati RVH7250 offers this type of appealing design. It comes with corners without any radius, a design that makes it look great in any kitchen. It is an undermount sink that offers several advantages. For one, it lets you clean the countertop easily.

The rectangular shape fits into most designs and countertops. If your kitchen comes with a granite counter, then this design will be especially good for the kitchen décor.

The materials of construction of this sink are also exciting. It is created out of genuine 16-gauge T30 stainless steel. Furthermore, the material is quite thick, which greatly improves overall durability. The brushed finish is excellent and results in a scratch resistant option.

Noisy sinks are annoying, which is why we are glad that this option has a heavy-duty sound guard under it along with padding. So, you can say goodbye to annoying noises.

Functionality is another nice thing about this option. The drain hole measures 3.5 inches, which will let water out of the drainage completely.

What stands out?

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use with garbage disposal
  • Sound shielded
  • Heavy duty design

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Only available as a single bowl sink

KOHLER K-80084-1PC-NA Task Kitchen SinkBest Dual Mount Kitchen Sink

  • Sink type: dual mount
  • Bowl type: single
  • Dimensions: 33 (L) x 22 (W) x 9.5 (D) in
  • Min cabinet size: 36 in
  • Drain opening: 3.5 in
  • Gauge: 18
  • Finish: n/a
  • Warranty: lifetime limited

KOHLER K-80084-1PC-NA Task Kitchen Sink has a large-sized bowl of 33 inches, and you can also get it with a small basin of 27 inches. 33 inches provides plenty of space to stack your pots, pans and dishes and helps to keep your kitchen’s workspace tidy. The fabricated corners are angled tightly to increase room in the bowl.

This model is available in 4 different styles; a single bowl with one faucet hole, a single bowl with two faucet holes, a double bowl with one faucet hole, and a double bowl with two faucet holes.

You can install this dual-mount sink above or below your countertop which provides you with more placement options.

The sink is compatible with base cabinets with width of at least 36 inches. So, you will need to keep this in mind before making your purchase to ensure you will have a hole able to accommodate it.

A large cabinet coupled with a bowl with depth of 9 inches is spacious to fit the large kitchen items.

KOHLER K-80084-1PC-NA Task Kitchen Sink of premium 18-gauge stainless steel with a modern design which is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. It comes with a sturdy cutting board made of bamboo and a 2-piece nesting colander set for rinsing vegetables and draining dishes such as pasta. You can slide both items on the ledge of a top-mounted sink when they are not in use. It also includes a strainer that prevents debris from blocking the drain, and a sink mat to protect your dishes and sink from damage. The mat with raised feet is made of silicone which is a dishwasher safe material.

The product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty that should increase your confidence.

What makes it special?

  • 18-gauge corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Spacious deep bowl
  • Dual mounting options
  • Additional accessories
  • 4 varied styles
  • Cutting board and colander set slide on the sink’s rim
  • Lifetime warranty

What cons did we find?

  • Radius corners would be easier to clean
  • The drain basket could be deeper

Ruvati RVH8300Best Premier Quality Sink

  • Sink type: undermount
  • Bowl type: workstation
  • Dimensions: 30-1/2 (L) x 16 (W) x 10 (D) in
  • Min cabinet size: 31 in
  • Drain opening: 3.5 in
  • Gauge: 16
  • Finish: commercial-grade brushed satin
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

The Ruvati RVH8300 is our choice of Best Premiere Quality Sink. This most prestigious and luxurious sink is a sizeable 32-inch workstation ledge which would sit beautifully in any kitchen and match perfectly with all decors and appliances. A more rustic and modern style, this has a single tier track which allows it to overhang at both the back and front, offering a track for sliding those built-in accessories on. These wonderful additions include a cutting board made of solid wood, a stainless-steel deep colander, and a roll-up dish drying rack. All combined, they create a fantastic conversion from sink to workspace.

With a stainless steel 16-gauge premium coat finishing, this is rust free and stain free, and its coating hides any scratches. The ten-inch bowl is broad enough to provide a suitable surface range for all sizes and types of dishes, pots, and pans, and the heavy duty padded enclosure means a sound proofing to insulate noise – while protecting against possible condensation. The design of the slanted bottom with drain grooves also means water is chanelled to the drain for added convenience, while the inside corners of this sink provide a more modern look overall. With a limited lifetime guarantee included, this sink also benefits both visually and practically from the addition of Sapele wood, which is both luxurious and able to handle water well. This attention to detail makes it a charming looking sink which will enhance the kitchen it’s placed in.

Customers of the Ruvati RVH8300 find this to be a more in-depth and thoroughly practical type of sink which offers excellent quality and individual functions. However, it has to be the overall design and appearance which attracts most customers, with many opting for this model due to its pleasing aesthetic appearance in the home.

What are its best features?

  • Wonderful appearance
  • Sizeable
  • Sliding track
  • Broad bowl
  • Many accessories
  • Soundproofed
  • Slanted bottom

What could be improved?

  • Not enough slant for drainage
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Ruvati RVM4350Best Low-Level Design

  • Sink type: undermount
  • Bowl type: double
  • Dimensions: 32-1/4 (L) x 18-7/8 (W) x 8-1/2 (D) in
  • Min cabinet size: 34 in
  • Drain opening: 3.5 in
  • Gauge: 16 in
  • Finish: satin
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

The Ruvati RVM4350 receives our pick for the Best Low-Level Design Sink, due to its thoroughly practical design offering of a unique low divide. This element of the model places a divider between the two bowls, at three inches lower, therefore ensuring that you end up with extra clearance each time you wash your dishes. This makes it all the more accessible for those items such as larger pots and pans or even cookie sheets.

Another significant factor about this model is that it can be installed one of two ways; undermount or flush mount, making it more accessible than those products that only allow one installation process. With a DUALmount rim which is brushed and finished to match the inside of the sink itself, this model uses 37% thicker stainless steel than the average kitchen sink. Comprising of gently curved corners to both finish the modernist look and enable it to be cleaned much easier, this sink also has a 3.5-inch standard drain opening to fit any garbage disposal and provides an 8.5-inch bowl depth overall. Added to such exclusive features are a selection of heavy-duty soundproofing materials which protect the sink, prevent any condensation forming, and ultimately make this a somewhat highly insulated product which ensures a quieter use each time. Fully certified to UPC, CUPC, and IAPMO plumbing standards and with a Ruvati limited lifetime warranty as standard, this sink also comes with a cutout template, rinse grid, mounting baskets and a basket strainer.

Customers of the Ruvati RVM4350 find this an excellent choice of sinks which has not just a smart looking design that visually sits perfectly in the kitchen, but a thoroughly fabulous functioning aspect to it as well, through its low-level divider section. This additional benefit is what sets this apart from many similar models on the market, especially considering its lower price tag.

Why did it make our list?

  • Unique low divide design
  • Adequately priced
  • DUALmount rim
  • Undermount or flush mount installation
  • Double bowl
  • Gently curved corners
  • Heavy duty sound proofed
  • Additional extras

What is not ideal about it?

  • Centre divide too low for some
  • Stains easily
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  • Sink type: undermount
  • Bowl type: single
  • Dimensions: 30 (L) x 18 (W) x 10 (D) in
  • Min cabinet size: 33 in
  • Drain opening: 3.5 in
  • Gauge: 16
  • Finish: NanoTek coating
  • Warranty: not specified

This model is made of a durable 16-gauge thick grade SUS304 stainless steel and an elegant and lustrous black finish of Nanotek coating.  The eco-friendly ceramic Nano coating is rust-resistant, scratch-resistant, hydro-repellent and resistant to high temperatures.

KOHLER K-80084-1PC-NA Task Kitchen Sink is mounted under the countertop, and this frees up space on the counter. It features a single bowl and a standard drain opening of 3.5 inches.

The unit has dimensions of 30 inches in length, 18 inches in width and a significant bowl depth of 10 inches which is roomy to fit large or several items. The bowl has zero-radius corners which are easy to clean with a piece of cloth, and a base that has X-patterned channeled grooves and slants gently for efficient drainage.

At the base of the sink, there are sound dampening pads that reduce the sound of running water for a quiet kitchen. The base also features a protective layer and an anti-condensation spray coating that prevents accumulation of moisture.

The coating on the surface makes this sink easy to clean because it is finger print-free and repellent to water and oil.

KOHLER K-80084-1PC-NA Task Kitchen Sink fits in cabinets that are at least 33 inches in size. It comes with 2 pieces of basket strainer drain, a towel, a bottom rinse rack, a template to cut out your countertop dimensions, and mounting hardware for convenient installation.

Most users love the accessories that are included and the glossy finish of the sink, although a couple of users found the black shade not dark enough for their liking. Otherwise, owners have installed this model in their kitchens and also in garages and laundry areas as a utility sink.

What makes it stand out?

  • Beveled for good drainage
  • Soundproofing pads
  • Spacious bowl
  • Rounded corners
  • Elegant design
  • Multiple accessories

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Color may not be as expected

Kraus Standart PRO KHU103-33Best Double-Bowl Sink

  • Sink type: undermount
  • Bowl type: double
  • Dimensions: 32-3/4 (L) x 19 (W) x 10 (D) in
  • Min cabinet size: 36 in
  • Drain opening: 3.5 in
  • Gauge: 16
  • Finish: commercial-grade satin
  • Warranty: lifetime limited

The Krauss Standart Pro KHU103-33 is our choice for Best Double-Bowl Kitchen Sink and also Amazon’s pick for Best Kraus Ku 103-33. This is an undermounted style with a 60/40 double bowl section which can be installed easily under your counter to integrate seamlessly with that of your kitchen countertop.

With commercial grade finishing making this a scratch and stain resistant model, the drain is rear set and optimally placed to allow more usable space beneath the sink, and good drainage, with the corners gently rounded to make cleaning quicker and more comfortable. A 10-inch-deep bowl space means stacking dishes and accessing them is simple and it can accommodate an astounding 30 stacked plates in total here. Krauss use only the thickest steel on the market with a 26 gauge which stands against wear and tear and will not chip or crack in the process. Added to this is an extra think rubber layer which covers 80% of this sinks base to prevent unnecessary noises and vibrations while in use.

As with all Krauss products, this sink comes with a lifetime limited warranty and access to a fully accessible customer service line. There is also a basket strainer three-piece set, two multifunctional dish grids, a drain assembly with a strainer, and even a premier Kraus kitchen towel complete with this purchase! This sink works on those cabinet sizes of 36 inches minimum, which you will need to bear in mind when choosing this particular model, and Krauss suggest taking the exterior dimensions of your sink left to right and adding at least three inches extra to ensure adequate installing access beforehand.

Customers of the Krauss Standard Pro KHU103-33 find the greater depth of this model its best feature, in particular, its 60/40 aspect – which allows you to separate many jobs. Additionally, there are many comments on how well received the racks are when both drying and keeping the steel scratch free over time.

What do we love it for?

  • 60/40 double bowl
  • Gently rounded corners
  • Accommodates large plate stacks
  • Extra thick rubber layer
  • Great accessory pack

What were we disappointed with?

  • Flat surface discourages quick draining
  • Easily accumulates water spots

Firebird Handmade Kitchen Sink KS0101Best Drop-In Sink

  • Sink type: topmount
  • Bowl type: single
  • Dimensions: 33 (L) x 22 (W) x 9 (D) in
  • Min cabinet size: 36 in
  • Drain opening: 3.5 in
  • Gauge: 18
  • Finish: brushed steel
  • Warranty: 1-year limited parts

The Firebird KS0101 is our choice for the best Drop-in Kitchen Sink as well as Amazon’s choice for the Best Kitchen Sink. Though a rather simplistic looking of sinks on this list, this really does offer a simple and straightforward solution while also providing some wonderful features in the meantime.

Handcrafted, it consists of a stainless steel smoothly brushed surface area which has a rubber bottom installed to keep any vibrations and loud noises at bay, making for a more pleasant washing experience overall. Aimed at those looking for an upgrade to a new project or renovation, it can also be used to simply move up to a new and more stylish looking sink type.

Top mounting, with an 18-inch gauge, there is a larger than average deep basin size here of 33 inches, which means room for plenty of dishes, pots, and pans combined. This, therefore, makes it a thoroughly practical product which means workspace can be cleared within seconds during meal prep time and afterward. Additionally, the expandable and adjustable tray opens up by unlocking its positioning to give 14.5 inches to a maximum of 22.25 inches range in total. Therefore, offering much more workspace area as a result. This makes it an excellent sink for when prepping and the strainer will catch any food that falls into the sink, therefore keeping your drain clear. Alongside offering a limited one-year parts warranty, an installation kit, and a drain strainer kit as standard, the Firebird is CUPC Certified for extra peace of mind.

Customers of the Firebird KS0101 find this a rather stylish sink type which perfectly rivals that of its more expensive counterparts. With many customers highlighting its functionality, it is considered one of the better purchases for its price range and certainly offers precisely what you need from an adequate sink model.

What makes it stand out?

  • Simplistic design
  • Handcrafted
  • Deep basin size
  • Tray expands and adjusts

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Raised center makes drainage slower
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Ruvati RVM4136Best Bar Sink

  • Sink type: undermount
  • Bowl type: single
  • Dimensions: 13 (L) x 15 (W) x 7 (D) in
  • Min cabinet size: 23 in
  • Drain opening: 3.5 in
  • Gauge: 16
  • Finish: satin
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

The Ruvati RVM4136 gets our vote for the Best Bar Sink. This single bowl sink is an under mounted type but thoroughly practical in its measurements. With a 16-gauge premium thick stainless style design, this model is actually 37% thicker than most of the standard kitchen sinks available. Completed with a rather luxurious of satin finishes, this is a more functional of product as well as visually aesthetic as it offers a deeper bowl type with classical rounded corners in its design. This design, which extends to the bottom of the sink construction, enables a complete water drainage and more natural cleaning process every time.

With dual mount installation, the sinks rim is both brushed and finished to match the inside of the sink, therefore, allowing an unmount installation or flush mount – that is a top mount fitting. Complete with a heavy-duty padding and undercoating this assures that it provides a sound guard reducing and minimizing any noise while washing up. This has a standard 3.5-inch drain opening that allows it to fit any standard garbage disposal unit. Included with this product are a cutout template, mounting clips, basket strainer drain, bottom rinse grid, and an installation guide. There is also a limited lifetime warranty attached. UPC, CUPC, and IAPMO certified, this sink meets all the required plumbing standards. Thoroughly streamlined, though this is the smaller of designs, the Ruvati can still sit pride of place as a centerpiece in your kitchen while maintaining a more classical look to complement your décor and other appliances.

Customers of the Ruvati RVM4136 find this the most practical of options, offering a more extensive than standard bowl with a much sturdier quality and solid construction than most people initially realize. The craftsmanship is also highly rated here, with the finishing and overall presentation of the sink as good for most people as the practicality of the model.

Why are we impressed?

  • Compact dimensions great for a bar or preparation sink
  • Thicker than average stainless steel
  • Rounded corners
  • Sound guard
  • Good accessory pack

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Challenging to clean
  • Finishing questioned by some users
  • Sink type: drop-in/ top-mount
  • Bowl type: single
  • Dimensions: 25 x 22 x 9 in
  • Min cabinet size: 28in
  • Drain opening: 3.5 in
  • Gauge: 18
  • Finish: brushed
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

The Bonnlo 25” sink is a drop-in kitchen sink that comes in a dropped in design. It is connected to a cutout in the counter and is installed with a rim running along the top of the basin.

This particular option offers several unique advantages. For one, it is quite easy to install. The design is one of the most preferred out of several other designs on the market.

Also, the rim that rests on the edge of the hole’s countertop supports the sink’s weight. Since the weight is supported by the countertop, you will find this model rather easy to install. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you will particularly love this design. You don’t need to add any reinforcement inside the cabinet for successful installation.

When people think of drop-in sinks, they have in mind cheap, flimsy stainless-steel sinks. However, that is not the design of the Bonnlo. On the other hand, it sports a design that will fit right in with the latest kitchen decors.

What makes it stand out?

  • Affordable
  • It includes storage space under the sink
  • Very easy to install
  • Durable

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Relatively hard to clean

Things to Consider

By now, you’ve hopefully taken a good deal of time reading through our best-rated stainless-steel kitchen sinks and now have a better idea of the best model for your needs. However, before you make your decision and part with your hard-earned money, let us give you some additional but vital information to help you select that perfect model. Here is our detailed buying guide which discusses what we consider to be the most important features your stainless-steel kitchen sink should be able to offer you.

Why choose a stainless-steel kitchen sink?

21.1000 (1)A stainless-steel kitchen sink is one of the most popular choices, and this is all to do with their main properties including heat and stain resistant functions. They are also the type most likely to be offered in a variety of different sizes, styles, and models. Lighter in weight than many other choices, a stainless style kitchen sink is also one of the easier of products to fit, which perhaps explains why so many homeowners tend to buy these with the idea of installing them by themselves, even if they have not only a faucet, but also an instant hot water dispenser or a filter to be added on. This makes them the cheaper of options as they don’t require professional help to get them up and running. When they are installed, they are one of the more functional of models, especially when you select those with lower gauges.

Features to consider while choosing a kitchen sink

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (2)We believe that there are several essential features that you should be looking for when deciding on that best stainless-steel kitchen sink for your individual needs. Each particular sink type will offer something slightly different from that of its competitors, with some models providing one or two additional features as standard. However, though a sink with many varied features may sound a great purchase, you will need to ensure that your chosen model offers everything that you need and features that you are more likely to use once your sink has been installed in your own home. All our reviewed stainless-steel kitchen sinks have been chosen as those models we believe to offer you the most practical and necessary of features that you need in such a product, and here we explain them a little further.

Sink type

There is a range of sink types which you can select from, which we have included in our review. These vary greatly, but the main two are a top mount sink, which is also referred to by some as a drop-in sink, and an undermount sink, which can be directly installed underneath your countertop. You will also find farmhouse sinks, which are also known as apron sinks and extend slightly over the edge of your counter. Then there is the bar sink type, such as the Ruvati RVM4136, which are generally the smaller and shallower than an average standard kitchen sink.

You may prefer a specific kind of sink for its visual look, or you may want a particular type for its practicality. Additionally, your sink type may be dependent on the room you have available to install such a product as well.

Number of bowls

71qxbpeTp0L._SL1500_This may be more of a personal preference, but it is possible to have more than one bowl in your sink type if you prefer, with the Kraus Standart PRO KHU103-33 and the Ruvati RVM4350 being evidence of this. Most sinks have just the one bowl, and if it’s a large enough bowl, such as the ones reviewed here, you can place many items in it all in the one go. However, some people prefer the practicality of two bowls in their sink as it means you can wash in one and prepare and clean food in the other.

Dimensions and cabinet size

Before you select your preferred stainless-steel model, take a look at the outer sink dimensions and the minimum cabinet size that is needed for that perfect fit. Most sinks are standard sizes and will fit immediately as a replacement, but if you are installing a sink for the first time, you will need to ensure the hole is big enough to accommodate your model. Each sink, such as these reviewed, should ideally come with mounting hardware and a cutout template which allows you to work to scale during the fitting process.

Drain size

S3001 (1)-1000x1000The standard sizes of most drain size openings are 3.5 inches, and all of these reviewed models offer this in their sinks. Just like the importance of getting the dimensions and cabinet sizes right beforehand, you should also ensure that your drain size is a perfect fit with that of your sink and is positioned to attach directly to your sink upon installation. This is important to ensure that the water from your sink can flow freely and drain away correctly, without causing any build up or blockage, which will in time lead to the sink becoming damaged if not corrected.


The lower the gauge number, the thicker the stainless steel used in your skin will be. Thinner stainless steel has a higher gauge number. Look for the best number you can here, around the 16 gauge, like those all reviewed here. However, we have also included the Firebird KS0101 as just one of the models with an 18 gauge. Generally, the thicker the steel used, the more expensive the product is.

However, if you want a model which is more durable and can cope with more extended daily wear and tear, try to aim for 16 gauge or less here.


The finish of a stainless-steel sink should ideally be a satin finish. This is a somewhat lustrous type of finish, but the idea here is that it will enable a better layer of patina to develop over time than that of a sink with a matte finish. Therefore, you will be reassured of a sink finishing which works harder to prevent corrosion and resist staining over its many years of use. As you can see from the sinks reviewed above, we recommend those with a brushed satin or commercial grade satin finish for optimal results here.


Lastly, with the higher price tag on stainless steel sinks, you may want to select a model which offers a decent warranty. This can mean that should something happen and your sink needs repairing or even replacing, you won’t spend as much money at this stage if you are covered under warranty. Look for those sinks which offer a limited lifetime for the best guarantees.

How to install a kitchen sink?

21.1000When you install any new kitchen sink, you should always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions before beginning. Make sure that you have the correct dimensions covered so that your sink fits neatly and correctly and lines up with your drain. Use the cutout template included with your product to ensure this before you start and remember to turn off your water supply before you begin. All of these products reviewed here are the easier of sinks to install and all come with adequate instructions to guide you through this process, meaning no additional outside professional help is needed.

Cleaning tips

Kraus-KHF200-33-Farmhouse-Single-Bowl-Stainless-Steel-Kitchen-Sink-B0032C2N9OA stainless-steel sink is simple to clean and, if done correctly and regularly, can preserve its original shiny look for many years to come! These are some tips to encourage a cleaner and healthier looking sink every time:

  • Rinse your sink with water after every use to rid of all soap and detergent used
  • Using a non-abrasive soft cleaner scrub in the direction of your sinks polish lines
  • Finally, wipe the surface area dry with clean, dry towels, therefore preventing any water spots occurring. Regular drying of a stainless-steel sink will ensure that no rust spots arise
  • Once a week or month, give your sink a well-deserved thorough clean using baking powder and a soft cloth, therefore encouraging a beautiful shine


While both types of these sinks are versatile, working for most kitchens, a top mount sink is possibly the easier of the two, just because of its ability to drop into the counter making it the simplest of the two types to install.

A bar sink, such as that of the Ruvati RVM4136 reviewed above, is smaller than a standard sized sink which may be a better fit for some of those smaller sized kitchens due to its dimensions. Alternatively, some people prefer to have a bar sink as an extra sink area in a larger than the average-sized kitchen, and they can be even be used in high volume areas such as home bars and entertaining sections of a room.

Though a lower gauge will encourage a quieter sound from your sink’s water, to ensure less noise and vibration, you need to look for the use of sound dampeners used in these models. All these reviewed products offer thick rubber layers and sound dampening pads as standard, and this is what will reduce any noise and vibrations made in your sink.

The dimensions on the sink that you choose for your kitchen should give you the figure for the minimum and maximum cabinet size needed for its successful installation. Use this as your guide before finalizing your purchase.

A sink with a 16 gauge will be more durable than that of an 18 gauge as the lower the number, the thicker the stainless steel used in its constitution. All these reviewed sinks here are 16 gauge, except for the Firebird KS0101, which is 18. A 16-gauge is, therefore, a standard gauge for a good quality stainless steel kitchen sink.

Our Verdict

The KRAUS Standart PRO HU100-30 is our top choice here. What we like the most about this model is the high quality of its design and overall structure alongside its larger than average deep bowl size, considering that it’s just a single bowl model. Second on our list of favorites here is the Ruvati RVH7250. We’ve chosen this for its beautiful features and overall presentation which renders this the higher quality of sinks on the list – but still at a great price. Finally, our third best stainless-steel kitchen sink here is the KOHLER K-80084-1PC-NA Task Kitchen Sink. It is available in 4 different styles, features dual-mount installation, and comes with a sturdy bamboo cutting board and a 2-piece nesting colander set.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a high-quality stainless-steel sink but have no idea where to start, these are some of the best-rated models on the market that do an excellent job and are wonderfully designed for inclusion in your home.

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